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Her Name Is Sirisha

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hey I am raj from chennai. I am 6in height I am writing my experience which I had with a beautiful lady. Iam 6ft height I’m a 27 year old guy, from chennai . I have a very high sex drive. I think u would have read my story No. 1364 in desipapa. Ok I will come to the story . Her name is Sirisha .

She is my sisters close friend from childhood. She moves freely with our family . actually she is like one among our family . she is married and her husband is working as manager in a multinational companys. I saw her closely for the first time, she was about 28 and very gorgeous, her complexion was very fair and she has got large tits and a nice ass and she was about 5′ 8″.she has a with large boobs. she came our house to see my sister who has come from united states. It was around 9.00 pm I returned home and my father asked me to take dinner soon and drop Sirisha at her residence . I immediately finished my dinner . I took my car, but she insisted that we go by bike .we started and after 10 minutes journey ( Actually it is 40 Minutes from our home ) it started raining and it was becoming heavy I slowly stopped near a tree and she was a little bit drenched she was wearing a light blue colour transparent saree and also because of the wet the saree and blouse I could see her black bra . I was watching her she saw me and said hey Rajiv what are u seeing like that . we were standing side by side suddenly there was a thunder and she hughed me and hide her face on my chestin side my shirt .

It was a terriffic feeling . she was like that for 2 to 3 minutes and regained her senses. She had a wicked smile on her face . the rain stopped and again we started our journey and she was we enquiring me any girl friends . I said u are my only girl friend. She laughed we were nearing her house it again started I asked her shall we wait again somewhere she said no u please go immediately to house. In 5 minutes we reached . we went into her house and she asked her servant to go and closed the door she gave me a new shorts and a t shirt of her husband asked me to take off the shirt and pant as it was wet gave me a towel to wipe my head . she went inside and changed into a light pink colour nighty . she without asking me phoned to my house and said that as it was raining I will stay with her for the night and return home only next morning. She asked me why havent u changed ur dress, ur going to stay spend the night with , and saying that she came near me between my legs she took off my shirt and took the towel and started rubbing my hair. Her boobs were near my mouth. I could not control myself I placed my hand on her buttocks and my mouth on her breasts.

She stopped rubbing my shoulders . she smiled at me and went to kitchen . I followed her to the kitchen. There she was boiling some milk . I slowly went and stood behind her my rod was clearing pressing her buttocks gap and I placed my hands on her breasts and pressed it and kissed her on the shoulder and on to her neck and on her ear.she was unable to control her and turned off the gas and turned towards me and kissed me on my lips and my chest. She took my hand and placed in on her breast, and I could feel she did not have a bra on underneath. We started kissing harder, and she started to remove my clothes. I stopped her and asked, “are you sure you want to do this?” She replied, ” yes very much She then reached down and pulled my dick out of my pant and started to play with it, getting it harder and harder.she kneeled down and took it into her mouth and sucked on it. I was in heaven and I cummed after 10 minutes in her mouth .I pulled her up and started to bite her boobs with her blouse on . she told to stop me . but I tore her blouse & there was no bra . I sucked it harder and harder she cried and said play with it slowly press it I tasted the milk coming of her nipples for about 20 minutes .

She was begging me to come in At this point I asked her to stand and she stood against the wall, I knew down in front of her, and started to suck her pussy and fingered her .She cummed twice.she bite my shoulder . she said “enough come into me soon I am unable to control”.I took My dick slid right in to her pussy and started to ride her. She started to moan and make sounds . I slowed my fuck so that and started to took her nipples it was like of size one rupee coin . She was cumming at that time. i started to kiss again and I was still inside her. I started to fuck her slowly again, and brought her to another orgasm she was saying YAAAAAAA………FASTER . I increase me speed she got crazy and moaning oohhhhhhhhhhhhYAAAAAAA ..YES…Her moaning was making me more hot and i was going on more faster and after 10 mins i cummed .Both of us where breathing heavily my cock was still in her pussy i was on her.

Then she started kissing me and i was responing her kisses i said” thankyou . but she said that she is very gateful to me for satisfying her. After that she stand up and went in to the bathroom i followed her and i kissed her on her back.I opened the shower the water was pouring she applied soap on my dick and it was back in his erect state she was supprised and said ur dick is very tasty I would suck it another time I said ok . I again cummed after that we had bath.

That night we had fucked 4 times .till now I fuck her twice a week . Any women,girl,aunty,bhabhi age can contact me to have a safe sex relationship Friends can mail me and give there thoughts on my true incident u can contact me at

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