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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello friend. Purpose is to write this story NOT TO ENTERTAIN YOU but to make you join us to show the real pleasure world on feeling by yourself. This story is not to read & forget type. This story is for those who want to make their life colorful with full of fun, pleasure and best lifestyle of the world on joinining us. So, IF YOU ARE COUPLE/ FEMALE/ MALE/ MARRIED/ UNMARRIED/ WIDOW/ OLD etc AND HAVE COURAGE TO JOIN US then only proceed to ready this story otherwise just close this page and forget it. Myself “Perwez”, 40 years, 5’10”, strong muscular built, going to describe some hot experience. My loving wife “Zeba” (30 yrs, 34/26/34) is very cooperative and always share my feelings with great love and affection. She is very beautiful, particularly her lip’s cutting and shape of pussy with small openings are wonderful. My wife Zeba is very sexy and very cooperative during sex. After 10 years of our marriage she has become habitual of sex with me BUT still she is not very open about talking sex, talking sexual behaviour of others. Once I offered her to go for swap (which is very common these days now) with some other couple, she became angry with me for THREE days. I know she wants some change i.e sexual change with some other partner but she is not coming out bold. Infact I am looking for some couple who on becoming our friend can pursue her to swap so that she too can enjoy plesure of world. Anyway, she has given me perssion that I can sex with anyone, infront of her, she does not have any objection. Now there is a series of stories and go through it and write back us to become our friend for everlasting relationship.

Dear, in this world sex has no boundaries of caste, creed, race, age, relation and etc. Only those can enjoy the life who are broadminded and bold. Rest of the people keep on saying this is wrong, that is wrong and die hungry. If you are bold and broadminded then on this God’s planet you can meet pleasure on every step of your life and you can spend great life style of the world. For reading these stories you have to be very broadminded and fun loving. Thousand and thousands of people enjoying sex on exchanging their partner or with some other lady or with some other male and still many are keep on telling this is wrong, this is wrong.

One evening while I returned from business busy schedule ZEBA informed that dear you know our neighbour’s daughter SMITA is very sexy. I surprised and told her how come she is just 17-18 years old and just given her examination of standard 10. Then ZEBA explained that today during day time while she randomly visited her house found her father away for his job purpose, mother was too away on her daily social work rouine work and I found SMITA watching xxx pics on internet. While I caught her red handed then she got nervous and requested me NOT to say this to my mother otherwise she will punish me and will through out computer from the house because she is very strict. But I (ZEBA) told but dear SMITA this is wrong. Then SMITA became more nervous and told me that Whatever she say to do she is ready but please please do not tell this to my parents. ZEBA told SMITA that ok she will not tell anything to anyone but under one condition and that condition I tell you tomorrow. So, you come to my residence tomorrow in day time while I will be alone. Now ZEBA told me dear what you are thinking? She is just teen, virgin, young, great figure, white complexion etc. I (PERWEZ) start seeing the face of ZEBA in question mark posture. Then ZEBA continue, dear I want you to fuck her infront of me so that I can know how any male fucks other females apart from their wife? She (ZEBA) insist me to do that. After thinking 1-2 minutes I said ok dear if you want then I have no problem but how come this is possible? Will she be ready? ZEBA told me to live these things to me.

Next day while I was out for my business work, SMITA came to my house to meet ZEBA. Zeba told SMITA that because she is having interest in sex so why not you enjoy it in real. SMITA was listening nervously. So, I (ZEBA) have decided that she will have to go for sex with my husband PERWEZ. SMITA told how come this is possible. I am so younger to him and this is wrong too. ZEBA told her ok if she is not ready then she will tell everything to her parents today. SMITA became silent and told her ok. When she has to come? ZEBA surprise because SMITA became ready quickly. Finally ZEBA told her to come in day time while everybody of your house will be out. In the evening while I reached home I found ZEBA was looking happy and in very sexy mood. She told me whole story and congratulated me for getting chance to fuck virgin and teen new girl. She told tomorrow I do not have to go for work. In the Night she prepared chicken, biryani and prepared many fruit juices. She (ZEBA) told me to have dinner tightly so that tomorrow whole day you have to work on virgin. In the morning too ZEBA prepared many good food items and milk & honey mixer and 1-2 other juices. Myself and ZEBA had heavy breakfast in the morning and we both (ZEBA & me) went in our bed room and start watching blue films. Around 11 AM our door bell rang. ZEBA moved to open door quickly. She fund SMITA wearing frock and standing infront of her door nervously. ZEBA caught her hand and pulled SMITA quickly inside and locked the door. Pulling SMITA’s hand ZEBA entered in my bed room where I was laying on my bed in my Kurta & Pyjama dress and watching blue film. ZEBA made SMITA stand infront of me and told me she is your guest today, you handle her carefully and she (ZEBA) sat down on nearby sofa.

I sat down straight on bed and told SMITA do not be nervous and come to sit on bed. She did that as a most obedient child. I switched off TV & Afterwards I started talking with her about her dream, food habits, family back ground, her likeness & dislikeness, her number of friends and etc. After around one hour of talk I found her she is talking freely with me. I felt right time now so I decided to move and come to main topic. ZEBA was watching us with great smiles and sometimes participating in jokes. During talk SMITA told me that you are very lucky because you got a wife like ZEBA who cares for your pleasure and made me ready for sex with you by someway. I asked SMITA is this her first time or what? She (SMITA) told that before that I only saw these things on screen not in real. I told SMITA let us start real. I took out my KURTA & PYJAMA quickly became naked with erected stiff thick dick infront of SMITA. SMITA was waching my muscular big body and seeing my thick dick and surprisingly told myyyyyy Gooood your dick is very thick and it will tear my pussy. Afterwards she first took out her undy then frock and became naked infront of us. She was small but firm breast with pink nipple. She was owner of great slim body. Brown & small small pubic hair was trying to hide crack of her great pussy. She came near to me and sat down in my lap and told dear PERWEZ, make her experince about the greatest pleasure of earth and started kissing me. I pierced my tongue inside SMITA’s mouth and started enjoying saliva of her mouth and with my hand started caress her body to arouse her sensation. I found SMITA’s small breast tight and firm. SMITA caught me stiff & thick dick and started to caress. I found she is getting warm. Soon I made 69 poses and started licking her small hairy pussy. She made the poses and after some hesitation started sucking my thick dick. Slowly she increased her sucking speed. I was enjoying her virgin pussy on piercing my tongue inside her pussy deep and deep. After few minutes SMITA started moaning and slowly her moaning becomes loud as ooooooonnnnnnn aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ooooooonnnnnnn ooooooon. She started to abuse me too “harami choti ladki ke boor ka maja lega (Naughty you will take pleasure of fucking small pussy of a small girl), sale phar do mere boor ko and yaad rakhna meri choti boor ke chodai ko (Naughty tear up my pussy and keep remember fucking my small pussy of a little girl) etc etc. She kept on abusing me and at the same time continued her sexual act. We kept on laying in the same 69 position and kept on enjoying dick and pussy of each other. We both increased the speed of sucking and licking and after some time SMITA orgasm. Watery liquid started coming out from her pussy which taste was a bit salty. SMITA then too increased her speed to suck to make me fall in her mouth and suddenly my legs became tight and soon she made me blow inside her mouth with full of sperm and I suddenly spoke SMITA you are greeeeeeeat. She inhale all my sperm and kept on licking my dick which was a bit loosen now. ZEBA told “you both are superb in sex”. Today I (ZEBA) felt that watching sexual act also gives great satisfaction.

After taking some rest on bed SMITA started caeress my body to make me ready for next round. I too started caress her. I asked SMITA how come you are doing all these like as experinced one. She told from internet, xxx CD and from many books she came to know how to enjoy maximum. I made SMITA lay on bed on making her face towards roof and I went between her legs. I kept my hand on her pussy to started caress. Slowly I inserted ONE finger and started fucking her pussy with finger and few times I inserted TWO finger inside her pussy and kept on fucking her virgin pussy by finger. She started moaning oooonnnnnn oooonnnnnn aaaaaahhhhh oooooonnnnnn etc. Slowly she started moaning loudly and soon she orgasm with great watery liquid thrown out from her pussy. ZEBA came on bed and started to forreplay with the breast of SMITA and her pink nipple. I widened both the legs of SMITA to see the complete view of her pussy and it’s crack length. The great pink view of virgin girl’s pussy was before me whick was making me crazy. I pierced my tongue inside her pussy and started fucking her with my tongue. She again started moaning and started telling “you PERWEZ is really great fucker and now do not delay. pls pls give me blow quickly.” I saw towards ZEBA, she gave signal inyes on nodding her head then I quickly widen SMITA’s legs more and on pointing my erected thick dick gave great jerk to penetrate my hungry dick. SMITA cried ooooooeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaa and drops of tears came out from her eyes. She was feeling great pain but told me dear PERWEZ please do not stop I (SMITA) want to enjoy your dick fully. I gave other jerk and my thick dick was totally penetrated inside a virgin pussy. SMITA cried long ooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Watery liquid with few bloods started coming out. SMITA again requeted me not to stop and keep continue. Now slowly I started to give jerk, initially slow and afterwards started giving fast jerks. SMITA kept crying ooooooeeeee oooooeeeee aaaaahhhhhh and kept telling “phar do harami mere boor ko, aur chodo aur chodo, jee bhar ko chodo (naughty tear my pussy, fuck me fuck me, fuck upto great satisfaction). After few minutes my legs started getting tense and I saw towards ZEBA she nodded her head in “NO” that means no fall inside her pussy to avoid pregnancy. Lastly I took out my dick and blasted on the breast and neval of SMITA and I lie down just beside SMITA. SMITA told dear you are really great fucker and she will never be forget this great fucking. Also she added once any female gets fuck by you that will be greatest and unforgatable moment of her life and I feel (SMITA) all female must be get fucked by you at least once in her life. After taking some rest on bed we all three bath together and got fresh up. ZEBA asked SMITA, how she is feeling. She told great and now onwards intead of watching xxx pics/ video I would like to enjoy with PERWEZ. Are you ready to spare PERWEZ for me whenever she feel like to enjoy, she asked to ZEBA. ZEBA told SMITA, ok dear you are free for this.

Now this is the first story of our series of stories. Our next story will be with a “newly weded muslim couple”. We are having many broadminded and bold couple/female/widow/male/young/aged friends in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Europe and etc. On becoming our friend you too can share your feelings and enjoy the pleasure of life and etc with like minded. Just you send your details (occupation, contact & physical and most important your picture on : OR Confidentiality will be kept secret and expected. WITHOUT your pics you will not be entertained to include you in our list to give you facility to enjoy with many hungry pussy & dicks. WE WILL GIVE PRIORITY TO THOSE WHO IS HAVING EXTRA ORDINARY BOLDNESS, EXTRA ORDINARY SEX POWER WITH EXTRA ORDINARY SEX LIMB SIZES

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