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Great Moment In Life

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hi everyone fans of desifantasy out there. I would like myself to be called GOL. I’m 25 and working as software developer. Since early age i have come to know about the sex matters as i studied in hostel. i have been fascinated differently by the different kind of features of differnt women over period of time but the hot favorite of my fantasies have been the voluptous ass of women and gorgeous breasts. Today i’m gonna narrate my different pleasureful moments of my life with you all. I’m situated in Gujarat-Ahmedabad.

My first encounter was with my first girlfriend (she is still in my memories) Our affair lasted very short. Once before our break up i went to meet her to her place (her city of residence). There she had big bungalow and they lived in joint family. We had long talks and she asked me to see her at night. We were in her house in her separate room. To describe her she is 5’4″, wheatish, long hair (one of my likings, especially they are waving around the cute buts), 36″ 28″ 38″. She was in her nightdress and sat beside me. Though i had never thought of making love as it was her place and all members of her family at home so i thought it wont be possible. She was in good mood as we had met after a long time. She sat very close to me on sofa and was holding my left hand against her breasts. she was on my right side and leaning her head on my right shoulder. When I told her that eveyone is at home she said no-one would come to this room and i should b more worried than what u r. Then I started moving my hand in her hair. Sometimes while talking and she moved her face and touched her lips to my neck as if she was giving me mild kisses. In return i kissed her forehead. After sometime the excitement mounted me and i thought of making a move. Though we used to kiss each-other but never got chance to go further. I started slowly moving my left hand from her chest to neck and stomach while my right hand was busy caressing her hair, ear lobe and neck. After sometime she lifted her head looked into my eyes and gave a smile. Suddenly she stood up and went to the door and locked it from inside. Seeing this i got up and went to her and hugged her and put my lips on hers. she closed her eyes holding me tightly.

Then i asked her why did u locked the door, so she replied in case of emergeny if any one come around then. saying this she smiled with a different gesture and she went to her bed and laid there facing the ceiling. she picked up a book and pretended to read. I went to bed and sat on her left. I caught her book and pulled it but she was hiding her face under it. i pulled it and put it aside and by now i had put my left leg between her two legs. She was wearing a payjama and a shirt the material of the clothes was very silky. My left hand reached her left breast above the clothes and my right hand went below her neck to raise her head and i locked my lips with her. This time my tounge went to part her lips to take a lead in her mouth and she responded well and hugged me tightly. Now my left hand went down on her belly to explore her naval and waist. Slowly I withrew our kiss and started kissing her forehead, eyes, cheeks, biting ear lobes, kissing and moving my lips across her neck from side to side. I made her to face me and slipped my right hand in her shirt from her neck to her back. Still my left leg between her legs. our legs played their game. now she started moving her hands on my back. I slipped my left hand upwards from beneath her shirt from her waist.

The touch of her silky, smooth and hot skin around waist and above was exciting each and every cell of my body. My right hand unhooked her bra strap on her back and then i parted from her and pulled her shirt up. The shirt was very low cut so i need not open buttons and i pulled it over her head and also freed her from her bra. Again i made her lay on her back and started kissing her left breast and carresing right one. She moaned in very low voice and started unbuttoning my shirt. After unbuttoning my shirt she pulled it out of my arms and i kissed her lips while caressing her left breast with my right hand and now star ted caressing her belly and slipping my left hand in her payjama she put her right hand over her payjama stopping me. I withdrew my hand and pickup her right hand and guided it on my back and again went back to her belly to proceed down. This time when i enterd my left hand in her payjama and reached her lower abdomen she moaned bit and raised her brests against my chest and hugged me tightly. For some time i carresed her lower abdomen over her panty and then went down further towards her vagina and pressed my hand against it. She shivered and parted her lips from my lips breaking our kiss, closed her eyes and turned her face away from me. Now i got up and sat on her thighs and leaned down to kiss her nipples one by one and foddling with her soft sily breasts with my both hands. she kept her eyes close for sometime keeping her face on one side. She was topless with scattered hair and eyes closed. She has a mole just below her left breast. This added to her bare beauty.

Now i slowly moved to her belly and neval and waist kissing and carressing. now she opened her eyes and lifted her face a bit to watch me playing with her. I shifted down and went to pulldown her payjama. She closed her eyes again and to help me she lifted her back so that i can take off her payjama. She got up and pulled my belt and unbutton my jeans and again lay down. I pulled my jeans and started to kiss her milky, buttery thighs. She was wet between her legs. After some time i got up and pulled her panty and my undy down and laid on top of her. She hugged me tight and we kissed each other passionately. My tool Playing around her triangle, belly and thighs. After a passionate kissing session i went bit down and held my tool in my hand pointing towards her entrance. She held her lower lip between her teeth and watched down by lifting her head. As i touched my tool at her entrance she laydown her head closing her eyes. As i enterd her she arched her back and pulled feet closer to her butts and holding my thightly.

Her body touched bed at three parts- her head , her buts and her feet. and she let out a loud moan. I rested there after entering her and started giving her lip kiss caressing her breasts. slowly she opened her eyes and let her back touch bed and started moving her hands on my back. Then slowly i started making moves. She also got in the rythmic movement to meet my thrusts. One of the best moves she made were circular movements of her pelvic region along with the rythmic movements of clutching my dick with her vaginal muscles when it went in and releasing it when it was coming out. This continued for about 5 minutes. She came once and dug her nails on my back. Now she started lifting her buts to give me opposite thursts and also holding my hips to push me down with her upward thursts and widening her legs to give me maximum room for penetration. Now our speed was ever increasing. I felt like coming so I asked her to slow down a bit to get maximum out of our act. I a lmost stopped and concentrated on kissing her and massaging her breasts, twisting her nipples between my thumb and fingers. After about two minutes we started.

The speed and intensity of both of us to reach the destination was at its maximum. Within 2 minutes we both felt shattering orgasms gasping for air. I laid like that for two minutes with my tool in her. She held my head in her bosom against her breast moving her fingers in my hair. I was there for three days at her place and then we could not meet except on phone and we decided to breakup as we could not contact each other due to restrictions at her place for my phone calls and we stayed in far distant cities. Still I cherish those memories.

How did U all like this real experience ….? comment. Any female (gals, aunties, ….,….) around in Gujarat (specially Baroda,Ahmedabad,Jamnagar) interested can contact me on :

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