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  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

I am Ramesh, would like to tell you all how I fucked my Grandma’s sister.(ie aunty’s mother’s sister).Her name was parvathi She was widow from the early age, she had been in aunt’s house for some function.So aunt told me to leave her at the village. After few days Widow aunt wanted to go to her home situated in a village. I accompanied her. We went to the Busterminal, but the last bus going to the village was cancelled, and hence we boarded another bus which does not go to the village but to another village situated on the highway.

It was 9.00 PM and the bus was crowded, we had to travel standing almost at the back row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day, but it started raining. I was standing behind Widow aunt, the aroma of hair oil from Widow aunt’s hair knot was romantic and exciting. Widow aunt was 48yrs young, gracefully matured beauty. She was 5’6″ tall, sexy, voluptuous, heavyset, 75kg woman, with 44-38-48 figure and long smooth silky hair reaching her knees. Her hair greyed at temples but the streaks of silvery hair added glamour and attraction to her womanness. She normally wear her hair as a knot skillfully and beautifully arranged. I couldn’t control touching her porturbing ass cheeks which were like inverted pots . My perpetually erect and hard cock was pressing against her arse . Widow aunt instead of moving away from me though there was enough space infront of her she leaned back against me pressing her buttocks against my hardness. The road was not smooth and the jerks of the bus helped me to press at her.

Widow aunt was almost leaning against me, turned her head back towards me and smiled. I placed my left hand on her fat midriff and then moved towards her navel, holding her tight pressing myself against her, my cock’s hardness pressing her arse in circular motion. There was a slight drizzle, which gradually turned to heay rain, the early monsoon rain, the earth absorbing the rain water and giving out typical aroma, which was romantic, invigorating and symbolic. The bus stopped, the lights were on, and we move apart slightly sothat no one could suspect. Some people got down and the bus started again, and the lights were off. Widow aunt instantly was back to the earler position, leaning against me, I looked around, as no one was watching, my hand exploring the the fat layers on her midriff, feeling smoothness of her skin. Widow aunt placed her hand on mine, and directed towards her huge breasts. I stroked her nipple between my fingers, Kissed her on the neck and between her shoulder blades, licking her neck and behind her ears, took her earlobes into my mouth and sucking. I leaned against the vertical rod to balance myself and hugged her with both hands, as she covered my hnds with her saree pallu. We stood like that feeling each other, almost for half an hour till the bus came to halt at our stop.

We got down from the bus and by the time we entered the Bus shelter we got wet and drenched in the rain. Widow aunt’s thin Venkatagiri saree got wet and she took off the pallu and squeezed water. I could see her heavy breasts through her wet blouse and bra , her engorged nipples straining out. Widow aunt untied her hair knot and sqeezed the reain water out. I said “Widow aunt, Your saree and petticoat is wet, hy don’t You take off your saree, squeeze out the water and dry” She smiled, took off her saree and handed over it tome and said, “You are good at squeezing, Ramesh” I wrung the water out of the saree and tied the end to the poles to dry. She was standing there in front of me only with wet petticoat and blouse, her hair spread across her back down to the knees. The rain stopped, the sky was clear and bright I was looking at her, and she felt shy, like a virgin girl, as I took her into my hands hugging her encircling her , then taking her face into my hands I kisses her on the lips, her mouth slowly opened as my tongue entered her moth exploring, our tongues caressing eachother, I was sucking on her lower lip, and she sucking my tongue. It was long drawn Kiss drinking each other. “Widow aunt, You are sexy and exciting”, I said. “Ramesh, I think You have mastered the art of seducing women, “So You know our secret, Widow aunt” I said. I unhooked her blouse and removed her blouse and bra as she raised her hands to facilitate.

Her huge, voluminous breasts sprang free, sighltyl sagged pendulous, her nipples were brown, big, hard and jutting out of her big breasts resembling the nipples big breastfeeding mother. I took one of her nipple into my mouth and started sucking, as a breastfed child sucks at her mother’s breasts. Widow aunt(Ammamma) said “Ramesh, However you suck my breasts you don’t get milk, I know you have been sucking milk from ambika aunty’s breasts ever since your baby was born” I said” Widow aunt(Ammamma), But I want to drink you, I kneeled down untied her petticoat’s knot, removed her petticoat, as she spread her thighs wide. I could see her juice drenched cunt, engorged hardened stiff clitoris ( it’s called ‘golli’ ) her cunt juice oozing out onto her thighs. I licked, lapped her cunt juice, slurped up juice pressing my lips against her cunt slurping up, my hands pressing and squeezing her ass cheeks, like one squeezes and slurps up ripe mango fruit. The more I slurp, the more cunt juice oozing out of her cunt like a never ending natural well. It was like, allof her stored kama and fat melting and oozing out of her cunt, stored for so many years waiting for the right momnent. I sucked and sucked. She grabbed me up by hair, and said ” Ramesh, I can’t wait , don’t torture me, I want u in me, I want your cock inside me, You bastard, fuckme,”. I got up, she lifted one of her thigh as I managed to enter her, my engorged , stiff, hard, long, thick, verile cock into her juice drenched pussy. I was holding her, encircling my hands around her, and then as I put my hands cupping her arse cheeks, she raised her self, her both legs encircling my waist, my hands under her arse, literally carrying her 75kg body weight on my hands so that she could manipulate her fucking movements. Widow aunt tried to move her ass forward and backward but it was a difficult position to fuck. I said, Parvathi, let me fuck You,” disentangled myself and asked her to bend.

She obeyed my orders, and bent placing her hands on the cement bench, her arse high up, legs wide spread, her uice drenched cunt wide, legs spread as wide as possible. I entered her cunt slowly,but poor lady was having pain whiel entering because after long time someone was entering her filling her cunt completely to the base, and the started fucking rythemically, holding on to her ass cheeks, taking out my cock to the knob and sending back into her cunt fully touching the bottom of her cunt. Widow aunt’s hair spread allover her back and touching the floor, It was an exciting view, I increased the speed, gradually, fucking her n doggy style. The fucking experiences with my aunty made me an expert to fuck a woman to her satisfaction, by controlling my own rhythm, I could go on for atleast for an half an hour with out reaching clmax, and could delay my ejaculation and climax. Widow aunt was reaching her orgasm, I could sense her cunt muscles, as she said, “fuck me, ucke me harder, fuckme faster, ducke me, You bastard, fuckeme you, son of a bitch, fuck me hard more harder and harder faster and faster, fucke me You mother fucker, fcke your Widow aunt, fuck me my lover fuck me my young stud, rip my cunt, rupture my cunt, my maunumada(meaning grandson, in telugu),.

I could feel her cunt muscles contract and expand, her whole body shivering, her cunt muscles gripping my cock, and then loosening, in frenzied motion, asif is my cock was rubber horn one squeezes on yesteryear automobiles, and she came, orgasmed , a long drawn multiple orgasm, slowly increasing and reaching it’s peak staying at it’s peak for a long time and the the intensity decresasing, slowly, It was at that moment I reached my climax as she gripped my cock with her cunt muscles hard and sqeezing, I came erupted like a volacano, hot lava pouring out into her cunt, we came in unision, together, my hot sperm filling her cunt, loads and loads filling her cunt. We didn’t move, my cock still in her cunt , till our orgasmic spasms subsided gradually, and then I took my cock out of grnama’s cunt, she hugged me and said, ” Ramesh, thank You, it was the best experience I ever had. Are you happy and satisfied, now that you have had your Widow aunt(ammamma) too.” I said, Yes, Widow aunt(Ammamma), I am very happy, It was my dream come true.” We dressed up walked hand in hand to our house. The servant maid opened the door, Widow aunt, changed into a fresh saree, came to the bed room.And lay on the bed besides me, took my erect hard cock into her hands and said “Ramesh, Your cock very beautiful and magnificent, like Ramesh lingam.” We fucked and fucked each other that night enjoying each other.

Widow aunt(Ammamma) came back with me the next day on the pretext that she had to help her daughter, and stayed with us. ambika my aunty could guess that I fucked her but accepted the fact. ambika aunty knew my desire for Widow aunt earlier, because I told her many a time that I wanted to fuck Parvathi, my Widow aunt. It was one of those nights during the fucking threesome sessions with aunty and Widow aunt, I came to know the secret of my birth. I shall write the details in the next part. I also fucked a Brahmin widow our servant.

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