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Getting Satisfaction From Jaya

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

She was my best friend and I will never forget what we did. It was a normal Saturday afternoon when I was talking to Jaya on the phone. We were just talking about how she wanted me all day. When everyone was asleep in our houses she kept telling me on the phone how she wanted me to come over.

As her beautiful voice persuaded me into doing so, I went the next day. Her parents were out of the house at the time. It was worth it as she snuck me into the house so the neighbors wouldn’t know. As I stepped in, I noticed that her house smelled really nice. We walked into her room and just sat on her bed for a while staring at each other. She then told me that she had a fantasy of her holding me on a leash whistle I had handcuffs on and she would play with me sexually. I then said that I was there to make her fantasies come true. I agreed to her little fantasy, so she used her brother’s belt as a leash and placed it around my neck. This was already making me horny.

She then took handcuffs that she bought and place them on my hands behind my back. She was totally in control and my penis began to get hard and erect. She then pulled on the leashed which brought my head to her face. We stared at each other for a while and then she began to kiss me. I too placed my tongue in her mouth as we french kissed for a good ten minutes. All of our saliva was swapped in each other’s mouth and I became very horny.

She then pulled back away from my face and told me that she was very horny too. She then started to lift up my shirt revealing my abs, and started to feel then. Her warm, gentle hands then lifted up my shirt all the way over my head and placed it behind my back down to my hands and handcuff. With me sitting there on her bed shirtless, I asked her to take her shirt off too. She agreed and took her shirt and bra off revealing her large boobs. She then pulled on the leash down to her breasts and my head followed. She then grabbed my head and forced mouth to lick her breasts. I began sucking and licking one of her nipples as they hardened. I could tell she was very horny by her facial expression. After I was done sucking both of her breasts, she said she had to go get something. I asked what she was going to get, but she said that I would see after she got it. She went to her kitchen and came back with some chocolate syrup. I then said, “Was this part of your fantasies too?”. And she responded with a yes. She began to pour some in her mouth as she bent over to the leashed and handcuffed me and French kissed me once again. The chocolate coming from her mouth tasted really good. She began pouring the chocolate on my chest and licked it up afterwards. The chocolate syrup was put away, and I still noticed her hard nipples. Being the horniest ever she noticed my large erect penis rubbing against my jean shorts to be let out.

She then took my leash and tied it around one of her bed bars. After that, she went down to my pants and slowly unzipped it revealing my large cock. She was surprised my penis was so large and began to suck on it. I was the horniest ever at this point. After her sucking my penis for about ten minutes, It began to cum a whole lot, but she just kept sucking it and I was unable to move because of the handcuffs and the leash to stop her. I was pleasured immensely. She kept sucking and finally stopped about three minutes after. She then went to untie the leash that was tied to the bed. Next, Jaya pulled the leash that pulled my head, down to her pussy area. After that she pulled down her jeans and panties, which then her whole body was completely naked. She took my head and made me eat out her pussy. It tasted weird at first, but I kept licking it and it tasted good. She began to moan, and I told her to try to be quiet so the neighbors don’t hear. After her pussy became wet and I licked it up. She finally released my hands from the handcuffs with keys and I then took the leash off my neck.

We were both completely naked. We went to her brother’s room and found a nice latex condom. I opened it from its wrapper and placed it around my cock. Next, I placed my wet penis into her tight pussy. I made my penis start going back and forth, but it already started to hurt since she sucked it so much. After a while of my dick going in and out of her tight pussy I came once again. Soon enough we were finished. We then went to put our clothes on and she kissed me goodbye before I left. ONLY GIRLS or LADIES, Single, Divorced, Widow, in MUMBAI/BOMBAY contact me at I am a 25 year-old virgin and would like to have sex with girls above 18 and below 40. Secrecy would be kept and is also expected. Also mail me for erotic mail. Mails from MALES will not be replied.

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