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Having Pleasure With Sister

  • desipapa
  • November 5, 2015

Hi This Raj , I Am regular reader of Indian sex stories,I Love the Stories written where sister’s are pleased by their younger brother.

My age is 28 good looking guy 5.9 height with good physics.

It happens when my sister , Riya came to our home for Diwali holidays. She lives in banglore with her hubby. They both are IT engineers and had love marriage. Her Age is 31 and having a baby age 4 yrs.

She was coming to home after almost 2 yrs. due to baby and job. we meet many times in between in family function. But this times she will be with us for 10 days.

I was in love with her from the visit to banglore,it was 3yrs. back when they invited us for her baby’s 1st birthday.So we were there.I was just shocked when she arrived. Oh God what to say She was just amazing.she was wearing a saree that day.She was looking so beautiful and sexy that my eyes were not blinking I was staring her ,she was looking jiju was luck to have such a sexy and beautiful wife.

Her eye’s her boob’s her ass oh my collage day i used to be in fond of sexy ass and she was having it just amazing no words to describe.

I was trying to be close and stay with her all the time. when ever she turns and flash her ass wow my manhood just gets wake up, I was in love with her.

I jerk almost the whole night that day, I was not able to sleep that night. Next day we had to go back to home. My mind was not ready for it but what to do. From that day I was jerking thinking of my sister. Oh god love you sister umha..

From almost 2 yrs. she was at home and the feeling are same towards her.I was trying to touch her when ever I get the chance.

She was noticing my behavior, but not said any thing day goes on.

One day she told me that she wants to visit a nearby temple and asked me take her their. I was happy that I was getting a chance to be with her alone.

So next day in morning we gone temple. After praising the god,we had a little snacks. While having snacks she said raj why don’t you get married, I said yes but there is some time.

I said mom told you to discuss this, for a while she was silent, then said actually we are here to discuss some serious issue.

I said Sister what happened ? She said that she is noticing my behavior and it feel uneasy for her.

I was feeling gulty what she said, but I answered that , sister to say true I’m in love with you I can’t sleep in night when ever I think of you. She said raj don’t forget that I’m your sister

Yes Riya didi but I cant control myself now I just need you. Oh God she said ,

Raj that why I’m telling you get married. So you will be happy with your partner and such thing will not come in your mind. I was not in mood to listen her. After a long discussion without any conclusion we got back to home.

From that day she was trying to avoid me.

After 2 days mom was gone to our neighbour,so no one was at home and didi was preparing breakfast in kitchen.

She was wearing a slack and loose T-shirt. Her asset was looking so beautiful wow.

I was not able to bare this. so dare to go close to her. My dick was poking to get out from my shorts.

I was not wearing undi so dick has formed a tent which was visible in my pant.

She was cooking and not having a idea that I was coming close to her. I slowly get close to her and hold her from behind. She was in shock with my act, and tried to free herself from me.

I hold her tight and whispered in her ear didi don’t resist let it go. She begged to leave her, I but I was not listening to her and making my grip more tighter.

She was raj please leave we are brother sister and this I wrong what you are doing.

My dick was so hard that it was trying to penetrate through her clothes. I started kissing on her neck. Down their my dick was settled between her lovely ass.

She was still resisting me to get herself free. I was in no mood to leave her. I started rubbing my dick between her ass. Wow what a situation. Her ass was so soft and was feeling so good that I was getting wilder. Just amazing loved.

Due to my act she had stopped resisting and surrendered, getting involved in act. She was mooning slowly.

I whispered in her ear “sister I love You”. I hold her both the hands hug her tightly from behind.

Oh god my dream came true.

Now I lowered her slack and undi and placed my hard dick between her bare ass and started rubbing. Her ass was so soft it was make me more excite. Oh loved

I removed her and mine t-shirts we both were nude now. I bent her little and parted her ass to make a way for dick to the love hole. I slide my dick little in her and kissed her on her neck she mooned in pleasure. I done this 2 -3 times ,then with the had jerk my whole dick was inside her she mooned loudly aah.

I kissed her and started fucking her there was a sound of her moans. Wow I was fucking my dream girl. I was so excited that I came just in 2-3 mins.

I was exhausted she turn towards me we kissed each other with having a tight hug.

She was looking so sweet and beautiful with out clothes. I said didi I love you and thanks for the pleasure. She kissed me and said love you too and hugged me tightly.

We parted each other. She turned and bend to take her clothes oh god my dick was again hard looking at her beautiful asset. I hold her again from behind and dropped her clothes down I inserted my dick in her and started squeezing her big boobs yes we were doing it again. This time I last for 10 minutes oh loved.

We had a sex whole night that day.She is amazing in Bed. Love you didi

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Having Pleasure With Sister

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