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Gujrati’s Hot Candle Sex

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hello frenz, I m regular reader of these sites..! I am Rahul Joshi from Baroda/Surat (I can say both). Well I have just turn 20 now. And always looking for a chance of fucking anywhere. But Kismat ne sath nahi diya aajtak. I have got couple of exprience of oral sex with my previous girl friends but you know that was not enough. Eventhough I prefer to use two condoms (for more safety) ..they denied to have a sex . then after I was looking for pussy(choot) that can satisfy me. Well I believe every dog has its day.

So here my story starts ….I was in baroda but moved to surat.. Even though I used go to my friend’s place frequently may be in search of pussy(choot) …while travelling in bus or train. On that day I was going baroda . It was heavy rain outside .. i just manage to get to railway station in rikshow. It was some late train due to rain so very hard rush on the station. yes, i m talking about moonsoon in 2002. then I got the lady standing in black(my fav. color) sari and same blouse. I just got behind her …..she just looked at me…! My god she was good fuckble woman with age around 25.

So that moment I was saying a prayer to god …if she is going baroda only. that was big queue so she look around ….and just seen back to me….I just said “hi” ..! she replied with smile… I said “wher r u going” she said baroda….and i got my desire..perhaps ..i got the flick in my mind ..that i m gonna give pleasure to this woman. she asked me wher r i m going? I said baroda and asked her which area?? can u believe it frenz ..we both were going in same area named manjalpur in baroda in heavy rain ,late train and at 5 pm . Now we chatted …about how to get there this situation and all that .! then asked me about wher i going excatly..! I said i m going to my freind’s place ..she replied why??? i said …” enjoying a life”..and she ..just smiled…!wher i was gonna ask about her …she has got the turn to take tickect…..but luck was on my side due to some exchange(chhuta) problem…….I said her to get 2 tickets …of baroda in one piece(may be u aware of that) for that purpose we have to travel together…..!Now at platform ..train was 40 mins late…! Now I should describe her…….she was 25 yr old woman .Her name was Minal Pandya. she has got cool boobs..really.. and tight ass that i was able to see when she was just run to catch the train from ticket window. Her lips was good and she has got black lip stick..! cool she was fair ..can u imagine .. how she is gonna look like in all black..??? Now on the platform I asked about her husband …she told me …she has got some business .

And frequently travel to mumabi ….so he is coming tonight thats why she is going baroda from parent’s house in surat. Now we got some joke sharing .. had good coffee. and train came …my god what a rush … some how we manage to get in ..but we didnt get the seat….so stading facing each other near door…that make my mind .. out of …the world.. fuck !!..but soon..its okey..!Now we close to each other ..both physically and imotionally..! My thighs touching her thighs …and .sometimes…i manage to touch her boobs ..! she must have enjoyed that.. i guess. couple of exhange of smiles and all that we finally arived in baroda at 8:15 pm or so. We both got in one rikshow ….and its still raining heavly outside….! On the way she asked me to have good tea at her home cause we both partlly got drench..! I got the idea on the way that there is no light in this area ..since i was living around ..her home couple of years(that i didnt know she is living in my same area)..!So no her house ..she has got twin tenament house…wher she manage to get candle from neighbour….and introduce me with them as her husband’s friend. Now the real candle story of this gujarati begins..! we got in …he locked door and .. all other windows and door already locked … so she has put on the candle..! some how i manage to seat on chair….i am not able to see anything…! but …slowley ..i got the view……now she came with the tea in just 15 mins. Still heavy rain outside and it is almost 9:30 pm ..! Suddenly telephone rang …and its her husband’s phone..!i didnt get the actual idea what they talking about but , she was telling him…even my train was also late by an hour…! dont worry i will be okey and allthat..!

Then she came and sat next to me on sofa …she told me…her husband’s train has cancelled due to heavy rain …he will coming other night..! So i just getting a view …that what to do now.? then she told me …..Rahul can you please stay at night at my home …cause this dark night ..i m just scared…! you please call your friend that you will sleep here. I called my friend tell me what is the situation…..and agreed that i will come tomorrow morning …! Now at 10:30 we had dinner .! then she showed me her bedroom with help of candle light was double bed..! So as a good guy ..i ask her where i have to sleep and where you gonna sleep???but actually i want to confirm …what she is thinking about situation like this ..very romatinc..!She told me can we both okey said okey…! then ..we got sat on double bad.! I got in my short pant and t-shirt ..and here she comes in black nightie…wooooow! she told see look like…i just said ..amazing ..and sexy..! i dont how i got that word ..but i did it..! she smiled and sat near me..!then ….we chatted ..and suddenly I asked her how s sex life.?how s ur sex feelings..! she replied you first tell me ….I said i m crazy about sex ….everytime looking for sex…! so she put her hand on my lund and just tell me let me check ur sex feelings..! I got my lund 7.5 inches in a moment ..! I kissed her on her lips ..neck …ears ..she was biting my ears…! she was just trying to get my lund ..out really fast..!Now I told her I would prefer safe sex i got condom from my bag.(lukly i got that day). Meanwhile ..she was nude..! she has got good pair of boob…! i undress my clothes…! and jump over two ripe melons..! i squezzed …real hard…and i was circling the nipples with my toungue….that i know ..woman most like from my past exp..!so i sucked her nipples ….20 to 25 mins.. meanwhile ..she was out of control….! I asked to show her pussy now…so i was seating on my knees on double bed see was just lying from of me now..

So i put off her ass with my both hand .. and ..near my tounge…i was suking her pussy like pornstar..!and giving her a finger fuck……..that woman loves.. she was just moaning ..”aaaaahh” …suddenly she cummed and juice was flowing ..that was …quit good..i like taste…i again ..go for it ..and I have sucked ..more for more juice…so she cummed twice in my mouth …!after 40 mins of pussy sucking we got in 69 position.. she was also a …good fucker..! Now in 69 I was lying under her. She is sucking my cock like ice cream cone…i like it ..she requested to cum inside her mouth came inside her..! Then I was just relaxed ..but still she was sucking …while ..she was sucking lund again got erection …and got 7.5 inches long length…! now I ask her that my fantacy to fuck woman in every style …so first we use …simple with..spreading her legs apart …on my shoulder … .i just put my tip of lund on her choot .. and was shaking there by just touching her pussy lips…she was yelling….” come on what you doing what r u waitin for???” I just pushed tip of my lund in her was heaven ..really…and it was tight too…so i applied more pressure on next stroke…she was ….making ..a noice…”ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nahi ..bahu dukhe che—-its more paining” then … after 2-3 storke …with the same pressure i got the my whole lund in her ..! she was making noice” rahul …tari sathe bahu maza ave che ….- with u rahuls its real fun” Now after 30 mins fucking ….of hard fucking …i finally I shot in….dont worry .. i have got condom.s..! Now I asked her to suck for another position ….while she was sucking suddenly light came….and candle was still on…! Now i got the idea to make our sex night ..very fancy.. !I asked her to get candle and laid down……now i asked her to open ur pussy with ur hands…she did it….then i puted couple of drop of wax in her hole…she really liked it …and surprisingly ..she was laughing…..really…! she told me …she got the most fun ever ….beside just pain of hot wax….she asked for more…really..

Then I asked her to get in doggy …so i can put wax on her asshole.. …after making this I did it …I got in from behind ..i fucked hard…real …in doggy style…! really…hard…! she liked it…..i was squezzing her boobs ..while ..fucking her….!we she has cummed numerious times,….and I got load ..and third time …in all action..!Now I asked her to show her asshole to my dear lund…! so she smiled ..and said ” aaje gand pan mari le —today also fuck me in ass” I again use the candle .. and got some hot wax .. on asshole .. and on my lund also…and …just rub on to my lund to to lubricate….! what would be more lubricate rather than wax…!now I pushed my lund in her asshole ..oh my god was just more tight then pussy….I just applied more pressure…….more pressure..and i got my tip of lund inside…meanwhile ..she was screaming “””Ohhh mari nakhi aaje ……please rahul…..mari chut be war wadhare mari le…please—- oh…. please better u fuck me two times more in my pussy” ..I replied ..that s the way i like it .. honey.. dont would be more … for u..!then i manage to get whole lund …i have give more storke she was telling me ” tu barabar kehto hato….bahuj maja ave che–you were right ..its getting more fun” Now I got load inside her ass ..! Now we got tired after my 4 th time injection given to her body..! it was almost ..4 am ..! but i want more i fucked her differnt 3 stlye…..till 7:30 am …! then we got sleep till the 2 pm.. and she thanked me .. to company her….and i thanked her for me the first fuck..! she told that she has not got anyone apart from her husband to fuck her.. and her husband.. is using only one style and for 20 mins only..!I told her my fantacy is having sex with two woman at a time…so she is may be in search of that…! Now whenever i go baroda i use to fuck her..!and this story should be titled as “Gujarati’s Candle night sex” .

So i know woman needs the differnt styles and fancy sex like i got candle sex…..and more time on bed …well am i right..????? So even today …I am looking for …hot sexy woman … any woman,aunt or gal want the maximum pleasure in bed ….i am warmly invite them to contact me on (dont worry its not fake id like other you got in other stories…i am very happy to give you pleausure….! couple who wants the third partner ..for threesome also …contact me..! Woman,aunties,gal residing anywhere in india and mostly in surat or baroda …city or around .near by … please mail me if need of sex …! To give maximum pleasure to my partner in different styles…..its my motto..! and …one most thing..i m using ..condoms….so safe sex aids , no preg. …so thats the way i like it ..and thats the way i do it…!Please email me before 15 th of September 2002 cause I am leaving India. ..!So you kept secretly ……just think ..i m going after 2 months please have a fun …with me. who will know .. just think .! please email me at yours truely –Rahul Joshi

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