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Hot And Burning Fhoi

  • desipapa
  • December 29, 2015

Hi friends I am Rahul Sharma from Delhi . As in most of us especially boys the willing of sex and such type of things are on top in adolescents same was the case with me..I m going to share with u all my very personal and exciting experience which was very special for me let me first introduce to you all my partner my Fhoi (my dad’s cousin sister).she was not at all old she was just of 28 .her father was a very rich person but there was a conflict between her and her father so he used to stay alone. She often used to come to our house.

But I wasn’t having any thought of sleeping with her .now regarding her appearance trust me guys she was looking awesome she was absolutely perfect I mean her assets her ass figure everything was just mind blowing and cock raising. but the thing that used to arose me was that she was not married because I don’t like used things but I like to open the unused thing. now starting with my experience ,since now I was bit matured my way of seeing towards her was changed .

I used to see her in wrong manner like seeing her ass constantly her assets (boobs).whenever I thought about her I became very much excited . I masturbated on her several times with my fantasies. Now was going mad to fuck her but one day may be the luckiest day of my life came . as I told she used to stay alone there were only 3 servant but due to some reason there was no1 in her house to cook . since my mom got to know that she told me to take tiffin and have a dinner with her . firstly I refused but when my Fhoi called me and requested me agreed . at around 8pm

I went to her place we had a casual chat while our conversation my dirty eyes were examining her whole body closely the cuts of her boobs were worth watching my cocking was getting longer and longer and I was trying to hide it but it wasn’t .in between I hugged her and I got hold of her perfect boobs .wow! I wasn’t willing to leave her and around 9pm we both started our lunch. meanwhile I got a call from my dad that one of our close relative had expired it was from my moms side so they had to go and they told me that u stay there only as no1 was der in our house and Fhoi also will get company.

I told my Fhoi about me staying there .then after our dinner we sat and were watching a movie .i was just scanning they channels and I saw there was a cozy scene going on in a movie I stopped there ,I saw she became a bit shy and was being uncomfortable. Then around 12 we went to bed .we were sleeping on the same bed then in midnight I woke up and started groping her she hadn’t put on the bra so I slowly grabbed her boobs from her night suite..silky suite and silky boobs wow!

And time passed my confidence also increased and tried to touch her boobs with my finger from a small gap between the buttons of the top. i was swiftly moving my finger over those cotton stones(boobs) then I gathered some confidence and tried to open they button but I failed we was half awake and den turn her back towards me I got frightened for sometime den again started that but this time it was her sexy ass small but very sexy and effective. I revealed my cock and touched it to her night pant and was slowly pushing it ,

I was doing it and suddenly saw some movement from her I stopped my act and it was late at night to I decided to sleep but with that huge cock it was very difficult to sleep so I masturbated while I was doing that suddenly she turned towards me(normal act while sleeping) and kept her hand on my cock .my cock was naked as she kept her hand while I was masturbating . I didn’t move and was like a statue as I was completely astonished on seeing that . after some time I felt that her poised hand was soothing my cock .she was slowly moving her hand over my cock and testis . I was feeling that I m in heaven. then she slowly hold my cock and started shaking her I was getting very much excited and I just got hold of her boobs and was madly rubbing it they were rock hard .

Then I hold her hair and gave her a long kiss it was my first kiss and I was feeling to continue it forever. I slowly opened her buttons and to my surprise I saw her huge boobs. they were very white milky and simply awesome .i pinched her nipples she was saying me no but it was just a formality that she was performing .i sucked her nipples as if I was hungry for it from ages. I kissed my flat belling it was really sexy then I slowly and gradually started removing her elastic pant and kissed her thighs.

She was wearing a pink panty that was really cool I removed that too and started grabbing her boobs kissing then I reached her most sensitive part.. guys frankly saying I don’t like to suck pussies I have seen In many blue films but when I personally experienced it was wonderful was feeling that it was the best thing to do, my Fhoi was constantly moaning ahhhh!ohhhhhhh come on that used to encourage me, then later she started removing my clothes he removed my t-shirt and was kissing

My chest it make me aroused then she sucked my nipples then she unbuttoned my jeans removed my boxers and started licking my cock I was getting mad and when she just shook m cock for the first time all the cum spited on her face and she joyously engulfed it ..the the moment I was waiting for 18 years came both of us were absolutely naked and she gave a naughty smile to me .then I spread her legs apart and I tried to enter my cock inside her unused , virgin pussy which had no hair on its surface.

It was a bit hard to enter it initially then it was all fun .she also was enjoying it and I gave my 100% in it we continued it for a long time then as we were now exhausted we stopped it she at the end took all my cum as if it was just a chocolate cream then around 5 in the morning we slept but both of us were still naked still I we enjoy a lot and she is still un married you can mail me especially desperate girls and unmarried ladies at love you all and hope my story made your tools erect don’t forget to mail me.

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