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Getting Lucky With Vaishali

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello this is Aashish over here sharing with you my first sexual encounter that too with my math’s tuition teacher .Let me tell you a little bit about myself first I recently turned 18 just completed my 12th , currently living in delhi,I m about 5,9” and have an athletic body and about my teacher Vaishali she’s about 5,6” with long hair, she’s pretty fair and has a cute smile that any guy can fall for. She’s 27 and married (at that time unmarried) and about her assets they are totally great too, I don’t know the exact size of her body but by my best guess it would be 36 28 34 something.

So moving on to the story it happened to me while I Was in 12th and taking my math’s tuition like any other school boy from her. I had been studying from Vaishali mam from 10th indeed. I was usually the top of my class so got the extra special attention for sure. But in the start I didn’t have any kind of intentions for her as I looked up to her as my teacher, even though we were pretty close as we talked and teased a lot to each other, until the time when I noticed all of my friends talking about their fantasies with her.

As days passed by I started noticing her luscious curves, her huge breasts and her wide ass and it was at that time that I started thinking about having sex with her, and even though I was younger than her I wanted to fuck her so badly. I oftenly went to her house in the evening for clearing my doubts and after we were done we used to chat about each other a lot and all of the time that she was taking my doubts or while chatting I just used to look at her boobs and her ass and would be constantly imagining about the different ways I would like to fuck her. At the time of me leaving her house she used to give a hug always and that was the moment I could feel her huge breasts pressing against my chest and that feeling was just awesome.

Many days went by and I couldn’t get any kind of chance to fuck her, and then came by my lucky day. It was a week before my final exams in November so I had some doubts and asked her when she would be free to clear my doubts she told me to reach her house around 7 there she would clear out my doubts. As instructed I went there it was a pretty cloudy that day and I was thinking on the way that it would rain while I was walking towards her house. Eventually the downpour started when I reached her house but at that time no one was at home so I had to wait outside as a result I got totally wet, after some time she came by her car and stepped out, upon seeing me she hurried up to me and quickly opened the door of the house and invited me in.

She saw that I was totally drenched so she gave me her brothers clothes and told me to change immediately while she went on to take a bath, and when she came out I was stood with my mouth wide open as she was looking super sexy in her tank top and her shorts I could clearly see the seam of her bra through her top and I was thinking to myself I wouldn’t get a better chance than this I need to fuck her today but frankly speaking I didn’t have a clue how that would happen. After that she was calling out my name but I was still thinking about the same and suddenly I snapped out of it, she was asking me about the doubts that I had and started to take them, it took about half an hour or so till we she was done with all of my doubts. I got up to go even though I didn’t want to and as I saw outside the window it was still raining and at that time I was internally having the thought of how lucky am I??? She upon seeing that it was still raining told me stay at her house as she didn’t want me to catch fever or something just right before my exams while I would walk back to my house, and after a while I also agreed to her.

She told me to turn on the TV in her bedroom while she went to the kitchen and started making tea for both of us. I quickly turned on the TV but couldn’t control myself and tip toed to the kitchen and stood just behind her she didn’t notice me at that time and I thought of taking advantage and suddenly I grabbed her by her shoulders and started to peep over her shoulders, she tried to brush me of but I suddenly asked that could I have something to eat too as I was hungry a lot and then we had a little bit of chat in the same position. Even though I was having the chat with her all I was doing at that time was looking at her boobs and by seeing those big melons I instantly had a hard on, and within no time my dick was pressing on her ass cheeks, as soon as she noticed this she shook me off by pretending to get something off the top shelf and told me to go wait for her in her bedroom.

At that time I was thinking what the hell have I done, all this wasn’t going to happen now after this maybe I should control myself a little and let this all pass. I went to her bedroom at once and lay flat while watching TV, soon she walked into the room with tea, chocolates and some wafers even though it’s not a great combination to be had but I could still stuff that in as I was damn hungry.
Suddenly she took the remote from me and started changing the channels finally stopping at some romantic film that was being aired at that time. We started having the tea and chatting, then I asked her about whether she had bf’s in the past or not, she exclaimed that she had a few while she was doing her masters but for the past 2-3 years she didn’t had any, and this carried on for a while before we started watching the movie again. While watching the movie she was yawning a lot and after some time she slept with her head on my shoulder and I didn’t mind it at all. Soon a sex scene came in the movie and I was totally aroused by that and looked at vaishali mam sleeping on my shoulder, I just couldn’t control myself on looking at her big melons, I took one of my hands to her right boob and started massaging it from the outside and at the same time looking at her face and making sure that I don’t wake her up.

Soon as I started doing this my friend in the short couldn’t hide too and I had a hard on, after 2-3 min or so of massaging her boobs I felt like something was holding on my dick. As I saw it was vashali mams hand and then I turned to see her face and she was wide awake and giving me a naughty smile. Then it struck to me that all this time she had been just acting to sleep and waiting for me to turn on the things, with this I got some courage and moved one my hands behind her neck ,brought her face near to mine and started giving her french kisses. I could feel her warm tongue on my mine and I was totally loving that, it carried on for some time and later I rolled her upon me as I began to slide my hands into her tank top while kissing her. Soon I removed her top and her black bra was visible I quickly unhooked it and out came her round and juicy breasts I just couldn’t resist my urge to suck on them so I quickly came on top of her and started sucking on those lovely melons of her.

Her nipples were rock hard at this moment and I was sucking and biting on them like a hungry dog and I could hear her loud moans all along and that was making me more and more excited. I carried on with this for about 5 mins then I moved near her face and started kissing her again while I slided one of my hands inside her shorts, to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panty. Even though it was my first time I knew what to do next as watching porn can be a benefit too. I took my hand near her pussy which was shaven and started to rub my fingers across her pussy lips, she started to moan loudly and the moans were growing louder by each passing minute, I then inserted one of my fingers inside her pussy which was already wet by all the action, it was so warm and felt really good. While fingering I was sucking and biting on her nipples and also kissing her around her whole body, suddenly she told me to get up and get in the 69 position and being her respectful student I quickly shifted to that position.

She removed the foreskin from my cock and started licking its head, and the feeling of her tongue on my cock was just heavenly. On the other hand I started to lick her pussy again, with her loud moans I just knew that I was doing a good job. Soon after she took my whole cock inside her mouth and man the warmth and wetness of that place was just making me stick my cock in there for like forever. Now I wanted to excite her more so I started fingering her while licking her and her moans were just growing louder and louder, just after some time she was brutally sucking on to my cock and I knew she was going to cum soon so I increased my speed as did she and soon her body started shivering and she shot all of her love juice in my mouth.

At start I was kind of reluctant to lick it all but it was kind of nice so I just cleaned her pussy and carried on. She was increasing her speed of blowjob with every second and in no time I also shot all of load in her mouth and like a slut she swallowed in all, I was pretty shocked at that but it was turning me on more and more.

I then got up and went near her mouth and started to kiss her again while fingering her and she was biting my lips really hard, eventually she even cut one of my lips and it started bleeding but that too couldn’t stop me that day. I then went down and started biting her nipples and tasting her godly boobs, I just loved their taste. After a while she started to plead me to insert my cock in her pussy and give her a hard fucking. I then directed my cock towards her pussy and started sliding it on her pussy lips and she was moaning loudly and scratching my back all the time and begging me to stop teasing her and enter my cock. So with one thrust my cock went in and I lost my virginity, her pussy was quite tight and was squeezing my cock really hard, and this feel was surely better than the feeling of her mouth on my cock.

Now I started fucking her slowly in missionary position as it was my first time my rhythm was not that good, but after a while I got used to it and started increasing my speed. Suddenly I pulled out my cock from her pussy and started rubbing it on her pussy lips, she started shouting at me why the hell are you not fucking me what the hell do you want now, and to that I replied I want to do you in doggystyle, she quickly changed into the dogggystyle position and said that start fucking me and her wish was my command so I started ramming her pussy with my cock and was giving powerful thrusts and with each thrust my cock was going deeper while her moans were growing louder. Now I holded her hair from the back with one my hands and started pulling them and with the other I started to slap her ass cheeks and she was screaming loudly at this moment and she started saying to me “fuck me like a bitch, I’m your slut fuck me harder fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!

I held her boobs from the back and started ramming her pussy with all the strength that I had and increased my speed to the max. Soon after I was totally tired and stopped she asked what had happened why had I stopped and I replied that I was a little tired to this she quickly laid me down on bed and came on top of me and started riding me. The scene of her boobs moving up and down together with her moans was an unforgettable one, she was increasing her speed and seeing this I couldn’t hold myself back no matter how tired I was I started pushing my dick with all that I had got. And after about 5 mins or so I shot all my load in her pussy and then we both collapsed on each other and stayed in the same position for about 5 mins.

Then we got up and went to the bathroom where I fucked her once more and got a blowjob too. Then we dressed up and at this time the downpour had stopped and as I was about to leave her home she hugged me like always and whispered in my ear that it was one of her best fucks and being a first timer it was nothing less than an award to me. I kissed her again and then left back to my home as it was 9 already. In the month of March she got married and now lives somewhere in Shimla, but before leaving I fucked her many a times more but the most exciting was the day before her engagement. Well that’s it folks and mail me your comments at my email id – and if the response is good I’ll share more of experiences.

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