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Golden Sexy Skin Shalini

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

This is krishna(kittu) from hyderabad(India) and i was 20 and doing my final yr when this has happened in my life ,now iam 24 . I stay in a rental house. in that compound 2 families are there in one house there is a aunty called shalini she is 28 and she is a sexy babe she will expose her body often she will show her golden skinny body to everyone besides being shy il dream some times to fuck her but I thought there is a age barrier but my cock is so hot that it hates age barrier so I planned to fuck her one day.

On Saturday I was studying for my final year exams by studying upto 1:00 am after my night study I went to my bathroom to piss as my bathroom is very adjacent to that shalinis bedroom when I neared that bathroom I cud heard a moaning sound in a doubt I turned around and slowly I opened that bedroom window that time I cud see that shalinis husband fucking her buttocks hah she was shaking her body here and there when he was fucking at back oh what a feeling aman cud have when he fucks. so a week went then I was eager to see her body from that day through the window so at day times whenever she sleeps I used to go to my bathroom and il slowly open the window I cud see her big boobs and that sexy hip and round buttocks after seeing weekly thrice or 4times I used to mastrubate in seduction but one day when her family was in a tour for 10 days she was unable to go due to hamstring so I planned this time to fuck her at any cost so one day I went to her house by evening 30 clock and asked her aunty y u didnt go for tour she said im suffering from hamstring and I said aunty y cant u apply any ointments or medicine she said I m applying daily at once she raised her saree upto her hip without shy and she said here is the extreme pain and in eagerness I touched her golden laps oh what a soft skin ive touched in my life she didnt feel shy she said to apply ointment I said ok then I applied ointment in her legs then slowly I went upto her cunt and I was fingering her cunt she got up at once she said what ru doing I boldly said aunty ur too sexy to me I like to have sex relationship with u first she said hey no ur too young then my reply was aunty its just sex for this no need of age barrier and after few mins she said ok then at once I carried her in my hands upto her bedroom she said hey naughty I said haha then slowly I removed her saree pavadai and bra and panty oh I cud see a naked lady aaha then at once my fav position was buttocks so I massaged it and I kissed her lips for a while she said wow ur tasty da then .

I kissed her neck licked her booobs and I was biting her nipples she was moaning mmmaaaaaaaaaaaaah so to make her keep quite once again I attached my lips to her lips then I was caressing her boobs wow soft ball was there in my hands then what cud I do I just squeezed it aaaah! it is like a ice cream with a cherry on top . i made it for two dozen times then i made her to stand I kissed her stomach and went down to her cunt and kissed then my cock was ericted to max. and making me to start and sayng me start kittu start.i first i want to make her as emotional as possible so i inserted my finger into her cunt making up and down now she is full of emotion with moaning sounds oooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaahhhh! she was making my mouth to taste her cud then slowly i lifted to sofa and made a angle of 90 degrees back i started from back oooooooh! my cock was into her cud both of us was full of enjoyment and emotion as her boobs we like a cork balls then slowly my cock has licked sperms into her and she just hugged me in seduction.

When I did it her body was airtight with my body she hugged me wildly and kissed me from top to bottom and she took my cock in her hands and sucked it for half an hour my sperms was filled in her face and tongue she just swallowed it and she said hey u young guys are really tasty to be handled and then finally she took mycock in her hands and she herself inserted it In her cunt and I just helped her by pressing my cock inside after mycock went in oooh! what a feeling it is i can’t be said it should be experienced I just fucked her wildly for a dozen times ah what a feeling when the cock balls hit that buttocks while fucking oh its really exciting then I released mycock after that we used to fuck whenever no one is there in my house or in her house but really shalini is too good to handle. If anyone want to communicate, especially females of Age preference 18 to 45. from Hyderabad and Secunderabad and near by area, please mail me at

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