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  • September 24, 2015

Hi desipapa fans. I m hari.,.now what u r going to read is a 100% true does not have even a word of fiction. I m narrating just what happen with me.

Im 36 yrs old im 5”8 and have weatsih complexion.and im little bit married to a 32 year old wife is 5”2 ,she is very thin and has almost flat. Chest.frankly I married her only for dowry.i have two children both studying in school.we live in the house which I got in January 2001 we decided To give some portion of our house on rent.

I remember the date ,on 7th jan one lady came at about 11 o clock in the morning ,it was Sunday that’s why I was at home.she was a muslim lady ,she was wearing a burkha ,she was with two small children one was in her arms and one girl was about 5 yrs old.she said me she is interested to stay in my house as tenent.i asked her how many people r there in her family.she said she will stay with her two chidren and her mother in law.she said her husband is working in gulf.i discussed the matter with my wife and agreed to keep her as tenent.on that day I just saw her face .she was fair and was aged about 23 or 24.she was about 5”4.

The next day when icame home from work. I found my tenent in my home she was putting clothes on rope.she was wearing a saree but she got a sweater also.

On that day my wife told every thing about my tenent,her name was sameena.her husband was working in Kuwait as a driver,she took this house because he daughters school is very near from here.and her parents stay in a village.she stays here with her mother in law.and her husband went to Kuwait some 8 months back.

One night at about 11:30pm I got a call on telephone one man was speaking he said me he is the husband of my tenent and he is calling from Kuwait and he said He will call again after 5 minutes .my wife said me that sameena has given our number to his husband.i opened the lights of the room and my wife went to call her.

She came she was wearing a nighty with sweater she was standing near telephone her back was towards me .i was staring at her was good enough.then the bell rang .she spoke and went.

Days began to pass like that.she used to speak to me occasionally .but I could not see her more .because I go for work early in the morning at about 6:45 daily, And she does not come out in the morning.and I come from work at 8pm .by that time she was generally inside. One night at about 12 am in night her husband called and ask me to call sameena he will call again after two wife went to inform her.she came running.she was with out sweater and with out duppatta ,im seeing her first time with out dupatta.believe me she was looking damn sexy in pink salwar kameez,

She ‘s got perfect breasts.they were big but not too big.when she was coming running her breasts were bouncing.she spoke and left .by that time my tool was erected rock hard.that night I fucked my wife to cool down my self.

Since then I started to catsh glimpse of her cleavage but not getting success in it,as she always hide it with dupatta or her saree pallu.some times she wear saree,somttime salwar kameez and some times nighites.but always cover her self.

Then the summer vacations came my wife went to her parents home with my children.before going my wife instructed sameena to keep the house clean and sweep the “aangan “every morning.the next day I wake up early as I do daily.i heard sweeping noise close to my window I slowly peeped in aangan from window which was slightly open.what a scene that was sameena was sweeping in “aangan” she was wearing a nighty and she was with out a dupatta,the nighty was low neck and she weas facing towards the window.inside her nighty she was not wearing a bra but some banyan like thing.believe me I never saw breasts like her before.i could see even her that time the sun was rising and the sun rays were falling on her face and neck ,due to this here breasts were looking red.when she was sweepin g with here right hand her right breast was bouncing..immediately I took out my tool and masturbated to cool down my self.but she was nto aware what was going on .

The next morning also same thing happent .she was wearing same nighty and I enjoyed her breasts.the next day bad luck for me cos she wore a saree. But in the night at about 11:30 like that I got a call from her my wife was nto there so I went to call her.i found her door not locked I went inside, In the night bulb I saw her mother in law was sound sleepin g on the bed and she was sleeping on the floor with her goodness when I saw her I found her one breast out of her blouse as she slept while feeding her small kid.i could not see clearly in dim heart was beating fast,I dared to switch on the light .

Then it was an amazing scene,I was staring at her boob my rod was standing it was visible from my lungi.i called her to wake up her.she woke up and immediately

Put back her breast.i told her in shivering voice that her husband is calling. She did not say any thing and came with me.she was looking angry.after speaking to his husband she wewnt and closed the door loudly . After two days in the morning I peeped through my window on that day she was wearing pink salwar kameez.when she came near window ,I enjoyed her breasts .Very I got out of control I thought to fuck her at nay cost. I made a plan . one night at about 1 am I went to her room and woke up and told her his husband is calling .she came with me, she was wearing a nighty with dupatta, she was standing near the phone.i was standing just back to her my rod was saluting her ass my heart was beating fast I was getting close to her .i immediately grabbed her from back and stared rubbing my rod on her ass. She was about to shout I kept my hand on her mouth and pushed her on the bed .i started kissing her on her neck but my hand was still oh her mouth.i realized that the door of my room is open but I did not care it.then I slowly moved my hand towards her left breast the feeling was amazing .for the first time in life I was feeling abreast.but my right hand was still on her mouth she was tryin g to shout and to free her self but was unable to do so.then I lifted her nighty up she was wearing a shalwar in it. I untied the shalwar and pulled it down my one hand was still on her mouth then I started moving my finger over her pussy I can feel hairs around it .then I inserted my finger into her pussy.after some moments I realized that she was not screaming or trying to get her self free.then slowly I removed my hand from her mouth she was breathing heavily I suddenly her lips into my lips and started sucking it.the feeling was amazing.then I removed my lungi and banyan .my rod of 6.5” was saluting her

Then I left her on the bed and closed the door I came she was still lying I removed the shalwar which was hanging in her legs

I saw her pussy it got black hairs the hairs were soft.she was breathing heavily she saw my dick.but was still lying and looking very much afraid.i opened the buttons of her nighty and removed it.inside she was wearing a banyan like thing .i removed she was naked u could not believe how glorious her breasts were looking.i started sucking her breasts her nipples.when I sucked hard some milk came out I dransk it. Then I saw her armpits that was also hariy I tried to smell it,it was giving her sweat smell it was erotic.i had seen in xxx movies men licking women pussy I tried it I inerted my tounge in to her pussy and started licking that time I can hear her slow moans like aaaaaaaahhh aaaaaah then after two three minutes her juices were flowing.then I stood up and raised her legs and put inside my 6.5” rod .them I started giving jerks with her nipples in my mouth .but I ejaculated very early .when I was ejaculating I was sucking her lips and toungue madly.

But after ejaculation I was vry much afraid ,I took my lungi and banyan and went to bathroom.i was hidden there in bath room for nearly 30 minutes.when I came

Back she was not there.the next day she did not sweep .i was very much afraid that’s why I went to my in laws house after 5 days I came back but I found the doors of sameena’s house closed from outside.i opened the doors and found the rooms neighbour came and said me that my tenents have vacated the house and given some money which was to be paid as rent. I enquired from nieghbour where they gone but of no use.after that day till now I never saw her again. This was really what happent with me.u can mail me on

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