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Fucked My Receptionist

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

My love to all horny readers of Desipapa, my name is Noman, I am 24 years old.I m a very regular reader of Doodhwali & Desipapa. However, today I am going to share a true story. I seduced my office Receptionist who was 21 years old. Her name is Saima. She had big boobs, thin waist, and a beautiful firm shapely ass. On just seeing her ass and boobs my mouth always use to get watery.

It was my dream to make love with her and specially wanted to fuck her beautiful ass and boobs wow man I was just crazy about her. The best, which happened to me, was that she was assigned with me as a trainee officer. During her training we use to talk about many things as well. The thing that I like in her the most that she was bold and had a very good sense of humor. We also began to enjoy our lunch together everyday. One day on lunch, we were discussing about the movies and during that, I came to know that she use to see love story movies, some of them were double x as well. On that I straight way said that I really like her and wanted to make love with just like on those movies. To my surprise she laughed and said in a very naughty tone “janab muj ko pata tha bus tumharey moon sey kehelwana tha” and she said to me that she also like me and wanted to have sex with. That was the best day of my life I just forgot that we were on lunch and we have to back to office. I just took her to Avari hotel and reserved a room over there.

When we entered the room I Suddenly pushed her and she fell on the bed, I just jumped on her and started kissing her like a crazy wild animal and she responded me in a same way she griped very tightly from my back. I just took her cloths off and went down kissing her upto her legs that made her crazy. I took off her bra uuuffff her boobs were so big and soo firm. I started to suck them she began to moan with pleasure. We started to explore ourselves. She went down on her knees and started to give me a blowjob. She was sucking my dick like crazy women who was hungry for long time. Due to that in a short while I came in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. After that I went down and started to suck her sweet juicy pussy, she started to moan with pleasure oooo ssss aahhhh Noman just eat that pussy aaahh oooyaaaa. I started to tongue fuck her and I put my figure in her ass that made her crazy and wild with pleasure aaaa o yaaaa fuck me ooo. On that I pushed my men hood in her pussy & started to fuck her that made her shot even more louder, ooooo Noommmmaannn ooo aahhh fuck my pussy harder I started to fuck her with force. I suddenly took my dick out of her. No no fuck me plz fuck my pussy plz. I suddenly pushed my dick into her pussy with all my force, I went very deep in side her, that action of mine was killing her with pleasure she was saying please do it more deep and with more speed. She wrapped her legs around my hips and trying to push me towards her. She was also pushing her buttock up to meet my cock more deep in her pussy.

Those actions of her making my experience too memorable. I was sucking her nipples at the same time. She was now asking to keep my speed low but who care now and I kept the tempo going on. After 15 minutes, she became too restless. She was jumping upwards like a fish. I was also feeling that some thing is happening and suddenly pulled my rod out of her pussy and she got up like a flash and took my dick in her mouth and drank all my cum. I fall on top of her breast. We took rest for some time, she was looking too happy. She was playing with my cock and it get once again erection where as I was busy sucking her tits and she was playing my cock and kissing me all over. When my cock got in full erection then I told her that I want to fuck her ass. She was frightened and said that I have very big cock and it will hurt her ass as her ass hole will be too tight. But after my strong insist she agreed to take my dick in her lovely ass. She told me that would not possible with out lubrication, but I told her that without the lubricant it would be more fun coz there will be a pain and a pleasure that will make you crazy. She got convinced and saima laid down on her knees and bent raising her ass up.

Now I kept my dick on her asshole and inserted it in her hole and it went with little power. As her, this hole was very tight. But I slowly inserted it deep in her ass. With slow movements, I began to fuck her and she was moaning in pain. So slowly took speed and then, she was screaming with pain and said to me “you want to tear my ass”. Please do it little slowly, Noman you are fucking my ass with out a lubricant please be slow. Due to that I began to stroke her in ass with slow strokes but with deeper penetration. She was shouting and now she started to moan as well it seems, that she had begun to enjoy. I kept on stroking her ass deeper and deeper. I caught her breast and started to massage her she started to enjoy that, then I started to move towards her pussy. I started massaging he clit, which excited her the most then I put my figure in her pussy. She was now moaning with pleasure. I increased fingering her cunt, and I increased my speed to fuck her lovely ass. She was screaming with pleasure and she was saying Nommmmaannnn you are fucking me in double holes, you are some fuckerrrr ooo.

These words exciting me more and gave her very deep strokes. After some time she shivered and shouted, fuck hard my ass and spank my ass. I was giving her hard strong and deep strokes and spanking her ass. Then after some time I came inside her beautiful ass and I fall on her as I was too tired due to a heavy ass fucking. I lay with her and she hugged me very nicely saying I love you, you have given me a pleasure of lifetime. she kissed me and then she said to me that I am not only your girl friend but from now on am also your whore, though we are office colleagues but you will find my legs spread when ever you wish. I said to her that she is the best; I love her ass & pussy. Both of your pussy and of above all you have a delicious ass & boobs. She laughed and kissed me. After that, we had a lond day of fucking. I fucked her in different positions and in her boobs. We never went to office that day. We still are enjoying that. We also had a chance to spend a night together. If any girl or married lady from Lahore (Pakistan) want to feel the lethal magic of my 7 inches dick feel trusted and do not feel shy to mail me on

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