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  • October 6, 2015

Hello all desipapa readers. This is one of the biggest fan of desipapa stories from Ahmedabad Gujarat.I would like to thank desipapa for free access of such a good section. This i my first story and incident and i am going to share with all u readers. First of all let me introduce myself. I am a well built young boy of 21 and i have just completed my graduation. This incident happened with me when i was in my last phase of my studies.

Now the story really starts. As a part of my studies i had to prepare one project and I had selected to prepare a project on IT so i had to go to gandhinagar(near to Ahmedabad) as it is the infocity to collect some information. As it is very near to ahmedabad so i decided to go inthe morning and come at night. I have my cousin at Gandhinagar so after all day work i took dinner at his house and started my journey back to ahmedabad which is 30 kms from gandhinagar at about 10.00pm. It was a rainy season and it looked that it would rain any time. On my way to ahmedabad just 5kms from my cousins house i saw a white lady(from italy) wwaitig for lift. She asked me for lift and as she was looking very sexy i offered her a lift as her home was in my way. She was is white kurta a jeans. As we were going we had some formal talks with each other and soon it started raining. It was raining heavily and the raindrops were hitting us. Jane(her name) hold me tightly and there was a current throughout my body . Aftersometime her house came. By the time we were completely wet and to my surprise jane hadnt worn a bra inside her kurta so it had stuck to her breast exposing it to me. I was just stunned at that time and starred at her big breasts. At this she smiled and invited me for coffee and insisted me to go after the rain stops. I also readily agreed and thought of some happening. I went into her house and to my excitement she was alone in her house.

She told me to change my clothes after giving me a towel and shorts she also went to change her clothes. As i was completly wet i had removed all my clothes including underwear and was in shorts and sleveless t shirt which jane had given me. After some time jane came from the kitchen with coffee . Now she was only in her panty and long T-shirt till her knee. As it was raining heavily we were feeling cold so she set some fire. Now we were enjoying coffee staring at each other. Somehow what hapened to her that she sat besides me touching my body.(I think she was desperate for sex). I also got courage and hold her by her shoulders. Now we had kept coffee asideand were busy smooiching each other. Mean while my hands were exploring here big boobs and her hands rubbning my back. It was the first time for me and was very excited. Now we had stopped kissing and i removed her tshirt and started licking her melons. They were really very tasty. She was moaning like any thing and was playing with my tool which had become of 8inches by now. After some time she undressed me and i was completely naked in front of her so i also removed herpanty and now we both were naked and hugged each other very tightly. Ag\fter hugging i gave my lund in her her mouth and at first she was stroking slowly but after sometime she picked up the speed and i was in the heavens. She stroked until i had cummed in her mouth. Now after cumming i was a bit tired(as it was the first time)and busy playing with her boobs. But ager some time again i got excited as my tool was again rising and jane asked me to fuck her. She was my teacher at that time as she had enjoyed sex lot of time in italy. She told me to first go slowly and once i was set she asked me to increase my speed andshe was moaning. I fucked her until i cun inside her pussy. Then we decided to to the terrace enjoy open air sex in the rain. I was very excited as i always fantasied to have sex in open. So we went on her terrace and itr was a bungalow and none other around us. Now we were naked under sky not letting each other to go away from aur body. We had a very wild sex again under thesky and it was better than inside her house. After we had enjoyed sex for more than 4 time at that night I asked jane What made u come and sit beside me and horny for sex. She replied that as I had removed my underwear she could see my dick completely from under my shorts and this made her horny. Listening her answer i too got horny and we again had sex one more time and than we slept the rest of the night on each other.In the moring as i had to come home i woke up quickly woke up jane and asked for our next encounter but i was disappointed as she was living for italy that night.

So how did u like the story. This was a true incident and it changed my life as i can no more live without sex nowadays. Any BEAUTIFUL BHABHIS,LADIES UNDER 40 AND GIRLS DESPERATE FOR SEX CAN CONTACT ME AT MY MAIL ID.(ESPECIALLY FROM AHMEDABAD, GANDHINAGAR)Others can also contact me and send their response for my story. So bye for now until my next stories and keep reading erotic stories from desipapa.

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