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Fucked On Wonderful Eid Day

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hi and hello to desipapa and all its fans! I m Umer .from Pakistan’s famous city GUJRANWALA.i m a great fan of desi i m going to tell u about on of my very recent experience.firrst of all i should tell u about name is Umer and i read in second year in the grw.i m 5’8″ tall ,well built body like an athlete ,and wheat colour.

It happened with me on the eid day.actually i have a girl friend.she is very beautiful.I love her very much.when all my friends saw her they caught their hearts in their hands.she has a very good figure for me .she is 34-25-37.she told me this whn i asked her about her figure.

Ok! the story start when i returned home in the morning after offering my EID prayer.when i entered home my mom told me that your friend is teasing me by calling again and again. I asked who is told me that their is any ANWAR who is teasing me.(actually her real name is MEHEK but Anwar is the name of her younger brother. whenever she wants to talk to me she asks her younger brotherto call me on the phone .so i under stand that it would be mehek.)at the same time the bell rang again .i attended the phone and i was right it was mehek .i ran towards my room to chat with her.after reaching in my room i asked her what was the matter .she told me that she wants to invite me for the tea in the evening. I asked about her parents.she told that they will be out for dinner with her chacha and she and her sister will be alone at home.(actually her sister knew about i said ok .i will be there.

When the clock struck 3:30 in the evening.i got my bike out and told my mom that i’ll be back till 6 p.m. she said ok .i kicked my bike and started to go to her house .but in the way i thought to buy something for her because it was eid i bought a rose for her .and then i went to her home.

When i rang the bell she came out .GOD! she was looking great in a very simple make up.her beauty was crying that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.i parked my bike in their garage.and then i grabbed her in my arms and said her EID MUBARAK.then i presented her the rose .she thanked me and caught me in her house.i asked her where was her sister.she told that she is also gone with mom and dad.i asked her that you told lie with me but she said no she was crying very badly so they took her with them.then i said ok.

The story starts now. she served the tea .after taking tea she told that lets see a movie .i asked which one .she told that she have brought “THE MATRIX” by her brother. I said ok.lets see.actually THE MATRIX is my favourite movie. if you have seen the movie u should know that their comes a kissing scene between KEANU REEVES and the HEROIN of the movie in about the end of movie.i love this scene.when the scene was on the screen i lokked towards her .she was smiling .i told her that it is my favourite scene she smiled greately.she told me that she also loves this .then she said can we do it in reUmerty. i told sure if you want.she came near me and hold my head in her hands but i stopped her. then i held her head in both my hands and kissed her on hr lips.i was kissing her for the first time.OH GOSH! she was very tasty . she even tasted greater than my old tongue was in her mouth and i was enjoying the taste of the most beautiful girl in the world for me . i enjoyed it for about 15 really turned me on.then i grabbed her in my arms passionately .

She was looking at me with merciful eyes .i understood her feelings. i slowly started pressing her beautiful boobs. She turned on .then she started rubbing my rock. I went crazy.i immediately took her to the bedroom .threw her on the bed .she was shouting “fuck me Umer plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz”. i asked her to feel easy .i took off her kameez and bra .her beautiful boobs jumped out of her bra.i started sucking one of her boobs .she was moaning loudly “uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh iiiitttsss grrreeeeaaat Umer .now theeeeeeee secondddddddd plllllllzzzzzzzzz”. i obeyed her and started at the second boob.i was enjoying the pleasure of my life then i pulled off her shalwar and then her black panty.i was very much surprised to see her shaved heaven.i started at that . when i entered my tongue in her heaven she moaned loudly .i immediately took it off and asked her to be quiet .

Then i pulled down my trouser and shirt.and asked her to take my 7.5″ hard rock in her mouth .she hesitatingly took it in her mouth.but after some time she started enjoying it.and her speed increased every moment.when i thought i m losing control over myself i took it out of her mouth .and pointed it towards her heaven.she was in a great passion.i placed the top of my riock on the enterance of her heaven and pushed it inside.but it was very tight only the head could go in .then i pulled it out .i asked her to keep any old cloth under her hips. she did so and then i applied some vaseline on my rock and some on her entrance. then i pushed my rock into her and i succeeded to tear her vagina in the first attempt.a stream of blood came out of her hymen and i startded my in and out slowly and steadily .first she was crying then her hips started to move with my rhythm.after about 20 minutes i came iside her and she also came at the same time. I pulled out my rock and fll on the bed besides her .we rested for some time ,then i asked her about the time she told me that it was quarter past six.i jumped up of the bed and went to bath room .after coming out i dressed up and asked her to give me a goodbye kiss.she did so .then i asked her to burn that blood stained cloth that was under her .she dressed up and burn that cloth on the roof .then i kicked the bike and started moving towards my house .in the evening i thought that this was the best ever eid day in my life.

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