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Hina ko ji bhar ke choda

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

It was six months ago, until I was a complete virgin. Being in the strict eastern society, I had never even touched a girl before that. My name is……..Well just let it be Jonny Bravo. I am 25, 5’10, well built (I have been doing bodybuilding since the age of 18) fair color, jet-black hair and eyes, I am a software analyst and work in a software company in Karachi.

Since my childhood I have been attracted towards sex. I had my first masturbation at the age of 11 over my erotic class teacher. But it was until few months ago when “Hina” entered in my office and my life also when I had a true sex experience. She was a MSC computer science, and Man! She was Dam erotic. Let me make a picture of her. She was 24, 5’4” height, white color with dimples on her chicks and a 36-29-34 figure (believe me I have measured it my self). She has big brown eyes and long light brown hair, which reaches up to her ass. Her ass was a pair of perfect round buttocks, same as ass; her boobs were of the perfect round shape, just like if two big grapefruits placed together.

Later on I came to know that she did yoga regularly to keep her up. I have never seen any other lady walking like her. When she walks, from behind only her buttocks gently move up and down while the back remains straight. And looking from front her boobs vibrates with every step while the perfect flat belly remains still. She joined the office about six months ago. We have other girls also but I was lucky that she was allotted the office next to mine. By nature I am sober, especially in front of girls. In my office I have developed the reputation of a gentleman. That’s why girls in my office feel easy with me, and so then Hina was at ease with me since the very first week. But then after about 0ne month things started happening, which ended in changing my life. Before joining of Hina in my company the adjacent room of my office was used as a record room, after that it was allotted as her office and record room.

That day I left my chair to pick a file from record with out realizing that now the room is her office also, I just opened the fog glass door with out knocking. And she was there, sitting on her chair with a straight back and boobs erected out, rubbing the side of her left boob with the help of a pen in her right hand, while her dupatta (a piece of cloth) Placed on her lap. (It is same as some time while working we starts rubbing our forehead, but there it was not fore head, it was her left boob). My eyes just rolled and stickled where the pen was touching her boob. That was so fast for both of us that for two or three seconds we just paused at our positions. Then with a flash of light she placed her dupatta back on its place. I came out of my shock and with empty mind I took file out of the locker. While going back I gathered my courage and said “ it’s hot in your room”. She was sitting on her chair as a baby girl caught after pissing in her panties. With a red face she just managed to say “Yea…… it……it is”. Next day it was something else. This time more devastating. My boss called me for some thing, she was already there standing in front of the boss, noting his dictation on a notebook. While dictating the boss singled me to switch on the light.

The button was over her head. I went just behind her to switch on the light. And that was the moment, incidentally she dropped her pencil. She immediately bend down to pick the pencil and with that her buttocks moved out and collided with my front portion. I unconsciously placed my hands on her back to stop her. In a million of a second we realized that this was not a good position to be in. luckily my boss was busy in his computer and was not looking at us. Again with a flash of light she stood back and I removed my hands from her back. But the arrow was out of the bow. She was again red and I was yellow. Because I thought she was going to slap on my face. But immediately we realized that it wasn’t any ones fault. So we just said to each other “ Auuu…..Aaaaa………So…Sorry..Sorry”. With these two incidents we couldn’t make an eye contact for a week. But then it was my turn to turn red. One day in my office I was reading the print of a story downloaded from HumanDigest. The story was cool and I felt heat in my tool. To be more comfortable I took out my dick from my underwear with my pant still on.

Suddenly Hina entered in m office. To hide it I immediately placed a file on my front portion. She said, hey! I left my file in your office yesterday, boss needs it immediately, and then she looked around and man! The file was on my lap. I never realized what she is going to do. She hurriedly picked up the file and there it was my dick fully erected. I was sitting like a fool with a primed bulging out of my zipper, clearly indicating what I was busy in. this time I turned red, and she just went away saying “ Its hot in your room”. I stood and went to the washroom to release my self. Again I left the printout of story on my table and when I came back there was a sentence on it “ I am surprised”. After this I finally decided to Finnish the game this way or that way. We were working one a combine project. The project was supposed to be submitted on Saturday but I delayed the project and boss made both of us to come and work on Sunday. Both of us were supposed to come at 12 O’clock in morning. Next day I came earlier. I down loaded some guys pictures showing their huge dicks from DebonairBlog, arranged them as the screen saver on Hina’s computer. At 12 she came and started her computer, after few minutes I went in her room and sitting besides her I started discussing the project. Few minutes passed away and the screen saver stared with a complete nude guy flashing his huge cock and looking proudly in our eyes. Now, there was a complete silence both of us gazing the screen, as it was nothing else but a Microsoft logo.

She never understood what is happening. And then I said “now! I am surprised”. She immediately pushed the key but arrow was out of the bow. I said “ its ok Hina! I understand every one has a right to see what he/she likes”. She tried to say some thing but I cut in between and said “ come on Hina its ok, there is nothing to hide what u like, at least it proves that u r a normal girl”. With angrily voice she said, “ ok can u tell every one what u like” and I said, “ yes, I can tell right now”. I gathered all my courage, stood up, made her stand and placed my hands on her waist and said “ I like u”.

She was not really expecting this. She tried to pull me away but I rolled my hands around her and said “Hina I can see hunger in your eyes, as you can see in mine, why don’t u listen your own sole, u like this and want this, give me just three minutes, I will leave u if I can not prove that I am right”. She remained quite with a state of hesitation. This meant I was allowed for three minutes to do what ever I like. Now it was up to me if I can make her hot enough to have the time of my life. So gently I turned her and grabbed her from back. My hands on her belly and chest pressed with her back. First I sprayed some hot breaths on her neck, then gently kissing her neck I reached up to her right ear, I took the soft part of ear in between my lips and then gently start biting on it. In the same time first I kept on massaging on her belly then placed my middle finger in her navel and start vibrating it. By that time my tool was hot enough to be felt by her, I adjusted my self such that my dick was placed right between the valley of her buttocks. With that I started moving up and down so that my dick started traveling in the channel between two buttocks. And I felt that she unconsciously tried to grab my dick by shrinking her buttocks. After half a minute I started wet kissing on her neck and moved my hands around her boob.

 I deliberately didn’t touched her boobs so that the lust may increase, here first time she mummed. The time was passing fast. In the last minute I turned her and slowly hugged her. Her eyes remained closed all the time. I steadily increased the pressure, now her boobs touching my chest, my lips placing wet kisses on her cheeks and lips. I finally placed my hands on her round ass; first I massaged there and then started tickling and slapping in. This made her wild, she did her best to hide her desire and emotions but she was shivering. Finally 3 minutes were over. I slowly loosened my grip, took one step away and stood infront of her. She was shivering with sweet on her forehead. I looked right in her eyes. There I can saw the utmost hunger of lust but she was afraid of unknown. Few seconds passed away, and I thought I have lost her. So I slowly turned away and started going back. I felt I have surrendered the Burlen. I was going away, suddenly some one garbed my little finger, who else, but Hina. Then there was a voice deep from her sole “please…..Please don’t go……”, Yaahooooooo, I won, I turned away with a satisfying smile, she was looking towards me with tears in her eyes and dimples on her cheeks. With out saying a word I raised my hands towards her, with hesitation of a second, she rushed towards me and fell in my arms. I raised her in my hands. She grabbed her legs around my waist, with her boobs pressed with my chest she placed her wet lips on my face, every where. It was the start of a New World for both of us.

We two were presses together like one body. I placed my tongue in her mouth and rubbed with her tongue, It was a strange feeling, first time in my life. Although we both were doing first time in our lives but it felt that the nature was telling us every thing. She transferred her Awa in my mouth and then I returned it back. I stood her on floor; I saw deep love for me on her face. I moved her zipper and lift her shirt, by raising her hands in air she helped me removing her shirt in one instance. Know she was in front me with out shirt. The whiteness of her body made me mad. She hurriedly moved her hands to remove her bra but I decided to tease her. I held her hands and said “no let it be my pleasure”. I placed my mouth on her bra, by grabbing it with my teethes I started dragging it. The bra was tightly fastened. It took me some time and in between my teeth kept on scratching her boobs. She enjoyed this teasing and kept on moaning loudly. Finally the bra was removed. Man O Man ! I had never seen such a beautiful boobs before. They were of perfect round shape standing like a cone with a pink tit on top. And to kill some one there was a mole on her right boob. The sight of mole made me mad, I started kissing from her forehead with kissing every thing on her face I started down words, from cheeks towards her boobs. With my hands pressing and realizing her buttocks, as I reached in between the two boobs, she pressed her boobs from both sides. Her tits were touching my ears. I placed my hands on them with my thumb on tit and hand surrounding the whole boob. I pressed so hard that she started shouting. I started sucking her tits; she placed her hands on my head pressing it towards her. With my hands still on I reached in her naval and inserted my tongue.

As I vibrated my tongue she shivered. This time Hina stood me and unbuttoned my shirt. Seeing my hairy chest she placed her hands on it and slowly moved them around. Suddenly she grabbed some hair and pulled them with a jerk, with a pinching pain I shouted. But it felt good. Then she placed her lips on my chest, placing wet kisses all around she did this again, this time with her teeth, man it was good. While she was biting on my tits I placed my hands on her shalwar string ( azarbun ). I gently untied the string. By that time she was on my naval, I tried to remove her shalwar but she unconsciously grabbed it, so to give her confidence I opened my zipper and dropped my Jeans and then underwear to my ankles. On being realized my captured dick spring out and started homing towards her. I think she saw a bare dick first time in her life, because she turned pink and immediately hide her face with her hands. Fortunately this made her shalwar to drop down which she was holding for a while. Oh my God! She was not wearing any thing under shalwar. I will never forget the first view of her cunt in my life. She was shaved just above the lips of her cunt, while above were the very well lined silky hairs. I was happy on seeing the moisture spread from cunt lips to the adjacent legs. When she realized the sudden exposure of her lower part, she turned red form pink and immediately tried to pick up the shalwar but it was to late for her because I quickly placed my foot on it. In trying to hide her self she finally grabbed me and placed her hand on my eyes. Guys and Gals! …… She was a true desi girl. Man ! I felt like in heaven. I fully hugged her.

We were like one piece from our lips to toes. Her long silky hairs were on my shoulders, my dick pressed with her belly and her boobs with my chest, I slowly massaged her back and she kept on kissing my neck. I slowly moved my hands to the hills of her hips; I felt the deep crack in between. After some time feeling her soft hip I suddenly slapped there. Her hips vibrated and she bit on my shoulder. Now it was time for the final show. I slowly apart her, with my hands on her shoulder I looked in her eyes with a message and a question. Understanding my wish she lightly smiled and snaped her eyes in affirmation. I grabbed her left hip with my right hand and she placed her hand on my back we walked towards the sofa. I positioned her with her back with sofa and legs on floor. I slowly opened her legs; there I saw a close view of her cunt. I was proud of my luck as She was a total virgin. Two lips of cunt were tightly pressed together as they were never been opened before. But I was surprised to see a huge clitoris which was bulging out between cunt lips ( later on she told me that from very child hood she never touched her vagina, instead she use to massage and pull her clit when ever felt horny ). As I held the clit between my finger and thumb she felt a jerk and made a loud sound “aaammmm…” her vagina was already wet enough to have a ride. I gave my dick in her hand and asked her to keep it on the aim, I crossed her legs round my waist, her other hand on my shoulder. Before having my first fuck of life I gave a deep kiss on her pussy. I pulled apart the close lips of her pussy and she placed my dick tip between lips. I finally placed my both hands on her boobs and erected tits. I asked her to smile; as she did I kissed on the dimple and then placed my lips on her lips.

And as soon as our tongues meet I gave a full one go thrust to my dick, with our lips still together she made a loud “aaammmm…..”, with two or three more pushes my rod was fully in. She was taking deep breaths, with my dick still inside I saw drops of blood dripped down, I hugged her, fully pressed together we stayed there for a minute or so. And then I started to and fro movement with steady passe. Her boobs were moving up and down, I held her waist, my movement was such that my dick completely comes out, just between the lips of vagina and then it goes fully in with my pubic hairs touching her hairs. We ride there for 10 minutes and then she said some thing happening with her. She pinched her nails in my chest and tightened her legs around me, she was coming and so was I. On the top of excitement her boobs were in my hands and our tongues together. then there were the burst, with jerks after jerks we came together. We hugged each other, with my dick still Inside we fell on floor, we were pressed together like one body. Exhausted like hell we remained in same position and felt asleep.

Guys and gals, that was my first fuck. We fucked together again and again on the same day and afterwards for next few months. We fell in love and decided to spend rest of our lives together. But unfortunately her business man father made her marry another businessman to spread his own business. Last time when we met she was wearing yellow suit of her mehndi, with hina on all over her hands and tears in her big brown eyes she fell in my arms and said “ …… my first love with u is an asset of my life, we r apart but I will be with u where ever u r “. So!…. She was a true Desi Girl who loves someone else and marries someone else. And now I am alone with her memories…..

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