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Fucked My Sexy Married Cousin

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  • November 24, 2015

Hello everyone !! I have been reading stories on Desipapa for past few years. But now I thought of sharing my real story for the first time. I am TJ age 27 height 5’11 with average body my dick size is 7″. My cousin name is Nahid and she is 23 height 5’5″ with super sexy figure of 34 38 36.
She got married last year in July 2014 but her husband went to New Zealand due to his job and she was staying her in laws place. I always wanted to fuck her but never got the courage. So I planed to seduce her so I bought a new phone and sim card and got few pics of guy from Facebook and sent her a message on whatsaap.

She ignored it before but still I use to send her forward messages and funny videos everyday. After couple of weeks later she started responding and after that we use to talk daily and she started opening up. She use to say that she miss her husband very much and I use to console her and after few days I sent her a sex video and she was like what the he’ll was that ,me it was by mistake and I apologize for it but after that she didn’t replied for couple of days,but after couple of days around 2am she msged me and asked me to call.



Me: First time you have asked to me to call is everything OK?

She: I want to ask you something be honest and reply.

Me : Sure.

She : You sent me that video ? Why did you sent it.

Me: I told you it was mistake and I did apologised for it.

She: Do you have any idea what have you done by sending that video to me.

Me: What I have done it was just a mistake.

She : You dumb ass after seeing that video I have started missing my husband more and more just because of you I have started masturbating and dying to have sex.

Me: lol m always available to help you.

She : very funny.

Me : m not joking m serious what toy say ?

She : OK let see.

Me: Why to waste time tomorrow is Sunday I ll book a room in hotel near Howrah station I have a contact and I ll whatapp you the room number and you just walk in.

She: ok

We had phone sex that night and went off to sleep.

Next morning I called my friend and booked a room in very good hotel near the station and msged her the name and room number. She replied she will be there by 2pm I was very excited as well as scared what will her reaction when she will see that’s my her cousin. But anyways I said to myself will see you it.

At 2:15 she called me where I am, I told her to come to the room directly the door is unlocked m in washroom and lock the door from inside once she is in.

After 5 mints I heard someone locking the door. I was in towel and came out of washroom and she was shocked to see me. She bhai what the fuck you doing here.

Me: what if I ask you the same thing. She took her bag and was moving towards the door I just came in front of her and pushed her towards wall and told her don’t act innocent I know you dying for a dick ad that’s the reason you are here and started smooching ( her she was trying to push me away but I had control over her and my towel went down. While smooching her I was rubbing her pussy over her shalwar after 10 mints she started to enjoy it and she was clutching my hair and playing with it. I broke to smooch she was smiling and said just fuck me hard and tear my pussy apart.

I took her to bed took off her dress and she was just in black bra and panty I was naked and ask her to blow me she took my dick in her mouth the sacked me till I cum. She cleaned her self and came on top of me and started smooching me after a while I came over her and started licking her cleavage and took off her bra and started sacking my dream tits for 15 mints the I came down to her navel and sucked and licked her then took off her panty and started licking and fingering her pussy and she was moaning bhaaiii..oh fuck eat me.
After 20 mints of licking she cummed.

We cleaned ourself and after 20 mints she started to play with my dick in no time it was hard she just come on top of me and sat on my dick and started moving up n down and her tits were bouncing. After 10 mints I changed the position into doggy style I was banging her from behind and spanking her ass the again after 15 mints we changed into missionary position and cummed in her pussy after 10 mints meanwhile she had her orgasm couple of times.

We took rest for a while and again started her play. I always wanted to fuck her ass so I asked her to get on her knees she did it and I started licking her asshole she said stop I told her just enjoy it baby and after few mints I applied vaselin which I took with me on my dick and some on her asshole she was saying don’t fuck my asshole It will pain a lot I told her it gonna pain for a while the you will enjoy after few mints I dig my dick in her ass and she was yelling I forced her to bed and asked her to bite pillow and was on top of her for few mints when I as that she better now I started stroking slowly after few mints she stared enjoying it and I increased my Speed and kept on fucking her ass and she wall like oh bhai fuck me m you whore and keep the her fucking and after 20 mints I cummed in her ass and was lying on her for like 10 mints.

Again I fucked her after an hour rest and we left in my car around 8 pm and gave the key of the room to my friend coz that night he took his gf in that room as well.

From that day onward every week I am fucking her now we don’t go to hotel we go to my flat which is not far from city.

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Fucked My Married Cousin

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