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Fun With Lady Boss

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi to all desi story readers. I am a regular reader of erotic stories and I have read almost all the stories on this site. I think this is the best platform to express one’s feelings towards sex. I am raj from the beautiful city Dehradun ( India ). I am 27 yrs old male with an athletic body and nice and hard tool of 6 inches. I am very fond of sex and anything related to sex. U can say I am a sex maniac. I always see sexy ladies in their beautiful dresses and think of having sex with them. I started watching blue films when I was in class 8 and from then I got into the wonderful world of sex. I use to read porn literature and watch adult movies whenever I got the chance.

Though I have come across many sexual encounters with my friends, maid servant and my aunty but the story that I am going to tell you is when I had the chance of fucking my lady boss who is in my office. If anyone wants to hear my previous encounters then kindly mail me. I am a regular masturbator and I can’t sleep unless I masturbate, which gives me immense pleasure stroking my lund with my fist. I do have a cute face, which the girls have told me. Ok now the main part begins. This is not a fantasy but 100% true story, which happened with me two months back. After finishing my graduation I was working as an admin executive in a company. I was working under a lady who was my boss. Her voice is so cute and the best part of her is her gaand which is so huge but very tight. Let me describe her she is 32 yrs old married having a one-year-old daughter. Her husband was suffering from respiratory problem so he was not able to satisfy her completely which I came to know after our fucking session, so she used to tell me about her hubby and his problem.

She was so attached with me that we used to chat for long hours but till then there was nothing between us because we never discussed anything about sex but she used to ask me about my girlfriends. By some chance I used to brush my hands against her hands and butts, but she did not say anything. I worked there for one year then I got a job in delhi with a raise in salary so I went to delhi so I thought that this is the end. I worked in an MNC in delhi for 6 months but due to my fathers illness I came back because apart from my mother there was no on else in the family. When I came back I was jobless for about two months. When I was in delhi I used to call this lady and ask her about her well being. So one day I got a call at my home from this lady that soon the interviews will be held for the same post becos the earlier chap who was working had left. I thanked her and went to the office on the said date. As I had expected I was selected and started working. Now I started noticing that this time she had a changed Behaviour. She used to sit beside me and some times placed her hand on my lap but I never said or do anything. Kabhi kabhi who mere saath lunch bhi kerti thi aur mere liye who chocolates bhi leker aati thi. I was not sure that what was in her mind. One day by chance main usse takra gaya aur accidently mera haath uske boobs per dab gaye she did not said anything but just gave me a smile I said sorry but she said that don’t be so. Sometimes I used to peak inside her kamiz and used to stare her boobs.

Uske boobs bahut tight the aur kase huye the. Sometimes who mujhe dekh leti thi ke main uske boobs ko dekh raha hoon but she did not say anything. Her figure is 38-28-40. now I was just thinking ke how to fuck her becos in the office when she sit besides me mera lund erect ho jata tha aur mujhe kaam karne mein pareshani hoti thi. So the day arrived when I was lucky. At that time mere parents kisi kaam se delhi gaye hue the aur ghar mein koi nahin tha. Jab office khatam hua to it was raining very heavily and I did not had any raincoat or umbrella and the same was with her. Mera ghar office ke bahut paas tha but she used to come from 10 kms. She used to come by scooter so that day usne mujhe lift di so I invited her for a cup of tea at my place due to cold and she readily accepted. We were completely drenched due to rain by the time we both reached home. We reached home and I gave her a towel to wipe herself and in the meantime I went to the bathroom cos my lund was aching due to excitement and I masturbated then and there. I came out and changed my clothes. She said that she was feeling cold so I gave her my mother’s clothes to change. She was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. I went to prepare the tea. After sometime I came with tea and snacks we started sipping the tea and I was staring at her and she just gave a smile and looking straight into my eyes. Anyway, bethay bethay aur annkhon ankhon mein mene uss ko apna message convey ker diya, jis par lady nay bhi kuch samhja.

She was trembling due to cold so I told her to go to the bedroom and offered her a quilt. she sat on the bed and we were chatting Idhar Udhar ki, phir achanak hi mene during chat uss lady ka right hand pakar liya aur apnay haath mein daba liya aur saath hi saath chatting bhi horahi thii… mujh ko uss lady key reply kaa intitizar thaa bcoz mene apna kaam start kar diya thaa…….and she was also very intelligent she just reply with her hand pressing my hands and with kiss on my both hands then…..buss phir kiya thaa….that was the sign that all doors are open now…..Mein uss lady kay head mein apna haath dal kar lady ko kiss kiya jis par uss lady nay bhi mere sar ko pakar kar french kiss start kar di…..MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmwwaaaah…..Mwahhh…….Mwwaaaaahhh,,,,,,,,,,,, aur mujh ko aik good start mil chuka thaa……..mene bhi uss ki zaban suck karna shuruh kardi,,,,,,,HHHHHHmmmmm Sluuuuuuuppppp…..Slllllllupppppp……Aur saath hi saath mene apna right hand lady key breast par rakh kar mammoo ko squeeze karna start kar diya..wooooooooow what a pair of globes she had so soft and spongy…..jis par wo foran hi lady nay mujh ko apni banhon mein grip karna shuroo kar diya, jaisay kay wo mere andar sama jana chahti ho…….HHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Phir mene apna haath uss kay pet par say phertey hoay uss ki Choot tak lagaya aur saath hi saath french-kissing bhi continue rakhi,,,,,she started moaning like …….HHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….AAAAAAmmmmmmm and now I was feeling her breath was going out of control…..and than she suddenly separated to me and told me that immediately remove my clothes and she remove her clothes in just a few seconds and now her beautiful boobs are hanging on my face and I start sucking her boobs without wasting my time…..and I also put my both hands on her buttock and squeezing them too…..and she moaning loudly……..AAAAAAmmmmm…..HHMMMmmm..OOOOOH….

After about 15 minutes she told me now is my turn you laid down on the bed and she immediately hold my cock in her hand and start licking first and my balls too…….which I was enjoying too much,,,,,,and than I put my both hands in her head and told her to start sucking,,,,,then she start sucking my 6 inch cock……….HHHHHHHHHmmmmmmmm I was enjoying too much and feeling her soft tongue exploring my cock and her saliva also giving me great pleasure……..HHHHmmmm and she was sucking hard………SSSSLLLlllllllllllllluuuuurrrrrrrpppppp……..SSSllllllllluuuppppppp…..and he did this job about 10 minutes. After that she told me that plz not start fucking,,,,,,,,and I replied okay………abb aap bed par let jayen……..phir mene again french-kissing start kardi aur breast squeeze karnay laga…….phir uss kay baad again lady request to me for fucking……mujh ko pata chal gaya thaa kay abb wo garam ho chuki hay…….lekin I want to make her more horny……so I ignore her requested and start kissing on earlobes and cheeks and than I reach on her tits and nipples and I bite with gentle……she was screaming loudly AAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..HHHmmmmmmmmm….Plz fuck me, plz………she was begging me. The whole scene was so erotic and my lund was standing like a flagpole. but I don’t want to listen her voice now……and I start squeezing her boobs and sucking her boobs…..she had a cute pussy with little hair on the opening which was turning me on and her gaand was so heavy and tight…than I slowly going down to reach on her belly and sucking and biting slowly with gently…….and than I reach to her Vagina Lips and just took a kiss on it………and suddenly neechey chala gaya aur lady kii thighs ko kissing aur biting start kar di…….jis par wo about pagal ho gai aur kehne lagi…….

Plz Start Fucking,,,,,,,,Plz……..don’t kill me…….and I again ignored and continue my kissing on her thighs and than I reach on her too and still kissing her legs and sucking her clit with my tongue and side by side playing with her boobs too… the meantime she was totally horny and time to kill her passions, and she was looking in my eyes…….and begging me for start Chudai. I was also ready by this time and Then I accepted her request and spread her legs wide and just put my Cock’s Head on her Choot and started teasing her chhot with the tip of my cock and stroking her clit but did not inserted inside……and bend over on her face for french kissing and she immediately suck my tongue in her mouth in the meantime I just pump my tip of my cock inside her Choot and she moan AAAAAhhhh and said Hurry up plz…..fuck me……fuck me……..and then I inserted slowly my LUND in her CHOOT and still we are doing French kissing and exchanging our salivas sucking beastly each other tongues… now half of my lund was inside her tight choot and at once I thrusted inside her and my whole cock was inside her she was going mad and breathing heavily after few seconds I strated giving clow strokes and started pumping her Choot…sssllloowwlly…..IN & OUT………..IN & OUT slowly……..slowly…….and feeling that her Vagina was totally wet inside and I was enjoying too much….usne apne legs mere buttocks per daba diye the ..

I pump her in this position about 5 minutes and than I said to her………that I want Doggie Style………and she smiled at me and anything you want my love…. and suddenly turn her position in Dogy Style…..first I sucked her choot with my tounge from behind and I could feel her juices glowing on my tounge uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm it was so tasty and salty……phir mene apna Topa again uss ki Choot mein daal diya aur uss lady kay hairs pakar kar horse riding chalana start kar di.and sound was generating like……THhhhhhhhhhuuppppppp………….THhhhhhuuuuuuuuppppp……THUupppppppppp…….and than again I bend over on her neck and start biting which was making her more horny………aur phir uss lady nay bhi jhatkay denay start kar diya………..Thhhhhhuppppp….Ttttthhhhhhup……Thhhhupppppp….I fuck her about 15-20 minutes in Dogy style….which she very appreciated to me that she was too much enjoying than me……..Phir uss lady nay kaha kay aab mein Tum par ride (sawari) karna chahti hoon………mein foran hii bed par late gaya…….lady nay mera Lund pakar kar apna Choot mein daalna shuroo kar diya………aur Ouper Neechay honay lagi…….and I was enjoying too much……and also her breast were bounching too……..phir mene lady kay boobs ko dabana start kar diya……….she ride (sawari) on me about 5 minutes than she again laid-down on the bed in straight position and I start fucking her again…….after 10 minutes she screamed that I am cumming, I am cumming,,,,,,fuck me harder, harder and fast…… fuck me harder please…….please………..please………and I start pumping her harder and faster because I know that that was her CLIMAX TIME so I want to give her maximum pleasure for that time……and she grip me very tightly around my body……and I was fucking her that time beastly…..deeper and harder and faster like anything……and suddenly her juices came-out which, I was feeling insider her Choot touching my Lund…..and she was feeling relax now holding me tightly against her body sucking my lips……after 5 minutes of this I was pumping her I was feeling that now is my time to CUM……so I said to her that I am cumming……..and than she again rapidly grip me again and told me come inside me……..and I start fucking her harder than faster again……..Thhuuupppp…….Thhhupppppp..Thhpppp……..and with a jerk I Cum inside her Choot and she give me full cooperation to discharge me fully inside her till my last drop….after taking out my lund she held my cock and tokk it in her mouth and sucked it till the last drop uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm what a feeling I had…and phir mein uss kay ouper hi lait gaya……..phir isi condition mein hum dono about 15 minutes tak letay rahay……..bcoz hum dono hi iss tarha buhat enjoy kar rahay thaay…..

Lady nay meri Chudaai ko buhat hi appreciate kiya aur kaha kay, first of all tum nay itna time diya, second aap nay Chudai start karnay say pehlay hii mujh ko itna horny kar diya thaa kay mein…….two times already discharge ho chuki thii……. Phir iiss kay baad hum dono Idhar Udhar ki baatein kartay rahay………after that I brought some coffe for her and during sipping she held my cock and stroked it slowly and while doing this my cock stated erecting and she was surprised to see that and ahe commented me that ready for second round I said ok. Then I fucked her gaand also which she enjoyed tooo much and cummed on her face….in the last two months I have fucked her thrice… well this is one of my experience. I will come again with other of my experiences. Comments are always welcome from boys and girls and anyone who wants to know my other experiences can mail me and anyone who wants to have friendship with are most welcome. I am always ready for sex anytime if any girl, aunties, bhabhis, divorcees (age no bar) who wants to have some fun of sex of any kind can mail me and tell me what kind of fun they want. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Do send me your fantasies. Tell me how you liked my story. I would like to hear from the ladies especially and would like to meet with someone who wants to explore new heights in the gr8 world of sex. Kindly mail me at This is my chat id also on yahoo messenger. If anyone wants to have a chat with me before meeting can do that.

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