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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Dear Readers.. I am visiting on this erotic story section since couple of months and red many stories from different people. My story is not an Erotic Story but not a very different subjected too.May it apeal to some readers and may someone need the same help to save their married life. It happened in march 2000. One day when I got home and saw that my wife was weeping silently, I asked what happened.. she told me that her very closed friend NONI is in trouble.

Noni is the only friend of my wife since we married for past 6 years. and Noni also got married in the same week, we have three kids whereas Noni has none. YES this the story about CHILD which Noni has none and this CHILD made her life miserable as she is living in a joint family system and she has only TWO sister in-laws means her husband is the only MALE child in their (very rich) family, so you can understand the situation, the family needed a WARIS very badly mean any male Grand son to take care for their property and LAND of milion. My wife told me that Noni called and told that her Mother-in-law gave her warning that she should conceive the baby in this year or she will be divorced in 6-month. Noni was very Upset. Noni and her husband are both medically tested that there is no probleb in conceiving a baby but there was NO baby… WHY?????? no medical reason. Me and my wife was discusing and thinking about them and went to bed. In the middle of the night.. my wife woke me Up and she was so upset and could not sleep for a minute. and still she was weeping and was asking me to do something for NONI.

I was not happy as she distrubed me in the middle of the night with my very sound sleep for her friend. and when she asked me do some thing for her… i shouted that I can only FUCK her so she can conceive my baby….. my wife was stunt .. and looked at me for long time but did not say any thing and asked me to sleep. Next day was friday when I came home I saw that Noni was there in my home and both were seems very happy…. I asked my wife what is going on???? she smile and said nothing… as Noni was upset and I asked her husband that let her stay couple of days with me.. so he droped her and he will pick her on monday evening. we will enjoy till then. when we got in the bed my wife asked me ” kiya aap Noni ko fuck karogay toh wo pregnent ho jaye gee” WHAATTTTTT i was so shocked with this stupid question… but my wife placed her hands on my sholder and kissed on my lips and said ” Darling aap nay hi toh kal kaha tha kay… agar aap Noni ko fuck karogay to wo aapkay bachay ki maa ban sakti hay” Han i said that.. but I did not mean that… mein nay toh wasay hi kaha tha…my wife said but I am very serious and i spoke to Noni and she is agreed too and prepared now. my wife beged me “please uski zindagee ka sawal hay aap uski madad kardo na please, she is my only friend and i can not see her getting spoiled. Pls aap try toh karo na plzzzzz”. she was beging me like a begger and was creasing me every where and said “mein aap ki ghulam ho jawongee agar aap nay meri request man lee toh… meray sartaj aap meri request man lo aur noni ko chodo plzzz. she will be waiting for you in the othr room.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I said OK.. but you know it is not sure that she will conceive a baby in ONE time…she said aap ka jitni bar dil karay usko chodo and jab dilkaray tab chodo she is ready to do any thing to avoid divorce. Now I thought about Noni.. she was 5’4” 48Kgs, milky white a reasonable good looking gal smart with smiling face with 34/28/36 status … When I entered in the room it was around 11 in the night the lights were off in the room but still one can see under the external windows light that Noni was lying in the bed and welcome me in the bed. I laid beside her as she was under Sheet, I said you know why I am here.. she said yes i need your helpand ready for any thing. Then she kissed me on my lips with her juicy lips which were very hot she kissed me very pasionately and intimately. in the mean time my hands removed the covered sheet and surprized …she was all naked… i squeesed her tits and pinched her hard eracted nipples.. she moaned.. Aaaawwww i start kissing her all over her face, chin, and lowerand lower and got her hard nipples in my mouth she again moane loudly Aawww Uffffff onghhh…. yeeeeeeeehhhhh she was burning with great sensual desireand… i was sucking her nipples and now my one hand was on her crotch and pressing n rubbing she was so aroused by now and she spread her legs apart and was pushing her pussy against my hand to get me more deep…. I inserted my finger in her pussy which was very wet and slippry and was very hot from inside ….. i was giving her a deep finger fuck and she was enjoying with her closed eyes and pushing her pussy against my each finger stroke…i was still sucking her nipple and she was moaning vert loudly.. she wispered in my ear … yeaaaaaa plz do it fast bada maza aaraha hay..she made me aroused.

I start kissing on her breast and lower and lower untill i reached her crotch.. and as i open her pussy lips and found her clit i put my mouth on her pussy and start with my toung on her clit she was jerked and she cried AAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAWwwwwwwwwww Yeaaaaaaaa she was so aroused and was pusshing her pussy in my mouth to get my toung deep in her pussy i pinched her clit with my lips and start sucking so she picked her Ass n pussy in the air .. i holded her hips in my hands and sqeezed them so badly and then she said I am cumming ….. and her pussy was filled by her salty juice,, she relexed for a while and i again started sucking her nipples and my kisses and tongue to penetrate her most intimate areas ncluding nipples,tits,navel and pussy. ecstasy filled every inch of her body and then I began to move over her and took my position between her legs and took her hands and put them above her head, my fingers wrap around her wrists, holding her there so she cant move by my strength and desire. I carefully placed my cock in her tight pussy and inserted it with a heavy but gentle stroke and she cried out, “aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOyyeee MAAAAA mar gayeee AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhha” with her boobs raised up a bit. she felt pain with first stroke … her pussy was realy very tight yet though it was very wet n slippery .. she asked me to stop as it was hurting her but I hold her tightly and was not ready to release her. I continued making thruts and assured her that she will enjoy it too after few strokes. as I entered her pussy, she looked up at me as her eyes was filled with wonder. but I asked her to close her eyes and started pressing and sucking her nipples. I was so gentle as I filled her with myself, and she clung to me. we were finally one. after few strokes with pain,she also started enjoying it much. she was in the heaven with her eyes closed and moaning. Now her hands were on my head and her fingers roaming in my hair she was kissing me very pasionately and her toung was in my mouth and I was sucking her toung. i cant breathe as my body consumes her “aaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhh” the sweat rolling down from my back drips onto her tummy. she knew a feeling of completion that she had never known before.

I was getting bit wild with my strokes as I fastened my speed. she got dead tired after few strokes. she said I am feeling as if all my energy has been squeezed up and i am a dead meat now. she said she is cumming and she had finished but I was still not finished and asked her to allow me to make few more passionate strokes in her pussy. she was finished and said my body is aching with the pain of my heavy strokes but I was still full of passion and I did not listen to her and said that u will sooth all the pain after making love to me. I widen her legs and took my position holding her niple my mouth sucking strongly so she had to give up… her pussy was swaleon but she allowed me to do what I wanted just to make me happy. after making love to her when I too got exhausted,I got up from her body pounding my juice deep inside her pussy and boobs. both of us were moaning from the sheer hands again reached and squeeze her breats. to make her feel relaxed, I started licking her body and then finally started sucking her nipples, she was roaming her hands on my hair and moaning, “aaaahhh darling you are so sweeeeetttt Aaahuhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa yeaaaaaa” and then I got down to her pussy and slowly started caressing it. I asked her to take a shower together. I carried her in my arms to the bathroom.I turned the shower on and slowly led her in to the tub. my mouth moved down to her neck, breasts, nipples as I rolled off her and lay my naked body over her. she took my cock in her hands and started pressing it and it was already aroused. slowly, gently I stroked her warm skin, my fingers moving lightly at first, then slower, and then harder.

I stood and turned off the water. gathering her up in a towel, I carried her to the bedroom. laying her down on the bed, I poured oil into my palms and smoothed it over her glowing skin, massaging her feet, calves, thighs, bottom, Hips, stomach, back, breasts, shoulders and arms. when she was completely relaxed, i lay on top of her pressed her to me and with a final thrust I reached into the depth of her pussy and she moaned,”AAAAwwww….aaaahhhhhhhhh” we lie together exhausted,I was still inside her as my chest bear into her breasts and her boob in my mouth. we stayed there for some time and then she washed herself and clean me also. it was almost 5 in morning by now.. I locked the door and we sleep naked togather.. she was so happy.. and said I never had such enjoyment in my life …. It was 12 in the noon when my wife knocked the door and asked for a nice and energatic breakfast. At the table she asked her how was her night.. she said great.. you lucky that you got a nice and sexy husband like him… we did enjoy the following two night in same way … and she has a baby of three month now her life is secure but no one knows about this baby except we 3.

One more married girl was recommended from Noni for a baby and she is also got a MY baby BOY of 2 month old now. I thing it is too long as i am not a good story writer.. Tell me if did right or wrong??? your comments will be welcomed any female who has the same situation in her life may write me at with confidence and confidentiality will be assured.

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