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Getting Lucky With A Girl Nearby In-Law’s Home

  • desipapa
  • December 2, 2015

Rohit this side from Rohtak. I am an average guy with height of 5,7″ who didn’t measured his tool till now because I didn’t felt most of us use to measure it. Since this is my first story here, i know it would have too much mistakes. Expecting this story will help you to fulfill your desires. Your feedback will be solicited on my email id

Without wasting your time, I am coming to story.

I am a married guy who is working in Delhi and originally belongs to Rohtak. I am married in Karnal and age is 32 at present. Heroine of the story is Neha ( Name Changed). She is neighbor of my wife. We are very happy couple in consent of our sex life. This girl got connect with me on Facebook and she has done her engineering and was was desperately looking for a job. Fortunately there was opening in my company for some profile. I have on a good position in company and referred her.

After couple of rounds she got selected in our company and her entire family was thanking me for getting her this job. Time was going on without any other intentions.

After first month Neha got her first Salary and she called me that evening. By Chance my wife had gone to her native place. She told me that she wants to watch a movie can i come with her.

Without any hesitation, we made a plan for movie. She had booked movie tickets. I drove to her PG and there she came in One Piece Black dress just above her knees. I was dumbstruck and speechless that time. She pinched me…Jiju kaha kho gaye and i was very ashamed why i was starring at her. We went to Shipra Mall Indirapuram and the movie was NH10.

In couple of scenes she wasn’t feeling good so she hold my hand and once i got her touch i also felt very good and started caressing her hand. I don’t believe my luck, she didn’t objected anything. I got courage and placed my hands on her thighs and half hand was on cloth and half was on bare skin. We both looked each other and her lips were inviting for a kiss. We had a lip lock but not for a long time. It was for few seconds only. Interval was the Villain of the time.

We adjusted ourself and I bought some pop corns and cold drink. The movie started again and this time we were trying to make a movie. We had a passionate smooch for 5-6 minutes i guess. Hands were occupied by Pop corns. we started feeding cold drink each other with each others lips. placed pop corns aside and felt her smooth boobs. Finally movie ended and we have had a very good time till now.

Now we both went to parking and since it was night we had a smooch there. We drove towards CP for dinner and had food . It was 12:30 and she was late for PG and I was also not able to get her to my home due to some concerns. We both winked each other and drive towards Noida. We checked in a hotel and as we entered the room a Hug and bundle of kisses were waiting for me. we lost in our kiss and meanwhile attendant of Hotel was knocking the door. She went to washroom. I ordered few beers and in no time it was in the room. She freshened up and wore the towel only. I went to washroom and i was only in T and Towel.

We started boozing. after one one down, she was sitting in my lap and saying i was eagar to return the favor but looking for a good time and opportunity. I kissed her earlobes hands were on her tummy and she was already pressing my tool by her butts as she was in lap. I picked some ice cube in my mouth and started touching my lips with her back. She was getting very excited and me too.

I opened her towel and she was already naked. She had removed her Bra and Panty at the time of freshen up. my hands were on her boobs and we started the passionate kiss again. She was getting very excited and her hands were moving towards her cunt with was pink but hairless. she changed her position and faced towards me. She started biting my nipples and her hands were roaming on my back. she removed my towel and take my tool in her hand. she started stocking. I have asked her to take this in mouth and she obeyed. It was a good blow job and she was sucking like a professional sucker. I was out in few mins. Now it was my time to return the favor.

We moved on bed and i sit in between her legs. started kissing her toes and licking her legs i reached till pussy in 15 minutes meanwhile she was getting too horny that she nailed my back with her nails. I sucked her pink pussy and it was salty. I am good pussy sucker and she came twice till now. My tool was ready too. We came in missionary position and i inserted my tool. It pained her a bit and it was not a virgin pussy. I was completely inside her and increased speed.

We both were enjoying . Love aroma was there in air. session went for 10 minutes in same position. She came once, I was also about to come but pulled my tool from her vagina. we changed position now she was riding me. And she was doing this very passionately. After 5-7 minutes we both came. We enjoyed the session. We had taken one one glass of beer and she sucked my tool and prepared the same for second round.

Second time we went by Doggy Style and session went for 25 minutes. Neha and me both were exhausted and the time was 4 am. We slept naked and we both were thankful to each other for the favors.

Please right down your reviews on same. In next story i will write how I had a session with one of Neha’s PG Girl. will wait for your reviews

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