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Fun With Aunt In Crowded Bus

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi to desipapa stories fans. Once I was travelling from a village of Haryana to Delhi by bus during the evening around 6.00 pm. The bus was crowded with some standing crowd. All of a sudden, the bus was shaking huge and came to halt. Bus driver inspected the engine and said that bus will not move further and hence all of us have to catch the other bus passing thru. I was travelling along with my aunt Vijaya, who is younger sister of my mother (Name changed).

She is 44 years old with 38-32-40 with 5’6” high. She looks like actress KR Vijaya little. Charming face with straight nose and pink lips. Whoever looks her will look her again. All the passengers 60-70 people were waiting for the next bus to come. Around 7.00 pm, one bus came that way to delhi, which was already crowded. All the passengers were trying to board the coming bus. Seeing the crowd running all ladies stayed back. But I pulled my aunt and ran toward the backside entry of the bus.

All were trying to find an entry into the bus. I pushed my aunt inside and followed her from behind. Lots of people were still trying to push us from behind to come inside the bus. Some how we managed and reached the top step of the bus. But lots of people were still hanging and the bus started to move. People from steps were shouting to move the people inside as they are hanging outside. So, we had to move further inside slowly my aunt and myself reached 2/3 seats ahead.

I was standing beside left side of my aunt. Crowd was still trying to push in. By that time I watch my aunt was looking at her back side of her suddenly and I too turned to see what she was seeing. I could saw one guy standing right backside of her was trying to brush his cock on back of my aunt’s ass butt. I could see his pant zip portion was bulged. He behaved like touch was accidental. The crowd was still pushing all of us inside. I saw all around and found that my aunt was the only lady in that bus. Again my aunt turned back. I saw the same guy was playing the trick.

So, to protect my aunt from his mischief, I tried to go behind my aunt. But, that guy was not allowing me to go behind her and he was holding that position firm. All of a sudden, some sharp push was from the backside crowd of the bus. Due to this the guy behind my aunt moved a bit and I was pushed due to crowd squeezing exactly behind my aunt. But, the guy moved away due to crowd movement was behind me now.

Due to crowd myself and aunt were not talking to each other. So, many passengers around us thought that we are strangers. She was trying to find where I am standing, not knowing that I am standing right behind her. Till this second, I never had any bad thinking about my aunt (Chithi). Suddenly bus stopped in one stop. As there was no bus for long time on that route around 10/15 people were trying to get in. But nobody got down. So the pressure inside was more than earlier.

The guy behind me pushed me to the front due to the pressure on him. So, I had to push my aunt. She was standing firmly holding the back rest rods of two seats. I was almost learning on my aunt, with no air gap between us. Having such a voluptuous lady in touch. I felt the warmth of her body and the softness of her back including her butt. My zipper portion is exactly on her butt. She immediately turned back and found that its me and sighed a feel of relief. But within no seconds, due to our body contact my prick started raising. It was rock hard and the bus movement made me like brushing on my aunt’s butt.

Now the heat on me too was increasing. She too felt the stone like penis of her own son is being pressed on her butt. But due to the jam-packed crowd we could not move away and I had to press on her butt continuously. As the time gone and due to bus shaking now my hot rod was exactly in between her ass crack. The heat inside her ass crack was too high. I felt the heaven there. Now I was uncontrollable. I myself pushed my hip toward her ass to the extent possible.

My aunt felt the extra pressure and checked again whether its me. Now I pretended that I am not connected to her and looked elsewhere. It was dark outside. Inside the bulb was very dull. I had taken advantage of the dim light and pressed my prick inside her ass crack. Now, I could watch that she was wetting her lips and biting her lips. Slowly I could find her that she was leaning back and our body was in tight contact. My body starting from my leg to chest was in total contact with her leg to shoulder and my hip pressure was more on her butt.

Bus was going on a constant speed. After few seconds, I could found that she was pressing back by lifting her ass to suit my prick pressure. Wah! I was in heaven by feeling the soft butts of my aunt. My prick was rock hard and vibrant inside my aunt’s ass crack. The vibrations sent my aunt a different current in her body. I could see that she was also enjoying my penis press on her butt. Her eyes were half closed. The guys around us were eyeing on us. My breath as well as her breath was too hot. My hot breath was piercing her bare portion of her shoulder. In that moment

I forgot that she is my mother’s sister and she was looking like a hot slut to me. I wanted to take the maximum fun from her. Our body was in complete touch and I started caressing her body and thighs. She lifted her ass and pressing more back on my penis. My penis was struggling inside my trouser. Pre-cum started oozing out of my prick. In the act of cleaning my face, I took kerchief from my pant pocket. By that time, I caressed her right thigh. I pulled her back towards me and I tried to move my fingers to touch her love triangle.

The guys around us are stunned and watching us with jealous on me. Vijaya was hiding my hand with her hand bag so that others can’t see my palms on her pussy area. I slowly advanced my finger towards her pussy clits. She sensed my finger movement and moved her pussy toward my finger. I could sense a heap of grass on her pussy area. Between the clothe she wore I inserted my finger and found the g-spot. Once I touched the g-spot she sounded “Ah..”.

I pressed the g-spot and scrolled around. She was breathing heavily and lifted her pussy and shown her pussy to my finger dance and pressed my finger further in, using her hand bag. Due to this movement the gap between my prick and her butt increased a bit. Hence, I had to move further to keep her butt pressure on my hard erected penis. Now she is jammed between my penis and finger. As my finger was playing around her vagina, she too made a curl movement to suit the rhythm of my finger.

Now she looked like a screw able hot slut not my aunt. I forgot that she is my aunt and the co-passengers thought that we two are strangers and just entangled in sex game due to circumstances. I decided to have more fun with my aunt. As the pressure was increasing, my penis was struggling inside. So, I decided to ease out the penis. So, I unzipped my pant zip and pulled out my penis. Now my bare penis was pressing on my aunt’s butt. She too guessed but acted like as if not knowing anything.

Now Almost I pulled her toward me with my hands holding her hip and she was just leaning on me. I was smooching her neck and shoulder. She was totally aroused by my act of having sex in the middle of the bus with so many people around. My arousal was too much and I decided to take maximum chance. So, I slide up her saree on her back side so that my bare penis can touch her bare ass cheeks. She too felt that what I was trying to do. But she too was aroused more and hence her sexual urge won her shame. She acted like nothing is happening but her heart was beating and her breath was more spoonful.

I lifted her saree and inner wear above her ass cheeks but closed by my body. But the saree was intact on her front side covering her complete in front. She didn’t wear any panty inside. My penis for the first time touched the ass cheeks of my aunt. The feel was heaven. Her heated body and much heated ass was just heaven to my penis. My pressing slide my cock to her ass crack. She was slowly increasing the sound of “hiz” ah.. shh.. ahh…sh…”

Her sound made me more aroused and I too started sliding my cock along her ass crack. She too matched my sliding with her “shh.. ahh.. hizz..” My cock was feeling her ass hole tip and slight moisture area in her ass crack. We were nearing the place where we have to get down. Another half an hour distance only we were away. So, to see where we are, she bent down to the front toward the window and seen the place on the side to identify. Oh god, due to her bent my cock was just in the entrance of her pussy hole, which was oozing her pussy juice. I was in dilemma whether to insert my penis or not. Due to the bus speed she was not able to find the area where the bus is going on.

So, she spent some time to see. Suddenly the bus was going on a bad patch of road. Due to which the bus was shaking more. Due to this shake, my cock suddenly entered her pussy, which was already well lubricated. My penis was one inch inside her pussy hole. Oh God the juice around and the warmth of her pussy made me crazy. I once for all forgot that she is my aunt and just raised my hip. Fuck, my whole penis entered my aunt’s pussy with ease. She just turned around and given me short and sweet smile and at the same time she was on murmur of “Ah.. Shsh..“Mmm.. Ushh… Ahh…”

Now I got up a rhythm and shaking my piston inside her well lubricated cylinder. I just held her hip and fucking in the middle of the crowd with 10-15 pairs of eyes watching us fucking. Every body’s eyes forgot to blink and their mouth was wide open and watering. Now my aunt too started shaking her hip matching my rhythm. I was in heaven and driving my aunt like crazy fucker. She too lost all her shame and stroking her hip and taking all my stroke with horny sounds
“Sshh… Aahh…. Mmmm… Oh No..”

“Yeah… Yes… Fuck my pussy”

“Fuck me like slut. Fuck me like whore. Fuck me like prostitute”.

I too was calling her “Slut.. Vijaya…Mmm…Vijaya…”
“Yeah fuck me…”

“Vijaya…. My hot fuck..”

“Yah… I am your Vijaya…. Fuck me hard and tear my vajina..”

“Uhh… Ssshh… Vijj.. Vijaya… Aahh..”

Suddenly she was shattered and had a huge orgasm and squeaked “Ahhhh……..” and held her pussy tight back to my penis with stubborn body and closed her eyes. I waited for a moment for her to enjoy her orgasm. Now I pulled back my penis out of her pussy and turned her around. Now we were facing each other. Her pussy was dripping her vaginal fluid. I just sat down and licked her pussy juice completely and she was wide opening her thighs to comfort me to lick. After completely licked, I stood up and pulled her toward me and bent my legs and inserted my cock again inside her pussy with face to face looking.

She too bent and taken my penis inside her pussy. Again the reciprocation started. As both were looking at each other, the lust making was more sensitive as she was biting her lips. I was smooching my aunt like a hungry dog. Her breath was heavy and taking oxygen thru her mouth. I just entangled in a sound long kiss on lip to lip. We were taking each other’s tongue inside and sucking our saliva. And chewing the lips and tongue. But at the same time our hips were busy in fucking. I opened her blouse and massaging her big melons.

She again started shouting horny.

“Mmm… Ahhh…”


“Shh….. Uooohh…”


“Aahh.. Sshh…”


I picked up well and fucking my aunt very fast and had another long lip kiss. A heavy current was passing between us and we were exploding at the same time.

She had her orgasm again shouting

“Mmm…… Aaahhh..”

Sensing that my aunt is getting orgasm again, me too had a big blast of orgasm and struck to her pussy by pressing deep inside and shouting “Viiiijjjjjyyyyyaaaaa”.

Our eyes are closed and hugging each other tightly with our hips pressing each other tightly.
Slowly we were relieved from the lust and I had seen around. Almost all around us were shaking their penis looking at us and most of them had their orgasm along with us. I just looked out and our stop was in 2 minutes reach. So, I just pulled my aunt towards the door. The people around us were shouting that “don’t go”.

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