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Hot And Sexy Babe Of Mysore

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello Everybody, My name is Rahul and I am from the city of palaces, Mysore. This is my First experience and a very true story. I was in my 10th when this incident happened. We were staying in apartments and in front of our flat there used to stay a couple. Uncle was a doctor and his wife was a house wife. She was around 24 and had a very beautifull structure from top to bottom. She used to look like a gurl of 20yrs. She had vital stats of 34-28-36. She was very fair and she was from NorthIndia.

They had come very newly and I never had any bad intention about her. They became very close to our family. It was a Summer and it was very hot when this incident happened. One day uncle had to go to Bangalore for some Conference for a day. So he asked me to stay with aunt for that night since she was very scared to be alone. With my parents permission, after having dinner, i went to her flat. She was about to go for bath. So she asked me to watch T.V. until she comes back. Then i switched on the T.V. and was watching ” F T.V.”. All of a sudden she called me and asked me to get her the towel which she had forgotten to take it. I took the towel which was in the bedroom and went near the bathroom to give it to her. She opened the door and held out her right hand and took the towel from me. She thanked me for that by saying ” sweet heart “. So after that i came back and was watching the nude babes. Suddenly she entered and caught me watching. She just gave me a naughty smile and said that she would be back in a couple of minutes. I was really pestering since i got caught and was thinking as to what will happen if she informs to my parents about this. Suddenly i was surprised to see an angel appearing in front of me.

It was none other than my beautifull aunt wearing a night gown with no bra and panty inside. Everything was clearly visible. I just bent my head asked her sorry. She laughed loudly and assured me that she won’t say it to anybody. She said that i should do her a favour, for her to be silent about this. I was surprised and lifted my head and asked her what. She said, ” you have to play a game with me ! “. I was really happy now, since i could keep her silent about this. I readily accepted and asked her as to what the game was. She replied ” ” Doctor and Patient “. I laughed and told her that it was a kids game, but i never understood her intention. she insisted to play that game and i agreed. She asked me to follow her to her bed-room to start the game. She called me to go near her so that she can put her husband’s stethescope to me. As soon as i went near her i could feel her erotic smell, her perfume and hottness of her body. My dick got erected and was clearly visible through my shorts. She touched it and she said that you can use this to operate me. Now i started understanding her intention and felt happy within myself. Now she layed down on the bed and asked me to start the game. She pretended like crying and said me that she had a very bad stomach ache.

So i touched her stomache with my cold hands and started moving my hands over her body. She stopped crying and was enjoying the intersection of my cold hands on her hot body. She was very hot and lost control and held my hands. She took my hands in hers and started rubbing her huge boobs with the help of my hand. By this time my dick was totally erected and was waiting to come out. I was just controlling myself and waiting for her to do everything. She pinched her pink nipples with my fingers and asked me to treat her on my own now as she wanted to enjoy the treatment. I slowly took my mouth near her boobs and started licking it and pinching her nipples and squeezing her another boob. I sucked them like a mad and she was in great mouns as ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm and was begging me to suck it as hard as possible. While doing that her hands touched my throbbing cock. She unzipped my shorts and took of my shirt and made me nude even. She asked me to lie upon her and suck her. After few minutes i started kissing all over her body and went down to her Pussy. It was totally wet and juice was coming out. I licked her pussy juice and it tasted excellent. I put my middle finger inside her pussy which was very well shaven to know the depthness of her pussy. She mouned loudly ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm.

Then i seperated her pussy lips with my fingers and put my tongue into it and started licking her pussy. She was mouning greatly and was asking me to suck it harder and faster. Now she asked me to stop it. She asked me to lie on the bed. She holded my throbbing cock and started suck it very hard thinking it to be a lollipop. I was in heaven. She was sucking my senses out of me. I asked her to increase the speed and she did pick up a great speed. Now i was about to cum. I didn’t had any time to tell her even and i finally um in her mouth. she licked every drop and said me that it tasted great. Again my cock started to grow and now it was 7”. She said that she wants to fuck me since i had commited a mistake. I readily accepted and she squatted on the bed and slowly inserted her pussy on my dick. She started moving up and down on my dick very fastly. I was sent to heaven again. After few minutes she was tired and she asked me to fuck her now since she punished me. I went on top of her and inserted my dick in her pussy making her moun loudly as mmmmmmmmmm aahhhhhhhhhhhhaoohhhhhhhhhhhh.

She was moving her hips against me to take my dick as below as possible. She requested me to fuck her still harder as she was about to give her orgasm. After few more minutes i was about to cum and i increased my speed. By this time she had cummed thrice. I said her that i am about to come and she asked me to cum deep inside her so that her pussy can become cool. Finally i cummed in her and lay on her being tired. by that time it was 4:00 in the morning and so we went to sleep since i had to go to my school in the morning. By the time i got up she had prepared tea for me and served me with tea and a good morning kiss ! I was happy for that. My mom came and called me since it was late for school. That day uncle came back and gave a bad news that he’s got transferred again and have to leave immediately. Since then we never had an other chance. I miss her a lot. So any gurls/aunties/bhabies to have full fun and satisfaction can e-mail me at . Full secrecy assured and can give full satisfaction and fun. Even comments to get cleared any doubts can also mail me

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