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Fun Loving Three Couples Ms Nazia & Mr. Jamil

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  • August 31, 2015

Hello friend, myself “Jamil”, 39 years, 5’8″, fair, handsome and strong built and having having beautiful, sexy and loving wife,
“Nazia, 29 years, 5’2″, fair, (34/26/34)”. We got married when my wife age was just 19 years. In this way I am a bit lucky that
I got teen wife and since then we both are enjoying our sex life. Fucking a teen-aged pussy really used to give me great
pleasure. I never forget those sex experience. Nazia also used to enjoy my cock and its ejaculation very much. After just
marriage myself and Nazia used to go for fuck 8 to 9 times daily and this over sex make us habitual. Now the situation is that
without fucking we both can’t go to sleep.

Once we decided to include some other smart couple alongwith us so that we can both enjoy the sex on exchanging partners.
The story of the same has already been published in a website 4-5 months back. Anyway soon we able to search a couple
name Mr.Wasi (32 years, 5’6″, fair) & Mrs.Reshma, 25 years, 5’3″, milky white (36/26/36). Every fortnightly since last few
years we both the couples are experiencing pleasure of sex from each other’s partners under one roof. Generally we fixed a
place and there we both the couple assembled and enjoy each other wives and husband. Our thinking is that “we got our life
only once then why not we enjoy our sex life maximum.”

As per our scheduled routine we both the couple were enjoying and I was fucking Reshma and she was enjoying my cock and
my wife Nazia was getting fuck by Wasi. Reshma’s boobs were heavy and extremely milky white with pink nipple. Her pussy
was also tight and gives me great pleasure during fucking episode. Reshma too likes my cock as it is longer and thicker than the
Wasi. When I started to fuck Reshma she start giving sssshhhhh sssssh sound and ask me to fuck her harder and hardre and
when I increases my stroke she start whispering oooohhhhh mmmmmaaaiiiiiya ooooohhhhhh mmmmmaaaaiiiyyaa. My wife
Nazia helps Wasi’s to fuck her in different different poses. When I was sweating during fucking to Reshma and Wasi was busy
in fucking my wife Nazia then suddenly I told Wasi that why not we should include one more young couple in our group so that
we all can enjoy more with three partners. Reshma immediately become ready during enjoying my cock in her pussy and Nazia
told while getting fuck by Wasi that you people will never get satiate by one pussy. Anyway if you both are ready then they also
are ready to include one quite young couple in their group. During talk I was keep fucking Reshma on giving strong thrust and
she was keep whispering ooooohhhhhh mmmmmaaaiiiiyaaaa ooooohhhhhh mmmmmaaaiiiyya and imediately I ejaculated in her
pussy with great semen force. She was feeling my ejaculation and start smiling and and kissing me. In the mean time Wasi also
ejaculated in my wife’s pussy.

After 10 minutes lying on Reshma we both separated and Wasi also took out his cock from Nazia’s pussy. There was great
satisfaction sign on all the faces. Afterwards we start playing foreplay. I started to squeez Reshma’s boob and Nazia’s boobs
was geeting squeeze by Wasi and we kept on talking. We decided to start hunting the quite young couple soon. Afterwards we
all took bath and returned back to our home.

Very next day when we both i.e. myself and Nazia was having dinner in a famous hotel suddenly I saw a quite young couple
also having their food nearby table. After 10-15 minutes I saw that after finishing dinner by that couple male of that couple
looking very disturb. I smell something wrong going with them. I went near the table and I introduce myslef to that young
couple. They also gave their introduction that he is IRFAN and she is my wife ZINAT. I asked Irfan that is there any problem.
He replied suddenly that I have lost my purse and in the mean time they have to pay the hotel bill. i akked how much is bill. He
told that bill is for Rs.565. I took out my purse from my pocket and gave Rs. 600 to IRFAN and told him that pay the bill and I
also gave him my visiting card on saying that whenever he feel like he can come to my house to return back the amount. They
obliged very much and promised me to come to my house. Afterwards I returned back to my table where Nazia was seating
and waiting for me. Nazia told that you hava done a good job but in the mean time these are lovely couple and why not include
them in our group. I told her keep patience and wait and watch.

The after there was Sunday. In the morning around 9:00 AM after having bed tea we both myself and Nazia was lying on bed
naked and were playing foreplay on moving our fingers lightly on each other body. Suddenly door bell rang. We both got up
quickly and on putting night dress I open the main door. I saw IRFAN, 5’7″, and ZINAT, 5’2″, was standing. After wishing I
call them inside and take them to our drying room. ZINAT was looking very beautiful in her yellow dress and red lipstics. She
was extremely beatuful and hardly she was 18 years old but her boobs was of good sized. IRFAN was too handsome and tall
guy. He was also hardly around 22 years. In the meantime NAZIA in her night gown got inside the drying room and on seeing
IRFAN and ZINAT got surprised but on controlling herself she wished them. Due to non-wearing of bra NAZIA’s boobs were
giving good shake on small movement which can be easily noticed from outside. I found IRFAN is giving more attention on
NAZIA’s boob and her body. Due to non-wearing of under paint my erected cock was visible from the outside on which
ZINAT was giving more attention. As both the couple IRFAN and ZINAT was very lovely that is why NAZIA was giving full
attention to IRFAN and ZINAT was giving full attention to me and my cock. After having tea and snaks, IRFAN returned
back the taken amount. They told us that hardly one year back they got married and in Govt. job and recently posted in this
town. They asked me about our marriage tenure. I told them that around a decade they got married. On this IRFAN told that
you couple are very senior to us that is why we can learn many things about successful marriage life and we both myself and
NAZIA welcome this proposal and on the same we all get laughed loudly. Afterwards they went back on saying that they are
now good friend and will keep in touch with us.

After days, in the evening around 7:00 PM the door bell rang while I was watching TV and NAZIA was busy in her kitchen. I
opened the door and found IRFAN and ZINAT standing on door. I warmly welcome them and take them to our drying room.
They told that they were getting bore at house that is why they came have chatt with us. I welcome them on this ideal thought. I
called NAZIA in drying room. On seeing IRFAN and ZINAT she got surprised but became very happy on seeing them.
ZINAT was wearing red saree and combination blouse. Her deep cut blouse was giving a small glance of her milky white
boobs. IRFAN was wearing three piece suit. He was also looking very handsome. NAZIA was continuously staring to IRFAN
and myself to ZINAT. Talking about here and there the topic came about our marriage life. I told IRFAN and ZINAT that we
are around decade old in marriage matter and enjoying our sex life in very very better way because what I want NAZIA is
always ready to do and what she want I always ready to fulfil her desire. We learned many things from blue films, adult
magazine so that we can enjoy the God gifted sex without leaving any poses or act. IRFAN told us without any hesitation that
dear JAMIL we wanted to learn act of sexual intercourse if you couple help us. IRFAN kept on telling that they wanted to
enjoy sex maximum but they don’t have more idea and we have some hesitation too. On the same NAZIA lokked to me and I
looked to NAZIA and on smiling I said it is OK friend but this can be taught practically if they are really interested. IRFAN and
ZINAT saw each other and both together told us that OK they are ready for that. In fact both were keen interested to have
practical experince from both of us. IRFAN then told us why not start from today itself. Myself and NAZIA both agreed on it.

Both NAZIA and ZINAT prepared good food and after having dinner we all took 2-2 glass warm milk mixed with honey.
Afterwards myself and NAZIA invited them in our bedroom. Our bed is very huge that is why more than three couples can
play sex on that bed. I told NAZIA to take care of IRFAN and I went near the ZINAT. In a minute I undressed ZINAT. I
was stunned to see ZINAT’s eternal body. There was not a single spot on her body. I lost my control & began kissing her
wildly & pressed her boobs. She (36/24/36) was really very very beautiful. Her big and well round shaped boob with pink
nipple was giving a great look. Her pink and clean shaved pussy was really very beautiful. Beside me NAZIA made IRFAN
undressed. He was well built and having a more than 6″ long erected cock which was ready for action. NAZIA sat down
infront of IRFAN and on taking his cock in her mouth she start sucking. ZINAT also copied and she took my hard and thick
erected cock in her mouth and start sucking just like as mad. After 10-12 minutes we both lay down on the bed. I made 69
poses. NAZIA also start sucking IRFAN’s cock on laying down on bed in 69 poses. ZINAT was having a cute pink pussy. I
started chewing on her clitoris. She was heaving with pleasure her breast jumping up and down I put my hands on her pussy
and my mouth busy eating her pussy. She said JAMIL I can’t wait any longer I want you in me NOW. She was sucking my
cock harder and harder and beside us IRFAN was enjoying sucking of NAZIA’s pussy and NAZIA was busy in sucking
IRFAN’s cock harder and harder. NAZIA had another plan to first ejaculate IRFAN first in her mouth so that he can stay
longer in her pussy in the second round. I was also thinking to pump my semen first in the mouth of ZINAT so that she can
enjoy my cock for longer period in her pussy. NAZIA was enjoying IRFAN’s cock on sucking harder and harder and like as
mad she was sucking on taking almost total cock inside her mouth. IRFAN was enjoying and whispering ooohhhh aaaahhh
ooooh aaaahhhhh and saying good NAZIA I never had such experience with ZINAT. I raised my buttocks and began to fuck
ZINAT’s mouth with long strokes. . She closed her eyes a nd moved back and forth, her red lipstic lips tight around my dick.
My hard shaft became shiny with her saliva and made a slurping sound as I pumped it back and forth in her mouth. NAZIA
was moving her head up and down on keeping IRFAN’s cock in her mouth so that IRFAN make ejaculate. IRFAN was also
trying to shake he buttock to help NAZIA to get maximum pleasure. ZINAT started to moan with pleasure and wrapped her
arms around me, grabbing my buttocks with her hands and she was making soung ooonnnnnn oooooonnn ooooooonnnnnn
oooooonnnnnn from cock filled mouth. I humped her harder as the sensations throbbed through my body. I took her head and
pulled it back and forth, back and forth as she slurped on my cock. After few minutes IRFAN body started becoming tense
and with great force he ejaculated totally in NAZIA’s mouth. NAZIA’s mouth was full with IRFAN semen and she swallowed
all and afterwards she start licking IRFAN’s cocks to get rest spread semen. Slowly I was also getting tense and ejaculated my
semen in ZINAT’s mouth. I quickly I got up and kept my semen coming cock between boobs of ZINAT and by pressing my
cock with ZINAT’s milky white boobs I start fucking between boobs and in a minute another ejaculation came out which I
made fall on her boobs and nipple and started rubbing my penis on boob for applying my semen on total boob area. ZINAT
also swallowed all my semen which was dropped inside her mouth. We both the couple kept laying down on each other quite
for some time and afterwards we got up. IRFAN told us that really you couple are master piece in enjoying pleasure of sex. A
great satisfaction sign was there on the face of ZINAT and IRFAN. I told IRFAN and ZINAT now we will take some juice
and rest then another round will start.

After having dry fruits and milk shake we all took rest for 10-15 minutes. Once again in the bedroom, ZINAT laid on the bed
on her back. I sat beside her and explored her naked milky white body with my hungry eyes. I gave her a long French kiss and
moved my hand on her body. Then I gave a smooch on her vagina and moved my fingers through her clean shaved pussy. I
parted her legs and rubbed a finger though the slit. I was fingering a newly wed slit. I applied some saliva on my finger and
continued my fingering her slit. Slowly I inserted my finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her. That was too much for her.
She let go of her loud cry with ecstasy. “Shhhh… control it ZINAT.” I tried to silence her. “ohhhh. ummmmm. I could see the
pink and wet cunt of ZINAT which was giving a glance that she was not fucked too much by yet. It feels so goooood…”
ZINAT. On taking some saliva on her palm for smoothness she holded IRFAN’s cock in her hand she start shaking to get
erect. And slowly IRFAN’s cock start getting erected and becoming harder. I kissed the nude body of ZINAT from tip to toe.
I again took my mouth on to her crotch and rubbed. She started throwing her legs and head. She got aroused completely. My
cock had also become very hard and erect. I took ZINAT’s hand on my cock. She held my cock firmly. Ohhh, the effect of
the touch of her hand on my erect cock was too much. It had become harder and longer. She caressed my cock slowly. Then I
raised her leg from thigh while ZINAT was laying on back. Then I bend her leg from thigh towards her face and pressed
ZINAT’s thigh so that her pussy get raised and give complete glance of her pussy only. On doing so ZINAT’s pink and cute
pussy was just before my hard erected cock. IRFAN was also trying to copy same way on making NAZIA in the same pose.
Now my cock was ready. Her cunt seemed tight even after so much of finger ducking and tongue fucking. I have to apply more
force as what I guessed to fuck ZINAT. I kept my cock’s head on the opening of ZINAT’s pussy and I pushed my cock
harder and it slid in her cunt. ZINAT screamed,”aaaaaiiiiiii….uuuuuiiiiii maaaaaaa…… what are you doing. It hurts. Take it
out… I can not take it… you are too thick.. my cunt is toooo small.. Please take it out. Aaaaaaa…unnnn..ooahhhhh.” “It is
okay ZINAT, once you are habitual of regular fuck then it will never hurt you. Just hold on and you will enjoy it. The pain will
go away soon. Do not worry.” I tried to console her. I pushed it harder and let it go deeper in her cunt. It was sliding slowly in
her tight cunt. With another push I buried my cock deep inside her amongst her loud moaning. I started giving her shots slowly
with shorter withdrawals. Now she was relaxing and enjoying. IRFAN had also dicked her whole cock in my wife’s NAZIA
pussy and start giving shots on seeing my act. I continued my fucking which was giving great pleasure as ZINAT pussy hole
was very very tight. I asked ZINAT how doe feel, ZINAT?” I asked. “uuunnnnhhhh…sshhhh.. ohhhh. Later.” She was in no
mood to talk. She could not talk, I thought. Now I varied the speed of my shots and began fucking her with long shots and with
a greater force and speed on kept pressing her thighs. I was banging her with full force with long withdrawals. Now the room
was filled with our moaning and the noise of my cock sliding in her wet cunt. We both wanted to come, it seemed. She was
moving her ass to get my entire thing in her pussy. My cock seemed abnormally thicker now. I was wild and on full seam. I was
banging her, hard and fast. I was on the verge of coming now. I prayed that we both came at same time.

One final push and I came. She screamed, “arrghhhh…..ooohhhh.. I caaaammmeee. Oooouuuii Maaaaa….”. She had an
orgasm. Her orgasm. I had just fucked a newly wed pussy. I sank on her. We stayed there for a while till my cock shrunk. She
was lying there with her eyes closed. I kissed her on her lips and whispered, “ ZINAT, that was great. You are great. “ She just
experienced a good and memorable fuck. IRFAN ejaculated earlier to me in NAZIA’s pussy and was taking relax on bed. But
NAZIA was still her orgasm yet to come. I understand her feeling that is why on leaving ZINAT to take rest on bed I went on
NAZIA and asked her to suck my penis to erect. She was waiting to calm her that is why she did quickly and then I dicked my
hungry cock in NAZIA’s pussy which was still filled up with IRFAN’s semen. I start giving jerk to make NAZIA orgasm and
within few minutes she had an orgasm and lastly after few minutes again I ejaculated in her pussy. IRFAN and ZINAT both
were watching our act. After laying down on NAZIA for few minutes I got up and told IRFAN always try to make orgasm of
female partner during intercourse then only she will be satisfied. By finishing of these episodes there was 11 o’clock in the night.
ZINAT was feeling very tired after these great fuck experince and IRFAN also feeling tiredness. I told IRFAN that one of my
best friend he is too in our sex group would you like to meet them. IRFAN and ZINAT saw each other and in yes they noded
their head. I quickly made a phone and called WASI and RESHMA to enjoy with one new couple.

Within half hour both reached at our house. I take them to bed room where NAZIA, IRFAN, ZINAT was naked and taking
relax on bed. After seeing new face IRFAN and ZINAT got up and I introduce to each other. WASI was staring on the body
of ZINAT and RESHMA was staring to IRFAN. And within a minute both WASI and RESHMA undressed theirselves.
WASI took ZINAT in his hand and start sucking her pink nipple. RESHMA too went near IRFAN and on taking his cock in
mouth she start sucking deep and deep. RESHMA started by licking the top. Slowly slowly she increased her pace & after
some time she took the entire length in her mouth. She is an amazing sucker. IRFAN was going mad. Afterwards WASI lay
down on the bed and asked ZINAT to stand on knee infront of his hungry cock and pressed her pussy hole on his erected hard
cock. ZINAT did that and WASI caught the waist of ZINAT and start helping her to shake. In the mean time NAZIA applied
coconut oil on my cock to make smooth as she was preparing to fuck asshole of ZINAT. Beside us RESHMA was busy in
sucking IRFAN’s cock. ZINAT was shaking her butt on doing up down on the cock of WASI and after few minutes she got
tired and just bend on the WASI in the mean time I made my hungry cock ready to enter asshole of ZINAT. And within a
second I kept my cock’s front on the asshole of ZINAT and gave a very hard blow. ZINAT cried oooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mmmmmmaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyaaa and she start requesting me to take out my hungry cock from her asshole but without
listening I gave another hard stroke and dicked my full length cock inside her asshole. ZINAT tried to get up quickly but I
pressed her tightly with my both hands and make her bend on the same position but she crying with tears and kept on saying
ooooeeeeee mmmmmmaaaaaaaa oooooooeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr ddddddaaaaaaallllaaaaaaa reeeeeee
mmmmaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn mmmmmmaaaaaarrrrrrrr ggaaaaaayeeeeee reeeeeeeeee. WASI was already busy to give his stroke
on the cute pussy of ZINAT. ZINAT was barely handling two cocks at the same time at a point. Slowly I also started giving
stroke. I would take my full length inside her & withdraw till only my dicks head was inside her. As soon as I would withdraw
her asshole would contract & she would stop screaming. ( All the girls will know How one will feel when 6″ sized monster
enters a newly wed one inch hole). I fucked & fucked her. After about 15 minutes she stopped screaming. Now her asshole
got used to my size & she was enjoying the fuck. Now She was sticking her ass up in the air & saying “ You bastard. I bet you
can’t make me leak my fucking me in my ass. Yeah do it. Do it. I challenge you ” Now I like girls who swear while being
fucked & also It’s pretty difficult to make a girl cum by fucking her ass. I took up her challenge & began fucking her with
greater speed. I fucked her for more 15 mins, when with a loud scream ZINAT cummed & My God she hadn’t leaked that
much even when I had fucked her in her cunt. But I was not satisfied I was still going on strong. I continued my fuck. I saw
ZINAT’s face. She was glowing with sweat & satisfaction was written all over her face. There was some pain sign on her face
too. I asked IRFAN to give her cock to ZINAT to suck. He did that and now ZINAT was start sounding ooooonnnnnnnn
ooooonnnnnnn ooooooooo onnnnnnnnn onnnnnnnnnn on taking IRFAN cock in her mouth. Now all holes of ZINAT was filled
up with three monster cocks. After few minutes WASI ejaculated in ZINAT’s pussy and then myself in ZINAT’s asshole and
IRFAN in ZINAT’s mouth. By the time we all cummed inside all the holes of ZINAT she was now looking very very tired and
pain sign was also on her face. We all took out our shrunked cock from ZINAT’s hole and let her allow to take rest on bed.
Still ZINAT was crying and saying ooooonnnnnnn ooooooooonnnnnn mmmmmaaaa aaiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa
oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mmm aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa….

We all took rest for half an hour. NAZIA made good milk shake and we all had two-two glass of it. Afterwards NAZIA
invited all of us to satiate. This time took charge of NAZIA’s pussy, IRFAN took charge of NAZIA’s asshole and WASI took
charge of NAZIA’s mouth. During fucking she was crying gggggooooooooodddddddddddd chhhhhoooooodddooo
lloooooooggggggoooooo dddduuuuuummmmmmm llllllaaaaaaaaggggaaaa kaaaaaaarrrrrrr etc etc. And episode with NAZIA
went for another one hour and finally NAZIA and rest males cummed down inside her holes. Afterwards we all took one hour
rest and in the mean time NAZIA brought some dry fruits and juice. We all had together on seating together and watching each
other’s naked body.

After having energetic food RESHMA invited all of us. This time I took charge of RESHMA’s mouth, WASI took charge of
RESHMA’s asshole and IRFAN took charge of RESHMA’s pussy. During fucking episode RESHMA was crying
ooooooooeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaa oooooooooeeeeeeee mmmmmaaaaiii yaaaaaaaaaa etc
etc. This episode last for another hour and afterwards we all took rest. A great satisfaction sign was on the face of all of us.

All three women had experince first time with three hungry cocks at a time in their all holes. ZINAT was still feeling pain in her
cunt and asshole. She was feeling pain during walk. We all took rest in naked till the morning and afterwards we all took bath.
We all had one cup of tea and promissed to make this routine program fotnightly and with this routine program life kept on
moving. After few months we decided to include one more senior couple under age group 50-60 to enjoy with aged cock and
pussy too. We all agreed for the same.

We all Kept maintaining our group sex episode and in the meantime taking care to search a senior couple to include in our
group. Hope soon we will get another like minded couple for the same reason. Our principle is the same i.e. life never comes
twice then why not enjoy it maximum.

Interested couple / lady who are interested to share their fantasies, experinece, pics etc. are coordially invited to join our group.
Send your details to : Confidentiality will be kept secret and expected.

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