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Fulfilling my promise

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hello dear n sexy readers of desi papa stories. After sending my first experience on this site I received many mails n many hot people insisted me to write my other experiences as well. I am not a habitual one and taste only tasty chicks. One more thing I want to add here that most people tell lie here and some tell only their fantasy but my first experience was original and now this one is also true, so I will consider only those mails in which you people tell me the truth about yrself and yr incidents. One more thing mails from guys will not be answered cuz I like only sexy girls and hot aunties. If however there will be true and hot mail from any male person, I will be happy to reply it. My last experience was published by the name of MEMORABLE ASS FUCK and it was fucking sex gorgeous Azra, as I told u that she left for UK with her husband and I was dying to fuck a gorgeous ass. U people know me very well but for new readers let me describe myself again. I am 5 feet 8 inch in height, very fair color and muscular body and the greatest asset is my 8” very thick tool, you can say it is fortune for me to satisfy woman of every age.

I live in Lahore and I belong to a rich family but my parents are strict and we have less freedom as compared to the children belonging to our social class. I live in Model Town and it is one of the posh areas of Lahore. Now lets start my real incident. Azra left after having relationship with me only for 3 months and I was very frustrated to have sex with someone. I cannot bring someone at home due to my parents and servants (but now I have chance cuz our new home is under construction and I can bring anybody there). But before this incident I was hopeless. We have a Model Town club in our society and I often go there for swimming. Once my friends chalked out a program for swimming in Sozo Park (water park in Lahore). I was not ready to go anywhere but they told me there is also women swimming pool there. We went there n found girls and aunties there, to our bad luck there pool is covered and separated. I abused my friends n said it is totally waste of time. I left them in the pool and started playing snooker.

There I noticed two girls watching me while playing snooker. I did not pay attention cuz there were far from my table. I was in my shorts n t shirt so looking very sexy and my body was shining in sunlight when I was in open space. I finished the game and went towards water slides, they were still following me. This time I paid attention to them and noticed that they were with their family. I noticed on those 2, one was in black dress n other was in green dress. Girl in black dress was slim and fair having firm boobs and flat stomach, she was attractive. Girl in green dress was plump teen with big boobs and swinging ass pointed outwards. I lost my senses after seeing her swinging ass. My Lun pointed out from my shorts and they started giggling to see this monster. I also laughed and went aside. Later we friends took lunch there and I was searching for those 2. my sharp eyes found them and they were about to leave, I signaled for their telephone number but they refused and asked for mine. I wrote my mobile # 0300-4217419 and threw piece of paper towards them, girl in green dress picked up n they went away. I thought may b it will be a fun soon. After a week I received a call and a soft female voice was on the phone. She recalled me the incident in water part n she told me that she is the girl in black dress, I became disappointed and asked for other girl. She said that she is her cousin and she in engaged.

My voice became v low n she also realized it n told me that if I don’t want to talk with her she can disconnect. I said its ok n after having few phone calls we became good friends. I invited her to my institute as I was doing MBA that time, she accepted my invitation n I picked her from her college. She was in B.A final year. When I looked her from mere distance I noticed that she is not only attractive but also have nice figure. Her name is Mehreen and her father works in pharmaceutical company. In short we met many times n become v close friend but I never thought abt fucking her cuz she was virgin n trusted me. Once I invited her to our under constructed home to show her new home and getting any idea abt construction cuz she was doing fine arts. That day weather was cloudy, I picked her from college n we reached Wapda Town. Watchman was there n I gave him some money to bring refreshments. At the same moments rain started, Mehreen told me once that she loves having shower in rain n she asked me whether she can enjoy here or not.

I said its ok n closed the main gate. She enjoyed for a while n was v happy. She forgot my presence and started to play like a child. I was watching her n her innocent face became cute and her wet hairs made her more sexy. Her clothes stick to her body n I was amazed to see her curves. Her body was looking like Kyla Kole (English Model) n I felt some movements in my pants. I never wore underwear so my erection can be seen easily. She was enjoying n when she stopped and came under roof. She was drenched n water was dripping from her whole body n making her sexiest female. She was feeling uneasy now with wet clothes n I noticed that her bra is visible under her clothes. She was in black bra and her firm tits were dying to come out from it. I felt her embarrassment n offered my coat to cover her body. She thanked me n went inside, there was only single bed for watchman. I placed cover of my car on it n she sat there. We both were feeling some heat inside but I intentionally stopped myself in proceeding cuz she was virgin. Time was passing v slowly n I asked if she wants to go home, she said that with wet clothes she cant go home.

I said it cant be dry unless u remove them from yr body n place it near fire cuz we have no other source here. She became blush n her cheeks became red I realized that wht I have said and kept silent for a while. To my surprise she said that u leave this room n she will dry her clothes near fire. I fired the stove n left the room but it was useless for cuz there was not a door. I was in TV lounge n can heard the sounds of movements producing in her room. I was unable to stopped myself so I peeped through the hole, there she was. She had removed her shirt (kamiz) n her creamy white silky body was in front of my eyes. She was looking dead gorgeous in black bra, after removing her shirt she removed her bra and Oh my God, her firm and round tits were looking like ripe mangoes n her pointed nipples were looking like peas but they were light pink in color. I was not in control to see those virgin boobs and my tool was making hard efforts to tear my pants. Then she wore my coat n started opening the knot of her dress (shalwar). She slipped it down n bend to remove it from her feet, her ass was in front of me n my moth became full of water n my eyes opened wide.

Her ass was milky white, round n well shaped. Water drops were still on her body and her body was glistening in the light of burning fire, at the same time I was also burning. I lost my control and entered in the room. She realized my presence and turned around, ohhhhhh what she was looking only in my coat and trying to hide her pussy with her hands. We both were silent for sometime n she has already seen my erection, I proceeded towards her n she was breathless. Only our eyes were talking n I have guessed approval in her eyes. I caught her hands n revealed her pussy. Friends u cant imagine how virgin pussy looks like. She was hairless at that spot and the pussy lips were all pink n it is seen as single line with no hole. I hold her and we sat on the bed. Her body was on fire n she was breathing heavily. I kissed softly on her forehead and told her to be calm. Then I kissed her ear lobes and started rubbing my feet with her feet. Then I kissed her neck and licked it, she moaned a little and caught my hairs.

I kissed on her face and gently hold her face n kissed softly on her lips. Ummmm she was so tasty n salty, her body was trembling so her lips. It was v soft kiss n gently I increased the pressure. I aksed her to open her mouth and I inserted my tongue in her mouth, it was new experience for her n she was enjoying it. We were licking n sucking each other tongues and she was v hot at that time. her body was continuously shaking n this made her boobs bouncy. I hold her breast with one hand n when I twisted her nipple she felt electric shock in her body and jumped up from bed. I caught her tightly and started piercing her both nipples. Her face became red n she was not in control. She started moaning n I hold her right breast n put my mouth on her nipple. She was moaning loudly n I started licking her nipples. They started growing n became hard n erect. I sucked her gorgeous boobs for 5 mins n all the area became red due to my sucking n biting. Then I inserted my finger in her naval and started circling it. She has v small hole there n her flat stomach was like a silk. I licked her from her boobs to her stomach and then her naval. She was twitching n moaning, I moved further n parted her legs wide to have a clear view of her sexy, virgin, pink and hot pussy. Ummmm it was generating heat n its color has become reddish. I put my palm on it n felt tremendous heat, it was also wet n pussy lips were glistening.

I rubbed her pussy from outside n she lay down on the bad and caught sheet with her both hands. Her eyes were closed n she was trying to hold her screams. First I put my little finger inside her pussy, she screamed a little I asked from her whether I should stop or not, she nodded her head to carry on. Damn she was wet n burning from inside. I slowly finger fucked her for 5 mins and then started licking her pussy lips. My tongue produced electric spark in her n she screamed loudly, I didn’t care and started inserting my tongue in her soft pussy. Believe me friends it was like a soft cake n one can die to eat it. She was dripping n I felt she is abt to cum. I found her clit and started tickling it, this was unbearable for her n she was moaning, twitching n jumping. She was screaming, oh Adnan do it! Oh yes do it more! Chew it, eat it, eat it more, give me more, yes ohhhh, ummmmmm. Her whole body was shaking n within 2 mins she hit with a strong orgasm and screamed loudly. Her juices was flowing like anything, it was v hot I licked a little n tasted her cum which was stick to her pussy. It was all red, hot and salty. I looked in her eyes n found complete satisfaction in her eyes. She was looking like a fairy n her innocent face has become more gorgeous. She dragged me towards her n we started passionate kissing. She asked me to proceed further cuz she cant wait now. She wanted my dick deep inside her.

I refused her cuz I don’t want to ruin her life after taking her virginity. I asked her that I can fuck yr ass not pussy. She became v disappointed and told me u can fuck my ass but not now cuz its hole is tight like anything. I can fuck her ass after few days because she will make it little loose with finger fucking herself. I accepted her proposal n she insisted me to become nude. I removed my clothes n she was dying to see my muscular body and her eyes widened when she looked my cock. She said that this monster can tear pussy of any size and how can u insert this pole in my ass. We laughed and she held my Lun in her soft n hot hands, her touch made my Lun hard n stiff and it started itching. I asked to lick it made her sleep for a while. First she hesitated and only rubbing it gently. We were in French kiss n I hold her from her hairs and moved towards my itching Lun. She opened her mouth slightly n put her soft n tender lips around my organ. Ohhhh what a feeling it was, she started moving her head to n fro and I started fucking her mouth.

As I am experienced and I can hold up to 15 to 20 mins in pussy so it took 30 mins to reach my orgasm. At that moment she was also tired and I felt that her lips r little sore and she is facing difficulty in licking my monster. I said to her that I am cumming, she started jerking v fast and opened her mouth, she said that she also wants to taste my cum. I shouted n shouted, usually I spurted 10 times but this time it was 14 and her whole face, lips, chin, neck and breast became full of my cum. She was engulfing it n also licking it from her body parts, at that time she was looking like a whore. We cleaned ourselves and she made a promise from me. She said that wants to loose her virginity from me I didn’t say anything but I assured her that I will do something great with her ass. How I fucked her ass and did she loose her virginity to me? I will tell you all this in next phase because its already v long and I am sure most people are either masturbating or dripping. Young girls, hot divorced, widowed and married aunties from Lahore or nearby areas can call me or send e-mail, I assure you complete satisfaction and secrecy. I am never tired from having sex and you can see it when I will be with you. Here is my e-mail Each and every information will be kept in secrecy and satisfied sex, hot talk or friendly relation is my guarantee. I will wait for your comments and also invitations.

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