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  • September 14, 2015

Hello all u desipapa readers this is an experience of me, Tushar, with my sexy friend Radha. I Live in Ahmedabad in India. This is the first experience of mine at age of 24. One day I had been to my friend’s house in after noon at 3.30p.m. Fortunately for me her sister Radha was at home alone. Let me describe her she was married n 27 living at Baroda, having sexy figure 38-30-38 her face is like Shilpa shetty (hindi movie heroine) with whitish complexion, her balls large like melons n firm her gand was firm n big. She was wearing a Green sari, which made her look so sexy, and I could see her White Bra and panties. This made me Big as either side of her breasts could be seen inside her sari. She told me to wait for her brother to come. She came and sat next to me with a cup of tea to watch some serial. She had brought tea for me and as she bends to give it to me I could clearly see her Lovely balls (breasts) and this made me Big and she noticed how big my erection is. I could not take out my eyes of her and continued to have the pleasure of her BIG N lovely 38″ bobla (a sexy word for breasts in gujarati). She saw me seeing her boobs yet she never said anything and didn’t even try to cover them and gave a horny smile to me.

After two months she came to Ahmedabad and boy was I delighted to see her back with those sexy balls of her. My cock was hard and I was in heavens and went to my house and masturbated and started to dream of her taking of her Clothes and I could not sleep the whole night. The next day when I woke up I had a good news that my parents and all others from my friends family were leaving for a marriage to Rajkot and Radha was asked to remain in the house for two days with me as I had exams and had to live with her in our house.

Then they left to the destination at 6’o’clock in the morning and I was with her in house and she said she would take her bath then it was 7’o’clock in the morning and she went into the bathroom and then she called me and said there was no soap and asked me to find one, I found one and went to give to her. She opened the door and I saw she still had not taken of her clothes completely and said I could enter and give it to her. Then I went in and she said her hands can’t reach to the hooks of her bra and asked me to remove the hook. My heart skipped a beat. I did as she said.

After she took her bath she had covered her balls with a towel and a ghaghra (Petticoat) to cover her lower part and she went into her room and started to put her clothes on with the door half open and I could see her spherical globes as she was trying to put her bra hook and she again called me inside into her room and asked me to hook her bra. I went in and when I was hooking her bra she laughed.

This immediately made me make my move as I kissed her on her back and slowly got on to her lips. I could feel her sweetness in her saliva and I put my tongue as deep as I could, she was slowly getting into the mood and then my hands fell on her beautiful Sexy white boobs and I could feel her nipples (called dintdi or datti in gujarati language) getting hard and I opened her bra cups Saw her boobs and started to squeeze them as hard as possible mercilessly n she was slowly moaning in excitement n speaking” aah ahhhhaa sssssss ouch” and she undid my T-Shirt while I was doing this to her she told me that “mane khabar chhe ke hu tene chodva mangu chhu (she knew that I wanted to have her from a very long time.)” She noticed the way I used to look at her sexy figure all the time and how big it made me and how I continuously looked at her all the time. She said “hu pan tari sathe chodavava mangu chhu (she wanted to fuck me from a long time as I had a Big Dick). She told “Tushar aaj mari pyas buzavi de hu Ghana samay thi bilkul sex nathi mani saki, tara uncle mane santosh nathi aapi sakta (Tushar plz full fill my thrust today as long as possible bcoz your uncle did not satisfy me since long time)”and she took me in her hand and put my mouth on her sexy breast n tell me to suck them with love (Tushar plz aane choos”) on one side then I started to caress her breast with my lips and tongue and she was in ecstasy and speaking loud “o tushar tu ketlo saro che. Hu kahi nathi sakti mane ketli maja aave che. Chooso jor thi chooso (o tushar It felt so good on my breast I cant tell u in words suck hard and more suck plz).” I fondled her breasts in my hand and gave complete satisfaction to her. Her breasts were soft and big so I liked it.

She also removed my Jeans and she saw my half erect cock and caught hold of it and told “taro land bahoo saras chhe (ur dick is very nice)” then I asked her to suck it she hesitated and told me ” naa tushar, me kadi pahela lund ne chusiyo ke modha ma lidho nathi kem, lund ne modha ma leva thi su maja aave (no tushar, I had never taken lund in my mouth b4 and tell me what enjoyment she will get by taking it in her mouth)’ then I told her how is helpful to excite male with taking his lund in mouth n how to suck it. Then she started to suck it I was in heavens and what a sucker she was. I was sucking her sexy thigh n feet as she was giving me a blowjob. I was enjoying as I was getting sucked n educating her about sexy things.

Then I undid her ghaghra (Petticoat) and I could see her milk white sexy legs and thighs they were firm and in good shape anyone could love to suck and lick it with tongue so I told her “Radha, tara pag and jangh khub sexy lage chhe, maru dil kare chhe ke hu tene chooso and tane khub pyar karu (Radha u have beautiful legs and thighs I like to suck them with tongue and I like to make love to u) on hearing this she smiled n told me “Tushar, hu tari sathe badhu karva mangu chhu je tare karvu hoy te(Tushar, I would like to do everything with as u like)” Her White panty was wet and I opened her panty and could see her vagina. This was the first time when I saw a choot wow what a scene my heart was in full rhythm my skin was hot n I was breathing hard. She was having dense pubic hair over and around her pussy then I spread her legs n touch her pussy n she laughed and told” kevi lage chhe mari choot (how is my choot)” on hearing this I went crazy n told her that I saw it first time in life n I have seen it b4 in sexy movies only. “Ur choot is like soft rubber n pussy lips (Labia majora) r like red rose petals” then she show me her clitoris n told me to do love to it with finger. I put my fingers on clit n rub it with tender pressure n she was in heaven n moaning “o darling it felt so good plz carry on with it fast n hard ” then I did my job with earnest I was a virgin I didn’t know what to do then I remembered to suck her pussy as I am used to seeing some xxx movies and started to do that to her. And she loved it n told me that she had never done this b4 with my uncle n it was so good n want me to lick her pussy 4ever. Her rhythm was set with my tongue moving on her choot… wow what a taste I got from her juice as she explode in orgasm. Her cum was taken by me and still continued to suck her pussy. Then she told me to stop teasing her and she would let me to eat her pussy if I liked but she wanted me to put my cock first and start fucking her as she has not enjoyed fucking for long.

Then I finger fucked her which was also new to her. She told me “Tushar tu aa badhu kyathi sikhyo tara uncle to bas aamno lund mari choot ma nakhi nej sex kare che. (Tushar from where did u learn this all ur uncle only did plain fuck with me not ever used this nice technique)” I told her ” I have seen so many sexy movies b4 n read a book of Kamasutra in crossword bookstore ” then she laughed n said” I m very educated about sex n well behaved in bed” she told me that I was perfect in foreplay to arouse any woman upto her height. I fucked her for some time once again she cummed again and her ambrosia (pussy juice) were flowing profrusely from her rose petals like lips. I could smell her womanhood and now she was moaning uuu!! Ahh!! Ooo!! Yes! Yes! Harder and Harder And said please don’t stop and she was in her height and cummed out and now I felt I could put my cock into her as her cum would serve as lubricant so I removed a kohinoor condom from my pocket of jeans n ask her to place it on my penis she caught my hand n threw away that condom n take me in her arms n kissed me n told me there is no need of this as It was my first intercourse so I should enjoy with full pleasure. She had taken her pills regularly to prevent pregnancy. N It was a great prize for me I enthusiastically placed my fully erect love muscle in her gateway of paradise n pushed with love. It was a great moment of my life and started pushing my small brother (cock) in and out slowly and her choot was warm, soft n little tight but I adjusted my pace n started to increase the speed so did she increase her moaning “ooooooooooo aa aa aaaaa aaa aaaaaaaaa ha ha barabar che fast fast o god “like that…she was moaning for more and more and this only excited me as she pushed me as close as possible and wrapped her legs around me, holding me from my head to fuck her harder and harder and her pussy was gripping my tool.

I can surely say great fun in life is to have sex nothing else it was such a good experience of ramming her pussy she was delighted in ecstasy, closing her eyes n moaning with loud voice then while fucking I placed my lips on her moving boobs they were hard n nipples were erect like fingers. I wish time must stop now n this moment must last 4ever……………… o boy i was about to explode. I asked where to leave she said in her cave (pussy) itself . I fucked her for 12 minutes n fully enjoyed it then I loaded my semen in her lovely vagina. She told me that I m very nice in fucking n she would like to fuck whenever there is chance n she told me to do promise that I will teach her all sex positions n new styles next time… this made me erect again n I fucked her again in missionary position n she told me that this position is even better than previous one. I told her that I would love to teach u every thing I know……I will also fuck u in doggy style, mouth fucking, anal fucking n boob teasing n like that…. On hearing this she kissed me passionately n hugged me.

After this I slept naked next to her and she sat on my cock and started to push her pussy up and down on my shaft this continued until she was tired and we had sex three times after this in the remaining day. From then on I have had sex with her many times without notice of any one in our families. After that she introduced me to her friends in Ahmedabad and Rajkot who also like to have safe sex with some nice guy like me n they all enjoyed it. It was great fun of life to have sex with them. After that I also bought few dildos n vibrator to increase the fun of sex.

So if any young ladies (married or unmarried) or gals (Virgin or experienced) or young married couples if u want some nice and healthy fucking relations n friendship with me in Ahmedabad or Rajkot or Baroda or Gandhinagar can mail me……we can have e-mail friendship or sexy chatting or sharing of experience also…favorable response will encourage me to post more sexy stories about my relationship with more women. Confidentiality is assured n bye 4 now all desipapa friends mail me at

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