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Great Experience With Neighbor Lady

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  • December 24, 2015

Hi friends, this is my first story in Desipapa and even in Internet. This incident happen to me few months back when I was staying alone after my wife went home for 3 days visit to her relatives. I work in an Indian MNC in noida near Delhi and I stayed near by noida. I am a very shy person, generally avoid women to speak. I am an average height Indian guy with average build but looking like a corporate executive.
Now I should come to the story my neighbor lady was very close to my wife and they talk for long hours during my absence. She is very good looking with good curvy assets. Her husband is not good looking but a decent person. I was alone at my home and it was a Saturday afternoon and my bell rang. I ran towards the door and found a surprise when I opened it.

Sexy neighbor lady was standing with a bowl in her hand. She asked me about my wife and I sadly told her that she has gone to her relative’s home and will be back after 3 days. I asked that can I help her if she doesn’t mind and she readily agreed. She wanted me to keep that empty bowl as the milk man will come at around 6 pm evening. She was going to drop her husband to the Nizamuddin railway station.

I asked her is everything alright and she said that her husband has to go for some office work and she will be all alone for a week. I said, not to worry and she went. I cooked food for my lunch and after finishing my lunch, doing internet surfing at evening near about 7 O’clock, my home bell again ringing. I went and opened and found my neighbor lady and asking about the bowl.

I gave her the empty bowl, she was very surprisingly asked about empty bowl and I told her that person didn’t come. She went to her flat. I was feeling bore, so decided to watch TV for some time and then again to cook for my dinner. While roaming through News channels, I again heard bell sound when I opened again I found that lady infront of me. I asked her how can I help you mam?

She said, she was feeling bore and asked me to join her for dinner. I went to her house at 9 O’clock. I pressed the bell button and door opened after a minute. I was stunt by seeing her with a beautiful black saree and sleepless blouse. Her body was shining and creamy white color. It took me sometime to back to my sense. Oh boy anyone can die for that beauty.

Before going to her place for dinner, I had gone to Nathu Sweet’s and took ½ kg Kalakand sweet. I gave it to her and she welcomed me to her house. I sat on the sofa and she sat on the next to me. I praised her house decoration and the cleanliness. She was feeling happy with my comments after some normal discussion she asked me to have dinner and we went to the dining table.

I washed my hand and sat on a chair and she brought the chicken curry with chapatti. While serving, I got a glimpse of her sexy boobs as she was wearing a deep neck blouse which triggered a current in me and she was asking about my work and what kind of job and about my family background etc after finishing the dinner, I saw the wall clock and time was 11 O’clock.

I said bye to her and started to go out from her house but she asked me to spend some time as she was not feeling sleepy and alone getting bore. I said ok as I didn’t have much work to do at home. She started talk and slowly our talks were going to other way. She was asking about my sex life with my wife and with other women. I said I have never had sex with other women and with my wife, its going great.

Then she asked me that how soon you do sex? I said very often even almost everyday. She said, your wife is very lucky and she must be very satisfied with you. I was feeling very shy as I never had this kind of discussion with other lady. I asked her that why are you asking all these questions? Is your husband is not so active in his marriage life. She said no.

I didn’t get her answer and asked what no? She said, her husband comes home very late and sometime drunk and sometime tired. When I asked for romance, he gave some excuse and sleep. We do romance once in a week or sometime once in two weeks. I said sorry that I didn’t know all these and feeling guilty for asking these. She said not to say sorry and started crying.

I went near her and hold her face and told her that she will be ok once she discusses all these with her husband. Her husband will understand all the needs. She said that she had already done it but no result. By saying all these she hugged me very tightly. I felt the softness of her big melons on my chest. I couldn’t control myself and hold her in my arms very tightly after sometime.

She stopped her crying and started enjoying my body by scratching my back and kissing my neck. I was not able to handle my dick as it was trying to come out from my undies. Slowly she tried to lick and chew my earlobe. I was feeling her heavy breath on my ear. Then she came my lips and gave me a kiss for a long time. I was enjoying every moment of her action and I started to explore her mouth. She was very excited even me too.

I told her that I should leave as it’s already very late and we should not do all these. But internally I was not willing to leave her in such sexy moment. She requested me that she will not able to sleep as she want me. She requested me and I agreed to stay. She was very happy and started undressing me but I told her that we will do it simultaneously and she was ready.

She opened my Tshirt and gave kisses on my chest, nipple, solder and in naval. I have gained some fat on my tummy but she felt very sexy. I unhooked her blouse and bra slowly by kissing all over her solder, neck and over boobs and rubbing nipples. Then she pull down my pant with my underwear. I pulled her saree and it felt down on the ground and petticoat too. Her pubic hair was cleanly shaved and she was looking like a marble statue.

I was not able to control my hand and started to press her boobs very hardly and rubbing her nipple and licking her areola. She was in heaven and she told me to go to her bedroom. I followed her to her bedroom and she switched on the light and lay down on the bed. I went over her and started kissing and licking her from head to toe. Her boobs were big but very soft like cottons when I was licking her navel

Her tummy was going deeper as she was unable to bear the sensation. She was very excited and started shaking her body. I open her pussy lips and start fingering her. Simultaneously I was sucking her erected nipples and chewing them slowly as it feels good to women. I kissed her solder, neck, belly then I reached to her pussy. It smells me bit off but I managed and started licking her pink pussy.

Her clitoris was very good to suck as she was trembling very hard in excitement. She had gone through much orgasm but I couldn’t stopped and started licking her pussy. Her love juices were coming like falling water after sometime she got up and threw me on the bed. Within a second she got hold of my dick and started licking from top to bottom which feels great.

I was verymuch excited then she took my dick into her mouth and sucked it like an ice cream. I could not control my boiling semen and shoot in her mouth. She swallows all and gave me a naughty look and smiled. I asked her, whether she liked it or not. She said that this is the first time she tested the semen. I asked, don’t you give blow job to your husband. She said no, then I asked why did you do that to me than.

She said to pleased me and she liked my semen. I said thanks to her. To wake my limp dick, she started playing with it and kissing my chest and biting my nipples. I was feeling a mix reaction. I can’t express the feelings. You guys must be feeling same sometime. I was pressing her boobs and her bump. My dick again got up and stand like a pole to fuck her hard. I told her to come over to me a ride me.

She agreed and told that women on top are her favorite act. She started riding the cock and my dick went deep inside her. Her boobs were jingling which I hold and squeezing. She got her orgasm soon as she was very excited. I turned her on to her knee and started to fuck her in doggy style. After sometime I felt pressure in my balls so I stopped sometime and laid over her.

Then I turned her to missionary pose and put her legs on my solders and my hands on ground. I started inserting into her pussy with my knees straight without touching ground. By this way I got a good direction to insert fully into her pussy. I fucked her in that position for sometime and then I told her to have a side pose like making “T” symbol. Then I told her that I am going to humping her from the back. I put a pillow under her stomach and she lay down on stomach.

Then I got a clear path to enter her pussy from back. I fucked her for sometime. She was having a great time with me as she had 3-4 organisms. I loaded all the liquid in her vaginal and collapsed over her. She thanked me for a beautiful romantic action. I came aside and she went to bathroom to wash her vaginal. I thought to go and she what is she doing?

I went and opened the bathroom door and she was cleaning her vaginal by inserting her finger with soap. I told her to clean my tool also and she cleaned it happily after cleaning our bodies we were talking about the act and she told me to lick her boobs and press hard. I started to play with her boobs. She was enjoying the moments. I asked her that what she will do once her husband in town. She said that she will call me for a quickie in absence of her husband.

That night we had had another round and slept naked as next day was Sunday. We got up late and we had a morning session. Then she prepared breakfast for us and again asked me for quick round after finishing all I went to finish some urgent work by promising her for night play. Samea thing happened till we received our partners. If you liked it please share your comments or you can directly write it to me at I stay near Noida and lady can also contact me

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