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Golden Night In Abbottabad

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hi all readers of desipapa .Let me introduced myself again,I am Picses Khan From Abbottabad.I am about 24 years old now with 5′,8″hight.Now I am a student of M.Sc final year.I have alrady shared my two stories with you.
This incidence is of 2 months old.Actully I am very found of sex experiances with Aunties & Girls BUT I belong to a very respectable family so I can’t do oppenly.Whenever I made a sex relation with a girl/Aunty it was very secrt so I wont maintion real name.

Let me start my story.I have a friend who is meter readr in WAPDA,& he goes to in different areas for his Duty.Some time I also go with him for his help to read electricity meters & if he goes on leave then he say to me that this day ‘I go for him’.

One day as he was on leave & he told me that please read some of my meters so I went in a local area of Abbottabad city.There I went in a house (as alot of meters are inside the houses in that Area).

There was girl she was alone in her house.SHE is very beautiful married with blue eyes,round big boobs & a beautiful ass.She is about 28 years old & she also has tow kids.She havent any Dopatah & she was wearing a tight shalwar & Kameez.Her big Boobs were looking so sexy that I was totally out of control.But it was first meetig with her so I cant do something.I asked her would you like to show me a electricity bill of your house meter.She gave me..

After reading the her E.meter I request her for a glass of water she bring for me & also invite for a cup of tea.But i told her for next time.Meanwhile i asked her about her education & her family because she is looking like a brought minded girl.Her husband is in a bank & her kids are in a school so she is living alone from morning8.00 to evening 4.00.& then I came back.

But all the night I thought about her & it was a problem for me that how I can meet with her again so I thought a plan to meet her.Nex day I again went to her house & i told her that there was a mistake in our record so I wana cheak again your meter,she replied ok.Then I told her If you dont mind I wana tell you some thing: she replied What ? I told her your very beautiful & at that time I was very affraid that what happen next.I read on her face that she is happy.She answered me what you mean & you are looking like my brother.I told her ” Tum Mujh ko AAchi Lagti ho AUR mareh kohi GHalt MUTLIB nahian hay”She told me you know I am married & I have got a love marriadge.I told her yes I know that But I like you this is not wrong.She replied but I am not intresting.

I came back with these wording I wana friendship with you.After one month I went their again & I sat there she told me please go some one see & this is bad.I asked her you are the so beautiful that i wana kiss on your lips & then I will back.First she didnot reply & then she asked me ok but promise that you will go back “Woah I said ok.

I went her close I put my left hand under hiright arm & my right hand was on her left boob & I entre my Tounge in her mouth & kiss her deeply.At that time my 6” LUND become like an iron rod & strike with her.She cant speake any word because I caught her tightly;She was trying to free herself meanwhile I caught her left boob tight she moun ooh ohn.After two minute I set her free I saw her eyes becom reds & she was a little out of controle.She said me please go now someone will come here & see us.Then I told with very romantic position That “Try to understand please I like you very much” & we have done KISSES now what is remaining behaind.I understood that she is agreeed but she says right that some one can see us.

Again I told her Tell me you want sex with me or not if no then I will never come again.She replied you know my problem I havent done without my husband before.Iwana do it BUT…..ok.

She told me can You come at night time when my husband will go to another city.I said YNOT & how i will know that your Housband had gone.She gave me her telefone no that you can contact me at mit day & i will tell you.

After Tow weeks her husband went to Islamabad for one day.It was monday & I fixed time with 6 o clock I call her by fone she said that her husband had gone so you can come at 10 oclock.I told my family at that morning that I am going to Islamabad for an intervew so I will stay with my friend tonight.

At 10 I reached in her house she was waiting for me.It was cold I entre in her bedroom first I sat ther near a heater & she take some fruites to eat.We discused on love & other sexy topics for some time.About 10.25 I kiss on her lips & start sucking.Now we are on her bed & my tounge is in her mouth & her in mine.I entred my hand under her Kamize”wah her boob were so soft like foam”I rubed her boobs with my hands about 5 minutes.Then I opened her Kameez & bara.Now I suck her big boobs she was laying on bed I was on her I also open my Kameez Now her warm body toching with me & I was busy in kissing on her chest.She enjoied it very much.And told me please such me deeply.Meanwile my one hand was moving in her cunt(CHOOT),She mouned ha ha ho ho………she cant controle her breathing.

After 15 min sucking I opened he SHALWAR & also mine.She start playing with my rod.Some time she Rub with hands & some time she kiss on my rod also some time she rub her boobs with it.Then I kiss in between her legs.I start sucking her CHOOT with my tounge.As my tounge moved in he Choot She mound oh oh oh hi hi hi……She caught my head tight & press to her choot.Then we make 69 position.she suck my LUND like ICE CREAM & suck her choot like huney in a botle.

About 30 min we suck each other.And now I put her legs on my shoulders & entred my LUND in her choot slowly it was like virgins.she cryed uff oh please do it.Then I pushed my dick with speed,first she cant speak but after some time she caught me tight & looking like a mad bitch.Then I changed the position & I fucked her like Dogy style.Her eyes was closed when I pushed my Lund with speed & she mouned HI hi Please do it with more speed.About 5minute we have done like Dogy position.Now I layed down & she sat on my Lund.As she sat on my lund suddenly my lund sliped & with force all entred in her choot & she cried UF Uf …Iwas like in rest & she start up & down with ha ha ho ho …She start sucking,Kissing on my chest & said me please do it all night I HAVE NEVER DONE LIKE THIS.After about 5 mint of POsition I cum inside in her choot.

We start kissing each other. I asked her please that TELL ME HAVE YOU ENJIED it or not?She told me I never done sex without my HUSBAND.This is my first fuck with you.Before this I thought that sex is that which my husband do with me He never suck my choot,Boobs & he just entre his LUND in my choot for few minutes.Tonight I knew what is a real sex.Seh request me please come here whenever we have chance.Then after 15 minute I fucked her again by ass hole.SAhe also enjy it.I came back at 5.0 morning from her house.

This is 100 % real story.I hope you will enjoyed it verymuch.Any female ( 19+ to 47 ) can mail me to fulfill their satisfaction if they are not supported, want secret relations or have friendship or chatting with me. I promised to maintain the secrecy and be obedient. Hope you like my story. Awaiting for your mail at E,

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