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Fucked My Love Nidhi

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

My name is rohit. I am an 19 year old guy living in delhi usually read all the stories on this site .So i got the confidence to write this story’s am writing this story . Hi all sexy girls and boys ,my name is ROHIT let me introduce myself, i am a 19 years guy living in DELHI am good looking ,has nice body and an ever hard cock .

I didnt knew much about sex . but thanks to my horny friends ,porn-magazines and cable guy’s Saturday night movies ,i came to know about this wounder ful thing called friend group consists of honeiest guys (me ,ashley,philip,sujeet,sapan)and sweet innocent girls(AARTI& NIDHI are among them ). Now i start my story. I will never forget that 2 days ,july 21st and 22nd.2000.and my friend group went to my farm house in MEHRAULI.We went in my uncle’s car.NIDHI sat in front ,beside me. let me describe nidhi,she was fair ,black long hair,medium sized boobs and soft sexy ass.In short a sex goddess. anyone who sees her would cum in his pants. We have been friends since our first year in college. she had no boyfriends just us as a friends. Now back to story, she was wearing a black t-shirt, and a matching 3/4th. As i was driving , i accidently touched her thighs while changins the gear.i noticed she didn’t took her leg off. i kept doing that so i can touch her lovely thighs again and again.Nobody noticed me doing this .

Then we reached our farm house. when we reached there ,i saw her giving those looks that made me change my impression about her .In the evening we went for a walk in the farm .she kept walking close to me .my other freinds were walking the front of me. we werw chatting and walking .After sometime i noticed that nidhi was not alongside me. so l looked behind and saw her tying her shoe lace. i got the most beautiful glimse in the world , that of her beautiful cleavage. she caught me seeing her boobs . I was i was little embarrsed but it was okay when she winked at me . This was a green signal i have been looking for . my mind was thinking about fucking her. then i thought that i should not do this as she was an good friend. After the walk we had snacks and coffee, then we decided to go to swimming pool. we boys get our T-shirts and boxers.she was in her sports bra and shorts. aarti the other girl was in her T-shirt and shorts.we were chasing each other in the swimming pool . after sometime it was her chance to chase us .she initially went after sujeet so i stood at the corner of the pool. suddenly she came from behind and catched me.The feeling of her soft, wet boobs on my back sent shockwaves through my body and my dick started growing . aarti noticed this . she gave me a smile . i didn’t take it seriously as i was interested in nidhi .aarti was not a sex goddess but was beautiful. That night changed my innocent impression about them. then we played in the water for sometime and we came out. At about 9:00pm we had dinner and drinks, played cards and chatted for sometime and went to sleep. nidhi and aarti went to the upper floor room and sapan, slept near the hall .

I was not feeling sleepy so i switched on television . as it was saturday night i was waiting for the sex movie in the cable channel. at about 12:30 pm the movie started. It was triple X movie the scene of the teenage girl being fucked by two mens. My cock began to get longer and longer and soon reached its maximum peak . It looked like as missile ready to launch . i slowly pulled down my boxers and took my cock and started masturbating . i usually think of AISHWARYR RAI(film acctress) when i masturbate but that day my mind was full of glimpses of nidhi’s boobs . i didnt want to ejaculate so i slowed down. seeing the girls sucking two monster cocks started increasing my pulse rate. i started masturbating again. i just turned around to check whether those horny bastards were sleeping or not . but i was horrified to see nidhi sitting behind me on the chair . she was rubbing her pussy from outside. when she saw me she took her hand off. I quickly changed the channel and began talking with her . I couldn’t go upto her as my boxers and underwear were down. when she came near me she saw my cock . Now my limp cock started growing again . I told her sorry and pulled my boxers up .She came close and sat with me on the sofa. AS we talked she kept asking about my girlfriends.

I told her though i had few affairs but nothing serious as yet . then the topic changed to sex life .I was shocked to hear from nidhi whom we considered swwet innocent girl. I said no sex till now and asked about her sex life She told she still is a virgin . I was very much pleased of hearing her a virgin , my cock started jumping . now mind kept thinking about fucking her in various position . I slowly put my hand on her thigh . she didnt mind that as i think she was in mood after seeing that move. she started asking sexual questions as how do boys masturbate?, what are orgies?, about oral sex ?, etc. I asked her that hadn’t she seen movies? or read any porn magazines?. she said that she had read debonair one or two but never seen any movies. I told her lets see the movie then! and switched back to the sexy movie channel. Now there was a lesbian scene. both were in the 69 position sucking each others pussy . seeing this she asked me ,”Does these things really happens?”. I told her , “yes they do”. She put her hands near me . I took my hands on her shoulder.Seeing the movie she was getting hot as she was breathing heavier . I slowly took my hands off her shoulder and kept on her hands .She didn’t mind . I took her hands and gently kissed her . she smiled . Ohh…she liked me doing that . I looked this as a green signal and started smooching her. She looked her hand and put inside my boxers. Oh… we were kissing hard . She was a damn good kisser . Ohhh…she was sweet. We gave our tongue some exercise. Our tongue started exploring each others mouth. while kissing i started opening her night-dress.I saw there was two mountains hiding under the small bra .Our kissing continued. While kissing my fingers were busy opening her bra. She was now only in her pyjamas. She broke the kiss and took off my T-shirt. I gave her a tight hug . The soft feeling of her breast against my chest started giving me hardens. My dick was as it’s peak .

It could be seen from outside. It was like a tent . I pressed one of her boob and concentrated my mouth on the other. I circled my tongue around the nipple.i poked her nipples with my teeth. her nipples started becoming hard . I started sucking . OH oh oh oh it was quite hard, this made her very horny because she began arching on her back .With my other hand I started rubbing the other boob . The boobs were of medium sized and very soft .I was sucking her nipples and then I took my hand from her other breast started touching softly. I moved my fingers from her breast to her stomach, I circled around her navel .She was moaning . i moved my fingers to her pyjamas. i started opening her knots of her pyjama. She hold my hand, and stopped me doing this , she looked at me I told her ” dont worry . And kissed her . My tongue reached every corner of her mouth , As i was kissing i slid her pyjamas down to her toes. I was now pressing her two boobs. She was now responding very well .Her tongue was next over my tongue . Oh Oh ….what a sansation it was . I again took my fingers and now i circled it over her panty. A wet spot was already on it . I knew that she was loving it . I broke the kiss and said her”lie on your back” She said nothing and just turned back . Now i started Kissing her from head to thighs.I kissed her eyes, cheaks, nose, head, mouth, neck, breasts, stomach, noval, and stopped there.I began to push her panty down with my teeth. I took it off completely, She was totally naked.Ohoh.. oh… how beautiful she was looking, fully naked with, red lips, and some hair on her vagina and fully white body. I was kissing her from toes and went up now and reached her between her legs. She just closed her eyes. Ohh.. it was such a sweet pussy with little hair . I started kissing her pussy. Ohh.. she was so sweet, her precum was very sweet . Ah.. Ahh..oohhhhhh…plzzzzzzzzz, was all she could say.

I pushed my tongue into her vagina ,in and out . I took my hand and started rubbing her nipples. Her pussy was so sweet She was moaning Please …… Suck harder..aahhhhhhhh………….. come on ..ooooooo….. more . Ahh.. Ahh more. Her hard nipples poked out . She was now screaming like anything i closed her mouth with my hand, she pushed my head towards her cunt. Now i know she was cumming as she was breathing harder. She was squirming on the bed like a snake. She was screaming AH__ AH__ AH__ AH__ cuming oh– suck on please yes AH__ AH__ yeeeeeeesssssssss.kapil i love you.plzzzz.dont stoooooooooopppp. ahhhhhh .plzzzzzcarry on . I am your slave. Fuck me now . She tried to put my mouth away from her cunt but i pressed my toungue and carried on my love feast. Then she stoped shouting i knew she was near her first orgasm. A waterfall come out of her pussy .Ah it was much more than i expected. It was all over my face.Creamy_ _ oh.she jumped and she licked the cum from my face.She almost ate it all .I pushed her down and pushed my dick into her mouth.She intially didnt like it first,she went back but i pushed it againinside.she had no option but tootake it.she went slowly but later on she got to the rythm and started the blowjob.she seemed to like it.She was blowing much harder much harder than i expected.I was seeing heaven then but she was going way too fast for me and i came in seconds i came into her mouth.She took it all even the last drop.She just looked at me and smiled .I asked what next?She said whatever you do_ _ _ _ go slow.I was exited but i decided to go slow and i wanted to make this night as long as possible.So i concentrated on her breasts.I played my tongue on those beautiful tits.I circled my tongue around her nipples,which started becoming harder and harder by now . I circled it around and she was getting hornier.I took my hand and played with her pussy.There were little bush covering the pussy.I started to do finger fuck with my first finger.Then i pushed my second finger into her pussy .She was moaning faster_ _ faster_ _ .but i went slower, slower and stopped .Now she stood up and said let me have some fun.She pushed me down and came near me looked into my eyes and gave me long sexy smooch. My limp cock started growing again. She started kissing me all way and started going downwards.She kissed me all way from my head and stopped till my stomach.My cock was erected again she looked at it and again took my cock in her mouth .I closed my eyes while she kept suking on.But i didntwant to cum now so i pushed the mouth away and told her lets start the real game.She come upon me and sat on me , initially there was a problem entering her so i went into kitchen and brougth some butter and applied it on my dick.Then finally i succeded in entering my dick into her hot cave. It was so hot inside. She started riding slowly .

I was enjoying this movement very much . Her cunt lips were miliking my dick. then she started riding freely ,sometime she would bend down and give me a kiss meanwhile i used to play with her boobs.Now i knew from her face expresions that she was cumming. My dick was also boiling inside her so i told her i am cumming so i asked her is there any problem ? she told dont worry about it . just let me enjoy this . Then her breathing went harder her cunt-lips became tight against my dick.her lips were milking my dick to the last drop. Her nails digged in my chest .She was screaming very loud and was speaking very abusive language. Hearing this i become too horny.She screamed ah_ AH__ AH__ AH__ honey i am going to fuck you .bastard give your cum to me AH__ AH__ AH__ ooh_ ooh_ ooh_ I am cumming honey. I pressed her boobs very hardly she was screaming like a bitch i got scared and i put my hand on her mouth she bite my hand due to her orgasm. I knew she cummed as her pussy was leaking a waterfall .i told her not to stop as i am Cumming too.

Then after few seconds i also cummed we lied there exhausted for few moments. she lied beside me and was caressing me. I told her this was night of my life. and really guy’s this was the night of my life. wow what a night was that. I fucked the most beautiful pussy in the world I asked her how she felt she just looked in my eyes and said i dont know. but i told her it was the greatest moment in my life then she kissed me .We just lied their holding each other.we slept naked in each others arms. Next day we had “sex full day” when we boys(me and my horny friends) fucked girls(nidhi and aarti) all together. This will be next time. I am ending it here.

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