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  • September 24, 2015

I am a great lover of desipapa. This is not fantasy, it is true story of my life which ruined my life. My age is 25 by now, but its started when I was just 19. I am sharing it with all the global not only to enjoy it but I want to some one who may guide me what should I do? I am narrating it in this mood just to please you, because I really need advice. My English is not good and I hope you will not mind it.

I am belonging from the lower middle class. I am dark looking having a nice body. I am living not a big city but living in little big town. My house is situated in a small (mohlla ) colony. Life is different in colony like this. I have a closed friend who was also reading with me in the same college where I was studying. His name is Majeed. He is living just next door to our home. We were neighbors from about five years. We have very good relation as a neighbor, so we go freely to each other homes. Majeed mother named Tahmina Begum has very close friend of mother. My mother trusted her ver much. I call her Tahmina Aunty

She was at that time37 years (now 42) and her two daughters have married, but she had got very nice body features and she is still looking just young. No one can say that she is 42 now and at that time she was looking too young. She has got assets of beauty, her ever time erected breast, her wide ass, her thin waist, flat bell most f my time was spend there in Majeed home. Majeed presence was not necessary for my stay there. Tahmina Aunty loved me very much and on special occasion she hugged me lightly and kissed me on my checks or fore head. After some time I felt that style of her hugging changed. now she hugged me tightly long and was kissing me near my lips. When she hugged me she pressed I ever felt her tit softness. I never felt arousing but after some time I felt excitement when she hugged me because she used to press her boobs to me. Now when she hugged me I was getting erecting and I always afraid of touching to her. She always showed her cleavages to me on any pretext. Some time she bent before me to put unimportant thing from the floor that gave me chance to see her beautiful breasts. She use to give me sometimes those sexy looks and smile. I ever saw lust in her eyes. By this I became fantasizing to her, and when I seen her I felt getting erection. But I never got any courage to do anything to her as she was mother of my friend and friend of my mother. So I started masturbating thinking her.

The main story begins like that once my parents were going to attend some relative marriage so my mother asked Tahmina Aunty to care my food and me. Tahmina Aunty took key of the main door from me saying that she can not knocking the door early the morning to serve me the breakfast. On the first morning Tahmina Aunty called me. I was still sleeping in our guestroom that I used as my bedroom and its door opens in corridor without disturbing the house. I opened my eyes and Tahmina Aunty said me to get up as it is too late. I told lie to Tahmina Aunty that I am not feeling better. She became fear and came near to me. She put her hand on my forehead and said that you have no fever. She said me to take my breakfast then she will give she and me some tablets sat on then bed with me near to my thighs. She was very near to my thighs so near that I could fell her body warmness on my thighs. When I felt her presence I became aroused and my cock get erect. As she was very close to me. The space between her and me finished and my penis touched her buttocks. She didn’t response any that courage me and I moved little to wards her and my penis went in her ass cleavage. She was acting like that nothing is happening, and she changed her position to little up her ass give way to cock more in her cleavage. That courage me and I slide my cock little more , as my cock was now direct touched her ass cleavage. she said me that what am I doing? and suddenly caught my cock and said what is this? What are I feared and said nothing Tahmina Aunty. She suddenly caught my penis that was going to sit due to fear. It was still semi erected. You were rubbing it to my ass. I became fear but she was not looking angry, but seemed normal. Y hand had still in her hand and she was rubbing it now gently. She was staring directly in my eyes and was smiling. Tell me truths are you like me? Yes Tahmina Aunty I like you very much. Love me or need some thing other? Oh auntie you have taken promise from me I will tell truth, I really love you and want lay to you. Due to her soft and hot hand my cock get re erected. She then bent on me putting her lips on my lips; she pressed her boobs with my chest which I felt very soft and I caught and rubbed them wildly. I then inserted my hand in her neck and felt hot and soft flesh. I rubbed her tit and squeezed he nipples. she was kissing my lips vigorously. My one hand reached to her cunt side and I found there a huge mount of her cunt. Which was too soft. I rubbed it on above her shilwar. Then she raised and as I was laid on my bask she opened string of trouser and pulled down the trouser. My cock was stood just like hard rock. She took it in her palms. She shake her palm up and down that made it harder. she looked me and said really nice, huge thick and hard like stone. She asked me are you really giving it to you Tahmina Aunty. Yes Tahmina Aunty, take it, I gave it to you. Whole or half? She asked. Yes aunty it all for you. What are you giving to me In return? I will give you the big treasure. She bent on my prick and kissed it lightly then she licked it from the head to bottom. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it slowly and she increased her speed. She was sucking it vigorously. She was not only sucking it but was chewing it. After few minutes she opened her shilwar string sliding it towards her legs. She pulled it out and threw it. She climbed on me and squatted. She took my cock and placed it on her pussy hole as my cock was wet due to her salvia and her cunt hole was also wet by excitement. She sat with the help of her hands . She loosed her hands and my entire cock went in her cunt like fish dive in water. She raised her qamiz with her bra that brought out my favorite and her precious assets her tits. she was moving up and down slowly and her huge melons were bouncing like a restless football. So I grabbed them on both of my hands. I was squeezing them and she was fucking me like wild female horse. Now I was feeling so good that I was also pushing my hips from bottom with her rhythm. It was producing some great sound and we both started breaths heavily. I was trying to touch her boobs and nipples and squeezing them and she was moaning now also. hhhhhh aaaa hhh uuuffffhhhh ooooo o ooooo haaa we were both moaning loudly and blap blap sound had aroused us . Now she was moving very fast and I was watching how my cock has been eaten by that triangle. Her boobs were bouncing gorgeously what you will imagine that nice medium sized breasts are jumping in front of your face. I was really getting more and more mad and I pulled her tits to my chest and she was kissing me a lot like lover. I was pressing her tits and sucking another. Her nipples were little big. In the meantime we both were ready for final finishing. She then leaves my lips and ups again on my cock and started up and down very rapidly like vibrator machine. She was jumping and my cock was going in and out from her pussy. She asked me how you are feeling? Your Tahmina Aunty fucking you and giving you her cunt. Ooofff still I can’t believe it! Now we both were got tensed and breathing heavily as we approaching unload by each other she was moaning very loudly and up and down her hips hugely as I also at the same rhythm with her.

She fucked me like this more than 20 minutes without taking any stay. She discharged twice that I felt drench my thighs but she was trying to discharge me. After 20 minutes I asked her, aunty I am coming. She said welcome fell my cunt of your juice. I poured my juice in her cunt and she fall on me. Her breasts were pressing me tightly and she was kissing my lips. My hands were on her buttocks, which I was squeezing. She was stayed on me for a while and after some time she raised and went to bathroom. She said me come here and clean yourself. I went to bathroom where she washed my cock and her cunt. We comeback both to the bed and sat there. We once again started kissing, she asked me to lie. We lay in bed, my head was on her arm. I told her that I was fantasizing about her. She said me that she was also trying to seduce me. We were talking while we were playing each other. My hand was on her belly moving there on her belly, tits and her pussy. She had held my cock, which had become hard again in her hand. I said her aunty I want to see your pussy. She said who forbade you? See it. I raised and sat in her thighs. There were fair thighs before me. Aunty spread her legs up to give me an opportunity to enjoy her pussy. I touched her thighs and found it the softest potation of her body. She has light pink pussy with thick lips. Her pussy was covered with rich black hair but it seemed not bad. I inserted my finger in her hole that was too hot. I started rubbing my finger in circular motions. I work her nipple with my other hand. The pleasure was intense, she was getting very excited now, her cunt became very wet and she flew her juices from it. She said me what are you doing? Will you not fuck your aunty in return aunty fucked you. Give a nice fuck to your aunty. Your aunty is really needed it? My cock was already paining due to its hardness. She hold my cock and said, let’s fuck, I can’t wait any longer too. So I stood on my knees in between her spread thighs. She opened her pussy lips with help of her one hand and pulled my cock with other hand into her pussy hole. I moved forward and my cock gradually went in her well-lubricated pussy but was still tight. She closed her eyes and asked me to fuck her deep. I began deep strokes in her pussy that my cock went deep in her and my balls slapped her asshole. She asked to fuck me deep but I slowly moved my cock in and out in her wet pussy and she moaned loudly both joy and pleasure I was duging deep into her wet cunt. I was fucking her very hard. Her breasts were naked, as she had raised her qamiz and bra. Her breast were naked as she had raise her qamiz and bra and her sweet breast were under my mouth, which I was sucking hardly The sweet breasts of aunty were under my mouth, which I was sucking hardly. I put her legs on my shoulders that made it easy for me to stroke her deep. I look her and felt very nice as she was laid on her back, her hairs were spread on the pillow. I had never imagined that an aged woman would give me so much sensual pleasure. Especially her pussy’s tightness. She grabbed my hips and squeezed it that made more excited I was fucking her and she was moaning very loudly, fuck me deep, hard harder Majeed’s father. I said her what you are saying aunty Majeed is my friend not son. She said me you are fucking his mother thus you became his father. We were fucking sensuousness for about 25 minutes. And at last she exploded her juice soaking my balls socked. Little after her explosion I also poured my milk inside her pussy and this time I laid upon her and kissed madly for further few moments and also sucked her boobs. We laid for some time and then she said me that she should go her home as she had spent a lot of time there. So she wore her shilwar. And after a long kissing and caressing she went to her home. I was thinking her and lay all the day.

After that she made it her routine to come my room as I have told you in start that I have a room where ones can come with out disturbing other member of the house. We fucked this more then 2 years. I ever demanding from her to let me fuck her ass but she never accomplished my demand. Once I refused her and said her that will never fuck her if she doesn’t obey my demand of ass fuck. I stop talking with her and she became very curious as she was now become addicted of my cock. This was mine or her good luck that her son got ill and admitted in hospital, he asked me to stay in his house during his admission in hospital. I came there at night and asked aunty that where I would be lay? She smiled and said on my ass. I was not talking still with her. Anyhow I laid in my friend’s room in his bed. After an hour aunty came there with a bottle of oil. She climbed into bed where I was laid. I closed eyes showing her that I am not ready to talk her. She kissed me and said my little prince forget it, I am here, your sweet aunty is here with her huge ass. She said me look my ass and rub it. How it is big and soft. She added I have come to fuck my ass by my sweet honey. I didn’t control more and hugged her tight. I put my hand on her ass and rubbed it. She became happy and hugged me. Then she said, if you want explode my ass, it is there but I don’t know little about it. I told her that I know all about it. We kissed a long and then she opened her and mines strings of shilwars. We pulled out our shilwars. I was rubbing and sucking her tits while she was rubbing my cock and made it hard like rock. I asked her to lie on her knees and pulled out her buttocks. She did as I instructed making doggy style. This made her wide ass exploded to me. I applied some oil on my prick and put some oil in her asshole to lubricate it more. I placed my cock in her ass hole and pushed it but it was very tight. My cock didn’t go easily. It’s needed more force and I pushed again this time with my full power. It went in her ass hole with difficulty and Tahmina Aunty screamed as my cock inserted in ass hole. As I know that I hurt her so I moved my hand to he cunt and inserted my finger in he pussy hole to give her pleasure, this made hr little satisfied. She was really in trouble but I was fucking her. She was bearing all these for me. I increased my finger fucking and stop ass fucking. She was now moaning with excitement and pleasure. When she aroused enough she herself asked me to fuck ass. She said why you stop fucking? Fuck your Tahmina Aunty ass and accomplish your desirous I am for you. You are mine my all holes for you. I fucked her ass with my entire power. Now it was giving her pleasures and she was feeling better. She was moaning and asking me to insert my other finger in her pussy. I felt her that she exploded, as my finger became too wet. After some hard fuck I felt that am near to come so I grabbed her shoulders and gave her full strokes and poured my cum very deep in her ass hole and lay on her back. I fucked her more than four times that night and after that entire nights till my joining of my friend from hospital.

We have been play this from last five years, and I think that we have not missed one single day with out fucking. My mother has arranged my marriage so many places but as I have told you my mother trusted her and when she tells her, she always discourage my mother and forbade her. She said me that she doesn’t want to lose me. She gives me sex pills to increase the duration of fucking. I admit that she is still an attractive woman and good companion in bed as she always need sex and give me all my fantasies. I can not think to leave her and when I think to leave her I became afraid. This ruined me as she always comes in the morning and by thus I face trouble to continue my electrician workshop. I go very late due to her, which is suffering my work. I want now to decrease my relation with her but can not. She also says me that we should finish it regularly and will meet occasionally. She says that I should marry to some young girl and try to establish my self. But I can not leave her at any cast.

Now you are requested to give me advice what I should do? I need your help and I am waiting from you. my add as bellow

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