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  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi friend’s thanks a lot for appreciating our story “My Wife Losing Control”on your request, we would love to share other incidents of ours. Here is Sophie writing this episode. I am a wheatish complexioned, height: 5.3 feet pleasantly plump (32 28 34) matching all the characteristics my hubby Robin looks in for his girl. Robin is 5.6 with quite athletic body and attitude to kill.

The experience we gonna share here is something which happened prior to the one we posted previously. Coming to the story, Once in relation we got regular at bunking our college lectures and take some time out to romance and love each other. One fine day, Robin had planned a surprise for me. He called me over to his room for dinner (as his roommate had gone to his native and he was all alone)

I knew something exciting lay in store for the night. I entered the room with a lot of anxiety and fear inside me. But, I proceeded to explore what lay ahead. My guy had prepared dinner for me, there were 2 glasses of Vodka on the rocks and some more in the bottle ( though not a single sip I tasted as I am strictly non-alcoholic) ; a heart shaped cake, light romantic numbers playing on his desktop and just candles lighted everywhere in the room.

Yes, a candle light dinner any girl would wish to get in her lifetime. I was dressed in a red top and beige skirt. He presented me red roses and a beautiful kiss on my lips. Though we had kissed a lot many times earlier but this was special and left me all blushing, my cheeks matching the color of my top and the red roses. We kissed each other over and over again and started swaying along with the music.

We got cozier and had a wet lip lock till we were both suffocated and breathe for our lives. The fire was burning inside both of us. We wanted to explore so much of each other. Robin started to feel my body and I was there enjoying all his moves. He was rubbing his body against mine and I could feel the hard cock against me. And from such a romantic soothing atmosphere, Robin suddenly in a rush removed all his clothes.

I was astonished and shy seeing his naked body for the 1st time. I wanted to watch his manliness but i was taken over by the shyness in me. But for how long, I am also a human being with desires within. Robin had always admitted that he would love to watch me giving him a blowjob but I never had the courage to do it because neither I was comfortable with the idea of taking a penis in my mouth nor did I know how to (never watched any porn prior to my relation with him)

I though I am pretty much educated in this field now by my sex instructor Robin. There had been many occasions when Robin had asked me for this but I had always managed to skip cleverly. This time, I somehow gathered courage and realized this was the most appropriate return gift I can give my love for such a beautiful evening. To his disbelief, the next moment I was down on him and trying to blow him but I did not know how to.

His dick was little wet with the pre cum but my mouth was absolutely dry after so many lip locks, and this was hurting his little partner. He asked me to stop and I was sad. I could not even do this much for him (but, I rose up again, asked Robin to teach me how it is to be done. As per his instruction I first drank water so get my mouth some wetness, and then I licked his dick all over making it wet with my saliva and

Then slowly took his entire big tool inside my mouth till my throat choked, stroking it in and out of my mouth sometime creating a vacuum pressure in his dickhead. I caressed the head of his dick with the tip of my tongue slowly and gently and then bit it hard as if it was my share of feast. My hands and mouth played with his balls and dick and tried every trick I could just as a child would if given him a new toy. It was such a wonderful experience.

We both were lost in ourselves and in pleasure. Robin is such a sweetheart that in this whole process not even once he asked me to shed my clothes as he knew I was not prepared. But like an innocent kid he said, “Sophie can I cum on your face? Which I agreed obediently and he jerked on my face. He then applied the entire cum in my face as if it was some facial cream; initially. I found it weird but thought anything to keep my darling happy.

It was then I realized what I had been missing since days and have opened up to sex experiments. Now, I enjoy my feast whole heartedly to the utmost pleasure of my guy and me. We are one happy couple and we are still enjoying our life to the fullest. We believe we are the most romantic and compatible couple and that is what keep us going so strong ever. Will share some more of our experiences sooner and till then do send us your feedback about the this episode at

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