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Helpless Girl

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi guys,am Sandeep from 21,this is my story of making love with my friend Asha.She was my only friend among girls.she is 32-28-34.And she was the paying guest of my neigbhor.I was staying in a flat just opposite to her. That day when i saw her at tution she was very gloomy and tired i ask her the reason why she was like that.she said with a smile that she had a headache and that’s all.when the tuter came i told him that she is not well.

Tuter told us to come the next day and we got off.she sat with me on the bike and i droped her and go to my flat.when i was taking my shower i heard the bell rang.i ware a towell around my waist and opened the door and i saw her at the door staring at me.I ask her to come in.i told her that i was taking a bath and i will be back soon ,she said ok and smiled at me.At that moment my towell fall down and i was standing absolutly nude in front of her at first she was shoked then she laughed at me loudly.I immedietly wrapped it around and leave to the bathroom.when i was standing under the shower the whole thing came up to my mind.I was a bit aroused and i masturbrated under the shower by the name of her.I finished my bath and left the bathroom.I ware a shorts and a t-shirt and came to the hall.she was reading some magazines seeing me she again laughed.i was in my mind of sedusing herso i didint care about it.i offerd her tea and went to the kitchen and she followed me and said that she want to talk to me and want my help.I ask her what was the problem.

She told me that she had lost her money in the bus and she had to pay the rent or she will be kicked of to the road tonight as the house orner lady was very strict about rent.i asked her how much money she wants.she said that she want 1500 rs.I had enough money to give her but dont want to miss the chance of fucking her so i told her that i dont have that much money with me.she was very upset hearing this and started crying in front of me.and i continued but if you…..and i stoped.she asked what but.she looked to my face as if she was willing to do anything for a place to stay.i said but if you like you can stay with me hear in my flat.hearing this she became very happy and kissed me on my cheek.i was out of control and i kissed her back.she stepped back and smile.then she said that she will be back in one that time the tea was ready and i hand it over her.she drink it and spit it out in the washbaisin.And ask me is that the way of making tea.i drink it and said that am sorry it was really bad.then she left. i was making plans to seduce her at that night soon as she left i went to my bedroom and started piercing well consealed holes in the bathroom flat has a common bathroom from two bedrooms.when she came i was ready for the action.she ask me how would you make food when u dont know how to make a tea.i told her that if she could help i will be better.she said that she will do the cooking if i will concider that as rent and laughed.

I said that it is not enough and she will have to do other things also.what other thing she asked,washing your clothes?and said that she will do any thing as i say I asked anything,with a double meaning.she said yes with a wicked smile on her face.she told that she will make tea and went to the kitchen.i left the flat and was back with a full stock of cigaretts,bear and a little amount of i enterd she came to me and hand over the tea and asked how is it I said that it is nice and handed her the glass.she told me that she was going to take a bath and i said ok. i filled the hemp and started smoking it.when i finished i was in a good mood and felt like flying.i slolwly peep through the door and i dont belive what i saw she was standing there completly nude finguring her cunt. oh boy she was clean shaved.i watch it for some time and when she take her towell i ran to the balcony and sat there smoking a cigarette.i heard the door open and she come and sat beside me.she was wearing a tracksuit and a t-shirt .i could smell the perfume from her body.i talk with her sometime and then she said that she will make the food and went to the kitchen.i was in my heights of my kick after smoking hemp and cigarette and i was very horny too.I slowly stepped to the kitchen and caught her breasts from behind .

She was wearing nothing under her.i put my hardon into her asscrack and started massaging her breast.she suddenly turn back and i kissed her lips she started saying that it is not wright please leave me etc.I closed her mouth with my hand and take her to the bedroom i put her on the bed and jumped ontop of her before she could move i tied her arms to the bedpost then she kicked me off from her body.i slaped her on her face and tied her legs also.then she was not able to move.then i took of my shorts and t-shirt and became nude and ask her why dont you laugh now.saying this i tore apart her t shirt and started fondiling her breast.i sucked the left one while pressing the other.I slowly kissed her mouth and started sucking her she also became horny and reponde to my kiss by wide opening her mouth.I started sucking her tounge i slowly kissed her navel and inserted my tounge in it.i slowly pull her track suit down caresing her inner thighs.then i released her legs from the bedpost.she parted her legs giving me a wide view of her vagina.i became mad to see her cunt and started licking it from up to she started moaning ooooooohh aaaaaaahhhhh uoooooo.then i released her hands too.and became busy in eating her cunt.i tounge fucked her for about twenty minutes and she was holding by hair not allowing me even to breath.with a loud moan she released her cum all over my face and lay exhausted.i licked her dry.then i kiss her mouth and she started sucking her own juice from my face.then it was my turn to get layed.she came near mu coutch and griped my 7″ long shaft and started kissing it.she slowly pulledmy foreskin back licked the cock.oh i was in heaven when she suck me.

I wrapped my legs around her head and shot my load of come deep inside her throat.we were both tired and lay there for an hour.then i told her that we will take a bath together.while we take our bath i fucked her there itself in a doggy style and we had a fuck in the bathtub also.the next day i woke up with a hardon and i saw asha lying beside me naked i parted her cunt lips and insert my penis in her she woke up and come over me and started to ride me like a horse.and we sucked fucked the whole day.this continued for about seven months and we were like husband and wife.we use to roam nacked in the house after 10 pm.It was a really good time for me and for her too.

After seven monthsour exams were all over and we went to our homes.after that i got a letter from her saying that her marriage is fixed.and from that day onwards i was all alone and i never had a chance to fuck anyone.any women between 21 and 35 wants to have a nice time please mail me at comments are welcome.

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