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Fun With Bangalorean Married Woman To Satisfy Thirst Of The Bottom

  • desipapa
  • November 20, 2015

Hi all myself raj (name changed) from Bangalore working in reputed company in brigade road bangalore, its been three years working in same company, I was searching for female partner who can accompany me after office hours. I am 26 of age belong to slim category with fair in complex with decent 5.9 inch height and sexy hairy chest ( long time penetrating stamina). One fine day we had a new recruit.
Her name is mansi (name changed) she was into different team and works in same floor, she is happily married women from karnataka. She was of 30 years of age dusky color with huge assent on right place. I am not good at measurement but since I enjoyed sucking her every private parts I assume she was of 34, 36, 38, she had a huge ass which was most attracting part of her body.

Once I was in cafeteria with my team, I saw her sitting alone. Since she was from my floor I causally invited her to join my team but she refused to come. I introduced myself and I came to know that she is also from bangalore. We started talking in kannada for some time and we left the place. Days rolled off by the same routine. We became good friends.

Once she wanted to buy two wheeler and she asked me to suggest and I told her to buy honda activa and asked her to give party once it is delivered.

After few days she got it and as she promised she invited me to give treat. She told me to fix a venue. I told her to take me to babeque nation. We came out of office, for my luck started raining heavily. We waited for some time and we planned to move to a restaurant near by her house so that she can reach home easily. It was around 7pm we reached venue but again for my luck restaurant was closed. We were fully drenched her black bra strap were visible. She invited to her home till the rain stops.

I went inside it was two bedroom semi apartment. She made me to shit on sofa and gave me towel, she went to bed room to change. After 10 min she came out with white t shirt with knee level shorts, thighs were legs shaved with water drops on her thighs, that made me arose and got indication of my network. She came close to me and told me to use bath room to change my cloths to her husbands shorts and t shirt. I checked about her husband and she told that he will reach home only by 11 because he is it field. I was happy thinking that I can spend 3 more hours to spend.

I was wearing tight jeans it was difficult to remove so I asked her help to pull that down, while taking out she saw my bulge, she gave me naughty smile. We finally changed the dress.

We planned to have pizza and we called pizza to deliver at home. We sat on sofa side by side and stated talking, she told me about her family relatives and even I shared details of my personal things. I asked her about kids but she went on silence, I asked her again and went close to her. Her husband was not active in sex. Slowly in way of convincing her I touched her hand for first time, it was soft I pulled her close to me but she refused. Bell rang with pizza on door. She took that to kitchen to put that on plate.

I went straight to her and hugged her from back rubber my thing to her huge sexy ass. She pushed me and refused, I could not control I locked my lip to her juice filled lips, she tried pushing me but she failed, slowly she hugged me. We kissed for 2min and I removed her top and started pressing her boobs. She guided me to bedroom,

I pulled her shorts and she was sleeping with bra and panty. I stood front of her stripped one by one she came close to me and kissed again, I pulled her bra I grabbed her honey filled boobs she was moaning loudly, she was pushing me down to her pussy, I stared eating her pussy on top of panty she was shouting me to fuck her, I wanted to tease to I removed her panty and started licking. She was shivering and wet with salty cream. Then I guided her to give blowjob but she was not comfortable. I turned her on 69 position and fucked her mouth and I licked her pussy.

Finally I got into missionary position I rubbed my 8 inch tool on her pussy, she was moaning loudly like aaahhh raaaajjjjj pls fuck me once plsssss. Satisfy me once in life time plssss. Slowly I grabbed her boobs on one hand and inserted my tool on pussy. She started ahhhhhhh awwww no no its paining …. It was tight I removed and gave hard strock …. She opened her mouth with rrrrajjjjjj harder harder ah aah ah ah I smooched her we tried doggy style, riding. We cummed 5 times, then we had pizza and left. Please revert back with good comments if you like.

We are still maintaining secret relationship, whenever she feels like having sex or I feel we meet and have sex for our benefits. I like to have fun with elderly women, ladies, aunties. Please revert to

Fun With Bangalorean Married Women To Satisfy Thirst Of The Bottom

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