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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

I am sending my latest story..100% true. I would be interested if anyone wanna be friends with me. I live and work in London and Mumbai. Would be interested if anyone want to meet me for discreet fun. This episode happened when i Was visiting Trivandrum for few days. It is a sunny morning in Trivandrum, bustling main roads with people everywhere. I am here from Mumbai to visit branch office of a well known company. I am a journalist and a writer. Coming from Mumbai it is a welcoming surprise to be in Kerala. People back home say that south indians aren’t very fair.

But I noticed that many of them are fair and few of them are stunningly beautiful. Ms Sharmila from the office came to airport to pick me up to the company guest house. Wow! she is fair, goodlooking, and looks like an angel in that white saree and blouse with golden borders. I extended my hand for an hand shake but she beautifully folded her hands and welcomed in traditional south indian style. I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful hips and nice size bust. Sharmila quickly noticed my eyes and ignored that and said “Welcome to kerala!, lets go to the guest house before the rush hour begins”. I said that is a good idea!. We boarded the waiting company car and travelled towards guest house. She was showing me the important places on the way. Once reached, She asked me to be ready in 30 min and waited in the living room. It is a one bedroom apartment with small kitchen and bathroom. I went to bathroom. After entering the shower I realised I forgot to bring in my soap. I just called out to see whether she could help me. I hesitantly opened the door with the towel wrapped around me and asked her for the soap in my bag. She was laughing at me and said “your wife got to be thinking about you”. I asked her why, she responded “for this” and gave the soap from my bag. My wet hands touched Sharmila’s and a shivering shock went through my body.

As I was taking a look at the Sharmila’s bright beautiful face, soap slipped and dropped down. Sharmila bent down to pick up the soap, I couldn’t control myself for not looking at her back and those imposing 2 melons trying to jump out of her blouse. When she bent down, I noticed that my excitement grew uncontrollably in right places at the wrong time. When she turned up she brushed against my full grown manhood. I said ‘sorry about that’, she said ‘that’s ok it is normal’. But I couldn’t figure out what she meant – whether the soap or you know what I mean. Anyway I turned back into bath room took a nice shower, but her images flashed through all those times. Later when I came out the room was filled with the aroma of Jasmine Sharmila wore. I exclaimed what a heavenly smell! she smiled and said it is Jasmine. I said it looks beautiful on you! Then after few jokes we left to work. I was shown my private office in a big bungalow surrounded by gardens. Sharmila came to pick me up for lunch. She said she was asked by the editor to help me out while I am here. We started discussing about many things and it came down to personal side of things. I told her that I am married. She mentioned that she had a child marriage and her husband died when she was 17 and she is now 27. I felt so sorry for her. She said she has been living in a hostel and her native is palghat. That weekend we planned to go see the zoo & palace. I left the work early as I didn’t have much sleep the previous day. Around 8.00 o’clock in the evening there was a knock on the door.

I ran to the door to open the door and found Sharmila standing there drenched in the rain… I said come in… She came in and asked where was I. I said I left early, she turned angry and her face was red although it was so beautiful in the light with dripping water drops. She said she was looking for me amd got worried since she couldn’t find me and said she took an auto to come check that I am ok. I offered her a towel. She looked so beautiful and sexy, I could see her skin and even her pointing nipples as her dress were wet. I asked her if she want to change and offered my T-shirt and a dhothi. She took them and went to change the dress. When she came out she was so cute and adorable, I wanted to take her in my arms and embrace her but I controlled my excitement. She asked about the dinner and I said I slept quite well but mentioned I brought some noodles and extra bananas that I bought in the morning. We decided to have a simple dinner. She adjusted herself and went to kitchen to boil the water for noodles. I offered her the banana and she exclaimed that she hasn’t seen such a huge one. I was shocked as my down under is growing bulge and thought that she noticed that. But then realised she is so nice and didn’t mean it that way. During that time we talked about work, society, and other interests. She said this is the first time she met someone interesting to talk and becoming to like me. I said this is the first time even I found someone interesting to talk. It is time to drop the noodles she picked the packets and went to the stove. I was saying that she looked more beautiful in the outfit, she smiled and said thanks. I asked whether she needs any help but she said she could manage. I put some music in the tape. A while later she asked for tongs and to kitchen to help her out. I couldn’t help but notice that smell from Jasmine even after that full day. I stood behind her to smell that for a while. She turned suddendly and our eyes locked with each other, I could see the sparks in her eyes. She blushed and turned back towards the stove. I moved closer and too close that her wet hairs could move with my deep breathing… She asked what I am doing, I said ‘Jasmine’…She exclaimed ‘Oh!’. Now I moved even closer and put my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me… She responded! I started moving my hands up and stopped at those melons. Wow! this is my lucky day! She turned off the stove… I got the indication what she is thinking. I breathed heavily… She said she is feeling warm and tickling near her ear…She put her hands above mine and slowly rubbing… I started to lick back of her ear… and kissed her neck. She was bending forward but this brought us to the reality as to what is happening as her back strongly rubbed against my manhood.

Now I started moving my hands little closer to her melons and started pressing it, holding it, tickling the nipples…I could see a smile in her face. I turned her towards me…She looked straight into my eyes… I looked at those piercing eyes. Moved my hands to her head brought her face closer and started kissing at her face, cheeks and neck…. In the meantime she was holding me so closely and tightly I could feel rubbing against her panties… She responded with kisses in my face, cheeks and necks. I started kissing her lips… she opened her mouth, I started exploring it with my tounge. Our mouths are locked, eyes closed, I moved my hands down and hugged her tightly and we embraced with each other. I moved my hands further down and placed on her ass cheeks and squeezed it. I pulled her T-shirt up and removed…she didn’t have the bra as it was wet. I couldn’t believe my eyes…Her breasts – those 2 sweet melons are huge. While I bent down to taste that, she removed my shirt. We both were topless. She started to rub against me – I could feel those melons in my chest. I moved back a little and held those boobs and started to knead them and started kissing her chests and breasts. she in excitement moved her arms up. I placed kisses on her both underarms.. and started licking…she started to wriggle like a fish…Back to melons I kissed and took as much as I could and sucked vigorously. Brought her breasts together so that her both nipples are close and kissed on them, licked on them and sucked on them…this continued for few minutes… While I did this I brought her hand and placed it on my dhothi…she could feel my full grown cock and she rubbed her hand against my cock and pulled my dhothi in one stroke. As I continued to suck her boobs she started stroking my cock… I moved her to the chair now…removed her dhothi and panty. It is so beautiful sight to behold… I kneeled on the floor and licked her left boob squeezed her right one and started rubbing her pussy with left hand. Changed hands and continued. She arched back and started moaning… ah..ahhh aahhhh ah.. ahhhhhhhh…with deep breaths….. After few minutes I asked her to move forward and spread the legs…she oblighed without knowing what is coming at her…. I sat on the floor with her in the chair, moved forward to kiss her pussy… I ran my fingers on her pubic area, rubbed her pussy and clitoris…all the time she was moaning. Slowly I started licking her pussy…. she moaned heavily placing her hands on my head and pushing it towards her warm and juicy pussy. I started licking vigorously – pushing my tounge inside her pussy hole, sucked her pussy lips and squeezed her boobs at the same time… her moans grew longer and deeper…she said…darling dont stop… I put my finger in her pussy and moved in and out while tickling, licking, kissing her clitoris and pussy lips. After 20 or so she was shivering in orgasm…probably first in her life. She is visibly tired.

Her juices were flowing…I licked them slowly and looked up her face to see the excitement, smile … Now I stood up…moved her forward, held her boobs and brought my cock and rubbed against it. she took my cock and slowly moved the foreskin backwards – and started stroking. I moved little closer to her so that my cock is on her chest between the boobs. Brought both her hands and asked to hold the melons tightly wrapping my dick and started pumping up and down…I was enjoying the tit-fuck with the beatiful keralite girl. I rested my hands on her shoulders… I closed my eyes in that enjoyment to find she started kissing my cock and sometimes opened her mouth so that my cock could enter her mouth… I was fucking her tit and mouth at the same time… she wrapped her lips around the cock and sucked…She lifted her hands and started paying with my nipples at the same time. I couldn’t bar it anymore….I told her I could cum any minute…. She doesn’t seem to listen and cotinued kissing, rubbing my tip of the cock on her nipples and breasts… wrapped it with her boobs…

I increased the rhythm and came shouting…I love you dear…and cum on her breasts. She smiled at me and was deligent on what she was doing and kissed my cock once in a while, to bring me second orgasm……..Sharmilaaaaaaaa I shouted… I was in heaven!…I never felt that way before in my life… I later heard the same words from her… Rest later guys and gals. And any gals..wanted to get in touch..write to me on

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