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Holi ke Rang Sex Ke Sang

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Oh Bhabhi please. What, you want me to squeeze . and I increased pressure on her teen boobs over top. I started pulling her nipples too. Leave me, chodiye na, she tried to pull away but I grabbed her other boob too and pressed it teasingly. Aare naand rani aaj to upar se daba rahi hun kal holi main khol kar rangongi. ragdongi maslaungi aur tumhara man kare to tumhare’ din main bhaiya rat main sayyan’ se bhi maslva dungii. I joked. When I left her another lady quipped ‘ aare ye horn to dabane ke liye hi hain’. It was eve of Holi and we were teasing our nannd Anjali. She was a student of XII and has just crossed her 16van Basant. She was tall, slender with growing tennis balls size hard boobs and swaying hips. She was not only coy but tried to show her distaste for ribald jokes common between nannd -bhabhi and jija -salli. Last year when her jija tried to insert his hand and smear colors on her chunchee she rebuffed. But I decided at this holi she should be introduced to the joy of dart of cupid as my bhabhi has introduced it to me on a holi with my jija when I was just stepping on 16th year.

It was my first holi in sasural. Last year my hubby celebrated, holi at his sasural viz. my parents place and made her sallis, my sister Rima and her sahelis, test the taste of his huge pichkari. Even my bhabhi, Sudha bhabhi too was not spared and it was no holes barred holi for her. Now it was my turn at my sasural to play holi with my my nannds and devars. Rajiva’s bhabhi and my jhetahni Neera was only few years older than me and she was full of zest and fun. But her bhabhi, Chameli bhabhi was beyond comparison. She had a pure rural background and expert in singining sexiest Gallis. Anjali was Rajiva’s younger cousin sister and he has a cousin brother Ravi, mera chota devar. He was shy almost like a girl and was centre of our jokes. We were preparing gujhiya and other sweets for holi. Ravi asked ‘Bhabhi holi ke liye kitna rang lana hai.’ Chameli bhabhi immidiately retorted ‘adha kilo to tumhari behan Anjali ke bhonsde main chala jayega aur baaki tum dono ki gaand main.’ Ravi was nonplussed. I offered him a jar of Vaseline, and winked at him ‘devar ji holi ki tayai ke liye kuch aap laga lijiyega kuch Anjali ke, kal davane main phir dard nahin hoga.’ He tried to retort ‘Bhabhi dalunga to main, dalvanme ka kaam aap logon ka hai.’ Now Neera bhabhi spoke ‘vah to kal pata chalega ki kaun dalta hai aur kaun dalvata hai devar ji’ I pinhed his cheeks and told him, ‘come early by 8.00 in the morning as I want your hands should rub my chikna chikan gaal first’.

Rajiv, my hubby had gone to bed early. We took some time to complete our chores. Neera Bhabhi and Chameli bhabhi took the black of kadahi and went on toes to my bedroom. They slowly smeared his face and Neera bhabhi took out her big red bindi and applied it on his forehead, and sindoor between his maang. Chameli bhabhi pulled down his shorts and spread some color on his’ sleeping beauty’. When, they went away it was my turn. I stripped, pulled down his shorts only cloth he was wearing and started sucking his cock slowly. In no time it become erect. My tongue was gliding across his shaft feeling its hardness and my pink sensuous lips were squeezing rubbing, licking sucking his cock .Now, he was full awake. I looked at him and winked. I started caressing his both balls and with my long nails I was a drawing line stopping just short of his rear hole. He was squirming. Raising his hip shoving, pushing his cock further deep, right up to base of my slender throat, almost choking me but I kept the tempo. His cock was throbbing hard I could taste his pre-cum, but I slowly brought his cock out and only when tip of head was between my lips I stooped. He tried his best to push I did not buzz and when his passion started cooling down I started sucking with more vigor. Now my nails were not stopping short of his lund but caressing its rim I was making fleeting touches in hole itself .And this time when he started coming I did not stop. However, normally I used to swallow but this time I took his cock to a earthen pot (kulhar) and emptied it there. He kept on cumming I increased the pressure on cock squeezed his balls and it came with a big spurt. I went up to him and he cuddled me to his broad chest. His fingers were caressing my back and soon his lips devoured my erect nipples and started sucking. I could feel pressure of his warm and demanding lips on swell of my boobs, teeth pressing and trying to leave there marks around my nipples and tongue caressing, licking, flirting with my fully aroused tits with one hand I was caressing, squeezing his firm hips and my pussy was pressurizing his already stirring cock. I started pressing and in no time it was fully erect again. He came between my milky thighs and started rubbing his hard cock on my clit.

His one finger was pulling my erect aroused nipples and with other he was teasing my clit. I started pushing my hips but no avail. He spread my labia and pushed his cock but didn’t press further while his fingers were now rotating my clit very hard. Now I could not stop I scratched his back, pushed my hips and screamed, ‘chodo raja dho do meri choot phad do usko ohhh dal do apna mota lund mare rajaah’ And that was the thing he wanted. He started fucking me like a maniac He put me on all fours and started fucking me from my rear and squeezing my sexy boobs too, very hard. After some time we changed position and we were lying side-by-side facing each other and made love slowly. it took him some time, but when he came, he exploded. I kept my one leg over his waist and he didn’t pull out his cock even after coming and that way we slept, his both hands on my boobs and cock deep inside my pussy. Early morning it started waking up in my cunt. I moved my hips slowly, rotating my hips, squeezing his hard on between my cunt lips and it went on and again this time when he was on the verge of coming I withdrew it, and directed entire cum in that earthen pot (kulhar). He asked me,’ hey what is it, I smiled impishly and told, ‘for a special recipe’. I offered him milk, but unlike everyday it had a sedative and he slept, satiated after coming thrice. I slowly pushed him and removed bed sheet. I liked it along with his cloths and I checked that there was nothing he could cover himself with. I left my bra and panty with a note ‘ Your Dress for HOLI’. I came out and bolted the room from outside.

When I came out, I saw light in the room of my neighbour Rajan. Being younger to my hubby, and a padosi we had relationship of devar-bhabhi. He was of strong build and whenever I will stand in balcony he will make lewd gestures. One day he threw a flying kiss, I caught it opened top button of my blouse and kept it there. Next time he made a circle with thumb and index finger and inserted another finger showing ‘fucking’. I too responded by pushing my hip. Today being morning of holi, I decided to tease him and say good morning. When he came out, I caressesed my boobs, squeezed them and before he could come up with a response, I went ahead opened my nightie and showed my hard and firm chunchee, caressing it seductively and even pulled my nipples. He pulled out his massive erction from shorts. I looked at it and threw a flying kiss, took out my tongue teasing him and went down to finish morning chores with Neera and Chameli bhabhi.

We finished our work fast including preparation of color and other ‘preparations’ too. I decided to wear almost transparent pink saree and for blouse when I was looking through my old ones, I smiled, I took out a low cut tight back less choli. Only problem was it was 2 year old when I got married, and the size of my boobs went up from 34c to 36d in last two years. But still I tried and with two buttons open I could wear it. Only thing was that my nearly half of mast joban was visible and even a slight bend will make my nipples also visible. I made even Neera bhabhi wear a very low cut choli. Chameli bhabi was even most daring She put on a light yellow saree and a very tight white blouse without bra .She pinched at my tits and asked ‘ kyon taiyar ho devaron se dalvane ke liye’, I too pinched at her hard nipples, clearly seen from white blouse, and said ‘aur aap bhi to taiyar hain maire saiyan se maslavane ragadvane ke liye’.

It was not even 8.00 yet, but bell rung. I opened the door and here it was Ravi, my chota sharmila devar clad in a red T-shirt and hip hugging tight jeans. I pinched at his ‘gore gore gaal ‘and said ‘taiyar ho dalvane ke liye’ Chameli Bhabhi too caressed his gaal and said ‘maal to bada namkin hai’. Neera Bhabhi rebuked us and said you will only be teasing him or offer him something to eat. Chameli bhabhi came with a plate of gujhiya and a glass of thandai and of course both were laced with liberal dose of bhang. He told me ‘Bhabhi meri pichkari poori tayar hai.’ I asked ‘are kuch rang hamare liye bacha rakha hai ya sab meri nannd Anjali ke bil main daal dya hai’. He blushed. I bend to offer sweets and more by design, my anchal drooped down. He could not only see my sexy boobs but even my erect inviting nipples too. I joked ” sirph dekhne ke liye’ he also retortrd, ‘ but I thought at least to day choone pakdne maslne ko bhi milega.’ I winked and said, pahle moonh kholo and as soon he opned his mouth, I shoved a bhang laced gunjhia. Chameli Bhabhi too made him drink a glass of thandai fully laced with bhang. One more was offered by Neera bhabhi, and Chameli bhabhi gave a choice ‘kha lo devar ji varna niche vale ched se ghosana padega’ and poor Ravi had to devour that also.

I went to angan and picked up my pichkari, filled with color and challenged him ‘aa jao anjali ke yyar dekhten meri chinar nannd ne kya sikhya hai.’ He came to grab me, but I emptied my pichkari focussing on his ‘third leg’. Neera and Chameli Bhabhi too emptied bucket full of color on him. Twice I took a sharp bend and avoided getting caught but he was too fast and caught me. I tried to cover my face but he pulled my hands and smeared my face with red color. He was caressing my cheeks rubbing feeling them and in no time his hands started their downward journey. I tried to cover my boobs, but it was in vain. His hands boldly entered inside my choli and he started smearing colour on my hard and firm chunchees. Initially, he was gently feeling, fondling caressing and rubbing red color on my mast chunchees but realizing that I will not be stopping, his hands became bold and adventurous. He started pressing my boobs hard, squeezing them and even pulled and pinched my hard erect nipples. I was applying color on his face and even both Neera and Chameli bhabhi were rubbing color all over but he kept rubbing color on my breasts. Ravi now tried to went further down and attempted to insert a clolour smeared hand below my navel inside my saree, but I tried to hold him saying not below the belt devar ji. Meanwhile, Chameli bhabhi inserted her black coated hand in his pant and did something which made him shriek. ‘Are abhi to ek ungli gayi hai lala, to chihunk rahe ho’. ‘ ek ungli se kya hoga bhabhi ye to purana marvane vala hai,’ Neera bhabhi too joined and started tickling him. She was aware about this weakness and Ravi had to leave me.

Chameli and Neera bhabhi, held him firmly. Now it was my turn. I leisurely applied dark red color on my both hands and started coating it on his face. I pinched her cheeks and with the help of Neera bhabhi removed his shirt. I winked at him and said,’kyon devar ji aap to sirf hath hi daal tha hamne to apko poora topless kar diya.’ I rubbed red color on his broad chest and even grabbed his tits between my thumb and index and started rolling it. Neera bhabhi applied white paint on his face and chest. I went down further and applied red color inside his pant and started applying color all over. He said ‘bhabhi you forbid me, below the belt and you yourself, I replied further smearing color, ‘around it’, devar ji holi is for doing all forbidden things. While I was exploring front end Chameli Bhabhi was more daring on the backyard, diving deep. I poured a bucket full of color inside his pant. Now, when my hnads were ‘out’ chameli bbhabhi used her one hand for holding smearing rubbing his rod while one finger of her other hand was applying color even in the depth of his rear hole. I left for getting some more color and he used this chance to liberate him from the grip of Neera and Chameli bhabhi.

He tried to catch Chameli bhabhi but instead of gripping her, he caught her saree and pulled it . In one strong pull her saree was in his hand and she was only in her choli -saya. He snatched a bucket full of red color from me and threw it at her choli which any way was white and without bra. Her hard and firm big boobs become totally drenched and were clearly visible. Before she could recover, he grabbed her but instead of forcing his hand inside his choli, he snapped open all the buttons and grabbed her big boobs. His both hands were rubbing squeezing applying color on her mast joban in full furry. He was rolling pulling pinching her nipples, pressing his broad palm against them and even leaving nail marks. We tried our best to distract him but it was in vain. He slipped one hand down and inserted it inside her saya, and that gave us chance. I and Neera bhabhi got Chameli bhabhi released. This time we did not took any chance. Chameli and Neera bhabhi grabbed his hands behind his back and I firstly with his shirt and then using even Chameli bhabi’s saree, tied and secured his hands.

Now he was at our mercy. First thing Chameli Bhabhi did was to pull down his pant, She made a bundle of it and threw it over the roof. Now poor Ravi was only in brief, with a huge tent pole visible. I and Neera bhabhi started painting his newly liberated legs with red and white color. Chameli Bhabhi was standing in front of him. She gripped his waist and started rubbing her big boobs on his chest passing the color he has just smeared. She started caressing his back and in no time her hands were gripping his small and firm hips. As if this was not enough to arouse him she pressed her choot on his erection and started grinding against it slowly. I too joined the fun and I griiped him from behind. My hard breasts were trying to pierce him from behind and leaving all pretence I applied white paint showing him, and inserted it in his brief. With both hands I was applying paint on his huge erection while chameli bhabhi this time has shoved two fingers deep inside. He was crying, moaning with joy with pain. I taunted him, ‘devar ji yeh rang sirph ek tarike se choot sakta hai. Ise anjali chinal ke moonh main daal kar roj choosvaiyega to shayad 2-3 main choote.’ Neera bhabhi pulled down his brief too and it joined his pant on the roof. Neera bhabhi said, “aab inko aise vida kar den but chameli bhabhi said,’ aare ye kya kahti hain itna chikna, namkeen, maal dekhkar sab laundebaaj inki itni gaand marenge ki mushkil ho jayegi, and she spread his ass just to prove his point. I meekly sugested, ‘phir to ye ho sakta hai ki inhe hum apne kapde pehna den, chameli bhabhi instantly agreed. ‘bana do sale ko aurat,’ and Neera bhabhi started singing, rasiya ko naar banuangi rasiya ko.

I took the responsibility of face. I applied mascara on eyes, made eyebrow and even applied false eyelashes. Then I took out my red lipstick and applied it liberally on his lips. Both Neera and Chameli bhabhi were holding his wrists and making him wear glass bangles and it was followed by nail polish on nails. Mahavar was applied on his feet and anklets and rings in his toes were put. I put some junk jewelry, tops in his ear, nose ring in nose and even a necklace. I applied a long braid in his hair, after parting it from middle. Now was the turn of dress. Neera bhabhi mad him wear her lenhga, after putting a lacy panty. Chameli bhabhi got her bra and made him wear that and it was followed by a red backless choli. To give the real effect of boobs, she even put two color filled balloons inside. I was given the task of applying sindoor. First I took a big bindi and applied it on his forhead, and then took sindoor and liberally, put it in his maang. Now Neera bhabhi give him a mirror to look. He was feeling so shy but still quipped to me,’ Bhabhi, shadi to hogayi aab suhagraat to maaiye.’ I said, ‘manati hun aur ghabdiye nahin sirph main nahin hum tino hi manayengi.’ Chameli bhabhi lifted his lenhga and pulled down pink lacy panty. She gave me a gulal filled big condom and I first caressed his gand with it. Both Chameli and Neera bhabhi were pulling him down. And in one stroke I shoved half of it, .in one push. He tried to wriggle out but we continued. After some time it was Neera bhabhi ‘s turn and when Chameli bahbhi’s chance came, she almost witdrew it and then suddenly in one push inserted almost entire length. And then she was doing it harder than a man. Me and Neera bhabhi were applying color to his now almost bursting Lund. Chameli left the condom inside and took white paint and wrote ‘GAN’ on one side of his buttock and ‘DU’ on the other side. We all said in unison “Devar ji apne land ka rang apni chinar behan Anjali se chudvaiyega aur piche ka bhi usi se nikalvaieyaga.. Fully clad a s a woman, we took him out and said please come in the evening too and tell Anjali, we are waiting.

And it was only the beginning. As soon as he left, two more cousins of my hubby joined. Friends, cousins, neighbours any body became my devar and I really enjoyed. It was a no holds barred situation. Nearly everyone of them tied to sneak into my choli and massage my sexy boobs in the name of smearing color. A few daring ones even defied my restrictions and their fingers went between my thighs and caressed my hole of joy. And at least some of them inserted their fingers too. Not that we were on the defensive side. Especially Chameli Bhabhi joined in all my advanture. None of my devars left with his cloths intact, most of them were made topless and at least 4 were made to wear saree- choli like Ravi. If they rubbed our mast chunchees we too did not spare their cocks. We not only applied color but even paint and all possible things were applied. Even, Neera bhabhi, caressed and squeezed cock of many of his young devars. Every body was made to drink thandai and eat sweets laced with liberal dose of bhang. Chemli bhabhi sang most lewed songs linking my nannds with devars and even with donkey and horses.

And what ever was left was done in holi with women. Here age, relation nothing was being looked. A few of them were completely stripped and with a young nannd who was married last year and his hubby could not come for holi, Chameli bhabhi first inserted her 2 fingers and then rubbed her choot on my nannad’s choot too acting out as her hubby. But Chameli bhabhi too was not spared, when many of my nannds joined she was striiped. And all of them , even young ones squuezed her choochi and applied color on her choot too. In one of those hudadangs, when number of women came and Neera bhabhi and Chameli Bhabhi were busy , I saw that my neighbor Rajan has sneaked in. I knew at this time no body can come to my rescue and if I go to some room he will certainly follow me and since morning nothing thicker than fingers have entered my choot but he will certainly try something else, specifically considering my mornings teasing. So I rushed to rooftop. I was sure in open space he may not be able to do what I was afraid from (although I was not averse to it). When I arrived at the roof I could listen sound of a crowd and very lewd songs, using my name and Neera bhabhi’s name. When I looked down from parapet there were number of men , drunken and one of them was riding on a donkey. My attention was glued there and suddenly I found that I have been grabbed from behind. It was Rajan. He was smiling. ‘Bhabhi, I had already bolted the door to roof and in this hungama at least for an hour no body will come here or notice us.’ He was holding me hard and his hands were rubbing paint on my face. I was apprehending that now they will try to intrude inside my choli, but he was different. He had grabbed me in a such a way that I could not offer any resistance. He slowly opened, my choli and snapped open my bra. Now my hard and firm boobs were totally free. He started caressing, fondling and hugging them hard. I could feel something long and hard hitting me from behind, as if it will tear my saree and saya and will enter inside me. But it was not to be as he lifted my both saree and saya and me bend on parapet.

Now I could feel pressure of his hard and mighty lund on my wet choot. He took out a tube and told me’ Bhabhi , this color will not vanish fast.’ And he applied it on his palm and fingers and started applying it on my boobs ruthlessly. As if it was not enough , he put a color filled ballon between my choonchi and started pressing my joban against it. Another ballon was put between my thighs. He squeezed my choonchi against ballons very hard and in a few minutes it burst, drenching my boobs. His one hand was rolling, pinching, pulling my nipples and other was teasing my clit. It was becoming very difficult, with the pressure of his huge lund on my choot. I was moaning , crying and ballon between my thigh too burst making me wet. ‘kyon bhabhi daal don’,.’Aag laga kar poochte ho’.i replied and in one shove pushed half of his lund inside my choot. And after that like a piston, his lund was fucking my choot relentlessly. ‘ lagta hai apni behnon ki bur chod chod kar pakke ho gaye ho’. He answered to my comment by pulling out his lund almost out, squeezing my choonchi with great force and by shoving his entire lund in one stroke right up to his balls.’ Bhabhi itne dinon se pyse lund ki aaj pyas bujh rahi hai, he said. ‘Chalo tumahre upar daya aga yi kaho to tumharaa permanent intejam kar don’ , squeezing his cock in my cunt I said. Necki aur pooch pooch , he was very eager , kaun hai bhabh’ 16 baras ki umar, mast ubhrata hua chunchee, kasi kasi choot, I increased his desire. Now his lund was throbbing hard. His strokes were becoming harder, Bhabhi bataiye na.. Pahle bolo chodo ge na, agar thodi jabardasti karni pade to bhi. Han bhabhi han I will do anything, now he was full of lust and his strokes were becoming faster. I turned my face towards him and winked at him,’ vaise rishte main to tumhari behan lagti hai par mujhe maloom hi ki mare saare devar numbari behanchod hain.

Aur phir aaj kal to lagi sagi ko nahin chodte, tumahri to muhalle ke rishte se baehan hui. Vah aur koi nahin meri choti nannd Anjali hai, kyon pasand aya Maal.’ ‘Par bhabhi vah to choti hai’ he quipped.” Agar ek baar tumahre lund ka swad chakh legi to dekhna, Pressing my hips towards his lund I said. Now, the noise of crowd has become very clear, they were singing about me, ‘Chadni bhabhi ki buriya taal aisi pokhar aisi jisme 900 gunde nahaya karen, (cunt of chadni bhabhi is like a tank like a pond, in which 900 rogues can take bath to gather). Now Rajan was in frenzy and songs incresed his lust . He pulled away my already open choli, took a few color filled condoms in them and asked me to throw at them. I too was enjoying and I threw it and it fell on the person who was sitting on a donkey and singing songs about me and Neera bhabhi. When he realized what has been thrown at him he looked up. I had covered my boobs in my saree, but looking at me further inflamed their passion, and they started gesticulating towards me, making signs of fucking with their fingers. Rajan was still continuing. I squeezed my choot very hard and it triggered his climax. After sometime he slowly withdrew and left.

When I came down, it turned out that crowd of ladies had targeted, my husband. His room was opened. Poor chap any way was nude. He was pulled out and put in a pond of colors and with half a dozen of his bhabhi’s he had no chance. But he pulled sarre of one of them and covered himself. He was asked to Anjali’s house. Neera bhabhi had given him a tube of paint and said, ‘meri nannd ki choonchiyon ko jara kas ke masal ke aana.’ In this melee, no body has missed me. But now situation was quiet. Chameli bhabhi said , now we can take bath, but I quipped, ‘ aare bhabhi jaldi kis baat ki hai abhi apne devar mare sajan se to thik se dalva lijiye’. And think of devil, he came . Neera bhabhi rolled her eyes and asked ,’ kyon daal aye anajali ki choot main’ before he could say anything I whispered in his ear,’ aaj Neera bhabhi aur chameli bhabhi ko choiyega nahin holi ke din devar ke hote hue bhi bhabhi unchoodi reh jayen..aur phir aapne pichle saal to meri bhabhi ka koi entry nahin chodi thi thi. He smiled and caught hold of Neera bhabhi and puuled her saree. Choli and bra in no time followed the same fate. Chameli stripped my hubby , but after that I caught her. I stripped her sarre too. When I looked towards at Neera bhabhi she was lying down in a poodle of color and my hubby was smearing her boobs with paint. He spread her milky thighs and put her legs on his shoulders, and one shove his lund was deep inside choot of Neera bhabhi. Now it was turn of Chameli bhabhi. She caught me and pulled away my saree-saya. She told me jab tako tumhara sajan Neera ki chudai karta hai main tumhe maja chakhati hun. ‘She made me lie down and came over me. She was rubbing her big boobs on my choonchi and very soon she spread my thighs and placed herself between them.

She was rubbing her wet choot on my choot with full force. I also gripped her waist with my legs and started rubbing. This scene further excited my hubby and he was thrusting with strong strokes, saying, ‘Bhabhi aj to mujhe pichle saal ki bhi holi ka udhar chukana hai.’ Bhabhi teased him ‘such main devar ji, tum itne acche ho Main tumhe ek naya mast maal dilvaungi. ‘He was curious, kise bhabhi. She scratched his back, pressed her choonchi on his broad chest and said, ‘apni mast nannd Anjali ko. Ek baar chod loge to hamesha yaad rakhige’ meanwhile I had turned tables on Chameli bhabhi. Now I was riding over her and shoving a gulal filled condom deep in her choot, matching tempo of lund of my hubby in Neera bhabhi’s choot. Chameli bhabhi came wildly and after that it was Neera Bhabhi which led my hubby Rajiv to reach a climax. He kept on cumming. His cum was all over bhbhi’s chikani choot. Bhabhi kept on reclining with her legs spread over. I joked to Rajiv, now who is going to clean choot of bhabhi. He did not require second goading. He went between her legs and started licking, sucking eating, devouring Neera bhabhi’s mast rasili choot. Bahbhi too started moaning, raising her hips wildly. He was lost. Chameli Bhabhi took the benefit of this opporrtunity, and inserted her 2 fingers in his gaand. He kept on wriggling but she continued. His lund was again stirring. I could not resist and took it in my mouth and started sucking him. Chameli pulled out her fingers and started licking me, but again I went on top and we were in 69 position licking sucking each other. We did not realize that Bhabhi had come again and now both Neera bhabhi and my hubby, with his lund in full erection were watching us. I was pushing shoving my tongue in the choot of Chameli bhabhi. My hubby came silently, and I lifted my lips. He pushed almost his entire lund in one shove in Chameli bhabhi’s choot. She started pushing, grinding rotating her chootar. Enjoying every bit. I too was now licking rolling my tongue around her steel hard erect clit. As Rajiva had just reached climax, it took him some time, and tirelessly with fast tempo he fucked Chameli bhahi.

After that we took bath to gather, and dined. I said ‘kyon bhabhi holi ho li.’ Neera bhabhi said,’ abhi kahan abhi to sham baaki hai, aur sabse badhakar inki behan aur hamari chinal nannd Anjali rani se holi khelana baki hai.aaj to us ko khul kar dalenge aur jam kar lenge usuki. And she asked my hubby, ‘Kyon devar ji agar apko bhi man kar raha ho o dilava dungi mast mal ko mera matalab Anjali ko. I went for a short sista with a lot of planning for evening and Anjali.

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