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Good Girl Nicola

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I’m practically grown up now. This happened years ago when I was young, in my teens, sweet and, oh so innocent … but not for long. My first introduction to sex, other than fingering myself practically every night in my bedroom, was with my brother. He was a couple of years older than me and obsessed with sex as I guess all boys his age are. I knew he used to peek at me in the shower and try to look up my short school skirts. He was always trying to get me to reach up or down for something so he could get a crafty look. When I was in the shower I could see the bathroom door slowly open a couple of inches in the mirror. I decided it was about time I teased him a bit more. I started soaping my newly developing breasts and concentrating my fingers on my hard little nipples. Slowly I moved my hands down in between my legs making sure I was positioned so he could see it all in the mirror. I soaped up and down my slit starting to feel those familiar sensations tingling up my body. Somehow it was even more exciting knowing that someone was watching. As I rubbed myself off I started to get carried away. I started fingering my tight little pussy.

My breath started quickening and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I orgasmed. The door had opened a little wider. The movement must have caught my eye and I looked over to the mirror and found myself looking straight at my brother. Game over – we had clocked each other. Give him his due, he braved it out. He walked in, closed the door and stood in front of me, his stiff cock poking out of his dressing gown. “Go on.” He said. “Don’t stop on my account.” I was stood just staring at his stiff dick, like a dummy. “Go on, or I’ll tell Dad what you were doing. I’ll tell him you were showing me on purpose.” He started rubbing his cock as he leering at my naked body. He would tell Dad as well, little sod. “I’ll do it if you let me touch that.” I said pointing at his hard prick and reaching down for it. He was so shocked he didn’t move quickly enough to stop me. I grabbed it and pulled him closer. At the same time I started running my fingers up and down my slit. I did us both at the same time. Fingering my tight wet pussy with one hand and moving my hand up and down his hot, stiff shaft with the other. All of a sudden his whole body stiffened and he started thrusting his cock forward in my hand. A long gush of cum shot from the end of his prick hitting me on the top of the thigh and my swiftly moving fingering hand. As he sprayed me with more and more of his hot cum I brought myself to a huge orgasm. I rubbed his cock until it started to go limp. “Wow.” I said. “That was brilliant. It’s all slippery and sticky”. Brother was not amused and ran from the bathroom muttering something about telling Dad what I’d done. The next day when I came home from school I was confronted by a stern Dad.

“Your brother told me something very bad, Sam. He said you were teasing him in the bathroom and you touched him in a very naughty place.” “Oh, Dad it was just messing around, nothing serious.” I whined. I sat down on the chair in front of him, my short skirt riding up my thighs. I noticed that Dad’s gaze flicked down to the hem of my skirt for an instant before looking me in the eyes again. A very wicked though went through my mind and I slightly parted my legs. His gaze shifted again. I thought he must be able to see my white panties now. I shuffled around on the seat making the view even more obvious. Dad was getting a little nervous now, his little girl flashing her panties at him like that. I could also see that there was movement in his trousers. God, Dad was getting turned on. “You really are a little tease.” He scolded. He walked over to where I was sitting and told me to stand up. “I really ought to give you a good spanking.” He lifted up the back of my school skirt and patted my bottom quite firmly. “Ooh, ouch.” I mocked. Instead of taking his hand away he left it on my bottom and gentle squeeze my bum through the pantie material as if rubbing it better. When he realised I wasn’t pulling away he got a little braver and started stroking me down the crack of my bottom and pressing firmly just around my bottom hole. “Are you going to teach your little girl a lesson?” I teased wriggling by bum against his wandering hand. It had started to feel good and judging from the enormous bulge in the front of his trousers Dad was liking it too. “Would you like me to do what I did to Alan?” I said reaching out and stroking his stiff cock through the trousers. “Oh, Sam. That would be so bad. I think I’m going to have to teach you that lesson” His free hand was already lifting up the front of my skirt and sliding up the inside of my thigh. I could feel my young pussy getting heated up and when the edge of his finger started rubbing against it my juices starting flowing. He put his hand further up and pulled out the elastic of my panties before slipping his hand inside.

His fingers explored my slit and gently parted my lips running his forefinger up and down my slippery cunt. At the same time his other hand kept up the pressure on my bum whilst a finger pressed up against my tight anus. His forefinger now entered my pussy hole up to the first knuckle and I gasped with pleasure. “Oh, Daddy that feels sooo gooood.” I breathed. “You can put it in deeper if you want.” At the same time I unzipped his fly and grasped his erect cock in my small hand and pulled it into view. I rubbed my hand up and down his shaft whilst he continued to finger my tight, wet pussy. He couldn’t get his finger up any further in the position he was in so he moved round, put both hands up my skirt and slipped off my panties. We moved back onto the sofa and I spread my legs wide open letting him feast his eyes on my virgin pussy. He put his face closer to it breathing in my girlish aroma. He then pushed his finger up me again and started to use his tongue up and down on my clit. I moaned loudly as he tongued and fingered me. His other hand moved up and started to massage my little anal ring using my own juices to lubricate his entrance into my tight little hole. Fingering both my holes and tonguing my click got me heated up really quickly and I could feel the start of an orgasm. I was squirming on his fingers and thrusting my hips up to meet his probing. Both fingers were in as far as they’d go and I still wanted more.

I yelled out and gushed my juices over his hands and face as I bucked to a fantastic orgasm. He pulled back and started to get his clothes off. Looking lustily between my legs as he did so. To help things along a started to rub myself and push my finger in and out of my hot pussy. “Oh, Sam. You little prick teaser. I’m going to fuck your tight arse and fill you up with my hot cum.” He made me kneel down on the floor and bend over the sofa. He pushed up my short school skirt and rubbed his stiff cock up and down my wet pussy coating it in my slippery juice. He pushed his finger deep into my tight arsehole and worked it around. Next I felt him slide his finger out and felt the wet tip of his cock hard up against my anus. Oh, god he was going to fuck me in the arse. Before I could protest I felt the head of his cock push into me. He worked it back and forward for a bit then slowly eased the full length up my tight anus. “Oh, Daddy, no, oh god push it in, fuck me, fuck me.” It felt like my whole body was being filled up. I pushed back against each of his strokes and he bucked and fucked my tight virgin arse. He reached round and shoved a finger into my soaking pussy and rubbed it in and out in time with the strokes of his cock. “Sam, Sam I going to cum. Here it comes, darling, aaahh, aaahh, aaaaaaahh.” I felt his cock throb then start pulsating with each jerk of cum he shot into my bowels. It felt like it was going to go on forever. He must of delivered gallons up my tight hole. Then he slowly pulled out of me. He left the room leaving me in a small heap, my school uniform dishevelled and my skirt pushed up around my waist. I should have been shocked when my brother walked in but somehow, after being arse fucked by my Dad I was too weak to care. Alan was naked. His stiff cock standing out before him like a flag pole.

Dad was standing behind him his cock beginning to stiffen again. Alan came over and shoved his stiff member up against my lips. “Suck it.” He commanded. I took his tool into my mouth washing my tongue all around it. Dad stood beside him watching. I reached up and started to stroke Dad’s firm member with long slow strokes whilst Alan pushed more and more of his prick into my mouth. Then Alan pulled out and Dad replaced him working his cock into my mouth with a slow fucking motion. “Alan, fuck her now. Like I just showed you.” Alan move around behind me and I felt his prick force its way into my arse hole. I could feel Dad’s cum leak out around Alan’s prick lubricating my tight passage. “We’re going to fill you up from both ends this time.” Grunted Dad as he thrust his cock further into my sucking mouth. Alan was pumping faster and faster into my hot anus and I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. I felt an orgasm building up inside me and thrust back to meet his strokes. I moved my hand between my legs and rubbed at my aching clit bringing myself to a screaming orgasm. My moans were muffled around Dad’s cock and it was then I felt Alan’s cock explode into me. “Oh, Dad I’m cumming. I’m filling this little bitch’s arse for you.” Dad was so turned on his body arched and he shot his second load of spunk down my throat. The force of it took me by surprise and I ended up having it dibble down my chin and onto my school blouse. We all collapsed onto the sofa. I was fully aware my aching cunt hadn’t yet been penetrated, it felt like it needed it. I moved round and sat on the sofa and parted my legs. I starting to rub my fingers up and down my wet slit before sliding my middle finger up inside my tight hole. “Which one of you two is going to get hard first?” I teased. “First one up gets the prize.” Both of them started to rub their limp pricks, eyes glued to my frigging finger. I noticed Alan, being younger and all that, slowly regaining his prowess. I looked up at him lustily. “Oh, yes, Alan. I think you’re going to get the little tight prize.” Dad parted my legs even wider and put one of his fingers inside my pussy next to my own. I started to moan as he finger fucked me in time with my own finger. “I think she’s about ready, son. Go on fuck the little prick teaser. Fuck her hard.”

Alan knelt down in front of me, his prick stiff as iron now. Both Dad and me slipped our fingers out of my hole and I grabbed Alan’s cock and guided it towards me. I felt the wide tip pushing inside my soaking pussy then he firmly moved forward sliding the entire length into my virgin twat. He left it there for a moment letting me get used to the feeling, him too, I guess, as I know he never fucked anyone before, did he? I was glad that my trusty hair comb handle had dealt with my hymen long ago now. I wrapped my legs around Alan’s bum as he started to slide his hard rod in and out of my pussy. My cunt muscles stretched around his cock as he manfully thrust in and out of me, building up speed. I started moaning loudly and was only vaguely aware of Dad unbuttoning my blouse to reveal my little budding tits. He started rubbing my nipples and gently tugging on them as Alan worked up more and more speed. I felt my orgasm approaching and held back as long as I could before screaming out my pleasure. I knew Alan would cum soon and was anxious that he shouldn’t spurt it in my pussy. I noticed Dad wanking himself stupid at the sight of his little girl’s virginity being rudely fucked away by his son. I asked both of them to cum over my face and in my mouth which really set them both off. Alan pulled out of me all of a sudden and moved up to my face. Dad moved his cock over and both started spunking their loads over my face. I opened my mouth and took as much as I could, using my tongue to lap it off their pricks. When it was all over we were all exhausted. We just lay there, the boys looking at my cum drenched face, rubbing their finished pricks before dozing off. It was some weeks since Daddy and Alan, my brother, had discovered me. Daddy put me on the pill soon afterwards and both took every opportunity since to share “things” with me. School had broken up for the summer and my brother and I were due to go to Auntie Jean and Uncle John’s for the holiday, as we had for many years before. I was quite looking forward to it but felt sorry for Daddy who would have to please himself for the long break. The morning we were due to leave I thought I better give Daddy a goodbye present. I was in my bedroom and heard Daddy go into the bathroom. I got up and followed him in closing the door to behind me. He looked round and smiled as I came in and proceeded to start peeing in the bowl.

I came up behind him and reached round for his gushing cock, holding it for him as he peed. I could feel his piss coursing down his cock and splashing into the bowl beneath. I shook the last few drops off for him and started to feel his member start to stiffen. I let go quick, just to tease him and told him I needed to pee too. He turned around and slipped my panties off, pick me up and sat me on the toilet. I opened my legs wide and lifted up my long tee shirt so he could watch and started. He looked down as my golden stream cascaded into the bowl. As he did so I took hold of his hardening prick and started stroking it with my hand getting him rock hard in no time. I lifted my tee shirt higher to show off my small firm titties and stroked my nipples, making them stiff at the same time. Daddy wasted no time in slipping the shirt over my head and discarding it. As I began to finish I pulled him closer and curled my tongue around the end of his thick shaft. I kept this up for a little while before engulfing the large head in my soft wet mouth. I kept my tongue rubbing along the base making him groan with pleasure. I took him deeper and he started a slow fucking motion in my mouth. “Oh, baby, that’s so good. You know I’m going to miss you really badly, darling. Let Daddy fuck you one more time before you go, sweetie.” He pulled back from my mouth and lifted me up again. He took me over to the side of the bath and sat me down, spreading my legs up on the side of the tub. He looked down at my glistening, smooth pussy, still a little damp from pissing. With nothing more than a low moan he knelt in front of me and lowered his mouth to my tight little hole. I felt the pressure of his tongue open me up and he slid the warm wet beast up from my pussy hole to my clit in one long slow movement. I shuddered as his tongue retraced its trail and buried itself in my, now wetter, hole. “Oh, Daddy. Lick your little girl. Stick your lovely fingers in my tight cunt and lick my clit. Oh, please make your little girl cum. I want to soak your finger with my cum. Oh Daddy, please.” I moaned. There was no verbal response. He just licked me harder and faster, his forefinger slowly started probing my tight, wet hole. Deeper and deeper it went until his fist was banging against my cunt lips, heightening the already extreme pleasure of his tonguing. I started jerking against his frigging finger and my hands clasped behind his head forcing his mouth harder onto my clit. I felt my orgasm rising up inside of me like a rocket revving up to blast off. Then it did. Fireworks, flashing lights, the lot. I bucked hard in his grasp and nearly fell off the side of the bath, writhing around on his finger and tongue as a powerful orgasm tore through my little body. God I wanted him and it had to be now. I pushed him back and straddled him working my wet pussy up and down on his hard thick cock, smearing my love juice along the shaft and quivering in the wake of my orgasm at each movement. I felt the head of his member at the entrance to my cunt and sank down on it letting it slowly, ever so slowly slid inside me. I sure it was torture for both of us but worth every moment as I finally ground up against the base of his cock. I started immediately to work myself up and down, gaining pace, riding his thick rod for all I was worth. Another orgasm was lurking in the pit of my stomach and I wanted to wait to feel his pulsing cock shooting its load up inside me. Talking dirty always worked with Daddy. It did a pretty good job on Alan too as a matter of fact. “Oh Daddy, fuck my tight cunt. Fuck me hard. Oh, Daddy I want to feel you filling your little girl up with your hot spunk. Cum in me Daddy, make me cum on you. I want to drown your hard prick with my cunt juices.” That did it .. for both of us. I started cumming like a steam engine powering my body up and down on his slippery rod. I felt him rise up to meet my downward strokes and then his cock exploded in me jetting his hot cum deep inside me. Pulse after pulse more of his juice gushed into me. “Daddy! Oooh yes. More, I want more.” I slowed and settled down as our orgasms subsided. His prick was still buried deep inside me and I wasn’t about to let it go just yet. A sudden noise about me made me look up. Alan was standing a few feet from us, god knows how long he’d been there, but long enough it would seem. He was pumping his long, stiff cock like a man possessed and (I could always tell) he was near to cumming. “Come on Alan, shoot it in my mouth and all over my face.”

Daddy liked to see me covered in cum, his or Alan’s it didn’t matter. “Come on big brother, give it to me.” With that Alan took a step closer, still pummelling his prick, but noticeably stiffening as he did so. Suddenly he stopped, arched his body, and started to pump his seed all over the place. Most hit my face and I opened my mouth to catch as much as possible. The rest splashed down my chin and dripped onto my stiff nipples. I took utmost pleasure in scooping up streams of it with my fingers and slipping it into my mouth, licking my fingers clean each time. The rest I massaged into my small young breasts making them glisten. “Wow, Sam. That’s the best going away present I’ve ever had.” Gasped Daddy. “But, little darling, the person going away is supposed to get the present.” “I did, Daddy. I did.” I smiled back at him and kissed him gently on the cheek. Time was now pressing and we would have to hurry to get our train. I was kind of sad leaving Daddy behind all alone but nothing could have prepared me for what happened this year at Auntie Jean and Uncle John’s. Auntie Jean and Uncle John live in a big house in the country. Both Alan and I have been going there for our summer breaks for as long as we can remember. Auntie Jean is Daddy’s little sister and married Uncle John quite young. He’s something big in entertainment but he never went into much detail, we just knew he made big money out of it. Alan and I arrived late in the afternoon after a long train ride. Uncle John picked us up from the station and drove us through to the house. Auntie Jean was waiting at the door when we arrived. She’s in her early thirties and trim with it. Uncle John is a bit older and quite fit. They’re both great fun. We had dinner and I decided to go to bed early for a good rest after the journey Auntie Jean said she’d come and tuck me in a bit after I had time to get ready. I went upstairs and got undressed putting on my long tee shirt and leaving my panties on as I always do. I snuggled into the nice big soft bed and started thinking about the morning, about Daddy and the bathroom session. I was just starting to consider slipping my hand inside my panties when there was a soft knock on the door and Auntie Jean came in. She had got changed and wore only a short silky kimono type gown.

Her large breasts underneath were gently undulating as she walked across the room and came and sat on the bed. As she did so the kimono fell open a little at the top revealing most of her left breast. My own breast being still under construction, as it were, were only very small and her firm, conical breast held a strange fascination. She saw me looking but pretended that she hadn’t. She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, revealing even more of her left tit. The nipple was amazing. It was very thick and round, the kind that are almost erect all the time. It brushed against my chest as she leaned forward and I felt a pang in my tummy that I’d felt not too long before. I chose to ignore it. She gave me a long hug and told me how much she missed us both. By pulling me forward my face was buried in amongst the flesh of her breasts. My mouth was licking distance from her left nipple. All I had to do was just stick my tongue out and … It was as if she’d read my mind or at least made my mind up for me. She pulled me closer still talking softly to me. My lips brushed her nipple and almost instinctively I sucked it between my lips and ran my tongue against it. She gasped but didn’t move so I continued, licking it softly with my tongue, curling around it and pressing my lips hard onto it. Her gasping became a slight moan and her hand worked around to the front of my tee shirt and she softly started caressing my own small hard breasts. We kept this up for a good few minutes. I dared not move, dreading what she’d say when we broke the spell. Eventually she pulled back and laid me slowly back onto the bed. Her hand slowly slipped down my body stroking my stomach and around the edges of my panties. Her fingers slipped under the elastic and down to my pussy. She gently spread my pussy lips with her two outer fingers whilst her middle finger gently probed the edge of my moist hole. Her finger worked up my slit and circled around my hard clit making me gasp with pleasure. “Would you like me to make you cum, darling.” She said matter-of-factly. I just opened my mouth but nothing came out. I nodded. She smiled and pushed my panties down with me lifting my bum off the bed to help her. Parting my legs at the knees she slowly slipped her hands up my thighs until they rested either side of my tingling slit. Her right hand moved back up my body, under my tee shirt and started brushing over my stiff little nipples whilst her left hand slid over my hot smooth slit. One slender finger slowly entered my hot wet cunt and inched its way upwards, back down then up again in a fucking motion. I moaned softly. “Oh Auntie, that’s lovely.” “Enjoy it sweetheart.

I want to give you pleasure. I want to make you cum on my fingers little darling. Cum for me sweetie, don’t hold back.” I started to push back against her probing finger, lifting my hips at the same time. “Oh Auntie. Two fingers please. Push two fingers in me and I’ll cum all over your hand.” Auntie Jean complied, pushing a second finger into my tight, wet hole quite forcefully. I gasped and moaned with delight as she started to stretch my cunt muscles, working her fingers in faster and faster. At the same time telling me what she wanted. “Come on Sam, come for your Auntie Jean. Fuck my fingers like a cock. Pretend they’re a nice big cock fucking your tight little hole. Cum for me, baby. Cum, cum, cum.” Her words were almost a chant willing my body to orgasm. It was enough and pushed me over the edge. “Auntie Jean, I’m going to .. I’m going .. Oh, god I’m cumming Auntie. Yes, fuck me, fuck me. Nrrraaaah.” Her fingers twisted and pumped in my pussy as my orgasm threw me around. She held me as steady as she could with her right hand as the fingers on her left slowed down as my orgasm subsided. “Lie on your tummy.” She commanded. I did the best I could and she helped roll me over. I felt her hand down my back, soothing, caressing. Then, her right hand pulled at my arse cheeks holding them apart as the fingers, still slick and slippery from my pussy rubbed hard against my pucked anus. I felt a finger slide in a little way, then further, and some more until it was far up inside my tight arsehole. I pushed back, raising my bum in the air. The finger couldn’t go any deeper and Auntie Jean pulled back a bit before ramming it back up inside again. Her fast pumping movements in my anus brought my receding orgasm back in full force. Just as it hit a second finger joined the first sliding deep into the recesses of my bumhole, then pumping madly. It all seemed over far too soon. I felt Auntie pulling my panties back on and smoothing down my hair, once again soft and gentle. “Sleep soundly now Sam. We’ll talk in the morning.” The words slowing dying away as she slipped out of the room. I must have fallen asleep for a while. When I awoke the house was quiet, or it seemed to be for a while. I was trying to work out whether Auntie masturbating me was a dream or not until my hand ventured between my legs to the damp spot on my panties and the familiar feel of a recently penetrated anus.

I got up and went down the corridor to see if Alan was awake. I didn’t know if I was going to tell him or not especially as the only sympathy I’d probably get is his stiff dick poking at me. I stifled a giggle as I remembered him in the train sitting opposite me looking up my short summer dress. He had a stiffy on which anyone could see. I had to take him to the toilet on the train and suck him off to help him out. He messed that up too as the train hit some points and his cum had sprayed over my hair and down onto my new dress. It was hell trying to get it out. I got to Alan’s room and pushed the door open. It didn’t take long to find out he wasn’t there. It was then I noticed some sounds further down the corridor coming from Auntie and Uncle’s room. The light was on and a dim shaft broke from their half open door. I moved down to the door and peeked around. I nearly fell in surprise. Alan was standing by the bed and Auntie Jean was naked and kneeling in front of him with half of Alan’s long cock in her mouth. One hand was on his upper thigh pulling him towards her rhythmically whilst the other was wrapped around his shaft wanking him into her sucking mouth. Uncle John, for the most part obscured by the couple, was lying on the bed obviously stroking himself and watching intently as his wife sucked off my brother. I couldn’t help myself, my hand slipped inside my panties and I began to rub myself at this intensely sexual sight. Two fingers were almost immediately inside my wet hole. “Cum over her face, Alan.” It was Uncle John’s voice. “Soak her face. Cum all over her. Auntie’s large firm breasts started to move slightly as she worked Alan’s cock harder at the sound of Uncle’s encouragement. Alan was close to cumming and so was I. Auntie suddenly pulled Alan’s cock from her mouth. “Spray me Alan. I want to feel your hot cum all over my face and in my mouth. Cum, baby, cum for your Auntie Jean.” Alan stiffened. “That’s it Alan. I want it now. Cum, cum.” Auntie opened her mouth wide as the first of Alan’s shots sprung from his tanks down her cheek, into her mouth and over her chin. Most of the second went in her mouth and the third and fourth onto her neck and breasts. My dilemma arrived and broke. I lost balance and slid down the wall cumming loudly and ended up writhing on the floor. When I eventually looked up all three were looking over at me with part shock, part appreciation on their faces. Uncle spoke first “Sam, cum in.” The humour of the situation wasn’t lost on me and I giggled.

But more sternly I said, “You could have asked me to join in.” “We would have asked, Sam, but we thought you were maybe a bit young.” Uncle said. Auntie Jean looked a bit sheepish and presumably hadn’t told him about our little private party earlier. “Well I’m not a little girl any more, you know.” I countered and as if to prove the point I got up and walked over to Auntie Jean. I bent down and licked a long rope of Alan’s cum off her cheek then kissed her fully on the lips. After a brief pause of shock she responded by snaking her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it hungrily tasting some more of Alan’s salty juice. I proceeded to lick the rest of the cum from Auntie’s face and made my way down to her sensitive breasts. I took one of her large cylindrical nipples into my mouth and sucked, using my tongue to heighten the sensation before cupping the other breast in my had and rubbing the few drops of cum over that nipple. I switched nipples and licked the sticky goo from it before sucking it and as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. Auntie was moaning loudly now her hands pulling my tee shirt over my head and completely off. I felt eager hands pulling my panties down from behind. I definitely didn’t want to be fucked yet and responded by pulling Auntie onto the bed and clambering on top of her. I writhed down her body using my lips and tongue all over her. I especially made sure I had maximum contact between her legs and it was driving her crazy. She wriggled and contorted herself so she could rub against me and at each move I moved back so that she could only lightly touch me. My face arrived between her legs. She had a short cropped triangle of fur and below that she was totally shaven. Her pink cunt lips stood proudly out from her pussy, wide open showing the very wet pink hole inside. I was as desperate to go down on her as she was for me to do it but I held back and started licking the glistening juices from her inner thighs. As I worked my way closer to her wet slit she shuddered and tried to force my face closer but I again refused and started again on the other thigh. “Oh, Sam, get your tongue in me, please.

Lick your Auntie’s cunt, darling.” She cried. “Oh, soon Auntie, very soon.” I murmured between licks. She tasted wonderful. I’d never tasted another girl before and I was in heaven. I could feel her excess juices on my lips, chin and cheeks and loved every moment. I could feel my own cunt starting to dribble and squeezed my thighs together to ease the frustration. I had no idea what Alan and Uncle John were doing but didn’t really care as long as they left me to fuck Auntie. The time had come. I pushed Auntie’s thighs right up until her knees were practically on her breasts and leaned back and enjoyed the view. I paused briefly then plunged my tongue hard up against her knotted anus forcing my tongue in as far as it would go. She let out a little shriek and forced herself against me. I buried my tongue in her and twisted it around. “Oh God, yes.” Was all she could manage. I slowly worked my tongue up and skirted around her sopping hole scooping up a stream of her sex juice as I did so and swallowed it down. Then I licked up to her swollen clit and circled it, driving down and flicking it hard before curling my tongue down and into her dripping snatch. She was definitely mine. I had no idea where I knew how to do this from, I just knew it was exactly how I would like it done to me. Next I drew my tongue back up to her clit and flicked it rapidly bringing her right to the edge of orgasm before taking it away again and licking the rim of he pussy hole. She was panting rapidly and making one hell of a racket. I knew I couldn’t keep her here any longer. It would be so cruel. I moved back up to her clit and thrashed it wildly with the very tip of my tongue and didn’t stop until her whole body bucked and leapt from the force of a huge orgasm. Her hands grasped the back of my head and crushed my mouth against her slippery sex. She came for ages. It felt like a river flowing against my lips and chin as she came and came.

Eventually she relaxed a little, still quivering though, and puled me up to her face. She kissed me long and slow, her tongue slipping between my lips to taste her own juices off my tongue. Her arms caressed my body, gently touching sensitive parts and gliding over my back and bum. “Oh, Sam. That was the Queen or orgasms. Where did you learn to do that?” I shrugged and smiled at her. “Glad you enjoyed it,” I said, “I think I owed you one.” The boys now were utterly rampant. Uncle John in particular, who hadn’t yet cum as far as I knew, was straining at the leash. I looked up at him over Auntie’s sleek body then down at his steel rod. It was the first time I got a real good look at it and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. It wasn’t because it was extra large, it was the head. It was wedge shaped and ever so broad and put the rest of his cock out of proportion. Uncle saw me looking and repositioned himself so that it was inches from my face. He had a grin on his face as broad as his dick head. “Help yourself.” He said. So I did. I licked around the head taking a big drop of precum off in the process and savoured it. I opened my mouth wide and suck him in working my lips over the outsize helmet. He sucked in breath as my teeth scraped the edges. “Try bring the foreskin forward, you’ll find it easier.” He gasped. I did as he said and managed to get my mouth over the ridge and about half way down the shaft. My tongue worked up against the underside making him as wet as I could. Auntie was stroking my hair and whispering encouragement to me as I started to move my mouth up and down his beautiful prick. There was once or twice he stiffened and I though I was going to get a throat full of his cum but he managed to hold back. He was clearly getting nervous about cumming too soon and withdrew. At the same time he pushed me back on the bed and climbed over Auntie to position himself between my wide spread legs. He looked down at my smooth tight pussy and seamed to be making mental calculations whether it would fit or not. He had clearly made up his mind or just didn’t mind trying because he pushed the wide head of his cock hard up against the entrance to my hole. He worked his cock around twisting it and moving it up and down until it found some purchase and started stretching my poor tight passage open. He used a slow firm pressure to slide it in all the way which made me cry out in utter passion and lust as he started to fuck me. His strokes were long and slow to start with and very soon built up to a rapid fire shafting motion. I was thrusting back for every one of his strokes like an automaton with no will of my own. Auntie had started stroking my stiff aching nipples and in a low voice was encouraging Uncle to fuck me hard. In and in it pounded, my orgasms were coming one after another as his large head scraped the sides of my tight passage and banged against my cervix.

I was starting to lose consciousness, I swear, from the amount of sexual stimulation I was getting and I wanted him desperately to fill my throbbing pussy with his cum. “John, fill her up. Shoot your hot load in her young, tight cunt. Go on darling fill her hole. I want you to watch me lick it all out of her dripping little hole. Go on, darling, cum in her hairless quim.” Auntie was gasping in her own passion as she urged her husband on. Uncle John stopped at the extent of his thrust and his body stiffened. His cock twitched twice then he started pumping his hot seed into my cunt. He moaned and twisted as more of his urgent seed flooded my vagina, pumping all the time until his thrusts subsided and he started to relax. Auntie was down to him in an instant. Pulling his softening member from my well fucked hole and feeding it into her hungry mouth. She licked his flaccid member dry of every drop of our mixed juices and let it drop from her mouth. Next she turned her attention to me, moving her mouth back until she latched onto my sex, her tongue probing and scooping as much liquid as she could. Her searching tongue on my super sensitive slit was too much for me and I orgasmed again forcing my cunt against her face and smearing juice all over it. It was my turn to pull her up and we kissed and licked each others faces tasting each other and Uncle John. She smiled at me and returned to the scene of the crime, her tongue re-entering my sopping slit. Suddenly her head snapped back and a gasp escaped from her mouth. I looked up to see Alan, a look of ecstasy on his face, looming above Auntie from behind. He had obviously got fed up with waiting and had taken her exposed cunt as the perfect solution. He had thrust his renewed erection deep inside her hot, wet hole with one action and had already started to pump her hard. I wriggled my body around until I was underneath Auntie looking directly up at Alan’s long prick shafting in and out of Auntie’s wet cunt. I could see the shiny juices slicking up his tool as it pounded in and out of her. I reached my head up and began licking at Auntie’s clit and the accessible parts of Alan’s cock. I licked back further to tongue his swinging balls but he was moving far too quickly. Auntie’s tongue was still burrowing into my pussy sending electric shocks up my body. I pull my head slightly away and called up to Alan. “Cum in my mouth, Alan. I want you to pull out and spray my face.” As if it was my command, at that same moment Auntie yelled that she was cumming and Alan, with superhuman effort slid his cock from Auntie’s cunt and delivered a long jet of cum over my face and waiting open mouth. I took his cock into my mouth as the rest of his jism spurted out and swallowed most of it down. Auntie had manoeuvred herself round and I let Alan’s cock slide out of my mouth so she could taste the last few drops. When she had finished I pushed her on her back and closed my open mouth over hers and let Alan’s cum that I hadn’t swallowed drain onto her tongue.

She tongue me hungrily for more before trailing out of my mouth and tracing over my face for more. We all collapsed in a tangled heap on the bed. Auntie’s last words for me and Alan before we all fell asleep were “Wait to see what we’ve in store for you two.” I awoke the next morning to familiar movements in the bed. I opened my eyes to see Auntie lying on her side, a sublime smile on her face and her mouth slightly open but still in sleep. My brother, Alan, was spooned in behind her swiftly pumping his stiff prick into her slumbering body. He looked at me and grinned. I shook a finger of mock admonishment at him before licking it and winding it around my stiffening left nipple. Auntie was instinctively thrusting her hips back to meet each of Alan’s strokes and she was moaning in her sleep. Her breath was starting to quicken and I knew it would be long before she came. Alan pumped into her even harder and Auntie opened her mouth wider and let out a load cry as she exploded into a body twisting orgasm. After a few moments she opened her eyes. “Oh my god. That is the most bizzare experience: Waking up mid orgasm with a fine young man’s cock buried in you.” Her voice was quivering as she spoke and she rolled over onto her front taking Alan with her still impaling her with his rod. “I haven’t finished with you yet, Auntie.” He threatened. He slipped his long cock out of her dripping hole. I could see it glisten and drip with her copious juices. I raised myself up on my elbow to get a better view. He raised his cock an inch or so and pressed it hard against Auntie Jean’s puckered anus. “Oh Alan, pleeease … aaaah” Please yes or please no we’ll never find out as Alan firmly sunk his throbbing cock deep into her tight arsehole and starting slowly pumping it in and out. Auntie gripped the bedclothes with both hands as Alan manfully forced himself into her dark passage giving her the full length of his tool with every stroke. I felt stirring beside me as Uncle John slowly surfaced. I looked down. His cock was already semi hard so I reached down and ran my cool little hand along the shaft having an immediate stiffening effect. He raised his head over my body and looked at his wife having her bumhole filled by my brother and groaned. “Anal, at this time in the morning. Ah the blessings of youth.” My hand was having its effect on his early morning hard on and Uncle started to squirm under my touch. He raised himself up and straddled my chest, his ball bag settling between my small mounds and the tip of his cock, glistening with a dew drop of precum, resting at my lips. “Mmmm, cock for breakfast.” I whispered and licked the precum off the tip of his dick before running my tongue all around the oddly large helmet. Uncle thrust forward a little causing the tip of his large headed beast to slip between my lips. “Suck me darling. I need some relief, watching Auntie Jean being fucked up the arse by that randy brother of yours.” I pulled his foreskin forward, as he had shown me last night, and took as much of his manhood into my wet, velvet mouth as I could. I ran my tongue along the underside and continue to move foreskin up and down with my hand firmly around the base of his member. He started up a small thrusting motion, his eyes pinned to his wife’s rear end and Alan’s more rapidly moving cock deep in her rectum. Auntie was practically screaming now and Alan’s face was a picture. Despite his concentration he still managed to lead over and start fingering my smooth, now wet, slit with his left hand. I moaned contentedly as Alan fingered me and sucked harder on Uncles throbbing cock. “Oh god, Alan, fuck me, fuck me hard. Is my arse tight enough for you? Yea, go on Alan fuck it good and hard. I want you to pump me full of your creamy spunk. Oh, Alan I cumming again. Oh god, I’m cummmmming!” Auntie screamed. It was too much for the boys. Alan yelled out and started to jerk his teenage fluid into Auntie’s guts. Uncle John moaned, stiffend, and filled my mouth with his salty cum. I swallowed hard but still some escaped and ran down my chin. Auntie bucked like a wild animal as she let rip with a huge orgasm. Alan’s fingers pumped hard in my tight wet pussy and took me over the edge and into the oblivion of my own cum. We all flopped in a big heap and recovered our composure. “So what have you got in store for us then?” I asked, still curious from Auntie’s cryptic comment from the previous night. “We have a special party on this weekend. I think you two will really enjoy yourselves going from what we’ve seen of you so far this holiday.” Auntie rejoined smiling wickedly. Alan and I looked at each other quizzically. I guess we’d just have to wait and see. The weekend couldn’t come fast enough for Alan and I. We’d spend the entire week fucking ourselves stupid with each other and Auntie Jean and Uncle John but on Friday we were told to rest and prepare ourselves for the Saturday. Auntie took me shopping on Friday afternoon and bought me a short summer dress which was basically see through with light floral pattern to aid modesty. Saturday came soon enough and a team of caterers arrived by mid afternoon to set up the barbecue and buffet table. There something a bit odd about the caters which were one of Uncle’s contacts. The chef, who appeared to be in charge was a big black guy, muscular and beefy with a shaved head. He was very handsome but his most endearing feature was the fact that he was wearing those multicoloured chef trousers, which are really thin, and the outline of the biggest cock I’ve ever seen (bearing in mind I’d seen three) swung free underneath them. The girls all wore short French maid outfits, so short it was clear to see that none of them wore any underwear either. One of them caught me looking at her and smiled sweetly back. I blushed. She came over to where I was standing and held my hand. She kept smiling and looking into my eyes as she took my hand and guided it under her skirt letting my fingers explore her newly shaven pussy. I slid my finger up and down it opening the lips and gently flicking her clit. When I retrieved my hand my fingers were slick with her juices. Still smiling she led my fingers up to my mouth and had me lick them dry. “Later.”

Was all she said as she drifted away to others. At four people started arriving. Auntie Jean was with a young couple in the kitchen pouring them some drinks. I was introduced to them. The girl, Anna, was petite and slim with a pair of firm rounded breasts struggling under a thin summer dress similar to mine. Dave her young husband was tall and slightly built wearing a floral shirt and light slacks. The formalities over Auntie asked if I would show them into the outhouse to retrieve some beers from the cooler. As we walked out Anna slipped her hand around my waist and started light conversation while Dave followed up behind. When we got inside the outhouse I went directly to the lower level drawer of the cooler and started unpacking the beers. Anna joined me to help. We were both bent over and I was only vaguely aware of Dave behind us when a felt a hand caress my bottom from under my skirt. I shot a glance at Anna who was still smiling and appeared to be swaying slightly. She looked at me and said “Ever been to one of Jean and John’s parties before?” I shook my head and she smiled again. “You’ll love it.” Then leant over and gently brushed her lips against mine before pressing more firmly and snaking her tongue into my mouth, exploring me. The hand behind me had now started to slide up and down my slit through my cotton panties and I was beginning to get worked up. I could feel my pussy start to moisten and knew it wouldn’t be long before I was soaking them through. I knew Dave was doing the same to Anna because her kissing was getting more urgent, her tongue more lustful. Anna broke away and groaned. Dave’s fingers had now pushed aside our panties and was slipping in and out of our tight wet pussy holes. We both thrust back against the invading fingers gasping our pleasure and clinging onto each other. My hands roamed her body and found her large firm breasts and I started to fondle them and gently pull at her nipples. Our tongues met again just as Dave slipped a second finger into our dripping cunts, pumping in and out now with fury as he took us both close to orgasm. Anna came first with me a close second. When we had calmed down a bit Anna turned around and knelt in front of her husband and started undoing his trousers to release the very obvious stiff cock underneath. I followed suit and soon we were both raining kisses and licks upon his straining rod. We curled our tongues around the base and moved in unison up to the head, flicking our tongues against it and each other’s until we moved back down the shaft again. He started to moan and thrust his cock forward so Anna and I took it in turns to take it deep into our mouths.

Anna spoke to her husband. “Darling, I want to see that hard cock of yours deep inside Sam’s young hot cunt. I want to watch you fuck her, darling and pump your cum into her sweet hole.” Dave groaned again and almost lost his load down my throat but managed to fight it back. Anna stood me up and kissed me again working her hand under my short dress and slipping down my panties. “Will you do that for Dave, Sam. Will you let him fuck your darling little hole.” As she asked she slipped two of her slender fingers deep into my sopping cunt. I gasped and said “Oh yes, but only if you promise to lick your husband’s cum out of my pussy afterwards.” “I’ll do one better that than, sweetie.” She said and helped me up on top of the cooler. She gently spread my legs apart and cooed, “Oh Dave, its smoother and lovelier that I’d hoped for you my darling. Let me get her ready for you”. And with that she dipped her head down to my aching slit and ran her tongue from my anus to my clit in one slow delicious movement. Her tongue then parted my wet lips and dipped into my honey pot licking out and tasting my flowing cunt juice. I immediately started to moan, still sensitive from my earlier fingering. I thrust my hips up to meet her rapidly moving tongue as it delved deeper inside my hole. I was so close but she kept me just below boiling point with her expert flicks and swirls. Then just as I was about to give up hope of her ever letting me cum she flicked her tongue up hard against my swollen clit then sucked on it viciously. I came instantly putting my little hands around the back of her head to try and force her all into me. Her tongue mashed against my tortured clit and I came and came only slowing down when she eventually managed to pull her head away. As she moved up my body to kiss me and let me taste myself off her face and tongue shining with my own cum I felt Dave push between my legs. As I sucked on Anna’s tongue I felt his cock, slippery from our licking of him, push into my tunnel. “Oh Dave, fuck me. I want your rigid cock to fill me up. Oh yes, Dave, I want it all.” I hissed breaking away from Anna’s mouth and Dave thrust his eager member deep into my tight slick cunt. Dave could fuck for England. His long powerful strokes had me cumming from start to finish. I had to lay back on the cooler as I could no longer sit upright to watch the fantastic sight of Dave’s rod powering into my young twat. I looked round for Anna who had been gently squeezing my small young breasts and pinching at my nipples. She had collapsed against the wall, her panties around her ankles, her left hand mashing one of her large breasts through the flimsy material of her dress whilst the other pumped two fingers in and out of her shaven slit. I motioned for her to come over to me. “Anna, I want to taste you and lick you while your husband fucks me. Please, Anna, lower that wet cunt onto my mouth and tongue.” She moved quickly tying her dress up at the waistband and climbing onto the cooler above me. The sight of her lovely shaven cunt lowering onto my face had me flicking my tongue out way before it arrived. I buried my tongue deep into her soaking hole and swallowed down the river of cum which was released. I worked my mouth against her and started to tongue her clit which made her squirm and press herself against my mouth even harder.

The sight of this little girl licking his wife’s pussy must have driven Dave insane, His cock pumped into me with renewed vigour causing me to arch my back and thrust harder against him. I felt Anna’s finger rub against my clit which made me suck hers deeper into my mouth and against my tongue. I felt Dave’s cock start to twitch then explode deep within me emptying his full load of cum into my spasming cunt as yet another huge orgasm burst through my body. At the same time Anna shrieked and nearly drowned me with a gallon of her slippery sex oil. Shortly after I felt Dave’s cock slip from my hole and felt Anna lead forward followed by some sucking and licking noises as she sucked her husband’s cock clean. Next I felt her tongue on my pussy licking at my leaking slit. I managed to find the strength to roll round so that I was on top so that Dave’s jism would be aided by gravity and it found its way into Anna’s mouth. I continued to suck and lick at her open cunt until we both shuddered and writhed to another orgasm each. After a short rest we put ourselves together again and Dave gathered up the beers to return to the house. Anna and I both agreed it was probably pointless putting our panties back on and went off into the garden to seek some more fun. We rounded the corner to the gazebo in time to see Alan wearing only a pair of shorts sitting on the bench talking to a couple of females. The woman looked about about the same age as Auntie Jean and the girl probably a little older than me. I guessed they were mother and daughter. As we approach the two girls saw us giggled and hurriedly left. “Spoilsports.” Moaned Alan. “You know how I’ve fantasised about having both mother and daughter to play with. Now you’ve scared them off.” “I’m sure we can think of something to make up for it.” Said Anna and immediately started working on the buttons of Alan’s shorts. “Hussy.” I teased. “Is your fantasy brother and sister then, Anna?” “Oh god, sorry Sam. I didn’t realise.” Blushed Anna. “It’s ok,” I said. “We’re very close.” With which I pulled Alan’s stiffening cock from his shorts and took it deeply into my mouth, sucking noisely. Anna giggled. “Oh, that close huh? Let me have some of that, you greedy little whore.” I moved back to let Anna get her mouth around Alan’s stiff shaft. I slid my hand down her back and started to finger her still wet pussy. As we continued to pet each other another two men turned up already naked and ready for action. I recognised one from the store where we got my dress whom I took to be gay. From his expression at the sight of Anna’s open pussy with my fingers deep inside and the growing cock springing up in front of him I guess I was wrong. I motioned for them to come over and held a free finger to my lips to tell them to be quite. I then used both hands to pull apart Anna’s bum cheeks and her slippery wet cunt lips. The store guy took the message and rubbed his cock to full stiffness before approaching and sliding it, with one movement, up to the hilt in Anna’s hot cunt. Anna bucked in shock and nearly swallowed the whole of Alan’s cock before freeing it completely and moaning “Oh yes, fuck me, whoever you are.” The other guy came in now and banged his stiff cock against my lips. I gladly took it into my mouth and ran my tongue around the underside. He moaned his satisfaction at this arrangement and held his hand around my head as he started to fuck my mouth. The store guy was now thrusting his hard prick deep inside Anna’s juicy cunt and the slurping noise it made had me hungry for some cock of my own. Still with the new guy in my mouth I backed up towards Alan who was by now moaning at Anna’s expert sucking. Despite the hard fucking she was getting from the store guy she could see what I was up to and removed her mouth from Alan’s throbbing prick and held it steady for me. I released the cock from my mouth and straddled Alan’s long stiff prick slowly impaling myself on it until I was sitting in his lap with the full length of his big hard dick in my wet pussy. The guy I was sucking off got up on the bench so I could get my mouth around his cock again as Alan started fucking me from below. The clothes man fucking Anna had gone into overdrive and was powering his stiff prick in and out of Anna’s sopping cunt. She was moaning loudly, thrusting back against him until inevitably she starting twisting and shrieking as an orgasm broke through her petite frame. The two strangers changed places allowing me the honour of licking Anna’s delicious pussy juices from the clothes man’s throbbing cock. I took him down as far as I dared licking every drop from his cock as it went down. I felt his body stiffen and let him shoot a long stream of cum into the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but some leaked out of the corner of my mouth and down my chin onto my new summer dress. “Little girl,” said the clothes man, “come to my shop on Monday and I’ll change that out for you. That was a great fuck and a first class sucking.” He climbed down from the bench and sat opposite in a chair to watch the show. Anna got the other man to sit on the bench next to me and then straddled his stiff cock facing him. I reached down and held his cock in place and Anna sank down letting the full length of his prick enter her pussy. Both started to moan as Anna started working herself up and down on his cock. Alan’s stabbing prick was starting to have its affect on me and I could feel my own orgasm approaching. Anna reached over and started to kiss me deeply, her expert tongue working around my mouth. Her hand reached down and started to play with my hard little clit. “Cum for me, Sam. Cum on your brother’s stiff prick. Flood your brother’s prick and balls with your lovely juicy cunt milk.” That did it for me. I started to cum shuddering and moaning loudly as Alan pounded his cock deep inside me. Anna’s fingers moved down and she slipped two inside my pussy alongside Alan’s cock. Alan bucked faster at the feel of her fingers tightening my already tight pussy still further and shot his hot cum hard into my sucking cunt. “Fill your little sister, fill her young cunt up with your hot man juice. Go on, pump it into her.” Anna shouted as she twisted and wriggled on the prick pumping into her own pussy entering her own second orgasm. In my highly charged state I reached around her and roughly stroked her arse cheeks. Slipping my fingers down the crack I probed her tight anus causing her to scream and buck more. In the final throes of her orgasm I pushed my finger up her arse as far as it would go and felt her push down on it and the prick pounding inside her. I could feel the man’s prick with my finger and squeeze it hard. I felt it twitch then pulse twice as he started to pump his cum into Anna’s willing pussy. What a great feeling touching a mans cock as it cums in nice hot pussy. The men shuffled off and Alan went off to look for his mother and daughter leaving Anna and I to rest for a while. We took off each other’s dresses and stroked each other’s firm bodies. There was a little trickle of cum seeping out of Anna’s pussy so I wickedly slipped my finger inside her and scooped it up. I held my finger up to her mouth and she hungrily licked it all off. “My turn.” She whispered in my ear and pushed two fingers deep inside my hot wet cunt. I gasped with delight and let her finger me for a while before pulling her fingers out and feeding them to me. “There,” she said, “drink down your brother’s cum.” “Share and share alike.” I countered and we both licked her fingers clean. She suggested we showered before our next adventure and we headed back to the house. Anna and I had decided to take a shower before continuing our adventure. On the way we passed the barbecue site which was smoking slowly with some steaks sizzling away on top. The black chef was standing close to it a long fork in his hand, his highly coloured trousers around his ankles and two lady guests from the party sucking and licking at his enormous cock. Both ladies had a hand around it which still left a good section left to suck. Anna and I decided to stay and watch until he came so we sat on the grass nearby. The sight soon had us horny again and we started to rub each other’s pussies as the two girls worked the chef into a frenzie. We were both gently moaning on the grass when we were interrupted by two of the French maids. I recognised one of them as the girl I had met earlier and she beamed down at me. “Can we help you ladies out whilst you watch our boss and his friends?” It was the sort of question that needed no answer and the maids didn’t wait for any. They introduced themselves as Arlette, the one I’d seen earlier and Mary and equally young and pretty looking girl. Arlette knelt before me and parted my legs immediately lowering her head down onto my swollen and wet pussy. Mary had already started on Anna and I could hear her softly purring as her hot wet pussy got a tongue in it. I had my hands around Arlette’s head as her tongue traced a route from my anus to my clit and back again. She spent ages slowly licking around the tight little ring of my anus and gently probing it with the tip of her tongue.

It was Heaven. Her fingers gently floated down the inside of my thighs and played lightly with my pussy lips enjoying the feel of their soft wetness before gently parting my lips and running her fingertips around the edges of my pussy hole. Both Anna and I were now moaning softly as the two maids worked their magic on our soaked pussies. I looked over to where the chef was and felt a jolt of excitement as I watched him with half of his enormous shaft buried in one of the women’s arseholes. The other woman was licking the remaining shaft and had her hand in the first woman’s cunt up to the wrist. The black stud was forcing his cock in and out of the tight fitting arse and grunting with every thrust. My attention was suddenly brought back into focus as Arlette switched her attention to my aching clit at the same time as pushing the length of her finger deep into my tight little anus. Two fingers from her other hand frigged my wet cunt sending electric waves of pleasure through my body and making me cry out with lust. Anna was in a similar state thrashing her head from side to side and bucking her hips up at Mary’s flickering tongue. I looked back at the chef just in time to see him pull his cock from its tight anal home and shoot an long rope of cum over the woman’s back and over her friend’s face and into her mouth. It was then Arlette’s energy passed through to me. A huge orgasm that had been building in me forever, it seemed, crashed over me like a tidal wave. I bucked and thrashed at Arlette’s mercy as wave after wave of hot orgasm washed over my little body before eventually subsiding. I pulled Arlette to me and we kissed passionately, me telling her how wonderful it was and tasting my own sweet juices from her face, mouth and tongue. Anna and I went back to the house and relaxed under a cooling shower gently caressing and soothing our worn out bodies. When we emerged we went back through to the living room. Alan was in the middle of the floor with the young daughter who was slowly sucking his erect cock. The mother had the base of Alan’s cock in her hand and was stroking it in and out of her daughter’s mouth and issuing soft instructions to her. “Run your tongue along the base of his shaft, Alice. Make it really wet. Move your mouth up and down along it. Let him fuck you in the mouth.” Alan had a look of sublime joy on his face hardly noticing the several onlookers who had come to watch this particular show. There were two older men sitting on the sofa watching intently. Anna whispered to me that the one on the left was the little girl’s grandfather and the other his brother, her Great Uncle. Dave, Anna’s husband, was over in the corner with Auntie Jean deliberately shafting her from behind so that both could watch. A couple of young men came over and started playing with Anna’s breasts and she soon was spirited away by them towards her husband’s corner of the room. One of the older men on the couch beckoned me over to them and I sat between them. The Grandfather introduced himself as Bill and his brother Frank. They were both a bit distracted by the deflowering of their young family member so I let them watch and slowly started to rub their semi hard cocks for them as they watched. Alan was getting the blow job of his life as occasionally the mother would demonstrate a particular twist or move on his cock and then let the young daughter try it out. Alan’s cock was glistening with saliva as the two licked and sucked his rigid tool. Both Bill and Frank were getting hot now. Both cocks were rock solid in my hands and I could see drops of precum on the tips. Bill got up and went over to his daughter and held his rigid member to her lips. Obviously feeling that her daughter was good enough to go solo she turned around and took the old man’s cock between her lips and sucked it down into her mouth. Frank groaned next to me and seeing he was left out of the picture I bent down and took him into my mouth slowly moving up and down the shaft. His hips came up to meet my each down stroke. We carried on for a little while until he could take no more. His rough old hands pulled me away and lay me down in front of him so we could both watch the show. Then he lifted up my leg and rubbed the head of his prick up and down my sensitive cunt lips. I moaned deliriously as his fat tool worked its way into my tight hole and started fucking me. Bill had moved his daughter down the floor and spooned in behind her again so that no one would miss anything. He entered his daughter’s wet hole with one movement making her gasp as his thick old rod stretched open her cunt. Alan, meantime, had pushed the young girl onto her back and had spread her legs. He was utterly ready now to take her virginity as he had done mine. We all watched as he slipped his long prick up and down the girl’s moist smooth slit coating it in her sticky juices. Her mother reached over and ran her fingers up and down her daughter’s pussy and around Alan’s cock then pushed one finger deep inside her cunt. The young girl moaned at the intrusion and writhed on her mother’s finger. “I think you can fuck her now, Alan.” The mother groaned as her father thrust his hoary old cock deep up her. Alan held his cock at the young girl’s pussy entrance and slowly eased his cock into her tight tunnel. The girl cried out as his prick stretched her hole wide open raising her hips up to ease his passage. Slowly he worked the length of his long prick into her, paused for a second then began a gentle series of strokes in and out of her virgin pussy. “‘Uncle’ Frank started increasing the speed of his strokes into my sopping wet pussy. His thick cock filling my tight little hole and making me cried out with pleasure at every movement he made. He was moaning loudly into my ear and pulling firmly on my stiff nipples making me writhe with ecstasy in his old arms. The Bill was no getting carried away and was furiously fucking his daughter who was clearly enjoying the pounding. She was gently caressing her daughter’s tits as Alan started to slam his meat into her with passion. In the background I could hear Auntie Jean shouting out as Dave pummelled her from the rear and a glance over at Anna told me she was in her element on her back with one cock buried in her cunt and the other in her mouth. From behind me Frank bellowed across to Bill “Fuck her in the arse, Bill. You know how much she likes a good arse fuck.” Frank’s cock jumped inside me as he yelled taking me over the edge to my first orgasm. The air was turning blue around me. “Alan,” shouted the mother, “fuck her good and hard, make my little baby cum for me, fuck he hard until she cums.” “I’m going to spear your tight little anus, my angel,” moaned Bill to his daughter, “just the way you like it.” “Oh Daddy, poke your big stiff cock hard into my tight arsehole, please.” Cried the mother. I watched as Bill slid this thick cock out of his daughter’s wet pussy hole and pressed it firmly against her exposed arsehole. He pushed his member past the tight bunch of muscles at the entrance and slid the whole length and width of his cock into her rectum. She let out a low moaning sound and started to push back against her father’s invading cock. The young girl Alan was fucking the brains out of reached down to her mother’s open slippery pussy and slid two fingers inside her “Oh Mummy, Grandad’s cock looks so good in your arse. Fuck Mummy’s tight hole, Grandad, fuck her nice and hard. Oh Mummy, I’m going to cum, Mummy, Mummy oh god I’m cummmmmingg.” Alan screwed his eyes up as the young girl’s tight cunt clamped down around his prick. She bucked and twisted under him and her juices drenched his pumping cock. “Take her other virginity, Alan.” I heard myself saying amid the din of fucking, shouting and moaning. “Fuck her sweet little anus for me, brother. Bury that long great cock of yours up her tight little bumhole.” Alan looked at me, then at the girl’s mother, then lastly at the young sweet thing on the end of his prick. “Do you want it, little darling. Do you want me to fuck your tight little, puckered anus for you?” “Oh Alan,” she whimpered, “more than anything. When Grandad puts his finger in there it feels sooo gooood. Alan, please do it, press that big hard cock of your deep into my anus.” Alan shrugged and pulled his long cock out of her previously virgin cunt. It was slick with her sweet honey and I knew it would slide in so smoothly.

The young girl turned over and stuck her lovely rounded bum in the air towards Alan’s pointing prick. He moved it slowly against her ring then pressed it firmly home. “Ooooh yes,” the girl cried, “fuck me, Alan. Fuck my virgin arse. Fill me up with your hot cum, pump me full of it.” Alan had already started to thrust his cock in and out of the girl’s bumhole. Slippery from her own juices it slid in and out smoothly. I could see on his face that he was going to cum very soon now. Frank was pumping his cock in and out of my tight wet cunt with a vengeance. The sight before him driving him wild with lust. Bill had now mounted his daughter on all fours and was slamming his meat in and out of her clutching arsehole accompanied by her screams of passion. Frank came first flooding my pussy with his mature seed, his cock leaping inside me with every spurt. The young girl had started to orgasm again and Alan unable to control himself any longer pumped his youthful cum deep in her guts. Bill, who lasted longer than any of us pulled out of his daughter and moved over to his writhing granddaughter, moving her head slightly to one side he issued a long jet of cum over her young face and hair. She rolled over completely, having been freed of Alan’s deflating cock, and received the second load of jism over her small tits. Mother moved in and started licking the cum from her daughter’s face and breasts only to get a face full of the old man’s third spurt. The young girl lay there whilst her mother cleaned her up. We were all practically in a state of shock and the room was still buzzing in certain areas. Dave was finishing off filling Auntie Jean’s pussy full of his cum whilst his wife was draining the two cocks she had over in her corner. I looked back at the girl on the floor and noticed that she was starting between my legs. I opened my legs and let her look at my well fucked pussy with a dribble of her great uncle’s cum flowing down the crack of my arse. I beckoned her over to me and she crawled across the floor and buried her pretty little face between my legs. I felt her little tongue trace the line of cum from my anus to my pussy hole where she forced her tongue in as far as it would go. I gasped with pleasure as the girl continue to lick and suck my sopping wet cunt. I slowly stroked her hair as her tongue worked over my clit and back down to my pussy hole letting out almost continuos moans as she did so. In moments I was cumming again mashing my hot cunt against her flickering tongue. I pulled her up to me when I had calmed down and kissed her long and slow tasting the mixtures of my own juices, Frank’s and Bills some of which was still on her face. We all rested for a while and showered for this was not yet the end of the party. I was the last out of the shower and decided to rest for a while on the sofa with the others scattered around me in various states of recovery. Slowly I drifted off to sleep. I woke up from my short rest still on the sofa, the young girl had gone and there was no sign of Alan, Uncle John or Auntie Jean. A few people were still indulging in sexual activity around the room. A couple I hadn’t seen previously were in full fucking flight, missionary position in the far corner. I could just see his slippery cock pumping furiously into his partner’s willing hole. Dave had partnered up with one of the maids and was in the process of ramming his lovely prick into her shaven pussy from the rear. She meanwhile had her head buried in the other maid’s crotch tonguing her to distraction. I was in desperate need of a pee. I got up to head out of the room and gave Dave a smile and a wave. He grinned back. As I walked out of the room I nearly tripped over the Bill, the Grandfather of the young girl, whose legs were poking out from behind the sofa. Atop him was the young girl riding her Grandpa, bouncing up and down on his hoary old cock. His brother, Frank, was ramming Bill’s daughter who was getting an arse full of her Uncle’s stiff rod. Starting to feel horny again I decided it best to get my pee out of the way so I could start again and headed off down the corridor. When I got out of the bathroom I was deciding whether I should try and find Alan or my Aunt and Uncle. When I rounded the corner though I met with the best surprise of the party. Daddy was standing there talking with Uncle John. It was rather a bizarre sight as Daddy was fully clothed and Uncle was standing there with his limp prick dangling between his legs. Even flacid his large helmet was still obvious and it looked even more out of proportion with the rest of his cock. I ran over to Daddy and gave him a big bear hug. He laughed and asked “Well, little daughter, have you enjoyed this visit to your Uncle and Aunt’s?” “Oooh, Daddy, it’s been the best ever. I think I ought to thank you properly for sending us out here for the school holidays.” And with that I sunk to my knees in front of Daddy and undid his trousers in record time letting them fall to the floor along with his underpants. I took his rapidly hardening prick deep into my mouth and began to suck him. “Now there’s a dutiful daughter.” Laughed Uncle who was obviously beginning to enjoy the show judging from his swelling member. I continued to suck Daddy’s thick prick enjoying the taste of it and the leaking of his precum into my mouth. He began groaning and held his hands around the back of my head and started to fuck me in the mouth. After a while he pointed to Uncle John who was lying on the stairs rubbing his stiff cock. “I think Uncle John could do with some attention.” He said slipping his cock from my sucking mouth. I moved around to slide my body up Uncle’s legs to start on his big headed monster but Uncle continued to pull me up and kissed me on the lips. His tongue slipped in between my lips tasting Daddy’s cock juice. I positioned my legs either side of his body so that my clean fresh pussy started to slide against his stiff prick. I began to ride up and down it and every time my clit reached the ridge of his cock head it sent an electric jolt through my body. I continued while Uncle kissed me passionately coating his hard cock with my dripping love juices. At that moment Alan came down the stairs followed by Auntie Jean and Anna. “Hi Dad.” said Alan, “What a great holiday this turned out to be. Auntie Jean really knows how to drain a lad’s prick.” “I know.” Smiled back Dad who had now removed the rest of his clothes and was standing there with his love truncheon clasped in his hand. I gasped, partly at the amazing effect Uncle John’s prick was having on my torched pussy and partly at the revelation that Daddy had fucked his sister too. The trio stopped to admire the scene of the three of us getting worked up. Auntie Jean started slowly caressing Anna’s back and down to her round bum cheeks before sliding her expert hand between Anna’s thighs to start fingering her pussy. Alan stepped a bit closer. I knew what he wanted and was pleased to oblige. I raised his limp member to my lips and sucked him into my mouth. His cock was covered in cunt juice and at a rough guess he’d fucked both Auntie Jean and Anna recently. However it didn’t take long before his young prick was rampant again in my mouth as I licked the musky girl sauce from every inch of his cock and balls. As I sucked Alan I worked myself up a little further on Uncle John’s prick until his large head nestled at the entrance to my smooth wet pussy. As I took Alan down deeper I pushed down on Uncle John’s cock letting it stretch my juicy cunt entrance and sink deep into my tight tunnel. I started a slow up and down movement feeling his large head scrape up and down the walls of my vagina. I was in ecstasy. Then I felt Daddy’s hands start to slowly caress my bum cheeks and gently part them. His stubby finger started to work its way around my tight little button before firmly forcing its way into my anus. He soon had all his finger in me slowing fucking it in and out. “You like that, don’t you Sam.” He breathed. “How would you like Daddy’s cock in there instead, pumping your sweet little arsehole full of my Daddy cum?” I momentarily released Alan’s cock from my mouth. “Oooh Daddy, don’t tease. Fuck your cock up my tight little bumhole. Fuck me full of your cum, please Daddy.” I continued to moan my pleasure around Alan’s stiff cock which I took back almost down my throat. I knew what was coming and longed to be filled in both holes by Uncle and Daddy’s meaty cocks. Uncle was now thrusting up to meet my downward strokes but had to stop when Daddy placed the tip of his thick rod at the entrance to my arse. I tried to relax my anal muscle as much as possible but when Daddy firmly pressed it in I still let out a low throaty gurgle as I felt it stretch me wide and slide full length into my dark hole. Daddy waited a moment for me to get used to his size before starting a long slow stroking motion in my bumhole. Uncle started to thrust up at me again as Daddy started and I could feel their pricks connect either side of the walls of my cunt. When the pair of them started in earnest my orgasm came out of nowhere and tore through my little body like a tornado. Another followed that one and I nearly bit Alan’s cock clean off but his own point was arriving and he didn’t seem to notice or care. Alan’s first spurt of cum went straight into the back of my throat and I swallowed fast expecting the second. Alan lost his balance at that point and the second jet of hot jism splashed into my face along with the third and forth and rolled off my chin onto my small tits which Uncle was massaging fervently. This set the others off, Daddy first emptying his pent up load deep into my body and Uncle’s big headed prick spasming into my cunt. I could hardly feel Uncle’s hot emission as I was so full of cock and a third orgasm had just erupted deep within me. I looked up just in time to see Anna gripping the banister rail hard, eyes shut as Auntie’s finger work brought her off too. Soon after Auntie Jean came down past me on the stairs and pull Daddy’s softening prick from my anus. I watched as she licked the remains of cum off it before descending on Uncle John’s soaked cock sucking that dry too. Next she started on me. I felt her tongue plunge into my open anus sucking and licking Daddy’s cum out. Anna leaned forward and started to lick Alan’s cum from my face before closing her mouth over mine and slipping her tongue between my lips so that we both could share what was left. Auntie Jean finished emptying my arsehole and proceeded to do the same with my pussy.

She lay flat on the stairs under my spread legs and buried her tongue deep into my dripping cunt. At the same time her finger located my swollen, sensitive clit and started a circular rubbing motion. I came again in a tangle of bodies then collapsed, worn out and totally fucked in a heap. The last thing I remember of that day was Daddy carrying me upstairs to bed. Though I was worn out I couldn’t resist rubbing his slack prick. “Daddy, I’d love to suck your prick until you cum in my mouth.” “No, Sweetie. I have to save my strength. I promised Auntie Jean I’d give her a length before bedtime for old times sake.” He replied. I pouted playfully before slipping into a very pleasurable oblivion. IF YOU’D LIKE TO CONTACT ME PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO EMAIL ME AT HOT_LUSTY_BABE@HOTMAIL.COM

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