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Geri and Karan Sex

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  • August 19, 2015

Whiling away my time seemed to be happening more and more lately. I was at a point where I had hit a slump in my education and instead of going to classes was spending a lot of time with friends. I was hanging with my good friend Geri on a typical, boring Thursday afternoon at our state college. The two of us were half-watching “Braveheart” for the twentieth time (with the volume turned down) and talking about whatever hit our minds.

Geri was curled up on my bed, next to the sofa where I lay, and our heads were only seperated by a good foot or so of space. “So who do you think is sexier,” Geri asked me. “The peasant girl or the princess?” The corner of my mouth twisted up in a grin. “Oh, the peasant girl, definitely.” Geri leaned up on an elbow. “How come?” I thought for a second. “Well, she has great eyes and a wonderful throat” (a notorious weakness of mine) “and doesn’t have to hide under robes and makeup to be beautiful. Plus, she’s the only one who bares her boobs in this movie.” I said the last to half-infuriate Geri, and got a flick to my head as a response. Geri and I were good friends, both mildly attracted to each other, but that was about it. Geri had a fiance, and I wasn’t him. I think Geri valued me more as a friend because I didn’t shun her since she was taken; the value of friends in my life was equally important to love interests – or more so. Besides, it took a lot of the pressure off o! f being together, and we could flirt, give each other backrubs, and even curl up together occassionally without feeling guilty .

I always openly admired Geri’s body – she had the best looking legs I’ve ever seen on a woman, and some nice curves and a great smile to go with it all. I think, given half the chance, I would love to make out with her, but the guy honor code held fast. If there’s another guy, then hands off. We shared details of our love lives to each other, and it was very educational to learn what a girl thinks from her point of view. The honesty that flowed between us strengthened our friendship continuously. “Mark’s coming up this weekend to visit me,” Geri said, somewhat neutrally. “Cool,” I replied, using the same neutral voice. “So what are you two lovebirds going to do?” She sighed. “I don’t know. Maybe go out to dinner or something, but he seems like he’s really in the mood to do some serious making out. Guess being away from me this long does that to him.” “Does it to us all, babe,” I grinned. “So, you don’t sound so excited about that, huh?” “Kind of. I mean, I really love the k! issing and rubbing and stuff, but every time he keeps wanting to go farther.

Last time he wanted me to give him a blowjob.” I raised my eyebrows. “Did you?” “Yeah – I licked and sucked him for a while, but it didn’t really get him off. And I wasn’t too turned on at the time. I ended up jerking him off; he came all over my pink sweater. Glad that stuff washes out.” I sat up and looked at her. “So, are you just scared to do it again, or not excited enough about it, or what?” Her eyes refused contact with mine, and her voice kinda lowered. “Part of both, really. I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing. . . and I’m not pleasing him. I also wonder if he wants to do it to me. And there’s just something missing about it all.” “Sounds like you need a lesson in giving guys head,” I said lightly, trying not to make her feel that embarrassed about it all. Instead of answering, Geri asked me a question. “What do guys like when they get head?” My penis was slowly growing during this conversation, and I had to fight from focusing on it. I thought for a second. “I! guess, first of all you can’t be all shy about it. Guys like girls who at least look like they know what they’re doing. Giving oral sex is like control for the female – she has the power, she controls it all. You have to be a bit dominant. Some guys like the deep throat thing – you know, all the way in your mouth. You have to be creative, use your lips and tongue. Figure out where the guy’s sensative spots are, and slowly excite them. Use your hands on his balls and ass – they like this.

Oh, and look up at them while you do it – it gets a guy off like nothing else.” I hadn’t expected to go into a speech over this, and shut up due to a bit of my own embarassment. However, Geri looked a bit awed and understanding. “Wow,” she said. “I never knew all that.” We sat there for a while, the both of us staring at the TV but thinking thoughts about blowjobs and the like, and I knew that I’d probably have to make a bathroom break soon to relieve the bulging ache in my groin. Out of the blue, Geri spoke. “Would you teach me how to give you head? I’d really like to know, so the next time with Sunil won’t be so. . . you know.” I nodded, half stunned (and aroused) at the offer. “Sure, no prob,” I said, like I was going to be teaching her calculus or something. “Where do you want to do it,” Geri asked. I looked around, and decided that the bed post should be able to support me standing against it. I stood against it, facing her, and said, “Right here.” Geri got off of the ! bed and walked up to me. I could see that she was pretty excited as well, her cheeks flushed and breath heavy. She looked into my eyes and gave me a quick, soft kiss on the mouth. “Thanks,” she said. I nodded, and began my lesson. “First, so that the guy doesn’t feel too awkward, you probably should be topless.

Plus, this would arouse the guy and all.” She stepped back from me and pulled off her sweatshirt, revealing two firm breasts in a white silk bra. I could see the peaks of her nipples standing out toward me, and urged to touch them. Geri had milky-white skin, unblemished except for a small abdominal scar. Still looking at me, she reached back and unfastened her bra strap, then let it fall. I couldn’t resist. My hands reached out to grab those perfect mounds, and I gently caressed them, feeling shocks of excitement extend from my fingertips to my penis. I was touching her! Just looking at it made me so horny. Geri didn’t resist, but leaned in so that I could feel her breasts better. I could feel the rough buds of her nipples press into my palms, so different from the pillowy softness that surrounded it. Her eyes closed as I continued to slowly explore her with my hands. After a minute of that, I reluctantly let go (and I was somewhat happy to see that she was disappointed as ! well). “Now, pull my pants down, but don’t touch my boxers.” She followed orders, getting down on her knees and undoing my pants. In a few seconds, they were around my ankle, my throbbing cock pressing hard against the fabric of my boxers. Geri looked up, eager to recieve further instructions. “Lightly touch and feel, imagine what it looks like. Use both hands if you want to.” She extended one finger that traced the shaft of my member from the tip down to my balls.

Her lithe fingers wrapped around my penis, clad in cotton, and squeezed gently. I let her hands roam around for a few minutes, exploring my hidden cock, and then felt one of her fingers slip under my boxer leg and caress my sensative balls. I shuddered at this unexpected sensation, and Geri took the cue to explore further. Her cool, soft fingers slid over my private region, feeling the silky skin of my shaft and the coarse hair that surrounded it. Hoarsely, I told her to pull them down. As with most first (or second) timers, the girls just want to look for a while, to comprehend what they are staring at. I let Geri do so, her fingers moving my skin around and lifting up my testicle sac to see underneath. A drop of precum trickled down from my head onto one of her fingers, and she withdrew her hand to feel this strange sensation. After sliding it between her fingers, she lifted it to her mouth and tasted it, eventually licking her fingers clean. “It’s not too bad,” she said.! “Kinda salty.” “Do you think you can stand to suck on that?” I asked. “Oh yeah,” she breathed. I grinned and she followed suit, the two of us relaxing in the shared humor. “Okay,” I said. “So far you’re doing great. Just remember never to lose contact with either your hands or mouth. . . to start, it’s usually a pretty good idea to have one hand cupping my balls, and the other wrapped around the base of my penis for control. So I don’t jerk up into your mouth or anything.” Geri enveloped my manhood with her cool hands, and I resisted the urge to rub against them, to ask her to jerk me off right there. “Mmmmm… that feels great. How are you doing?” She looked up and gave me a melting grin. “Just fine.” “Terrific.

Now kiss all around my penis, like you would any other part of me. Use small kisses, long, open-mouthed ones, and even get your tongue in there, as if you were frenching. Just don’t stay on one spot too long, or it can desensatize pretty quick.” The second I felt her moist lips brush against the head of my cock, I was in ecstasy. I sucked in my first breath and closed my eyes, concentrating with my other senses to feel what she was doing to me. Her lips moved slowly and sensually around my member, kissing and licking, teasing with small little pecks, and driving me wild with open-mouthed explorations. After a few minutes, my cock was soaked in her saliva, red and throbbing with pent-up pressure. As much as I was enjoying this (and from the sounds from her, she as well), this was just foreplay to what I needed to satisfy me. I lifted her face off of my penis with one hand, and motioned for her to continue stroking me with the other. Small moans and smiles sent encouraging me! ssages to her, and I could see the eagerness for more in her eyes. “Are you ready to really give me head?” She nodded. “Then put me in your mouth as much as you can, and use the hand you have wrapped around my cock to guard against me shoving it in any further.” Geri bent over my sensative dick, obscuring my view with her mass of dawny-brown hair. Suddenly, I could feel lips part at the tip of my head, and then slide down my base. I felt the heat of her mouth envelop me, her hot tongue pressed up against my base. She had at least three of my six inches inside of her mouth. “Take your time,” I moaned. “Just get the feeling of it in you, use your tongue to taste me, sort of like a big lollipop.” Her tongue slid up and down my shaft, flicking from side to side, and gently withdrawing.

I placed my hands on both sides of her head to wordlessly urge her to start sliding me in and out of her mouth. I was in blowjob heaven! I had never been sucked off by someone as sexy, uninhibited, and sensual as Geri, and every second became a fight not to shoot my load before I was ready. Her mouth moved faster, sucking in my cock and then sliding it out, taking a bit more in her mouth with each thrust. I could feel the top of her mouth bump against my head, and for a second she made gagging noises. But then it was over, and she managed to take more of me into her. I could feel her tongue swirl around me, her hands on my balls and ass (since now she had most of me in her mouth, and presumably trusting me not to push in further). I groaned, and heard her anxious moaning replies, sharing in my excitement, thrilled to be pleasing someone this much. “Oh, Geri! That’s so good. . . ” I said. “Yes. . .. keep doing that. . . oh, you’re turning me on so much. I want to come deep i! n the throat of yours. . . ” At this, Geri looked up at me, not pausing for a second in giving me head. Her head bobbed up and down faster, eyes locked on my face (which was contorted in that wonderful mix of rapture and pain). I could see that she wanted me to come. . . “Geri! I’m almost there! If you don’t want me to come in your mouth, take me out now and just use your hands! Ohhh….!” Instead of doing that, Geri pressed down harder, taking my six inches into her mouth, taking me in and out three times every second. I groaned so loud that I was sure my dorm mates down the hall could hear, and then bucked deep into her throat.

My cum shot out, hot and strong, into her lovely mouth. She didn’t pause for a second, but continued her rapid fellatio while attempting to swallow my load. Some of it leaked out onto my cock and her face, but the two of us were just enjoying it too much to notice. When I finished my orgasm, I slowed her head down, then took it off my cock. Without saying a word, I pulled her up to her feet. One of her hands, sticky with my semen, still held my limp penis, while the other came to the side of my face. I kissed her deeply and slowly, trying to show my appreciation and desire in one special moment. I could taste my own come, her abundant saliva, and even smell the pheromones that she was giving off. After a few seconds, we drew back in each other’s arms. Geri spoke first. “Thank you so much for teaching me. . . I don’t think I’ve ever had a lesson quite that. . . educational, in quite a while.” She gave me a smart-ass grin. “In so many words,” I replied. “That was a damn fine ! blowjob.” if any lady of any range in or near New Delhi needs some sex with me can contact me at

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