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Holiday With Sexy Maid

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hello this is Khuvesh again with a new but true sexual encounter, about myself I am 6 feet medium built person with a 7 inch fat cock always ready for sex, as per saying a man thinks about sex every 7 seconds and I am no exception to this rule. I am working in Pune based MNC in sales and service dept which requires lot of travelling, once I returned from a ten day tour from Bangalore at 8 am ,

My wife greeted me and said that she was leaving for my elder brother house as his wife was not feeling well and only return in evening, she had prepared breakfast for me, while going she gave me details of instruction for our maid , our maid was expected in next 15 to 20 mins. Now about this maid , her name is Anju and she is in her late twenties, with extra flesh at right places, mostly wears bright colored sarees and white blouse, I have peaked at her during sweeping floor and washing clothes,

She has magnificent sexy body any sex starved man would like and I was sex starved for last ten days while on tour, after my wife left i closed door and had a refreshing bath but could not find my undies so just wore a track suit and casual T shirt, while having breakfast and watching TV the door bell rang I opened and Anju walked in. She enquired about my wife and I told her that my wife has gone to my elder brother place and both children’s would be joining her there after school and all of them will return in evening,

Then I gave her list of work as instructed by my wife. While I sat in hall watching TV she started brooming all three bedrooms whenever she crossed passage I had glimpse of her, she had tucked her saree up and her legs were visible up to knees, she completed brooming of bedrooms and came in hall and bending down she started brooming, while doing so her top of boobs were clearly visible as she had folded her saree pallu between her two big melons,

As she came near sofa on which i was sitting her balls were more clearly visible at that time our eyes met and she said sir what are you seeing , i stammered and said one thing and diverted my attention towards TV, at that movement power went off and TV switched off, again she said sir what will you see now , NO TV NO BIWI and started laughing, i too joined her laughter her second job was to sweep floors for this she went in bathroom

And brought out a bucket of water with plenty added.She started sweeping bedrooms and I was left with visualizing her body, specially her ass, to see more I went in one of bedroom and I was surprised to see that she now had raised her saree level so that most of her fleshy sexy thighs were exposed, on seeing me she enquired if I had any work in bedroom I said no just wanted to check if she was doing her work properly and also sweeping all corner below table,

She replied sir I always do my work honestly and there was no need to supervise her , but if I wanted to see any other things then I was always welcome, her double meaning reply made my cock rise in my track pant without underwear ,I immediately left room and came back in hall to suppress my rising cock. Finally she came in hall for sweeping now I could watch her naked thighs and swinging balls ,

Ass though covered but very sexy, as she was sweeping she was observing me and smiling, the bulge in my track pant was getting unbearable, i got up and went in toilet and adjusted my cock , then came back in hall, she had noticed change of shape in my track pant and started to laugh , I told her why was she laughing , she replied whether she can help me to ease any tension, I indirectly said yes I am very tired and having travelled last night in bus was feeling very stiff, she said after completing this work she will give me body massage .

The idea of massage being given by my sexy maid made me more horny, I went in my bedroom and took out a pornographic book from my locker and started seeing it , she came in my room after some time and noticed me rubbing my cock while seeing photo of a lady being fucked, she said sir shall I start massage for this you have to sleep on your back first so that I can massage your legs, I nodded her to go ahead, she climbed on my bed and parted her legs and sat near my feet with her saree lifted above knees, on seeing her neat sexy legs i enquired her how she maintains herself,

She answered that she uses hair removing cream of a lady where she works She said sir please lift your track pants for massage legs, i replied that track pant being tight won’t get lifted it is better if I take it out, and told her to hand over towel to cover my cock, she turned back and i adjusted towel over my cock, which resembled a tent with my cock risen to 90 degrees, she started massaging lower parts of my legs sometimes her palm would reach above my knees giving me a shiver,

After completing massaging of my legs she know sat on my legs and started massaging upper legs, in process she removed towel cover my cock ,I was embarrassed showing my tool to maid and requested her if she can also show some part of her sexy body she immediately obliged and lifted her saree up to her navel giving me full view of her sexy thighs and well shaven pussy, her pussy lips were swollen and dripping, by that time unbuttoned her blouse and her big birds were now free and swinging ,

Her erect nipples were requiring attention then she slept on top of me and put her boobs in my face , I started sucking them one by one , meanwhile one of her hand was playing with my cock , she said sir can we perform oral sex ass he has never done it before but has seen many photos in porno books I nodded in yes and she turned her position to 69 her wet sexy pussy was facing me and she already had my cock in her mouth

And was pumping it, we came in few minutes and she drank my cum, She then got up and slept on my side kissing my hairy chest while my hands were exploring her naked body parts one by one, one of my hand reached her cloritus and started rubbing it vigorously, giving her heavenly pleasure and we again were ready for fucking this time I lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders and inserted my cock deeply in her cunt

We continued fucking till we both came at same time, and were exhausted, After resting for a while I told her to make tea for me but she would go to kitchen naked as I did not want to lose any opportunity of seeing and feeling her naked sexy body, while she was preparing tea i went and put my arms from behind her on her balls and pressed them at same time rubbing my cock on her ass crack, after having tea, she told me that now she would give me pleasure of fucking a virgin girl saying so she went in bedroom

And slept on her back I understood her idea and got Vaseline tube from drawer then parted her ass and applies Vaseline on rim of her ass and slowly slid my finger in side she said sir do not tease me with your thin finger I want your thick long fat cock in me and I slid my hard cock in her anus and initially slowly started to pump and increased my speed of pumping till I shot big load of my cum filling her anus, I really felt like fucking a virgin girls tight cunt. We then both went in bathroom and bathed together in hot water tub continuing two more loving sessions, after fully satisfying Anju then dressed and left promising of more action whenever we get such free time, Readers pl comment

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