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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Aryan is my nick name & live in CHENNAI,INDIA.I am 22 years old,6 feet tall.I’ve a well built body measuring 42″chest,30″hips,36″butts,14″arms,22″thighs with good triceps & biceps.Just now have completed my Engineering.I’ve a 6 inch long & 4.5″thick penis.To the best knowledge of my relatives and neighbours I stood an above average student in all these days .I most of the times involves in site-seeing not in my locality but i will go to some other area & do it.

I have an affair with my cousin sis. she is doin her college Ist year.She is 5 ft,17yrs,lemon colored.v r free 2 talk about sex & once i asked her bra size , she told me “36C”.she has got some belly,little plumpy & has a massive ass.she has lengthy dense hairs upto her ass.her vital stats 36,34,42. I am goin to narrate one particular incident which is 100% true.One of my relative(mom’s sister’s hubby) raised his own house and v went there to see it.he planned to ‘grahapravesh’ 2 weeks later.for the time being he stayed in a rented flat adjacent to the new house & v were asked to stay in that rented flat.her family also came there and v passed our time cracking jokes and other things while xchanging secret glances & smiles. well, it was getting dark & it was around 8:30PM.I went to the new-built house and was roaming trying to figure out how nicely my uncle built that house in upstairs near the Over-Head tank.I climbed the steel ladder and got into the water-tank.I wondered about its size,it was quite large enough to hide three persons at a time.Suddenly my 6th sense alarmed me,so i just noted it down and came out.

My mom called me inside and when i went inside all of my family inmates were prepared to play ‘Anthakshri’.I sat down and she too came and sat near me.We were palying anthakshri while xchanging secret glances.clock ranged 10:30Pm & it was time to take dinner.v took our food and went to sleep. The next day evening i left a note behind the mirror in the hall and asked her to come to upstairs of the new-built house after every one has slept.It was about 12:30 midnight I was waiting for her in the watertank.She came to upstairs and was searching for me there.I stood up & made a sound ‘zzzzzzzzz’.She saw me and climbed the steel ladder and came to watertank. She said “Inga enna panreenga”(what u r doin here?). I said “eththana machchamnnnu ennikitirukaen”(I am counting the moles I have.). I brought her inside the water tank and we sat down. She said “Indha irutllaya”(in this darkness !). I said “ya , actually knojam ennitaen meedhi ennanum”(counted only a few so far,have to count the remaining).

Saying this ,i slowly lifted her nighty.She put her hand on her nighty and said ” enna panreenga.”(what r u doin?). I said ” count panraennnu sonnaene,naa vaerey nee vaereyaaa , adhanala thaan onnodathayum count panraen”.(since v r two body single sole , i have to count u’rs too). She smiled and was speechless as she realised that she was perfectly caught in my trick.Sex is no NEW for us since v have already done it in her house.I took out a candle and a match box and i lit it.It was a small birthday candle,so v got only enough light to make things visible. Then I lifted her nighty further.She turned her face to her side and I cud see her smiling.I further lifted her nighty and I cud see her smooth inner-thighs and her red colored panty.I slowly rolled my right palm over her left leg starting from her toe.By now she has closed her eyes & her laft hand was holding me tightly.When i reached her knee,i slowly leaned forward and kissed her knee.I didn’t shook my head and continued kisssing her inner thighs. Since I had the luxury of time ,this time i didn’t want to miss this oppurtunity as she was also in good mood.I planted a wet kiss over her panty and by this time my head was almost covered inside her nighty.I cud feel her body temperature & her body sweating.I slowly pulled her panty downwards.she helped me by raising her hips.I reached her lovely hole and it was shaved previously.I xpected it since i had already told her to shave it.

The sight of her pussy in that reddish light was quite amazing.I planted a wet kiss on her pussy just touching it.Then I took a long breath and slowly blew cold air there. suddenly she held my left hand tightly and her left hand pressed my head towards her pussy.I started licking her pussy.I took out my tongue ,swirled it all aound her pussy,licking & sucking her pussy.I planned myself to try some of my fantasies , i bit her bare smooth skin hardly enough to leave my tooth impression there.I widened her legs further , started giving her the best lick there.

She was screamng like anything in a low voice.I did that for quite a long time.All this time , her nighty was covering my head and her panty was on in her left leg.I stood up and finally took her out of her nighty.She was wearing a black was not a normal one ,it had numerous holes on it. I reached her belly and grabbed her belly inbetween my jaws and bit her tightly.She grabbed my hairs and was moving my head away.then I stood up and removed my t-shirt and was only in my shorts.I was not even wearing any panty.

She inserted her right hand inside my trousers and caught my penis and was slowly massaging it.( nowadays she has become an xperienced gal ).I slowly climbed her and grabbed her right boob.I started sucking it while massaging her left boob.I did this alternatively to her both boobs and was kissing all over her chest. suddenly she forcibly pushed me down ,came over me and started kisssing me all over my well built chest.she even massaged my chest-muscles with her palms.we don’t do penetration as v have already decided not 2 do it as it wud lead to complication like pregnancy etc.,eventhough in our first sex i fucked her.v thought her should not be getting used to our fucking since if she gets arried to someone he may find it out. After that we dressed ourselves and v came down.

She went 2 the room and slept. Actually i have affair with as many as 13 girls so far.But they don’t that i have an affair with another without letting the other hand know anything I am maintainning all 13 of them while trying to seduce few more girl out of my locality. I have a very good sexual life but never try penetration with any girl as i am very much careful in maintaining my sexy physique.even yesterday,21/09/2002 i got one more chik of 21yrs old.I kissed her in her kitchen.My mail id is

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