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  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi this is Alok, just turned 18. I live in Delhi with my parents. This is the story when I was in 12th standard. I was preparing for my boards and my parents had to go for a marriage in Amritsar for a couple of days in month of February. As I was alone in home, so my mother asked Rahul Bhaiya to sleep with me at my place as I study till late and it might not be possible for me to go to his place. As he was busy due to his office works and ever changing office hours, it was decided that Monica Bhabhi, Rahul Bhaiya’s better half will accompany me at night. Monica Bhabhi was around 26 years, married for 6 months with Rahul Bhaiya. Actually Rahul Bhaiya is our neighbor and we have good relationship with him and his parents who are currently in America at their daughter’s place. We had also gelled up with Monica Bhabhi in short time, specially my mother.

Finally the day arrived, my parents left in the morning for Amritsar . I was free now. I had studied quite enough and wanted to enjoy the freedom. I surfed the porn sites through out the day and also watched porn movies on CD’s. It was Monica Bhabhi who was coming at night to my house as Rahul Bhaiya had late office hours. She had called me up and said, that don’t eat food, I will get the food and eat together. I had no problems. She came at around 8.30 and greeted me. She was wearing a yellow salwaar kameez with a dupatta. She had got the Tiffin with her for our dinner. We sat for sometime and were just chit chatting and watching TV. She asked me whether am I studying or not to which I replied positively. I also got a small lecture on importance of study.

Then she asked me for dinner and I arranged the table with cutlery and she opened the lunch box. We had our dinner while watching TV. Dinner was good to which I complimented and she liked my praising. After the dinner I told her that she would sleep in my parents’ room and I would sleep in my room, to which she accepted. After that we both sat and watched TV. After sometime she asked me, “Don’t you have to study? to which I said, “I have studied a lot in the day time and now I will study tomorrow. She replied, “Please don’t spoil your exams in absence of your parents. I casually said, “Don’t worry Bhabhi, I will manage.

After sometime, she said, “ Yaar no good programmes on TV, you have some DVD to watch?’ I said “Yes, I have Rock On. She said, “Oh good, though I have watched it but won’t be bad watching it again. I stood up went into my room got the DVD. She was ready at the DVD player and asked me for DVD. I gave to her. She opened up the DVD player and there came out another DVD and I was shocked, it was the porn which I was watching and forgot to take out from the player, luckily there was nothing written in it. Looking at the other DVD she asked, “Which one is it? I spontaneously said, “Chandini Chowk To China(I said CC2C because it’s a super flop and Rock On is better than that.) But nothing worked according to my spontaneous mind. She said, “Lets watch CC2C only. I again tried coming out of it and said, “Arre it’s a bakwaas movie, paagal ho jaaoge. She said, “Akshay Kumar hain na no problems. Let’s watch a movie which I haven’t watched it. After saying this much she inserted the DVD. She took the remote from the Sofa and turned it to AV, I was already frozen. When she did AV there were a couple of naked ladies standing in 32 screen and asking to select 1,2 or 3.

She was shocked too. Although I was not looking at her. She asked me, What is this? I said, “Sorry She replied, “I hope you  are not playing with your boards? I replied confidently, “No Bhabhi I am preparing well for it, I have done lot of studies before mom and dad went to Amritsar . I promise you I will not score a percent less than 85%. She said, “ I hope so. “ So have you watched this? I said, “ Just 1 part. She said, “Ok and said after a long pause, “You want to watch other 2 parts right now? I asked, “Now? She said, Yes I asked again, “With you? She said again, “Yes Everything was happening very quickly and I also didn’t know what was I saying. I said, “Ok.

I went near the DVD player and was ejecting the CD, she asked me “What are you doing? I said putting the CD in Computer. She refused to do so and said porn dekhne ka mazaa badi screen par hee hain. She was opening up but I wasn’t able to open up. As I had sofa cum bed, I opened up the sofa and converted into bed.. I got 4 pillows from the room and 2 quilts to cover ourselves. While I was arranging the bed she asked me, “You mind if I remove my clothes. I was blank for a few seconds. She broke the silence and said, “Yaar before marriage it wasn’t tough for me to watch porn in full clothes but after marriage it is impossible. I hope you understand. I said, No problem as you feel comfortable. She started removing her clothes. She removed Salwaar and then kameez. She was wearing white regular bra and pink panties. I took the remotes and as I was entering the bed, I heard one comment, “You can also make yourself comfortable. I replied in a lighter way, “No its ok, I am not married yet. She had broad smile with my answer. I started the movie from part 2. Actually there were 3 different porn in the DVD so all the parts were different. The movie was going on, I was watching both bhabhi under cover without a cover and porn. But I felt bhabhi wasn’t watching me a lot. After sometime I felt, I felt that bhabhi had removed her panty under the quilt and started fingering as there was a lot of movement in that area.. After sometime I also felt a bit more comfortable. I folded my legs(when we make triangle with the bed and the legs) so that my area is not visible. I unzipped my pants took my cock in my hand and started rubbing and moving up and down. While masturbating I was hearing moaning sounds in the TV and little moaning sounds of bhabhi. After sometime, I was surprised when suddenly bhabhi’s hand came out of the cover and pulled away my quilt. She got whole of my quilt in her hand and threw it away on the other side. I was stunned by this. She started laughing looking at me and my cock out of my zips. She asked me, “Tell me one thing, how many porn have you watched till now? I said, “I can’t remember. She asked me again, “Have you ever seen any one masturbating with foreskin pulled up? I said, No.

Right now I was not thinking about way of masturbation but wanted to take the revenge. I waited for sometime. After some time I saw that her moans had increased and her eyes were almost closed. I took the opportunity. I rushed my hands to middle of her quilt and pulled it off. She was amazed in the same way as I was. She was fingering herself from the side of the panties, which was stretched to her right and away from me and her boobs were resting outside the bra. She quickly tried covering her breasts with both her hands around her. She realized that while covering her breasts she had kept her pussy open. She covered pussy with panties and brought her hands back around her boobs. She slowly put back the bra cups on her breasts one by one.

I laughed the same way as she was laughing pulling my quilt. She was having mixed reaction on her face, showing some anger and at the same time having a wicked smile.

WE were now both watching porn without any cover, although she had covered her important part but my dick was still out. In the movie a girl was giving a blowjob to a boy. Looking at that she asked me, “You want me to teach you how to masturbate? I didn’t take much time and replied, “Sure. She quickly stood up and came around my cock. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off and also removed my briefs completely. She took my cock in her hand. Her hands seemed to be warm. She tried pulling back my foreskin completely but couldn’t do so. She used my precum and finally spitted on my cock head. With the help of the mixture of my precum and her spit she pulled back the foreskin. She was now moving her hand up and down on the shaft and occasionally playing with the cock head too. Speed of her moments was constant. She was in cross position i.e. her head facing my cock and legs facing my head but we were not in exact position 69. After sometime she put one of her legs on other side of my chest and made it a perfect 69. She did so, so that she can watch the movie as well as make me cum. She was just using her hands in making me cum. I was feeling quite ok. I just got itchy feeling when she rubbed my cock head. I could see her ass covered with her panties. I wanted to touch it but was very hesitant. I knew she had given me hint by coming in position 69 but still I didn’t have confidence. She was constantly rubbing my cock and I was getting sexually excited. After sometime I got excited and decided to take a step not thinking about what the result would be. I raised my hand and brought near her ass. I touched it, there was no reaction. I put my hand inside her panties, still there was no reaction. When I inserted my hand in her panty my hand touched somewhere between ass and pussy. I was interested in pussy. So I started rubbing her pussy. I inserted my finger inside her pussy, it was wet. I was not comfortable with her panties, so I took my hand out. I pulled down her panty down to thigh level. Now I inserted my hand inside her pussy. Her pussy felt great. It was an amazing feeling to touch a girl’s private parts. There was scope for more fingers so I inserted one more. Now my index finger and centre finger was playing with her pussy. I was touching her pussy walls. They were amazing and very soft. I wanted to taste her pussy but was a bit hesitant as she was just using her hands for my cock and not using her mouth. I found scope for one more finger so I inserted my third finger in it which was difficult to insert. Now I was finger fucking her. But slowly my speed reduced as I was reaching my personal climax. Her constant speed of hand job was giving me extra pleasure. She was watching my cock and movie at the same time. I was just enjoying the masturbation. After sometime the load came out. Although I didn’t see it but I felt that the rocket of my cum touched great heights.

She ate all the cum which was in her hands. Finally she bent down ans sucked my cock and surrounding area to eat the remaining cum. Her mouth on my cock felt like 7th heaven to me. WOW. Now the message was clear to me. After cleaning me in no time she came back to her sofa and rested herself. In a matter of seconds I turned and climbed on her. I had put all my weight on her body. I started kissing her deep. I don’t know if she was enjoying or not. I didn’t even know that if she was kissing me or not. But now I had lost control even after cumming so well. I was kissing her passionately. Slowly I received her message as her hands moved on my back. I reduced the speed of kissing and allowed her to participate. She was kissing better than me. I was just doing lips kissing but she took out her tongue and played with my tongue to. She also showed interest in my cheeks and neck. She pushed me and interchanged the position as she was not able to take my weight. Now she was sleeping over me. The kissing session continued for a long time. While kissing I moved my hand all over her back and made sure open the bra hook. After sometime we interchanged the position again. I quickly removed my jeans and undies completely. I pulled of her bra. I started kissing her right nipple and my hands were busy playing with left boob. Initially I concentrated on nipple because her nipple was looking like a peak on a mountain range. Then side by side paid some attention to her whole boob as a package. After sometime I changed the focus to left boob and continued.

While I was playing with left boob she disturbed me and said, “Alok I said,What? She pointed out her finger to the screen. In the porn the boy was rubbing her cock in between the boobs. I got the cock near her breasts. My cock had got hard again despite such a wonderful hand job. I placed my cock between 2 of her boobs, pressed it from the side and started moving up and down. I was having problems in pressing her boobs, Monica (Bhabhi) realized and pressed the boob herself and I did the rest. I was now breast fucking her. It was great. My cock head again had an itchy feeling. While boob fucking my cock was also touching her chin and I was invited to fuck her mouth. I made her half sleeping position with her back rested on the wall. I inserted my cock in her mouth. I was pushing hard in her mouth. It was not a blow job but a mouth fuck. I tried pushing my cock as much as possible in between she coughed also. Once I had got the precum and her mouth was filled with it, I didn’t want to take the risk of cum as I wanted to fuck her hard, so I withdrew my cock.

I went down to the canal and opened up the whole. Initially I put in a finger just for a mere formality. It was wet than before. I took my mouth near her pussy and started kissing it. It tasted good. Her orgasms were excellent in taste. She was moaning a bit. I used tongue to lick the skin around the pussy that excited her more. I didn’t pay much attention in eating her pussy as I was dying to fuck her.

I got my cock in front of her pussy, she herself opened it wide. I holded her milky thigh and launched my cock inside it. Initially it was very tight and had some problems in inserting the cock but once the cock was fully inserted it was excellent. I slowly increased the pace and started pushing her. She was enjoying it. Her moans said it all. She was very vocal. Although I was not able to speak a lot. She also abused me, “behanchod thoda dheere kar, maar daalega tu to mujhe. As it was my first time, I was not able to do it slowly because of my excitement. While in missionary position we kissed each other a lot. I was always busy, if not found kissing I was sucking her breasts. That gave extra energy and hardness to fuck. After sometime we exchanged the position.. now she was riding me facing me. She was very active. Was moving up and down in a constant speed. Suddenly her speed increased and she was riding so fast I felt she could have beaten Bolt also with her speed. Suddenly she was cramped and her moans reached a great height she cummed. Her shower came on my cock. Her pussy was pushed back because of pressure of her orgasms and my cock was separated of her pussy. Once her shower had stopped she re inserted it but was not able to push. So I decided to change the position, I decided to fuck her from back but sideways. I made her sleep on her right shoulder and I inserted my cock from back, I felt like I will cum but I wanted to fuck her more so I reduced the peed. I fucked her at a slow and constant speed for sometime and delayed my cum. After sometime I lost the patience and increased the speed. With my speed I felt I can beat both Bolt and Monica (Bhabhi). After sometime I knew I will cum, as it was my first time I asked Monica (Bhabhi) in code word which she understood, “Monica kahaan baarish(Cum) karoo? Ghar(pussy) mein ya chhat(body) pe? To this she replied in code word, “Ghar mein mat kariyo, kahin ghar gandaa ho gayaa aur machhar paida ho gaye to pest control (abortion) karwana padega.

I quickly discharged my cock and she lied down straight on the bed. I got my cock around her mouth and started cumming. I cummed in her mouth and there was some more cum which I sprayed on her mouth and her breasts with which she massaged herself. I went close to her started kissing her. We kissed for a couple of minutes and then broke up. I closed the TV with the remote, the porn had stopped. And we slept there only. We woke up in the morning. Although I wanted to fuck her again but she refused as she had to go to her husband. She went away.Later on I was told that she was fucked by Rahul as soon as she had reached home. I fucked her again, quite a few times but at her home as she is alone there. But we made sure we used condom every time after that.

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