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He Was Really Big

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Hi all fans waiting out there for a new and excited story. My name is SHELLY, and let me describe myself. In my figure, the thing that I loved the most is my 40 inches watermelon like puppies erected over my chest as mountains. They look so hot to me that sometimes I use to squeeze them to satisfy myself.

I and my brother AMAN study in same class. He and his friend Ajay are heroes of our class as they used to be no. one in all cases. But sometimes my brother feels ashamed due to my sexy figure of 40-26-36. All boys of the school got erection on seeing my big boobs. Some college guys also used to tease my brother by saying, “water melons are as sweet as anything.” Once I accidentally heard these words from a boy I kept a close look on my puppies.

I mentioned Ajay above, as he is my dreamboy. I want to propose him but was afraid that he might not tell AMAN. But as true love always comes true, so was mine. One day, when I was alone at home, ajay come to meet aman. As my brother was not at home I asked him to sit in aman’s room. I was so much excited by his arrival, that I forgot to change the sexy t.v. Channel. As I noticed he might have seen it. At that time I was wearing tight jeans and T-shirt giving a nice and firm shape to my boobs. I gave him soft drink and invited to see TV with me. He just refused by saying that he would like to work on the computer. His amazing smile really excited me, which I wouldn’t forget till my whole life. I went to watch TV but my heart was there in the other room. As the time was passing, my thirst for ajay goes on increasing. I switch off the TV and starts pressing my breasts with both hands. Then I inserted my right hand into the jeans and starts working on my cunt from outside the panty. Amazing sensation was going through my body and it seems that I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I want him desperately. I decided to propose him no matter what the result would be. I gather enough courage and went off to the other room. I was amazed to see that the room was closed from inside. I went from the other side of the house, to see from the window what he is doing inside. Curtains were hanging over there but there was some space between the two.

I was very much excited and amazed to see that he was masturbating inside. The direction of his dick was away from me and I was unable to see it. As the computer screen is towards me I could see that a XXX film is going on and ajay was aroused due to it. His hand was working on his dick at a very fast pace. Voice ooohhhhhhhh were filling the whole room. I got much more excited and start kissing the glass window. Drops of sweat could be seen on his face. I thought that this is the time to have him inside me and I replied that. “May I help you ajay.” He gets shocked on hearing my voice and hide himself behind the curtain. I quickly ran towards the door and knocked there. He took his time in opening the door and I saw that he had put off the computer and was trying to act normally. His dick was still erect and could be seen from outside his pant. I couldn’t speak anything as my eyes stood still on his cock. He saw me doing this and asked, “you said u would help me. Will u?” I moved my neck positively. Then he jumps on me as if a hungry lion wanting a goat. He throws me on to the bed and came over me. His hands were squeezing my boobs and both of us were madly kissing each other. My hands were looking for his dick but he was not interested in my temptation. He was licking me from top to bottom of my body. Suddenly he put off my T-shirt in a style that I didn’t even get the time to resist. He starts sucking my boobs over the bra and his way of pressing my buttocks aroused my sensations. He got mad by the smell of my boobs and teased my nipples under his teeth. I liked this stuff but teeth’s hurt me. I unhook the bra myself and removed it. He made me happy by saying that, “they are much bigger and sexier then my imagination.” I asked him that did he think of them and he replied that he could spend his whole life in between the valley of my boobs. I then said that, “let’s be free and make the love.”

As I was naked my above my belly, now it was time to make him free. I hold his dick with one hand and removed his upper stuff with the other. I took no time in removing his pant and underwear. What a dick he has got, much more fascinating then, as I had pictured it in my dream!!!! It hasn’t erected fully till now, but was giving a throbbing smell. As he was masturbating earlier, some pre-cum was there on it. I took it my mouth and starts sucking it. He took hold of my hairs and started to and fro motions of my head. I pressed his buttocks with my both hands and supported and my one finger makes its way to his ass hole. He closed his eyes and starts moaning, “aaaaaahhhhhhhhh……. Suuuuck it, suck it”. I suck it for about 15 minutes. Then he pushed me aside and said that if I continue sucking, he might cum. Then he removed my lower half and got mad on seeing my pink and cleaned pussy. He said he couldn’t explain its beauties. His finger starts going in and out of its lips. It was painful for me but not as painful as it was going to be exciting. Feelings of sensation aroused through my whole body, which I am unable to explain. He moved his one hand inside of my smooth thigh; “uuuuugghhhhhhh!” was all I could say in reply to him. He worked my nipple with his fingers and soon my whole pussy was in his mouth with one finger in my ass. “aaaaaahhhhhhh eaaaaaattttt it suck it my dream lover”. I was getting very excited now, and the thought of being fucked by Ajay made my juices flow. He drank every bit of it with his tongue going in and out of my cunt. I held his dick in my hand and told him, “ I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me. Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseee guide me to heaven. Come on, I can’t wait anymore.” As he knew that it was my first experience, he applied some cream on his lun and on my cunt, with my legs wide open in the air. He opened the lips of my cunt with his thumb and finger, and guided his Lund in my chut. Firstly it wasn’t going in but then he hold my waist and gave such a big blow that half of his cock was inside.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .” a big and loud sound pours out of my lips but as no one at home, it was safe. I said, “don’t care for me, complete ur job.” Ajay started slowly but gathers up pace quickly. After sometime I also starting having pleasure and started jumping under him to accompany his moves. His testis starts making noises with every hit to my buttocks. My breasts were jumping up and down with his every hit and his erotic sensations began to grow on seeing my highly erected puppies. He increases his speed as like a dog. After a few moments I said, “slow down ahh, ajay. My chut will burst off.” But it seems as if he was in an Olmpyic race. I felt that some iron rod was going in and out of me. My cunt juices began to flow. Few seconds later he said that he is going to cum. I brought his Lund out of my chut and took it into my mouth and ajay starts fucking my mouth. Soon he bursts off and my mouth was filled with his cum. I drank every bit of it I could. We both lie in each other’s arms with his lips sucking my breasts. I said, “drink my milk baby.” Amazingly he got excited on hearing this and starts sucking them wildly. He ordered me to bent down, as he wants to fuck my ass. I replied, “I am yours and my every whole is yours.” Suddenly the bell rang, as aman is at home. I ran away in my room naked, with the clothes in hand and ajay went to the bathroom.

All three of us shared talks while sitting in the drawing room. I intentionally show my puppies to ajay time to time. In those talks ajay told me that AMAN liked Vatsala very much (one of our classmates). I had a dirty and erotic plan in my mind. From that day I keep on encouraging Vatsala to have attraction towards my brother. One day I proposed Vatsala on behalf ofaman. Unexpectedly she agreed. I came to know from Vatsala and ajay that aman and she had shared kissing manier times but hadn’t fucked each other yet. I gave completion to my planning and called Vatsala to my house. Ajay and I locked her and aman in one room with XXX film on the computer. We went to another room and fucked each other as we are regular till now. But I was not satisfied with a single dick-I want to have some other’s in me. In the evening Vatsala told me that she was satisfied. I asked her if she also want ajay Lund. She replied, “is it possible?” I was amazed to know that Vatsala is of the same mentality as mine, that one Lund is not sufficient. She didn’t know about Ajay’s relation and mine. I replied, “come at my house at 4 p.m. And have ajay in you. I have asked ajay to bring you there with him.” She agreed. I also told her to arouse ajay while she was with him. At about 3:30p.m. I start my plan. I wore mini skirt and belly showing, wide V-neck bust tight T-shirt, which I had newly purchased. I asked my brother, “how am I looking?” “Gorgeous,” he can’t say a word more then that. While drinking coffee I sat in front of him with crossed legs so that he could see my white panty. Sometimes I bend on the table to give him a good view of my puppies. After few minutes erection of his Lund could be seen from his pant. On my way to the kitchen I intentionally fell on brother with my breasts in his mouth and his dick in my hand. Both of us remain in same position for about 3-4 minutes. When I pressed his Lund he began to suck my puppies.

He lifted me in his arms and we went to his room.AMAN asked “is the main door closed” and I replied yes but I had kept it open for ajay and Vatsala. I unzip his Lund and took it in my mouth with my brother lying on the bed under me. It was smaller but tastier then that of ajay. My ass was highly lifted up in the air. We were in 69 position. He made me naked from the upper half and starts squeezing my puppies. I increased my speed and AMAN closed his eyes by saying, “suck it aahhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhh, suck it. Eat my Lund. Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh”. At the same time ajay and Vatsala made their entry. Both were shocked to see us in that position. I replied, “if we can do it, why can’t u. Both of u could do it on the same bed”. AMAN was not interested in anything going on, he was just making his way to the heaven. He removed my skirt and panty and starts licking my pussy. I was happy to see that both ajay and Vatsala were involved in French kissing. Now I was much more interested in my satisfaction from aman. Sucking his cock was giving me a great pleasure. I sucked the pre-cum formed on his Lund. Then I turned and made my brother naked. I was amazed and excited to see that the other couple was not shying too. Both were lying beside us, with Vatsala lying naked under ajay, who was sucking her breasts. Uuuuuuummmm she was also having great pleasure, as till now it used to have, under him. Now aman took my puppies in his mouth and starts sucking them. ooooooohhhhhhhh what a pleasure that was. His right hand squeezed my right football. Till now I was perfect in the game but it was so hard that I moaned, “lightly aman, they will burst off.” Vatsala laughed at it and said, “if I could manage his hard sucking and squeezing, why can’t u?” all laughed and continued the game.

I couldn’t manage so much pressure and inserted my one finger in his ass hole. “Oooohhhhmmmmmmm his voice grows sexier with my every in and out. I said, “that’s enough aman, now I want your rod in me. Do it or I’ll die of thirst.” When he start fucking me ‘he said your pussy is not that tight as that of Vatsala.’ But I told him that his Lund is Sexy “That’s not my answer” he said then I told him that it is not a virgin that he was fucking. He was shocked to my reply and asked, “how is my brother-in-law.” “Lying beside you and fucking my sister-in-law” was my answer, which shocked both Vatsala and aman. “No more questions now, let’s start the game.” aman pushed me on the bed and rolled my legs to his waist. “Open ur cunt lips with ur own hands” ordered aman. I did so. He hold my shoulders and gave such a big blow that half of aman was in me. He said, “randi sali, bhai se chudegi. Le chud.” He holds my boobs and keep on inserted his Lund my juicy chut. After few minutes he was full in me. “Aur mat tadpaoo, jahtkai maro bhaiya, chaudo apnee randi bahen ko.” He acted +vely and did so. I was dancing with his each stroke. My whole body was in random motion. He came over me and starts sucking my pink lips with my both buttocks in his hands. “aaaaammmm aaaaaaammmmmmm both could only do so. His each stroke had more speed than the previous one. He had hit every deepest point of my cunt. Soon I heard a slapping voice. aman hit vatsala’s buttock. She was jumping over ajay whose whole Lund was in her. She fell on ajay and her puppies came in his mouths. We all laughed. Soon both ajay and aman cum in our choots. We were on each other teasing each other’s sexual organs. All guys got erection soon and I suggested that “let’s have crossed sex.” Everyone agreed to it and we all enjoyed to it all together.

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