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  • September 4, 2015

Hi Aditya here I am here back with a new real story of one on behalf of my fuck friend. Story begins. I am Ayesha, from India. I am married. I am telling you today about an event that happened after a year of getting married.

I was staying with my husband. We were only two persons in the house. By the way, I have quiet a strong sex drive, but fortunately, my husband is an equally hot guy. In general, I was satisfied with him. But of late, though he was good at it, sex had become somewhat routine and monotonous.

Once he received a letter and on reading it he told me, Manisha, one of my cousin who stays at our native place (it’s a very small village), has his examination center for s.s.c. (college graduation) in our town. So, he intends to come here for study and for appearing in exam. I hope you will to mind it, if he stays with us for a few months. I replied, he being your cousins we have also have a relationship, that of brother-in-law and sister-in-law (known as devar-bhabhi in India). I have no objection at all.

So, there he was at our house. His name was Aditya. He must be of 18 yrs age. He was about 5-8 tall, and had a muscular built. He was not fat, but the effect of regular exercise was visible through his well shaped body. He had fresh moustache also. Now, we had company in the house. We, all three of us, used to have morning breakfast together. Earlier, after my husband’s leaving for office, I used to be alone in the house.

Now, Naresh was also there. He used to study sincerely throughout the day. I also did not used to disturb him. But, we used to have lunch and afternoon tea (that’s a practice in India) together. After getting up from my siesta (afternoon nap), I used to go to his room and inquire regarding his preparation. We used to talk about it a bit and I used to ask him for tea. Normally, he was always ready for it. We used to carry on discussion over tea.

On that fateful day, I had a short afternoon nap and I got up early. When I went to his room as usual, I found the door locked and heard some strange voices. I stopped and listened. Those were moaning voices of aahhaa… Etc… I could not understand and got eager. I was about to knock the door and I thought of the window between both rooms. I went there and found it also shut. But, it was not properly shut. I gave a small push and opened it only slightly. I peeped to see and my goodness! I was taken aback at what I saw!!!

Naresh had undressed fully and was standing there absolutely naked. His cock was fully erect. He had held it in his hand and he was playing with it vigorously. My eyes stopped blinking, my heart bits raced. In front of me, an 18 year old guy was masturbating with his erect cock in his hand. I heard about male masturbation, but never seen it. Today, I was looking at it so closely with my naked eyes.

Oh, what a scene!!! A young man, in his full youth, and having a muscular body built by regular exercises was standing in front of me, absolutely naked!! Mere his bare chest was enough to kindle sexy feelings in a girl. While here his thighs were also visible. Very well shaped thighs!! Wow! And a fully erect cock in between those thighs! My good! My heart bits took a jump. My upbringing was telling me to move away from there. But my mind just denied it. Ultimately, I stood there and went on observing that interesting spectacle.

Window was only slightly opened, so he could not spot me. His full attention was in what he was doing and went doing it with full fervor. Even his face was worth having a look. Extreme desire for sex was clearly visible. His cock was getting bigger and harder. After some time, he ejected. When I departed from there, I realized even my panty had become wet by than. I went and changed it.

Those scenes were just not leaving my mind. Even when I went to bed with my husband, those scenes were in front of me. I got very hot that night and I went on top of my husband. I rode over him wildly. Even that could not satisfy me. So, I provoked him again and got fucked twice again. He said,” what has happened to you today? Have you seen any porn film?” what do I say? What more porn I would have seen? But I could not tell him what I saw also. I replied, no, it’s because you are leaving on a 10 day tour tomorrow. He smiled at it.

Next day early morning. He left for the tour. My mind was now stuck on naresh. My body was eager get a hard fuck from him. But how do I tell him? It was full of danger. He was a well mannered boy. He may refute my offer, and my image in front of my husband also may get spoiled. I thought over it and concluded that I have to create a situation where he becomes wild to fuck me. I thought it prudent to work patiently. I had 10 days in my hand.

By the time I had my bath, a plan was ready in my mind. I started with changes in my dress. Indian women wear saree and blouse. Saree is a long cloth wrapped around to cover body from waist to legs and pallu is its part that covers boobs, blouse is a sewn fitment that is sewn as per boob size.) I took out an old low cut blouse of my marriage period. Compared to than, my boobs size had increased by now. (Probably due to their being squeezed up by my husband daily!!)

Somehow I managed to wear that blouse, by pressing and pushing my boobs in. It being a low cut blouse, my cleavage was fully visible. And because I had pushed boobs in by force, their visible portion stood up and became eye catcher. I wore my saree also in such a way that the visible portion of my boobs remained visible. It did not get covered by pallu. I looked at myself in mirror and got satisfied. I prepared breakfast. I kept items on dining table with a planning.

I called Naresh for breakfast. He came and started having breakfast, but did not notice my changes. Probably, he was busy thinking about his studies. I had kept all items in his dish in small quantities only. He finished the plate fast and asked for more. Feeling well about my plan, I stood up and went near him to serve him. I was on his right and I had kept all the items on his left. I stood near his right side and bent to collect items from his left.

Obviously, in this position, my boobs were now very near to his face. Now, he saw them…and his gaze just got stuck there. Those fair full bloomed boobs….. And my entire cleavage visible through the low cut blouse…… He just could not stop staring at what he was seeing. I behaved naturally, as if I am not aware of all this. Apparently inadvertently, I took a deep breath and slowly released it.

It resulted in a great sexy movement of my boobs. He was so much lost in them, that he never knew when I served his plate. I told him, pyare devarji (dear brother-in-law), have your breakfast, please. He got startled and changing his attention went on having s breakfast quietly. But, I kept a vigil on him. He was turning his gaze to my boobs again and again. I was successful in my plan. I had saw a seed in his mind scape.

Second day onwards, I daily brought about minor changes in my dressing. On that second day, I wore a similar low cut blouse, but this was a sleeveless one. Now, my fair and shapely arms were also visible to him. Third day, I wore a very transparent blouse, through which my black bra was clearly visible. Now, he had formed a habit of looking at my boobs regularly, though not directly.

Fourth day onwards I stopped wearing bra altogether. The blouses continued to be sleeveless, low cut, transparent ones. That night, I altered them by cutting them from sides in such an away that now when I wore them, apart from my cleavage, my boobs were visible from sides also. Fifth day, I wore it. Throughout all this period, I was still keeping the items on his left, so that while serving him I had to go near him and bend myself.

But now, I started bending so much that I used to feel his warm breath and at times I used to bend so much to collect the items that his face used to touch my boobs. Now, the lust was clearly visible in his eyes. I knew that I am being successful in my plan. Sixth day I wore the saree also quiet low, so that my naval portion was also visible more. As usual, he went on stealing gazes to look at my heavy boobs I went on moving them seductively through my breath.

Today, my blouse had only one hook at the end of the cleavage. I had made it loose, so that after a few good heavy breaths, it gives way. And it broke in front of him. My boobs, which I had pressed and pushed inside this smaller size blouse, came out with a spring effect. He had a full view of them. I pretended to be ashamed and went in my bedroom, rectified it and came back. It was worth looking at him now, with his feelings writ large over his face.

Same day after lunch, I slept in the hall in stead of my bedroom. I had already brought a book, a novel, based upon illicit relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law (devar-bhabhi). It contained detailed description of intimate physical relationship between them. It was so titillating that it was bordering on porn. I kept the book on the adjoining table, as if I went to sleep while reading it.

The book was kept on the table in half open manner with front and back covers visible in such a way that when anyone lifts the book, those very pages are visible. As if I read up to there and went to sleep. I was lying on sofa, pretending to be sleeping. I had lifted my saree above my left knee. It was now time for daily afternoon tea. But, I did not get up intentionally. After waiting for me for some time,

Naresh came out of his room to tell me about tea. He came and saw that I am fast asleep. He came near and lifted the book. As he read it, he got horny. He read those titillating pages and he got all charged up. At this juncture, I changed my side in sleep. While changing, I lifted my left leg from knee. My saree which was up to knee now fell down. My shapely fair thigh was now clearly visible. I looked from the corner of my eyes. He was in shorts. I could see his bulging cock below the shorts.

He had the book in one hand and now he inserted second hand inside his shorts and grabbed his throbbing tool. He went on reading for sometime and also looking at my thigh and boobs. I saw him taking his second hand out from the shorts and extending the same towards me. I got happy and closed my eyes in expectation. I was waiting, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes slowly and found that he had left.

Obviously, he could not dare. He was back in his room. But I observed that the he had tan the book with him. I smiled. I still had chance. I got up and went towards his room. He had closed the door and was masturbating again. I saw as earlier. But today, his cock had grown like anything. I was disappointed. A huge cock, which should have been in my pussy, was there in his hands.

But, I also did not want to show the initiative. So, went on looking at it helplessly. He ejected after some time and got calm. That night, I made plan for next day. I had already succeeded in making him horny. It was now a question of getting him to dare and act. Seventh day morning, I removed electrical fuse of my room. I took my cloths and towel & went to his room. I told him, geyser in my bathroom is not working, so, I have to have my bath in the bathroom attached to his room.

He nodded. I went in. After some time, I came out with only towel wrapped around my body. At the top end, it just covered my nipples. Half of my boobs were visible. At bottom end, it just covered my pussy. My legs were visible from thighs onwards. My head was still wet and water was dripping from my hairs, traveling down over my curves. I am sure, I must have been looking very sexy.

It was a hot day, so he was standing below fan, wearing only shorts. He looked at me. He had never seen me so much of my flash. I stood there only. Dropping all hesitation, he also dared to look at me continuously. I saw the book on his bed and took the chance to ask him, how did you find the book? He said, quiet interesting……but such things happen only in stories. I told him, but the stories are also derived from society, isn’t it…….and

Mahesh got hansa, because he dared. (Mahesh and hansa were names of devar-bhabhi characters in that novel.) It is the man, who has to take the lead, always. Even hansa was so much horny, but she took part only when Mahesh started it. He got the cue…….and moved towards me. I understood, at last I was about to get what I longed for. My planning had paid.

He came near. He lifted both his hands and moving across my wet and spread hair, he put them on my ears and cheeks. He pressed them and lifted my face using them. I was looking at him with lustful eyes. He bent towards me and planted his lips on my lips. I got thrilled. I allowed him to suck my lips. I did not oppose at all. He gathered more courage and pulled me nearer.

I also moved towards him, but before moving, I deftly opened my towel with a smooth movement of hand. It immediately fell down. Now, I was fully naked and he was only in shorts. I went near and hugged him. He was kissing my lips all this time. He now intensified it , but being new to it, was not doing it properly. So, I also started my work. I responded with the movement of my lips and my tongue.

He was a fast learner. He understood it fast and soon we both were lost in a deep passionate kiss…… Lips met lips and tongue met tongue….airhead… We were just enjoying it. I put my arms in his neck. His arms were moving on my bare back. I told him, don’t just move your arms on my back, use them to press me further towards you. He increased pressure. Now, my boobs and nipples were pressed hard against his chest. He enjoyed it and increased the pressure further.

I started getting pressed hard in his arms. We both were enjoying it more and more. I could not resist saying, “crush me, Naresh, and crush me”. He applied all his strength. Aah…. He literally crushed me. A young muscular man was at work with his entire pant up feelings. My boobs got so hard pressed, I felt they have become flat. Nipples were also pinching deep. But, it was exhilarating……. Aaahahhaaa… In any case, I like this feeling of getting crushed very much.

Only a woman can really understand the joy of getting crushed in a man’s arms, leaving her boobs and nipples crumpled against the male chest. He went on crushing me, and licking my lips for some time. Than, he released me a bit, created some space between us and leaving my lips, started gliding down. He went on kissing my chins, my neck and than my shoulders. Now, he did not need any guidance. The man inside him was now awake and he knew his work well.

He further glided down and started kissing sides of my boobs softly. He went on playing with my boobs, ohh…. Touching them softly, moving his palms over them, pressing them, cupping them, caressing them, sucking them, squeezing them, twisting my nipples, ….than he took one nipple in his mouth and started sucking it hard and carried on with squeezing second boob wildly. It was getting real wild…….ouch…

I started feeling pain and moaned also. But now he was unstoppable. Even if I stop him, he would not stop. He just ignored my moaning and went on with his wild manners. He squeezed both my boobs with hard and wild movements of his hand in a pumping manner…….aaahhahaha.. I was feeling ignited in all my body! My body got real hot and it wanted that man in full.

Now he went further down, kissing my body all the way, but keeping his hands at work on my boobs. Kissing my stomach, my waist, my thighs, he reached near my pussy. There, he got a bit puzzled and stopped for a while. It was something new for him. I moved my hand on his head with love, spread my legs and moved his head by my hand and placed his lips on my pussy. He started kissing my pussy….

I knew, I should widen my legs more, but that was not possible in standing position. So, after allowing him to do that for some time, I gestured to him that we now move on the bed. We went on bed maintaining the position. But now, I could widen my legs more. He continued kissing my pussy. I told him lovingly, darling, work with your tongue here, not with lips. That much was enough for him. He started his work in right earnest. Started licking my pussy.

I opened my pussy lips slightly with my hands and got his tongue inside. He learn it immediately, removed my hands and again took control in his hands. Now, he went on licking inside pussy very deftly, licking on internal wall sides. I was already horny earlier, now, I also got wild. My body was dying for him. I wanted him, full…inside me… I wanted his cock…inside my pussy. I was feeling a current in my body…an aching in the entire body. I stretched my body in a hard curvy sexy manner and moved his head from my pussy.

I told him, you have worked hard, its now my turn. I got up and removed his shorts. And wow……. Out came a fully charged, big size, erect cock, jumping with a spring action…… I went to its roots and started kissing it there. A girl was kissing that cock for the first time. He was feeling the fire. Than I licked and kissed on all sides. I went to the tip. I touched his tip with my tongue and played for a while, circling my tongue on the tip around his pissing hole. He was now moaning.

Than I took his shaft between both my palms and pressed it between them, and started moving my palms in opposite directions, rolling it in between them, the way we make buttermilk. I know from my personal experience that this treatment gets the cock ready at a great speed….. And here, the horny I was also in a hurry now to get fucked!!!! (Otherwise, I would have taken my time to suck his cock leisurely.

I love that activity) his cock grew fast. I removed the top skin on the tip and took the shining wet pink head in my mouth. I sucked it for a while, tasted his pre-cum and saw that now it does not need a blowjob. Rather, if I continue, he may erupt in my mouth.

So, I pushed it down towards my pussy. I again stretched on bed and pulled him over me. I widened my legs and kept his cock on my pussy lips. He pushed it in, in a natural manner, and the cock got in…… Aahhaaaa….. I had started the whole game for this very moment…… He started fucking me. The cock was quiet huge and hot. I was feeling it quiet different inside. It was so hard and hot that it was paining also and was giving pleasure also, both simultaneously.

His speed increased. I started shouting, “oh naresh, fuck me hard, tear my whory pussy apart….. Fuck, naresh, fuck, Fuck hard….. ” he was startled at hearing such words from my mouth, but than smiled and responded, “don’t worry, I won’t leave you today, you have stolen my sleep for the last one week, I will see to it that I tear apart this worry pussy today.” and than he went on fucking me, fucking me, and fucking me. He really fucked very hard. We both enjoyed it lot and after the fuck, went to sleep, feeling fully exhausted.

We had three more days thereafter. And now there was no need to seduce him. So, we spent all those days together. We lost count, how many times we fucked. By the way, he failed in his exam. But he did not regret it. He was already dreaming of getting a second chance of staying with me under same pretext. Hi I hoped you enjoyed a lot, any hot n spicy female from Delhi and around and Hyderabad married/unmarried interested in having fun with me can contact me without hesitation my email id

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