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Honeymoon Substitute

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I am great fan of I first had sex when I was in school in class 8. It was with my aunt, and happened only once. But it gave me the confidence to approach women as sex was not a mystery to me anymore. I come from a very orthodox family, it was essential for me that I be discreet in my sexual activities and so I never discussed my sex life with anyone. In school, the boys generally regarded me as the quiet, harmless one although the girls did find me attractive because girls can usually sense a guy’s sexuality better than guys can sense a girl’s.

I had a friend (let’s call him Atul) who I think suspected that I was sexually active. As sex is the driving force for respect at that age, he used to therefore idolize me. All through school he used to hang around me, telling me about how this girl or that girl was making eyes at me. I never ever told him if I ever did have sex with any girl but he still kept on telling me all this. After school, we both went our separate ways to college but he still used to find time to meet me as the idolizing never stopped. He told me at one of those meetings that he had met a girl and he was in love and that they would marry as soon as they finished college. I thought it was a bad idea because I don’t agree with getting married without being financially independent, but I kept it to myself.

Sometime later, I met the girl of his dreams for the first time. We will call her Priya. Priya was a very attractive, vivacious girl and I immediately liked her and thought that she was a perfect foil for Atul. She told me that I was like an old friend because Atul couldn’t stop talking about me. We laughed about that. We met a few more times over a period of two years before we finished college. A month after my graduation, Atul told me that his marriage was on and that I had to be with him for all the marriage preparations. I agreed and so we were constantly together throughout the whole process. It was decided that the girl’s family would come to Baroda for the marriage instead of Atul taking the baraat to the girl’s place.

So a few days later, Priya and her entourage landed in Baroda. I was in charge of making them comfortable, so I received them and took them to the hotel where they were staying and made sure that everything went smoothly. It was here that I first started noticing peculiar things. Every time I looked at Priya, I usually caught her looking at me. She would immediately avert her eyes, but I knew that she was watching me. I once even caught her and her best friend giggling while looking at me. At first I thought maybe they found something funny about me but when it happened a few more times over a period of the next few days, I started wondering.

However, since I was involved in the marriage arrangements, I never did have the time to dwell on it. Once the marriage date drew near, things started getting hectic. I was in charge of the bridal party, so I made all the arrangements for them too. I even landed up driving the ladies to beauty parlors. So my interaction with Priya increased in those days. We had long conversations and since I have a very good sense of humor I usually had the girls in splits most of the time.

Meanwhile, we found that Atul had to rush to his new job immediately after marriage, so he had only 3 days after his marriage before he had to join up for work, so he had to cancel his honeymoon in Kerala and substitute it with a short one in Mount Abu. He told me to make the arrangements and that he wanted me to accompany them on their honeymoon too. When I heard this, I was surprised and told him so. But he said that he would feel more comfortable with me around to take care of all the arrangements there so that he would have more time to spend with his new bride. That sort of made sense, so I agreed to go. I made the arrangements and it was decided that we would leave immediately after the morning wedding ceremony cum reception. (They had not planned for a separate reception)

As the day of the marriage finally drew closer, I was thrown together with Priya often and we ended up having lots of conversations. I was also aware that things were becoming hotter between us. I found that during conversations, she would give me a smile and would look at me for longer periods than was really necessary or appropriate. I also couldn’t help but reciprocate, chiefly because she was the bride, and therefore the star attraction of the whole affair. Being given bhaav by the lead role does tend to turn one’s head and I felt a little giddy with this complicated affair that was beginning to unfold. We even started sharing close, personal intimate looks, which used to really turn me on. I started thinking about her all the time, and by the looks of things, I realized that the same must be applying to her too.

Every time we met, her eyes used to light up. I think her best friend noticed it too, because one time when I came in, I saw her look at me, then look at her friend, and then immediately look down, and I found the friend looking at me in a weird way. It was obvious that they had had a conversation about me, and that it was not a pleasant conversation.

However, the next time I met the two of them together, Priya was her normal self, and I understood that she and her friend had again discussed me and made some sort of peace with the topic. Through out this whole period, I had never even touched her once.
Finally the day of the wedding arrived. Atul was looking particularly handsome on that day, but when we took the baraat to the hotel where the wedding was and saw Priya, we were stunned. She was looking absolutely magnificent as a bride and I actually felt my breath being taken away. Even in that entire crowd, she managed to find me and when she saw the expression in my eyes, she gave me an acknowledging smile before looking away.

After that I was again busy with the wedding and only met them after the ceremony was over. Then it was time to eat and we sat at the table. It was a long table to accommodate all us friends and as we sat down, Atul indicated to me that I should sit opposite him. I moved and found myself sitting opposite the couple but exactly opposite Priya. He said that this was better as he wanted me to be near him. Normal conversation was going on while we were being served when I suddenly felt a foot touch my shin. I understood that it had to be Priya’s and assumed it was a mistake but I didn’t move my leg out of the way and so I sat there with Priya’s foot touching mine.

I didn’t give it much thought till I found that her other foot was also now on my shin. I realized that this was deliberate and my heart started racing and my mouth ran dry. A girl, just married a few minutes ago, was actively trying to feel me up!! This had never happened to me before. And this is some 17 years ago when females were definitely not sexually aggressive. I was stunned!! I felt totally confused but amazed and thrilled at what was happening. I couldn’t get over the idea of the fact that she was a bride feeling me up at her wedding lunch!!!! Now her feet started moving, slowly caressing my leg till she could reach them, with both feet. I could just sit there helplessly and enjoy the feel as I was wearing shoes. I just moved my other leg forward too. The food was turning to ashes in my mouth as my whole concentration was now on what she was doing to me. When I looked at her, she was talking with Atul and then with her friend. I realized that they had to repeat some of the questions they put to her and understood that she was as distracted as I was, but was just acting normally, or rather trying to.

All through the lunch, her feet were feeling my legs up one after the other. Finally the dinner ended and we had to reluctantly get up. When I took my legs away from hers to get up, I looked at her and found that she was looking at me too, but she was expressionless. I got up, told Atul to ask some of the elders when we could leave, so we walked together to his father, who told him that he could leave in half an hour, after the bidaai. I left to get Priya’s bags from her rooms and arranged to put everything in the car that we would be taking with us. It was already 2.30 PM and I realized that by the time we would reach, it would be dark.

Then I remembered that Atul had asked for booze, as he planned to drink on the way to Abu and which I had completely forgotten about. So I went and found the friend who was in charge of the booze. Luckily, he had brought it and so we were all set. I put all the luggage, including mine and Atul’s and finally I was all set to go too. My mind immediately went to replaying the events of that amazing lunch and all I wanted was to get into the car and drive to Abu as I desperately wanted to see how things were going to pan out on this strange and exciting day.

Finally, the bidaai was complete. We got into the car. It was already 4 PM, much later than anticipated. I sat in front with the driver and Atul and Priya were sitting behind. We had hired a Merc, so it was going to be a pleasant ride. 10 minutes into the drive, Priya suggested that since I had to turn back to talk I should move into the back seat with them. I, politely refused, but Atul also insisted that Priya was right, so I told the drive to stop the car and told Atul to move over. I was surprised when he said, “you are closer to Priya so you get in from that side. She can sit in the middle”. I looked at Priya, who said, “sure and moved over”. Who was I to argue? I quickly got in and was finally sitting next to Priya.

The Merc is a big car, but still when three people sit behind, they do end up sitting close enough to touch each other. So my thighs were touching Priya’s and my arms were touching her arms too. I was intensely aware of every molecule of my body where it was touching her. She seemed quite casual about it. Then Atul asked, “Its ok, right? We are all comfortable?” I said yes. But Priya didn’t reply. So Atul asked her again and she said, “Huh? Yeah, sure.” That’s when I realized that she was distracted because she was as aware of my body touching hers as I was of hers touching mine.

We carried on talking normally but I could feel her thighs moving a little in a soft slight caressing motion against mine. I was amazed at being so actively seduced by this fantastic woman. I decided to take a passive role and see what she would do. By now, the original shock of the event was finally passing by. Now I was sure of the fact that this woman was as good as a lover of mine and it was just a question of when.
Atul after sometime told me that he wanted to make a toast and that I should get the booze out. I got it out of the hand bag, took out three glasses (Priya was a social drinker. One drink only). I made the drinks, being careful so as not to spill them, and Atul made a toast to a happy wedded life. I smiled at the irony of the toast, but said,” yeah, to a happy wedded life.” Priya just smiled and looked at Atul and we cheered and started drinking. We finished the drink and Atul said that he wanted round two. I asked him to wait till we reached Abu as drinking in the car is not really fun. But he said he wanted to drink and asked Priya if she minded. She said, “No go ahead and enjoy. It’s our wedding day.” So Atul carried on.

He was talking most of the time as Priya and I were involved in our own activities, which were now getting hectic. She was sitting with her hands folded and the hand which was towards me was caressing my arms and biceps. Her thighs were now moving against mine a little more urgently and I could almost see the movement with my eyes. But Atul had started drinking and pretty soon, he was on his third and a little tipsy. I finally decided to get into the act and so I folded my arms. At this Priya immediately dropped hers. So now my fingers were touching her arm. I immediately moved my hand a little so that I could feel the sleeve of their blouse, moved one finger inside and slowly started caressing the part of her arms just inside the blouse sleeve.

I did this for some time, before taking my finger out and slid my finger under her arms and to the side of her just behind her boob. I could feel the beginning of her breasts and started moving my fingers slowly and deliberately along her blouse. When I felt the softness of the side of her breast, I lightly pinched it and kept alternately caressing and pinching her. I moved my fingers a little further so that I could reach more of her breast. She moved her arm a little forward to allow me easier access to more of her breast and to keep my fingers hidden behind her arm. Now I could feel more softness and started stroking and lightly pinching wherever I could. By now Atul was on his fourth drink. I suggested he stop, but he said, he wanted to get drunk tonight. I said,” careful man, you wont be able to do justice to Priya.” We all laughed at this, and Atul said, “Don’t worry, man. The more I drink, the hornier, I get”. We again had a good laugh, while I was caressing his wife and she was caressing my thigh with hers.

It was starting to get really dark now. Atul was really drunk now and onto his fifth in record time. It was barely 3 hours since we had left and in a moving car, so he was quite sloshed. We stopped the car because he wanted to pee. Both he and the driver got out. As soon as he had crossed the road, I put my hand on Priya’s chin and turned her head to mine and ferociously started kissing her. As soon as our lips met, her arms were around my back, she was pulling me to her and we were savagely kissing.

I could feel my teeth grinding into my lips, and it hurt but we desperately wanted each other and went at each other violently. I started showering kisses on her face and cheeks and forehead and neck, all the while keeping an eye on Atul and the driver across the road. Priya said, “God! I have been desperately wanting to do this since the first time I saw you.” I was amazed at hearing this. She had never indicated her feelings during the initial meetings and I wondered once again at this unusual woman. I could now see that Atul and the driver had finished peeing and were now on the way back. Since the car had tinted glasses, they couldn’t see us, so after quickly kissing her and running my arms over her breasts and feeling her, we parted just when they were within reach of the car.

They got in and we were off again. It was dark now, and Atul immediately fished out his glass, from near his foot and said, ‘cheers’, laughed and took a swig. As we had been kissing, Priya was now completely stuck to me; we were sitting that close to each other. Atul didn’t notice that he suddenly had more space to sit and that his wife was sitting closer to another man than to him- he was too drunk. Now my hand was on my thigh and I felt Priya’s fingers touching mine. So I moved my hand and was now holding her hand in mine. We sat there for sometime, just enjoying the feel of each others hands, understanding that this was an acknowledgement of something that went deeper than just a sexual need.

I think that holding of hands immediately suggested to both of us that we were at least a little involved with each other. At first the hand holding was a little awkward but soon we were comfortable with each other and started exploring our hands, sometimes squeezing, sometimes caressing, but always holding. It was dark enough inside for us not to worry about being seen and Atul being drunk by now added to the safety. We kept exploring each other’s hands and finally Atul after one more drink went off to sleep.

Now I removed my hand and moved it to her thigh and started caressing slowly and then urgently. I felt her legs part and felt her hand move to my pants. I inserted my hand between her thighs and started caressing her cunt from over her saree and panty as best as I could. I felt her breathing a little harder and her hand was now continuously rubbing my cock over my pants. We kept doing this till we got tired of it and then I was back under her hand and on to her breast again. Now that Atul was asleep, I could move my hand further up her blouse and could feel most of her full breast under my hand. I squeezed and pinched for sometime.

All through the drive we kept caressing each other. My right foot was entwined with her left foot and all through the drive to Abu we sat like that.
By the time we reached Abu, it was 10 PM. We got out, tired and hungry, woke Atul up and went into the hotel. I went ahead to confirm the bookings, completed the formalities. We had adjoining rooms. We dumped the luggage in the room and I asked them what they wanted to do for dinner. Atul said,” come to our room, we will order room service and eat.” I said I understood if they wanted to be alone now, but he said, ” come on yaar, don’t act like an idiot. Let’s eat, and then you can go.” So we went to their room and ordered room service. Atul poured another drink till we waited for the food. I was amazed at his capacity.

He and Priya lay on their bed and I sat on one of the sofas in the room. We chatted inconsequentially for some time till the food came, with me and Priya occasionally exchanging glances. Atul finished his drink, poured another one and by the time we finished eating had finished it off. I got up washed my hands and made my excuses but Atul said,” Wait, let me have one more and then u can go.” So I sat there, and Atul made another drink and we kept talking.

By now Atul had really started slurring. He was looking like he was about to drop off. I had moved from the sofa to their bed and was sitting opposite them and we were talking when suddenly we noticed that Atul had dropped off again. I took advantage of this and moved my hand to Priya’s foot and started caressing her again, this time looking at her. First it was only her foot and then I started moving it up her ankle. All the time I was looking at her and she was looking back at me. It occurred to me that Atul might get up so I looked at him. She told me to remove my hand and then said, “Atul?” No reply. “Atul?” again no reply. So I tried shaking him, but he wouldn’t get up. His almost empty glass was still oh him stomach and was tilting a little. I went to take it from his hand, and he got up, looked at me, finished the glass, and went back to sleep!!! I took the glass from his hand and shouted his name again. He refused to get up now.

I shook his foot. Nothing. I got up went to him and shouted in his ear. Nothing. I shook him by the shoulders. Nothing. I climbed into the bed between them and called his name over and over again. Now Priya was also next to me and she was calling his name too. Soon it was funny and we started laughing a little about it.

We were very close now and so I just moved my head and pulled her face to me and kissed her lightly. She responded. Now we were kissing and calling out Atul’s name. He wouldn’t respond and we would go back to kissing, separate and call out his name again. Slowly the kisses got longer and calling out his name less frequent. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to get up. I told her,” He isn’t getting up. Let’s go to my room.” She said, “what if he gets up?” I said,” we can say we went for a walk to clear our heads. I don’t think he suspects anything at all. And we can always say that we tried very hard to wake him up but he wouldn’t get up.” She said, “Yeah lets go.”

So we hurried to my room. I opened the door, she got in, and I got in, shut the door and immediately pulled her to me, pushed her against the door and started violently kissing her. Our need for each other was so desperate that there was simply no room for tenderness at all. We were fervently kissing each other, our hands were mauling each other, and I was quickly removing her blouse while she was groping with my belt, her blouse was off, her bra was off, my belt was out and my pant was unfastened.

She was desperately and with shaking fingers, trying to undo my shirt buttons, while I was trying to get out of my trousers and removing her saree, all the while kissing her. They were desperate awkward first moments while we were desperately kissing and undressing, all the while trying to do it without breaking physical contact with our lips. Finally, we were both naked, all our clothes in a heap near the door, and we were still against the door, only now we were naked, hugging each other close, felling each body against the other, the heat and softness and firmness of it all.

We were now kissing, hands were exploring each other, and my cock was thumping against her navel, leaving traces of precum against her belly, which felt cold and damp every time my navel touched her. Her hands were in my hair and on my back and down on my cock, my hands were on her face, and her back and her boobs and her ass between her ass trying to get to her cunt. I moved in and felt her wet even at the inside of her thighs. Her cunt was sick with her juices, her cunt lips were wet too and she felt hot and very slippery inside.

We moved awkwardly to the bed, still not wanting to break contact, fell on bed and then I finally could let go enough to look at her. She lay there, completely pink, which was amazing. I had never noticed the color of her skin and now I realized that she was so fair, and so horny that her whole body was an even shade of beautiful pink. She had full firm breasts and her nipples were magnificent. Dark brown, completely erect and slightly upturned.

Her legs were folded at the knees and slightly parted and I could see the wetness glistening between her cunt lips. Her hair was now tousled; her lips were slightly parted and already swollen from our ferocious kissing. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes were closed, and her nostrils were flared from heavy breathing. She looked the epitome of a sex goddess who was now my exclusive property. I hovered over her for sometime just looking at her and then I bent down and started lightly kissing her breasts all around her nipples. I went all around one breast first lightly kissing, then lightly sucking and biting. I could see the blood rush to her aureoles as they expanded a little and her nipples went more erect.

I moved to the other breast and did the same. She protested and her hand came up to make me such her nipple but I stopped her hand and put it back on the bed. I continued licking sucking and biting her breasts again and again careful not to touch her nipples which were now so engorged that they looked ready to explode. Every time I came near the nipple while sucking, her chest involuntarily rose up. Her breathing was heavy now and I could see that she was grabbing the bed sheet hard to stop her hand from moving to my head again. When I was sure that she would not take it anymore, I grabbed both her breasts hard, pushed them together, pressed hard and at the same time took both her nipples as deep into my mouth as I could and sucked hard.

I felt her gasp, and her whole body convulsed I knew that she had orgasm. I kept sucking and biting her nipples and she stopped convulsing, lifted my head to hers and just the way she looked at me, I knew that she was amazed at that orgasm. I nodded at her and went back to work. I slowly moved down her breasts now biting sucking and licking her abdomen and navel. Down the thighs avoiding her cunt all together and all the way to her toes. Then I turned her around, biting kissing and sucking all the way up the back of her legs to her ass. (She got tickled when I started sucking and biting her full rounded ass so I moved on), her whole back all the way up again.

Then I turned her around again and spread her legs and sat down between her legs. I pushed her thighs out wide and started sucking both the insides of her thighs alternately from her knees up. As I came closer to her cunt, I could feel the skin become softer and softer and hotter and hotter, till when I was all the way near her cunt lips I could feel the heat emanating from her cunt on my ears. I kept kissing the insides of her thighs moving closer and closer to her cunt. I spread her legs even wider so that I could get to the crack between her leg and her cunt lips and started licking her there on both sides.

I could see her juices running down her ass cheeks and onto the bed now, she was so wet. Slowly I moved further inside, and when I finally took one cunt lip in my mouth and started to suck it hard, she bucked and her hands came again to push me into her cunt. I again had to push her hand away and she was back to grabbing the sheets, her eyes closed, her nostrils flared and her breathing heavy. One cunt lip to the next, I kept alternately sucking hard and moving. Each time I sucked her cunt lip, I felt her ass involuntarily jerking to try to take my mouth into the cunt. Her legs started trembling a little and so I finally parted her cunt lips carefully from the outside as I didn’t want the insides to feel anything at all till I was good and ready. Then I gently started to blow on her cunt. I felt her gasp again and she was now drawing breath from inside her clenched teeth making a sound like “SSSSSSSSSSSSS” both ways, her ass had now moved her cunt up and it would not return to ground so her body was now arched and her cunt and ass were in mid air. I kept on blowing air all over her cunt and then in one violent move, I pushed my tongue out grabbed her ass, and shoved it into her cunt. I actually felt her cunt muscles against my tongue tightening before my tongue slipped out and I knew she had come again.

I started licking her insides slowly to make her come again but I felt her hands grab my hair and pull, I looked up and through her half closed eyes she gave me a look which was enough for me to know that now she wanted me inside her. I crawled up, all the time looking at her while she was looking back at me. Then I looked down, positioned by throbbing cock at the entrance of her cunt, which was completely slick and wet, and in one fluid push I was inside her to the hilt. She was hot inside, and I could not feel her juices wet against my thighs.

Her eyes closed, her hands came up around my back and she was fiercely holding me to her, while we lay there just enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies against each other, intensely aware of every millimeter of contact, my cock, throbbing involuntarily inside her, her cunt muscles sporadically spasming against my cock. I could feel her breasts crushed against my chest, my head was in the nook of her shoulder and I could feel her soft hair against my cheek. I felt my blood pressure going down at the final consummation of our intense day long foreplay. I was at the edge of my control now, so I knew that this was not going to be a very long fuck as I would not be able to control myself that long. So I told her,” Priya, I don’t think I will be able to hold out for very long, so don’t be disappointed.” She laughed softly and said,” disappointed? This has been the most beautiful experience of my life already.” I felt a little relieved at her words and we started kissing again.

I started moving inside her and slowly the tempo picked up again. I was about to come so I stopped her and pulled her up so that we were both in a sitting position. I hugged her to me and kissed her and she started moving up and down now. I knew that in a sitting position with her controlling the fuck, I would be able to last a little longer. So now she was fucking me. We were kissing and hugging hard, and I would sometime move down to suck on her breasts and move back to kissing her. I noticed a little blood on her lips now from all the kissing, but she didn’t seem to mind.

She upped the tempo and now we were both breathing hard, eyes closed and just became a cock and a cunt. Finally just when I was about to come. I felt her breathing go ragged, her cunt tighten around my cock, and I knew she was coming again and I let loose my load deep inside her. She kept bucking and I was spent but she still kept bucking me. I was afraid that I would lose my erection, she bucked on for so long, her breathing ragged, eyes closed and finally she stopped and fell against me. She lay there against me and after we got our breath back, we kissed and felt each other again for sometime. Finally, she realized that she must go back to her room now. We got up, holding hands, walked to our clothes, dressed and finally walked back to her room again.

There was a tense moment or two as we entered but Atul was fast asleep. She had love bites all over her, and so we carefully undressed Atul so as not to wake him. Finally he was naked and then I hugged and kissed her again before leaving for my room. I knew that sleep was going to be tough but that was going to be the story for the next three days anyway. I decided to grit and bear it. After all, today was reward enough for it all anyway.

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