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Gharwalon ne loota mujhe

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi!! This is Sheena once again after long long time. A net friend of mine sent me this very real story of hers for posting on my request. I am not going to bore you anymore. So here is the story in her words.Hi!!! Guys. This is Nazia. I am just 18 yrs old, 33D-24-36, 5 feet 4 inches, very fair and green eyes. I can hear you guys panting. ;-). Now I live in Toronto and my hobbies are sex, sex and more sex. I was a virgin till 15 yrs of age. But after I moved to Toronto I became so addicted to sex that I can’t even sleep if I don’t have sex for one day. So here goes my story of How I lost my virginity and became addicted to sex.

I used to stay at Mumbai till I was 14. We were a very happy family. My father, mother, brother and me. My family had gone to visit our relatives. I couldn’t go because of my exams. While they were returning they had an accident with a truck and none of them could survive. I was distraught. I was just 14 and didn’t know what to do. All of our relatives had come to our house. After everything was over everyone was saying what will happen to me, but none of them was ready to take my responsibility. Just then my Javed uncle who had come down from Toronto said that he would take me with him to Canada and that I will live there with him and his family. Pretty soon I was on a flight to Canada. They had a pretty large family. Javed uncle, his three sons Wasim, Omar, Shahid and aunty Waheeda. It didn’t take me long to get adjusted in their family coz I knew them from before and used! to talk to them regularly. Soon a year passed and I had completely gotten over my sorrow.

It was 1st Jan, my 15th birthday. My uncle threw a big party for my birthday.


There were more then 200 guests. I was very happy. Everyone was wishing me, giving me gifts and complementing me on my beauty. Every time someone complimented me I used to blush. There was light rubbing of boobs, pussy and ass. I didn’t say anything coz by now I had got used to it. In fact I was enjoying it. Just then I saw my bf going to the loo. I followed him inside. As soon as I entered he closed the door and pushed me towards door. It took no time for him to make me nude. Soon I was in my all glory in front of him. This was first time any guy was seeing me nude. Yes till now we didn’t have sex. We just kissed and sometimes he rubbed my pussy over my panties. He put his mouth over mine and his tongue began probing inside of my mouth. My mouth opened on it’s own like it had ! its own brains.  We both were sucking each other like there is no tomorrow. Then he broke our kiss and looked at my naked body for a moment. Then he attacked my boobs. Now my boobs are neither huge nor small. They are perfect size and decorate my sexy body perfectly. He began sucking my right boob and pressing the left boob and he was not doing it gently. I was enjoying it so much that I was in heaven. Then he took a bite of my right nipple and began stretching it upwards “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh” a loud moan escaped from my mouth “What are you doing? It’s paining. Do it gently.”


He replied “A bitch like you doesn’t deserve mercy. You should be given as much pain as possible.” His dirty talk aroused me more and I let him continue. Soon I was moaning in ecstasy “Uuuuummmmmm Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh Oooooohhhhhh yeahhhhh. Suck them. Make it pain. Aaaaahhhhhh.” I felt something on my pussy. I could feel water flowing from my pussy. I felt something on m! y bare pussy. I saw that Jess (my bf) had kept his palm on my burning pussy and was rubbing it gently. It was the 1st time that anybody other than myself was touching me there. It was a feeling which can’t be described in words. All this time he had made both my boobs red by biting and pinching them. Then he entered his index finger into me. “Aaaah” a sudden gasp escaped from my mouth. He kept his finger inside for a moment and then started moving it slowly. Then he inserted his middle finger in me too. Now it started paining a bit. But he made me comfortable and then again started moving to and fro. I was enjoying it a lot. “ Uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm UUuuuuuuunnnnnhhhhhhhhhh Oooooooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh. AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. What are you doing to me? I… I… I.. am gonna die.. Oooohhhhh yeahhhhh don’ttttttt stop. Don’t stopp. I am cumming.” With this I came with a bang. It was the most wonderful and massive orgasm of my life. Although I have been masturbating now for ! 2 years. I had never experienced something like this. It was so massive that I could see stars in morning. I was not in my senses.


I can’t even remember that I gave Jess a blowjob. Jess blowed on me and spread both of our cum all over my body and gave me a cum massage. I dressed up and came out.  I was feeling giddy. I couldn’t even walk properly. Just then Waheeda Ammi saw me (Yes I had began calling them Ammi and Abbu) “Kya hua Naz? Tum is tarha kaise chal rahee ho?” I replied “Kuch naheen. Mujhe thokar lag gayee thee aur is liye mera paun dard kar raha hai.” Ammi didn’t say anything at that moment but I could feel that a doubt had crept in her mind. The party went on well past midnight. All the while there was rubbing and touching which kept me horny. After the party was over I asked Abbu “You didn’t give me any gift?” He said “He said “I have a special gift for you, which I will give you later.” I couldn’t understand but I didn’t! say anything and wished everyone goodnight and went to my bedroom. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t I was feeling very hot even though AC was on and the images from bathroom kept coming back to my mind. I kept thinking about it and don’t know when I went to sleep. I was woken by a slight thud of the door. I saw a huge figure approaching me. When it was very near to me I saw that it was my Abbu. He was only in his undies. (Now we are a very free family. I am used to seeing my family members in undergarments and others have also seen me many times in my bra and panties.) so I didn’t sense anything wrong. I asked Abbu “Abbu kya chahiye?” At first he didn’t say anything, then slowly he said “Tum.” I was shocked. But to make sure that I heared right I asked him again “Kya?” he again said “Haan.


Mujhe tum chahiye. Jabse tum is ghar me aye ho mere hosh ud gaye hain. Mere raton ki neend ud gayi hai. Main din bhar tumhare bare mein sochta rehta hoon. Mein din bhar sochta rehta hoon ki ! tumhe kis tarha chodoon. Par mein duniya ke bare mein soch kar chup ho jata tha. Per aaj main apne aap ko rok na saka. Please mujhe ek baar chodne do.” I was shocked out of my senses. I didn’t know what to say. But somehow I gathered some courage and spoke “Do you realize what are you saying? I am like your daughter and I call you Abbu. Can a father fuck his own daughter? Waheeda Ammi will be devastated if she comes to know this. Now shut up and go to your bed.” He started going back. But to my horror he went and closed the door. Then he came back towards me and just jumped on the bed. He brought his mouth near to me. We both were breathing very heavily and could sense it. Then in one sudden motion he removed the sheet from my body. As I have a habit of sleeping stark naked I was not wearing anything. “Wow… What a great body you have and you had hidden this treasure from me till now.” Then he went and put on the light. “Yeh kya. Yeh nishan kaise.?” He asked. I kept quite. Then! he gave me a big slap “Saali batati hai ki teri gaand maroon?” Afraid of him I blurted out the whole bathroom incident. Now I was busted. He said angrily “ You bitch, you slut. Saali raand doosron se chudwati hai.


But when your own Abbu asks you, you act like a sati savitri.” He just jumped on me and began kissing me very hard. He was also playing with my boobs. He was not rubbing but mauling them. It was paining a lot but I was under him and what can a 15 year old girl do under a 45 year old stud. I was finding it hard to breath so  my mouth opened instinctively. As soon As I did this he entered his tongue inside me. I couldn’t say anything except occasional sound of UUmmmmm. After crushing me like this for about 15 mins he moved his body aside. I was too shocked to say anything. But I gathered some courage and said “I will tell all this to Waheeda Ammi. Then you will be in big trouble.” Listening to this he started laughing and sa! id “You will say this to Waheeda? My darling she only gave me the idea of fucking you coz My libido is very high and now she no longer can satisfy my hunger. I need some young hot pussy. Not only me but all my sons who also fuck her will also won’t leave you once they come to know that I have fucked you.”  I was completely out of my mind. How could sons fuck their own mother ? Incest was going on right under my nose and I didn’t even know. I was pretty sure that he won’t leave me until he satisfies himself. But I decided to try my luck once more.


I said “ Abba mujhe chod do. Main apki beti ki tarha hoon. How can you do this to me ?” He said “ Agar tum meri beti haisi ho to main betichod hoon. Aaj to main tumhe chod kar hi jaaonga.” He then again resumed his kissing and sucking. I was trying to protest in vain. Then in one jerk he removed his undies. Oh!! My God. I was seeing such a strong prick for the first time. He must have been a! tleast 7 inches long and 3 inches thick and it was raging hard.. He gain began sucking my boobs. He would suck one boob and press another one. Then he would take a nipple between his teeth and pull it upwards. This gave me tremendous pain and I would scream. Then he said “ Chal aaj main tujhe jannat ka rasta dikhata hoon.” Saying this he started rubbing my pussy. My lower body just jumped in air on this sudden intrusion. He was rubbing like there is no tomorrow. Then he inserted his index finger inside my chut. I let out a mild gasp. Oh!! My God what is this happening. My own father is making me hot. Then he inserted his second finger and this time it pained. But he wasn’t concerned for my suffering.  He was just moving them in and out and sometimes he would rotate them inside my cunt inflicting me with more pain and I would scream some more. By now I had resigned to my fate and letting him do anything he wanted to. By now my chut ha! d opened up very much as he had also inserted third finger. After some time when pain subsidized and as is natural I started getting some pleasure and I started moaning “ Aaahhh Aahhhhhhh” Watching this Abba said “ Saali raand pehle to kitne nakhre kar rahi thi aur ab maje loot rahi hai.”


My pussy was now flowing of juices freely. Then he put his mouth over my pussy and started licking. He would insert as much inside as possible. Then he would a lick all over my pussy and over my clit. “ Uummmmmmm Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh Oohhhhhhhh Yahhhhhhhhh.” I was moaning like a whore. My mind wanted him to stop but my body didn’t . I decided to listen to my body. Watching that now I was contributing he began licking with renewed vigour. He was giving me so much pleasure that I felt I was going to die. I was moving my head to and fro like someone was killing me. “ Uuummmmmmm Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhh. Oh yeahhh. Don’t stop. Don’t Stop. Ahhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” With this I cumme! d. Till now I had never cummed so much. He spread all my cum on my tummy and around my pussy and gave me cum massage. Then he made me cum once again by licking and finger fucking. I was now very hot and would do anything for his cock inside my cunt. He was teasing me by rubbing his dick over my pussy. “ Please don’t tease me. Put that inside me. Fuck me. Fuck me like an animal and tear apart my pussy.” I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. Till few minutes back I was begging him to stop and now I am begging him to fuck me. He said “ Say that you are a whore, a slut. All you want is cock and you would do anything for it. Beg me to fuck you.


Say you will be my whore for life.” I replied “ Haan I am a whore, a slut. All I want is a cock and it doen’t matter whose it is. Fuck me like a whore. Haan main Zindagi bhar tumhari raand ban kar rahoongi. Tum mujhe chodte rehna. Jahan chaho wahan chodna. Bas meri pyas bhuja do.” Then he said “ Chalo tumhari icha puri karte hain. Ak! hir tum meri beti ho.” I was very happy to hear this. He placed his tool at the entrance and began to give pressure. My pussy was very tight. I could feel his cock straining to go inside. He gave a mighty push and he was 1/4th inside. It was paining too much and I begged to take it out. But once a lund smells a pussy it only withdraws after deflowering it. So he didn’t listen to my pleas. He was 1/inside after another mighty push. Then he stopped pushing. When he felt that I am completely relaxed he gave another mighty push and he was completely inside me. It hurt so much that there were tears in my eyes. Again he allowed my pussy to get used to his size. When he felt that I was relaxing a bit he started his strokes. At first he went slowly. Then I started moaning and enjoying it. “What are you doing ? Don’t you have something solid ? Fuck me like a bull and if you can’t don’t waste time just cum and go. Send the behanchods.” Hearing this he was red with rage.


And s! traight away he started ramming me. Now he was going like a superfast train. It was paining a bit but I was also enjoying a lot. “ Oohhhh Yeahhh. AAhhhhhh. Aahhhhhhhhhh. That’s it. Yeahhhhhh Uuummmmmmm Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . Ohhhh yeahhhhhh do it. Keep fucking me. Tear my pussy apart. Ooohhh ohhhhhh. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t stopppp. I am cummmmminnggggggggggg. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” And I cummed. This was the best orgasm I ever had. But he was not stopping. “ Chale betichod mein is umar main bhi bahut dum hai. Lagta kabhi mujh jaise kadak chut nahin mili. Is liye lund baith ne ka naam hi nahin leta.” He kept on fucking me and made me cum twice before he discharged in me. I looked at the clock. It was 1.30 AM. He fucked me for around 45 mins. After that we both went to sleep with his lund inside my chut.  I woke up in the morning with him humping me. We had a quick morning fuck and then he got up and dressed. I tried to get ! up. But I was so sore from all the fucking I had That I couldn’t and I just laid there. During this he also had taken a promise from me that whenever I have sex in future I will only talk in Hindi coz it is more erotic. He continued to fuck me for more than a year. He fucked me in every position possible except ass coz he didn’t like anal sex.. By 16 I was pro in the game of sex. Then one day I came to know that I am pregnant.


We went to the doc and aborted the child and had my operation done. Now he could fuck me as much possible without worrying about me getting pregnant. On day when he was fucking me I said to him “ Javed (Yes now I used to call him by his name.) tum to mujhe hafte main sirf teen baar chodte ho baki ke char din meri choot tarapti rehti hai. Iske bare mein kuch karo.” He said “ Saali randi, ab tujhko hafte mein teen din bhi kam padte hain.” I said “Tum mujhe randi kehte ho aur yeh bhi nahin pata ki raand ko to roj lund chahiye hota hai. Ab mujhe raha nahin j! ata. Kuch karo.” He replied “ Theek hai. Main tumhari pyas bujhane ka intazam karoonga.” That day he fucked 5 times in the whole night and made me drink all his cum. After couple of days it was Shahid’s 18th birthday. When everyone was gone Javed told everyone “Today on Shahid’s 18th birthday I present him a very very special gift NAZIA.”I came from the bedroom in my birthday suit and did a small catwalk for them. “ From today Nazia is our servant. She will do whatever any four of us tell her to do and I mean it.” I nodded my head silently. I could already see their cocks getting erected. Within moments all of them were naked. Then Shahid told me to do an erotic dance for him and I had no choice but to dot it coz I had promised Javed that I will do anything or else I won’t be fucked and I knew that today I will be getting 3 new cocks for fuck. I did the dance and in between rubbed their dicks with my hands. When I finished my dance I asked “ How was it.” ! Shahid replied “ Very bad and you will get a punishment for it. Common get on your fours.”


I didn’t know what was his punishment but I obliged. I didn’t have to wait very long. Soon there was a loud thwack on my left ass cheek. I growled in pain but the thwacks continued. I was pleading them to stop but they didn’t listen to me. There were tears in my eyes. Soon they stopped. By now my ass was red like cherry. Then I was ordered to lay down on my back and I did so. All of them surrounded me and admired me for few seconds. Then all of a sudden Shahid dropped on me and started rubbing my pussy. Within seconds I was so hot that I was moaning in pleasure. Shahid “ saali abhi thodi der pehle to ro rahi thi aura b dekho kaise maje loot rahi hai.” I replied “ Sirk bolna hi aata hai hai ya kuch karne ka bhi dum hai.” This angered him very much and he entered me in one stroked. He fucked me like a bull for 5 mins and cummed inside me. Meanwhile I had also cummed. When after fucking me! Shahid was lying on me Wasim said “ Akele akele hi maja lootoge ya hame bhi maja karne do ge.” Shahid said “ Haan haan kyon nahin. Tum bhi is raand ko chodo. Akhir randi hoti lisliye hai.” He made way for Wasim. Then Wasim fucked me for 10 mins. But he was gentle so I cummed only once. After that Omar also fucked me. He was a stud like his father.


He fucked me for 15 mins and made me cum thrice. Then when I had my 4th orgasm. He cummed inside me. Now all the three cocks had gone limp. I was ordered to suck them and bring them back to life. I willingly oblidged. I sucked each one of them back to life. Then Omar said “ Shahid she is still virgin from ass. Why don’t you deflower her ass. It will be  a perfect birthday gift.” Shahid jumped at this idea. But I was scared shit. I said “ Nahin gaand mein mat dalna, main mar jaaungi, bahut dard hoga. Tum log kahin bhi aur ghusa lo. Kitni bhi der tak ragdo, main kuch nahin kahoong! i, par meri gaand ko baksh do.” At this all of then started laughing and Omar said “ Saali kutiya, tu hamari raand hai aur raandon ko mana karne ka koi hak nahin hota. Unka kaam hota hai apne malik ki seva karna.” I knew that my pleas were falling on deaf ears and today my ass was going to be deflowered, so I got ready for the worse. They called Javed and asked him to fuck me. He was too happy to oblidge. He fucked me for 15 mins and when he was about to unload took out his lund and shot all his cum on my asshole. Then he went away. Then Shahid came and bend my legs towards my head so that my asshole became more prominent. He wasted no time in inserting one finger in my ass and spred Javed’s cum inside my ass, very soon his other finger was also inside me.


All the while Omar was licking me and Wasim was sucking my boobs and I was hot within seconds. When Shahid felt that I was ready he announced it to everybody. There was loud cheering from them. Then I was ordered to get on m! y fours. I had no option but to listen to them. Then with loud cheering he kept his lund on my spinchter. He gave a mighty push and his cockhead went in. It was paining like hell as it was my first time but I could not even protest. There were tears in my eyes seeing them humiliate me. With much effort he entered fully inside me. This time he didn’t even stop for a second and starightaway went hardcore. He fucked me like a bitch for about 3 mins and unloaded inside me. They all took turns at fucking my ass. After they finished I could barely move. Seeing this they brought some warm water and gave my pussy and asshole gentle massage. After about 20 mins I was again ready for fucking. They all rubbed and brought back their cocks to life. But this time Omar went and lied down on his back. His cock was like a pole in the air. I asked them “ Tum log kya karne wale ho ?” Wasim replied “ Jaan ab hum tumhe har ched mein ek saath chodenge.” This sounded pretty exciting to me coz by now! I was pretty used to cock in my ass and I loved it in my pussy and mouth. They told me to go and sit on Omar’s lund taking it inside my asshole. I went and sat on his lund but was finding it bit difficult to insert it. Wasim helped me to do it. There was a little gasp “Aahhhhh” from me.


Then I started small rocking motions. Then Shahid came and inserted his dick inside my cunt. I had taken two cocks for the first time and I was feeling very full. Soon the third cock was inside my mouth . They all started together fucking all my three hole together. Soon they developed co-ordination and were fucking me such that all the three cocks would go inside and come out together. It was pretty hardcore fucking but I was enjoying very much. I was saying words like “ Ooohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. Uuuuuuuummmmmm Aaahhhhhhhhh. Main pagal ho jaungi. AAaaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhh. Itna maja mujhe aaj tak nahin mila. Chodo….mujhe khub chodo. Mujhe itna chodo ki main hil bhi n! a paoon. Behenchodon tumne to apni behen ko janat dikha di. Haannnnnn Hannnnnn isi tarha. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh Uuuuufffffffffffffffff. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Aaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh uuuuhhhhhhhhhh. Main gayeeeeeeeeeee.” With this I came in flood. But there was no stopping them. They were still fucking me like bulls. They made me cum 4 more time. Now it was paining but I didn’t stop them coz I never had so much pleasure in my life. Finally when I cummed for 5thtime. They all cummed together in me. Now we all were tired and had no energy left even to clean up. So we all lay there like dead meat.


Then Omar said that he had to go to pee. At this Shahid said “ Bathroom mein jaane ki kya jaroorat hai. Hamare paas teen teen ched hain kisi mein bhi kar lo.” I was too tired to protest and let them do whatever they want. Then Shahid and Omar pissed over my body and Wasim made me drink his pee. After that they left me and went to their rooms.


Today I am 18 and it’s been 2 years since that day. But till today I consider it to my best fuck experience. There has not been a single day since then that I am not fucked. Sometimes I am even fucked more that 14 times a week. Now I am their private whore and am not allowed to wear anything inside the house unless they order me too. But all this had benifitted me very much. 1st of all I no longer have to go outside to satisfy my sex urge. Secondly I started getting good grades in my school. I only had to bring home my teachers for a couple of sex sessions and I got cleared with flying grades. Sometimes Omar also brings his clients, Shahid his professors and Wasim brings his friends home and I enjoy with all of them.


If any one wants to contact me they can do so on Please add Nazia in the subject line or else I might not be able to reply to your mail. Also no request for sex coz I am fully satisfied with my sex life. But if anyone wants a friendship of any kind they are welcome. Comments are also welcome on above ID.

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