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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi friends of desi story pages. I am new in your society but not totally as I am a regular reader of these pages, but I am trying to share with you my story first time. These pages are very interesting and useful in one contest that every person can narrate his experience to all people and that is very necessary because every one wants to share his experience like these to some one. Let’s me start my story. Javeed was an accountant in my firm.

He was basically not only accountant but also has very good relation with me. He often invite me for a dinner at his home. He has three children and his wife I think was the most beautiful woman. She was at the age of thirty-five or may be thirty-six. But she was very faire complexion and very astonished figurers, she has well developed and much attractive breast and wide ass. Her complexion was too whitish and round has round face. She is very graceful lady. Due to my regular visit all of his family became very close to me. I wanted to make relation with his wife but she had very Nobel personality, so I couldn’t have courage to ask her about any relation. Javeed got some problem of health and he became paralyzed. He was not moving nor he could speak. As he had been working in my office so I was very sorry for him and his family. He was debtor a huge amount of firm. Once I went to his home to see him and his wife asked me that they are facing financial problems and as they can not continue this medical treatment nor they have money for their daily expenditures.

I told her that your husband has already taken a huge amount from the company, and we have no any way to give him more any money from the firm officially. Because if I give order to help him officially it will be create problem for us as there are dozens numbers of employs and if we help him this will become once a way always way for us which we can not offered. She became very disappointed with this and her beautiful eyes became wet of tears. I console her and told her that you shouldn’t take much anxiety of money. I will try my best to help you bout it will be personally not officially. I gave her enough money for their uses and her husband treatment. I gave her my mobile phone number and told her that when she face any problems she can call me with put any hesitation. By this way I helped them for four / five months with very open heart. I was paying visit their home very frequently and was taking keen interest in their problems. They all became very obliged for this. Hameeda started talking me now little frankly and became very close to me. I felt on so many time the she trying to show me her cleavage and big boobs. Some time intentionally and cleverly.

Whenever I see her figure I became excite. Once she asked me to come to her house for a dinner. I went there and sat with javeed for a long time then Hameeda asked me to come to dinning table, as dinner is ready. We took the dinner with all of her children. Then they left to their room to sleep. Hameeda and I was now aloe in the lounge taking tea after the dinner. She was sat opposite me and we were talking all around. Suddenly she asked that she is very obliged of me and that she is thinking that if I was not come to help them what we do. I told her that shouldn’t think like that and that it is my duty. She said anyhow, they could not do anything a good turn in return of my favour. I consoled her about the illness of her husband and said her that she should no worry about the future, as I will help them any way. We talked for a long time and when I asked her to leave me now. She said me that she wants that I stay there for tonight as it is too late and you are all alone at home and after all she wants to discuses me some more issues. But I disagreed with her and said her this is not right I will come again. She became very disappointed and I walked towards the door and she was following me.

But in the door she once again insisted to stay there and by this time I couldn’t resist and thought that it may be my last chance. So I asked her where I should be stay. She became very happy and said that all home is yours. She led me to the guestroom and she on the switch of light. I Was wonder that what she has made her mind and what I should I do? W e stood there for a while and then went to sit near the fireplace, as it was too cold. She fire the gas heater and we sat in the front of fireplace. She asked that what should she do for her family in the future as she has not any experience of any kind of work. I told her that I will help her till completion of her daughter and then we will try to get some executive job for her. She said me that she will never forget these helps. Suddenly she asked me that have you an account that how much you have spend for us. I told her yes why not. She once again asked me that could she se it? I replied her no. Why? She said. Because it is not in papers. I replied. Then where it is? She asked. In my heart, I said her. Suddenly she stood and come near to me and put her lips on me saying that she has no any way to return me except this if you accept it. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her down into my leap, and said to her that this is the big treasure for me in life. We were kissing each other now and the kiss became very passionate. Our tongues were entering in each other’s mouth and our hands were running on the backs. She was now lay in my leap and was looking very nice. I was looking in her dark eyes. She was also looking directly in my eyes. I was kissing her very passionately and she was responding me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face towards her. My one hand was on her tummy and was moving on her belly, while we were kissing. My hand was moving on her belly and from there it went to her breast. I was caressing her breast and was rubbing it hardly. She said me not to like this .she said me let me bare it for you. And she slide her qamiz with her bra up and I became astonished to see her marvelous breast beneath my face. I have never seen tits like these in my life. She has a nice pair of tits they were fleshy and milky. The light brown nipples were erected by now. I put my mouth on her one tit and kissed, licked and at last started sucking it. She took her tit and asked me to take it full in mouth. I was sucking her tit vigorously. She whispered let us move to the bed. She stood and walked towards the bed. I was behind her pressing my cock into her buttock cleavage. When we were going to bed she turned and said me I want to the light off if you have no objection. I told her as you like. She went and turned the switch off. We both climbed to the bed. We lay there and took over the blanket on. We embraced very tight in each other arms, and put lips on lips. She was playing with penis, which was fully erected. She opened my and her own shilwars. She slides these into legs. I put my hand on her pussy that was fresh shaved. Her pussy was just like a mound. I inserted my finger in her cunt hole. She moaned. She whispered in my ears and said do you know why I turned off the switch? I replied no why? She said I am going to hand over all assets I have to you and this is my first time to doing this so I turned the light off. She said me I am hand over my assets to you with my pleasure, and if you accept it this will be honor for me. I said her you are really very pretty and this is my honor that you are handing over me your treasure. I am so lucky and put my lips once again on her lips.

She has been still catch my prick in her hand and was rubbing it to her cunt. I felt her pussy very wet as my cock head was wet by her orgasm. I said her I am ready to take over or you ready/ she said I am dying for handing over. I moved to her thighs and sat between in her thighs. She caught my cock in her soft hand and palace it on her pussy hole. I pushed my cock again inside her and it went in her pussy and she gasped with joy. I started to fuck her first slowly and then increased my pace. I was pumping her with my full power and she was giving her response to pushed her hips up to accommodate my cock more deep in her hole. She circled her legs around my buttocks. She was moaning very loudly .She had my cum in to bursting, and I asked her that I am coming and asked her weather I should come in her or out of her pussy? She told me no not in me I am not in safe days. So I put out my cock from her cunt hole and sprayed my cum on her tummy. I lay on her for a while as I was feeling to tired. She was very happy by now and asked me to lay with her in her arms. I lay with her and after little moment she raised and went to bathroom, she came back with a towel and tube. She cleaned me and lay with me. She on the light this time. Now we were talking lovely to each other. And she asked me that am I happy? I told her in my life if I have ever happy, its now. She said me that she was thinking to from last month to oblige me as she was feeling that I have did a lot for them, but she didn’t find way to thank me. After a long thoughts she reached to this conclusion that there is no any way except this to make me happy, as I know that I am pretty, I have heard this from many peoples. She said that this the best gift for every man. So she decided to make relation with me by this way.

She was playing with my dick very gentle and I was fingering her pussy. This time my cock became hard again and she said me this wants me more. I said her why not it will want you every time. She raised and took the tube she has brought from the bathroom, she poured some cream from it and applied it on my cock and she her self bent on her knees and made a doggy style. Her extra ordinary wide, extreme soft and faire skin ass, which she raised, was very beautiful. She said me applied some cream on my ass hole, as I want to completion handing and taking over. I asked do you mean you want to fuck your ass. She said yes this the last hole of pleasure with me, which I want to give you. I became very happy and I bent on her ass and kissed her ass chicks wildly. I applied some cream on her ass hole and placed my cock in her hole. She said me I have never did this before but for you I will do every thing. I told her that I have also inexperienced in this failed but we will care. I placed my cock on her ass hole and pushed it in ass hole. It went in her hole not easily but with a little force. My all cock went in her hole and I started fuck her ass with a great excitement, as this was totally new experience for her and me. Her ass hole was too tight and due to its tightness my cock was going in and out very tight and it became like a piston in sleeve, that was giving me a lot of pleasure. This was a nice fucking of my life. I caught her swinging breast by one hand and placed my other hand on her pussy and started rubbing her clitoris. She said oh this is good, do it like this. She was moaning with pleasures. It was giving me and her a lot pleasures and she asked me to fuck her ass fast and hard. I fucked her very fast and after 20 minutes hard fucking I needed to pour my cum so I asked her what I do? As I am coming. She said come in my hole, this hole is safe. I felled her ass hole of cum and she also comes with me which I felt as her orgasm flew on my hand from her pussy while my cum was coming out from her ass to her pussy.

She was still in doggy style, and my cum was dropping from her ass hole towards her cut. After some time we cleaned each other and laid on bed side by side. We were talked for so long as we had all night to take pleasure. All the time my hand was moving on her breast and tummy, and pussy. After an hour my cock became once again hard. She was moving her hand on my cock shaking up and down. She said me am I ready for next. I told her why not I want you more. She said this is my turn, she raised and come on top of me she caught my cock and rubbed it in her pussy lip and her clit, and then she guided it on her pussy hole and sat on it my cock went in her pussy. She started jumping on me. She was taking my cock very expertly in her cunt. I grabbed her tit from beneath. She was very exited and was trying to make me happy in any way. She was looking very beautiful, I said her Hameeda bhabi you are not a pretty woman but you know the art of loving and art of making pleased other. She said me I want to make you happy. I fucked her not but she fucked me more than 20 minutes in this position, and suddenly she raised from me and slide out my cock from her pussy. I cried her what are you did I am coming and she didn’t reply me but take my cock in her mouth and started it sucking and after some time I felled her mouth. She ran to bathroom to spite it. She came back and lay with me in my arms. We talked for a long and decided not fuck more this night. We slept and early the morning she waked as I was too waked and kissed her.

I asked her for the morning fuck. She said me let me give break fast to children as they are going to school and then I will come. She went out, and after half an hour she came back and I fucked her very tight this time in the daylight. We went to bathroom after a nice fuck and bath together, where I saw her body and rally she had a great feature and figures. After this she became my illegal wife and most of my nights spend there in her arms as I told you before my wife had died after the marriage and I am single. I fucked her younger sister and her elder sister by her help and even when I whish to fuck her too young daughter she didn’t object but only said that she couldn’t help me and this will be my arrangement if I can, she will has not object. And I did but these are another stories and I will present it next to you.

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