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Girl Wanted To Be Fucked

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Well I have not raped any one till date for – I get easily what I want – I do not believe in force. But if you want to be raped – who am I to stop. You have called me to your house for a cup of coffee. I reach your house around 5.30 in the evening – you open the door for me – you are standing there wearing a short top – and a skirt. Your eyes shine when you see me – I greet you – but my eyes are on your 2boobs – which are so full and inviting – they seem to have been prisoner inside – they are moving up and down while you walk – as if telling you to release them.

We are sitting in the drawing room – you go to the kitchen and get some goodies to eat – you put them on the table and sit across me – I can see the crack of your panties from where I’m sitting – to have a better view I bed down pretending to pick up something from the floor – “Oh god” what a sight – I see your thighs joining to- gather at the top – and I see your black panties clearly.

I feel a stirring in my pants – and I try to shift sides to avoid your notice.

But I can see you have sensed something and smiling quietly. I think are you game for a fuck – but I dare not ask you – as this is our first meeting.

We are talking on different subjects – when you turn on the TV – a hot film is being shown on HBO – We both are seeing the movie – but dare not reveal our feelings – you too want to have a nice fuck but scared – too scared.

I am now fully aroused and put out my hand and catch you arms. You look into my eyes and think I just want to have a kiss. You do not mind and allow my hands to stay there – I slowly start massaging your hands and move up to your neck.

I then get up and sit besides you and move my hands over your neck and behind your ears. Your are sensitive there – you start to enjoy it – but still scared – I slowly move your head and plant a deep kiss on your lips – you go for it too – I think this is the signal – I move my hands down – and catch hold of your breasts – AAAAHHHH – they are semi hard by now – I love squeezing them – but by this time you are realize that this is not a kiss and bye – you start to get up and say ‘please, please, stop it – I’m scared – what are you doing?

But now my cock is fully erect and have started controlling my brain – and now only one thing is in my mind – that is pleasure for my sweet long cock.

I catch hold of you and make you sit down again – but you are resisting me and trying to fight out to move away from me – – I catch hold of you skirt and pull them apart – all the buttons are flying off you and your skirt has come off – I see your black panties – hiding the white shaved pussy. You turn back trying to hide your pussy and in this you make me more aroused – for I see two round globes held back by the material – I tug at the panties and they slide up to your crack – exposing your ass to me – I catch hold of your buttocks and squeeze them and try to put a finger inside your panties.

But you pull away from me – and say’ please leave me – look! I have never done this before, please ”

Hearing your plea’s to stop me – are arousing me more and more – I think Wow! A virgin – standing half naked in front of me – how can I leave this chance?

I quickly open my pants and release my cock – It springs out – and is standing up and twitching. It’s very excited, not allowing me to think of anything else except love.

I catch your waist and try to pull your shirt open but you are not allowing the same – I’m now getting wild – I finally throw you on the rug and sit on top of you – now you are shaking and requesting me to leave you – but the pleasures are not allow ing the words enter my ears.

I sit on top of you and slowly pull your shirt up over you boobs.

Now I see your boobs – captured inside the bra. I catch both the boobs and squeeze them and try to take it out of your bra – but I’m not able to do so – as they are very big – only the nipples are clearly visible now – I take one nipple in my mouth and suck it – you start beating my head to leave you – but I catch both your hands and put my lips back on your nipple – and suck them hard, he whole place is quite and the only noise is of my sucking – you are a bit relaxed – I start to think – you are getting aroused – and I keep on sucking you more and more – then I leave your hand – and open your bra from behind- both the balls freed from the prison bounce up – and shake. I catch both the boobs in my hand and squeeze them – and pinch your nipples – your lips also escape a silent moan.

I am now sure you are also getting aroused – so I leave you – and sit beside you face – your eyes are closed – I slowly take my 7″ cock and touch your lips – you do not know what it is – and you put up your hand to see – and catch my cock in your hand – you open your eyes and start to scream – “leave me, please leave me – I will die if you put this monster inside me – please! Look – if you promise not to put this inside me – I will shake it for you – till you please – but promise you will not put this inside me – You will tear me up.”

I start to explain to her – nothing will happen – do not worry – but you are determined to fight back.

I again catch you and pull you towards me – and say “Ok – I will leave you – but you have to suck me off. I want to cum in your beautiful mouth – I want to cum in a virgin’s mouth – how lucky I am to fuck a virgin mouth.”

You finally agree to suck me – so I sit down on the sofa and make you sit between my legs – I slowly guide my cock inside your mouth – you open up and take it in – and start sucking me – you do not like the taste at first – but slowly you are accustomed with it and start sucking me a little faster.

I love your sucking – and enjoying it – soon I feel that I’m going to cum – I catch her head and start to fuck your mouth – and in this I fuck you so hard that you start gagging – and try to leave me – but at this moment – I am no mood to listen to your cries – I hold your head harder and keep on fucking your mouth – and suddenly release my pressure – loads of cum – start filling your mouth – you do not know what to do – and try to spit out – then try to take it in – you are totally confused – I keep on fucking your mouth – and finally leave your head – you jump back – and fall on the rug.

I sit there for a few moments and then look for you – you are lying on the rug – quietly – I call for you – but you do not respond.

I go to the kitchen and get some water and sprinkle on your face – you move a bit but do not get up – I sit there – and slowly massage your stomach and breasts – and underarms, trying to wake you – but in doing this you do not wake up but my cock is waking up again.

Again the devil is in control of my movements – and I slowly try to release your panties – but I’m not able to do so – so I go back to the kitchen and get a knife – slowly I cut your panties from both sides – and I see and crack in between your legs – very little small black hairs coming up again – to create a hairy bush to hide your white clean pussy from the eyes of the devil.

I slowly open your cunt lips and move my hand over them – still you do not move at all. Now again my monster cock was telling me to enter a warm hole fast.

I look into your eyes – and seeing no movement – I open your legs wide, wider, more wide – till they are fully apart and allowing me space enough to sit in between them.

I jump in between them and start fingering your pussy – but it is dry – I start wondering how will I be able to fuck her – I have to make it slushy and wet to allow me to slide in easily.

I bend down and start licking your cunt lips, and move my tongue up and down. Slowly I put one finger inside your cunt, and start finger fucking you.

You start getting up and slowly open your eyes, and scream “NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO! Please Raj, no – you had promised you will not fuck me if I sucked you off “.

I said ” you are right – I said that but Is Lund ko kaun samja sakta hain – yeh to chut mein gusha bena managa nahien”. (You are right – but who will make this cock understand – he will not sit quietly till he enters a cunt. “)

You are very scared – and you say, ” Look, look, Raj – I’m ready to suck you off again but no fucking, no fucking please, please no fucking.” Saying this you start crying – but my cock has no sympathy for you – he is only concerned with his pleasures.

I slowly get up and go inside the kitchen – I find some butter there in the freezer.

I take some of it and come back – you are sitting there – thinking I have changed my mind of fucking you. So you are looking here and there – searching your panties and bra.

I come from behind and catch you waist tightly. You start screaming please leave, please leave me. But I catch you and slowly move my hand below and start rubbing the butter in your crack – the butter starts melting and in no time your cunt is full of butter and drops start staining the rug after passing your ass hole.

I then again throw you down on your waist and slowly position my cock on your cunt. I find butter smearing my cock head and I rub my cock on your crack and slowly try to push my cock into your cunt. You start jumping up and down not letting me enter you.

And I’m in no mood to leave a virgin cunt – after being so close. I put both my hands on your thighs and press you down – not allowing your leg movement – and start entering you again – I start pumping into you – and I find 1/4 of the cock gone. I start pumping again – now 1/2 of it is inside you – slowly I find you relaxing – I also release some pressure on your thighs. I start pushing again – and slide my cock into your cunt.

After about 5 min – I stop fucking – and try to enjoy the pleasure of being inside a virgin cunt. But I find now you are moving and trying to take in my cock in you more – I take your indication and start pushing in – and slowly lift you – as to allow more penetration.

Now you are sitting doggy style – and pushing back on my cock – and I’m pumping in and out – your cunt is giving me immerse pleasure – I feel your cunt contracting in side on my cock – as if telling it to move more in and faster – I start moving faster – and slowly start fingering your ass too – your ass hole is also fully coated with butter and it does not take me much effort to push my finger into your ass hole – again you start screaming ” no. No not there- please, it’s too small, for your big cock, Look Raj ! I have allowed you access to my mouth, my cunt – please let me be virgin there at least.

I thought about it and said OK – as it is I was enjoying the cunt now – and after fucking her twice – I would not enjoy fucking again so – lets leave it for the next time.

So I said ” Okay, I leave it – but you have to promise me – to allow to fuck you and suck my cock – when ever I want.” Okay.You were too eager to save your ass hole – so you said Okay, Okay – I promise I will – but leave my ass hole.I laughed and started pumping your cunt again

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