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  • September 13, 2015

This happened when I was doing my at some place in Andhra Pradesh in India. I used to move close with the girls. But I was attracted to Anjali. Anjali had a very cute figure. When I proposed to her she readily accepted my offer. We both used to watch movies in the theatre, Anjali used to come to my house and even I used to go to her residence.

Ours was just a friendship, we had an agreement that we remain just friends. We used to discuss all stuff like sex, our studies and friends. Sometimes, when we were alone we used to involve in some sort of foreplay like kissing, hugging etc. Anjali used to enjoy it. We never crossed our limits. Out of curiosity once i requested her to involve in actual sex. Anjali said let us plan of it..even i am intrested. It was a surprise for me. I was just counting days. One day Anjali telephoned me and said that her parents are going out of station, they won’t be coming for 2 days and asked me to spend those 2 days in her residence. I said, i will make those days most enjoyable days in your life if u cooperate with me. Anjali said that she would be cooperating. I said that I would be bringing a xxx CD’s along with me. Anjali jumped with joy and said I haven’t seen any adult movies so please come immediately. I said to my parents that I am going to friend’s house for combined study and that I would return after 2 days. They agreed and did not suspect me at all. I took my bike and went to the video store and took two xxx CD’s. When I reached Anjali’s house, Anjali was eagerly waiting for me. I knocked the door, Anjali opened the door and dragged me inside and quickly closed the door. I hugged her and kissed her. Anjali said let us watch xxx movie.

We went to her bedroom and inserted XXX CD in her PC. In that movie we saw one girl fucked by two guys in one clip. In another clip we saw one girl being fucked in her anus by three guys one after the other. After watching this Anjali couldn’t resist herself. But I wanted to make most of these 2 days. I said let us play a game. I said in this game we just toss a coin, if heads comes out Anjali will win and Anjali can order me to do anything like remove your shirt or pant. If tails comes out I would order her. This was the game and the condition for this game is that both of us should have equal number of clothing on our bodies. I said I have four (shirt, banyan, pant and underwear) covering my body. Anjali said even she had four (T-shirt, jeans pant, bra and panty). We both sat on the bed facing eachother. Anjali tossed the coin, tails came out. I asked to remove her T-shirt, Anjali removed it. Her boobs were coming out of the bra. I could resist myself I wanted to squeeze her boobs but Anjali stopped me and said don’t be in a hurry. Again I tossed the coin this time Anjali has won. Anjali asked me to remove my shirt, I removed the shirt. Anjali also won the third toss. This time Anjali asked me to remove my banian. I removed it. I won the 4th toss and asked her to remove her jeans (because I wanted to see her in half naked). Anjali removed it. Anjali was wearing a black coloured panty. I said you are looking very sexy. Anjali won the 5th toss, Anjali asked me to remove my pant, I removed it, and she said woooowww, by seeing the bulge in my underwear. She said I will win the 6th toss and will make you naked. But…I won the 6th toss and asked her to remove either her bra or panty. But Anjali said no you have to choose. I asked her to remove her bra. Anjali removed it. Now we both are in underwear.

Who will become naked first is decided by the 7th toss. Anjali said, now you toss the coin. I tossed the coin. And I won the toss. Anjali was disappointed. I ordered her to remove her panty. Anjali removed her panty. I could see nothing there because there was a thick bush. Her pubic hair was covering her pussy. I think she never shaved her pussy in her life time. But Anjali had an ultimate figure. I was starring at her pussy. I went near to her…touched her fully erect tits and was about to squeeze her tits. But she stopped me and said We must continue our toss game. Whatever we do will be through the game only. So i resisted myself. We continuied our toss game. I said Anjali…u toss the coin further i will just stare at your private parts. Anjali tossed the coin and again I won it. Anjali asked me what is your order now, I said come and remove my underwear.

With a sexy smile she removed my underwear. She was totally excited after seeing my fully erect dick. We both are stark naked now.I said Anjali shall we stop the tossing of the coin and involve in sex. Anjali said no let us continue our game of tossing the coin and arouse ourselves. We have total 2 days to enjoy let us utilise it fully. I said before continuing the game i would like to kiss u. Anjali agreed. I planted on passionate kiss on her lips. Again we continued our game. This time i tossed the coin again it was tails. Anjali was waiting for my order. I said please allow me to squeeze your tits. Anjali said come on dear squeeze them they are yours…but i will give u only 10minutes after that we will continue our game. In those 10 minutes i squeezed her tits and sucked them. Anjali was moaning oooooh ahahhhhhhhaaaaaa slowly ahhhhhaaaaaa. After 10 minutes the game continued. This time again it was tails. Anjali said this is not fair..all the time u r winning. I said ok…lets cancel this particular toss and u toss the coin. Anjali tossed the coin and it was tails again. Anjali laughed and said ok….what is your order. I said please suck my erect dick for 15minutes. Anjali came near to me and from behind she started sucking my dick. It was unberable for me. But i controlled myself. Since Anjali was sitting behind me i had a full exposure of her Ass. I was staring at her shapely ass. I could see her tiny ass hole. But her pussy was not clearly visible due to pubic hair.

She continued sucking my dick for 15 minutes. After that we continued the game. Atlast after long time Anjali won the toss…..she was very happy. I looked at her and asked what can i do for u. Anjali was hesitant to say something. I insisted her to order me. Anjali came near and planted a kiss on my lips and said…just now we watched blue films. In that all the girls pussies were neatly shaved…could u make my pussy like that. I jumped with joy and said i love shaved pussies. I will help u….go get me one shaving kit. Anjali bought it. I ordered Anjali to sleep on her back with legs apart. Now her bushy pussy was exposed to me. I gently touched her pussy cleared the bush and saw her juicy pussy lips. I planted a kiss on them. I took scissors and trimmed the bush first. Now i applied some water there now her pussy is wet. Now i put some shaving cream there and with the help of shaving brush started generating lather there. I asked her to lift her ass. Anjali obeyed me and lifted her ass. I placed one pillow under her that i can have a clear view of her pussy and ass as well. I applied the whole lather to her ass also. I orderd Anjali not to move otherwise she my get some cuts on her pussy.

I took the razor and started shaving her pussy…i neatly removed hair ner her pussy and ass. The view was terrific. Anjali pussy lips were open and inviting. I just opened her pussy lips and could see one small light pink colour thing peeping outside….it was clitoris. I started sucking it. Anjali was moving her body with joy…it was unberable for her…immediately she cummed..some white juice came out…..I licked all that. Now Anjali came to normal position. Anjali hugged me and thanked me for the service i have done for her pussy and ass. With one hand Anjali took hold of my dick and sucked it for a moment. I asked Anjali what else u liked in the blue films that we watched. Anjali said everything was good…but the things which caught my attention were ass fucking and drinking eachother’s pee. I said dick is eagerly waiting to fuck your pussy and ass…would u please permit me. Anjali smiled and said these 2 days i am surrendering my self to you….u can fuck my pussy and ass in what ever angle u want…they are yours…but first let’s take bath together. We both got up from the bed..Anjali went near a dressing table stood before it and started starring at her neatly shaved pussy. She lifted one leg and started finger fucking her pussy..i stood behind and tried to insert my finger into her ass..but it could not penetrate. I lifted her in my arms and took her into the bathroom. There inside the bathroom i asked Anjali could u please pee for me…i want to see the urine comming out from your pussy. Anjali sat on the commode and started peeing with hissing noise. The golden shower coming out like a fountain from the neatly shaved pussy woke up a animal in me. I went nearer and opened my mouth and took some pee directly into my was very salty. Now the hissing sound has stopped.

I went nearer and took my dick and placed inside Anjali’s mouth and slowly started peeing in her mouth. Anjali drank happily. Both our bodies were wet in pee. I lifted Anjali and we both stood under the shower for taking bath. I took the soap applied to her whole body…mainly i concentrated on her pussy and ass…i applied soap to my finger and slowly inserted my finger in her ass. It easily penetrated inside. Anjali said enough and allow me to apply soap to your body. Anjali applied soap to my body and dick. She also inserted one finger into my ass hole and started enjoying it. I encouraged her. We both came out of the bathroom took a towel and cleaned our bodies. I lifted Anjali and went to the bedroom. I placed Anjali on the bed and I sat on the bed. I asked Anjali what should we do now. Anjali said first I want you to suck my boobs. I sucked them one after the other very hard. Anjali was moaning oooooh aaaaah, ‘come on suck them they are yours’. I sucked them for about 20min. Now Anjali parted her legs and pointing towards her shaved pussy she said now fuck it. But I want to tease her. I asked her ‘do you have honey or ice cream in the house?’ Anjali was puzzled, Anjali asked why? I said shut up, and if you have it please bring it. Anjali went and came in with a honey bottle. Again Anjali asked what are you going to do with it? I said just watch what I am going to do and don’t ask any questions. I asked her to lie down on her back. Anjali followed what I said. I folded her knees and made a clear view of her pussy it delighted me. I started licking her pussy opened the tiny slit and identified the clitoris I licked it. Anjali begged come on why are you teasing me fuck me. Now I revealed my plan to her. I said I want to apply this honey on your pussy and lick it. Don’t worry I will give you one chance you can apply honey on my cock and suck it. Anjali said but first I would do it. I said let us toss the coin who ever wins he/she will get the first chance.

Anjali agreed and I tossed the coin. But, Anjali has won the toss. Anjali said now I will tease you like any thing. Anjali asked me to lie on my back. Anjali applied honey on my chest and on my cock. Now Anjali started licking the honey. When Anjali started licking honey on my cock I cummed. Anjali took it along with the honey and said it ‘taste is very nice’. Anjali asked me to bend in a doggy position. I asked why? Anjali said, with a sexy smile, I want to apply some honey to your ass and lick it. I followed her, first she licked my asshole I moaned aaaaaahhh, she applied some honey on my asshole and started licking it, I was moaning oooooohhh aaaaaahhhh and I said you are the real lady. She inserted one of her finger in my asshole and started screwing. At the same time she took my cock inside her mouth after 15min I came out she took it inside her mouth and drank it. Now Anjali was on her sleeping on her back, folded her knees and parted them and said now its your turn take as much time you want and enjoy my boobs, pussy and ass. I placed one pillow under her buttocks. I wanted to have clear view of both pussy and asshole. I took another pillow and placed under her buttocks, now the view was clear. I asked Anjali if you could please part your pussy with your hands. Anjali followed what I said. With her 2 hands she parting her pussy I peeped inside her pussy. Inside it was light pink in colour, I licked it she moaned aaaaaahh. I took one spoon of honey and poured inside her pussy, all went inside. I took one more spoon even second spoon of honey went inside. I took one more spoon of honey, now only half of it could go inside, I said Anjali now remove your hands. Her pussy was closed with 2 and half spoons of honey inside it. I applied some honey in the pussy region, ass region. I said you have a great pussy it took more than 2 spoons of honey inside it. The man whom you are going to marry will have a great enjoyment of your pussy. Anjali said come on, why are speaking about my would be husband, come on and enjoy my pussy and ass they are yours now. I want you to fuck my ass.

I promised her that I would be satisfying her. I started taking honey from her pussy region. I tore apart her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started taking honey. Anjali was screaming ooooooooohh aaaaaaaaaaahhh you are killing me, you are a perfect man, you can satisfy any lady on this earth. Mean while she came out, I took her cum along with the honey, it tasted sweeter than honey. I took all the honey from her pussy. Now I concentrated near the ass region. I licked her asshole and took all the honey placed near that region. She started screaming oooooooooooh aaaaaaahh come on don’t tease me like that come on fuck me. Fuck my ass, my pussy. But, I did not listen to her, I was enjoying sucking. Now Anjali said, please take me to the bathroom I want to go for a pee, I can’t get up, please help me it’s coming very fast. I lifted her and made her to stand on the bed. Anjali was folding her both the legs while standing. I said I would drink all the pee. Anjali said it may fall on the bed and the bed will get spoilt. I promised Anjali that I wouldnot allow a single drop to fall on the bed. Saying like that I stood on my knees in front her parted her legs and placed my mouth near her wet pussy and asked her to start peeing. I drank all of it and did not allow even a single drop to fall on the bed. She thanked me for it.

Anjali said I want to drink yours. I said you should not waste even a single drop of it. I said if you waste it I am going to slap your ass. Anjali agreed for it. I stood on the edge of the bed. Anjali stood on the floor in front of me. Anjali took my cock and inserted in her mouth. I started to pee. Firstly I started with a slow pace a suddenly increased it in the middle, some of it fell on the floor. I said now I am going to slap on your ass. Anjali said you either slap my ass or fuck my ass I am not going to stop you. Saying that Anjali turned back. I slapped very hard on her left buttock. It turned red. Again I slapped on her another buttock, even it turned red. I hugged her from the back and caught hold of her boobs. I said I want to fuck your ass. Anjali said, I am very eagerly waiting for you to fuck my ass. She came to a doggy position on the bed; I parted her red buttocks and started licking her butt hole. She said, stop licking and insert your finger in my ass. I started to insert my pointing finger in her ass only an inch could penetrate inside. She asked me to remove the finger. She went to kitchen and came in with an oil bottle. She asked me to dip one of my fingers in the oil and then insert it in her ass. Now my whole finger could enter inside her ass. Now Anjali asked me to dip two fingers in the oil and then insert. I followed her directions and inserted both fingers in her ass. Anjali asked me to rotate the fingers in her ass. She was moaning aaaah oooohhh. Anjali said now it’s the time to fuck it come on now insert your cock inside my ass. I tore apart her buttocks and inserted the head of my cock inside the ass. After a small jerk half of my cock was inside the ass.

Slowly I penetrated whole of my cock in her ass. I bend on her back caught hold of her boobs and started swinging. My cock was coming out and going in. She enjoyed a lot. At the same time I inserted my finger in her pussy and started finger fucking it. She cummed twice on my hand. After 15min I filled her ass with my cum. Slowly I removed my cock from her ass. Her butt hole became red. Anjali said now I am very tired let us sleep and continue this process tomorrow. Anjali closed her eyes and lay on her back. Her legs were wide open, and I felt as if her pussy was inviting me. I started licking her pussy but she was in deep sleep. I slowly kept the head of my huge cock at her pussy hole and with a single jerk I inserted whole of my cock inside her pussy. Anjali screamed in the sleep itself. Anjali shouted at me “don’t be cruel remove your cock from my pussy”.

But I closed her lips with my lips and started fucking her pussy. I fucked very hard for about 20min and left her to sleep. Even I was tired after that and we slept on the same bed. The next day I fucked her ass twice and her pussy thrice. While leaving Anjali said we would be having such nights whenever we get a chance. Anjali said this time we plan for a group sex, u invite your close friends and i will invite my friends. Any comments please mail to

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