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Fucked My Student At Nepal

  • desipapa
  • October 15, 2015

Hello everyone this is Vicky Sharma (nepal) writing from Kathmandu, Nepal. This is my first story at ISS hope you will like it and masturbate at the end thinking of me

To all pussies out there love you and mail me at to see how I will love you with my dick :-*

Myself Vicky a hot and decent guy, I belong to a good family of Nepal and I am student with good grades so I was searching for a tuition to teach and make some money. For me sex is a natural thing and we can have sex to those with whom we trust and feel comfortable. I am going to narrate you guys my first sex experience.

I had posted ads saying for a home tuition for all levels and all subject. One day I got a call for tuition class by a woman saying her daughter needs it. So I went to her address which she gave me on the phone. Paro (name changed) was the name of my student she was cute and her boobs were in growing phase but big for her age.

I started visiting their home daily. They had their own house in kathmandu. She has her separate room and I used to teach her in her bedroom. I had nothing bad intention about her thought she used to sit close to me. One day when I was there 15 minutes earlier than regular days she had just came off from bathroom. Her wet hair and her body changed my mind I just wanted to suck that boobs but I controlled and there was hard in my pant. Then she puts her clothes in the next room. Then paro came and I started teaching her some problems. Later on she changed her sitting position and while changing the position I saw her pussy maybe she had forgot. To wear her panties. I noticed her pubic areas covered with some hairs. Some naughty things came

In my mind. But I suppressed my feelings again coz I was her teacher and also it was not the correct time so from next day, I started going early and watch her boobs area, her thigh and her body parts, everything were growing rapidly. One fine day, she was sleeping in her bed, I silently came and saw her top to bottom. I called her by touching her boobs wake up paro. It was a great sensation to touch her soft boobs. I asked where her mom and dad went she then replied to a wedding party.

So there were mee paro and a 10 year old servant at her home inside the kitchen. That day she was in no mood to study and she told me that her PC isn’t working properly asked to fix me. I saw there at her pc andi found a lose connection on power box. Then it was ok. Then I opened it and was running smoothly.

Me: do you have some movies.

Paro: yea I do have some. Check at d drive

Me : ok

Then I scanned her movie list. Paro then goes for a bathroom to be fresh. I scanned her computer and found some porn movies.

(paro enters room)

Shen then sit adjacent to me at a chair. Then I opened the folder where the porn was it was a folder named health project. She was turning red and I clicked one video that I didnt know what has in it.

Scene starts form a girl sucking a dick

Me : paro do you watch this

Paro: I didn’t know where it came from. I think my friend has copied while she came last time

(the scene was still on)

Me: don’t lie or else I will tell to your parents about this

Paro: no I am telling truth

Me: I know you are lying. Wait I will tell your mom and dad about this

Paro: plz dont tell. Plz plz plz

Me : ok but tell me truth.

Paro : ok

Me: when did u first watched.

Paro: 3 months earlier

Me: do you have boyfriend. Be honest

Paro: yea

Me: have you tried this with him.

Paro: no

(video was still playing)

Me : have you masturbated watching this.

Paro: yes sometimes

(till now her breaths has become heavy)

I know she was melted her eyes were still at the screen and was getting horny by seeing it.

I asked her if I can catch her boobs. She didn’t deny but she didn’t agree as well. But I caught her boobs and massaged slowly. She closed her eyes.

Then I started to touch her boobs she was not resisting neither. Responding. Then I went in front of her and kissed her sweet lips after a while she let my tongue inside her mouth later on she responded very well. She sucked my lips and I felt her hands running on my body. I slowly massaged her boobs. My both hands and my tongue was busy on her body. My cock was getting harder and harder, her hands were massaging my hot dick.

I took her in my lap and started caress her body. I started kissing her everywhere. She was moaning little bit and breathing heavily. Mhmhmhm. Please please do me do me

Please please ammamamhm.

I made her nude and I was also completely nude. I started licking her pussy, which was already

Wet due to my act. While I was licking her body parts were moving and she was moaning hard. After sometime I took my hot and erect rod in her pussy and tried to fuck her. Her pussy was tight so it didn’t go easily inside her. I tried for some time she was moaning with pain and pleasure. My dick went inside her, I feel like a thirsty man explored a lake. I fucked her for some time, she was moaning like hell so to shut her up I lip locked her.

Then she was kissing me madly and a fluid came outside her pussy within a minute I felt like cumming and took my dick out and asked her to suck it. She sucked like a lollipop her teeth were making me pain but was pleasurable. Then I brusted my cum on her mouth and she drank all of my cum. She laughed I knew that she had enjoyed. Later she said that she had crush on me.

We always use to have foreplay after finishing to teach her. We enjoyed our sex few times when her parents were out, after that she passed her exam with good marks credit goes to me for my hard labor for teaching her.

After few days I got call from her mom as they were going to us as they got dv. I gave her last kiss at a cinema hall waving her a good bye.

Hope you guys liked my story sorry for the mistakes

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