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Fucked My Dream Aunt Hard

  • desipapa
  • January 7, 2016

Hi everyone ……. this is my first please forgive any mistakes….

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Coming to the story..

We lived in a typical south Indian house where there were 3 houses joined end to end.we had given 2 house to rent and we were living in one. In the last house a couple were living newly married. Uncle was too fat and they had a kid too of 2yrs. Aunt was so hot and sexy that I would get an instant hard on wherever I used to see her.

She would usually wear nighty throughout the day. Initially I didn’t have any such feelings towards her . We were kinda close to each other. I would tease her for everything and used to take it lightly and laugh. One day when I went inside her house searching for her she had her back turned towards me and was applying some ointment to her sexy milky thighs. She was sitting in such a position that I could see her complete inner thigh. This made me sexually attracted towards her.

Another incident where she was wearing a low cut nighty and was sweeping the floor I got to have a look at her sexy cleavage and a bit of her upper boobs. Those were so sexy and milky white.uffff she’s damn hot. I got instant hard on and decided to Fuck her hard. I knew she would be unsatisfied as her husband was fat and couldn’t satisfy her properly. Coming to her stats 38-24-39. Coming to me I’m a good looking guy muscular due to me going to gym everyday with penis size 7′ inch.

Her husband had to change work due to some financial problems.he was at work for all the 6 days and would come back home only on Sunday.

One day my parents had to go out of town to attend someone’s marriage and as my exams were going on my parents had no option but to leave me with my hot sexy roopa aunt( dirty.forgot to mention her name earlier) . That day was Tuesday and my parents left early in the morning and I knew they weren’t coming back till Saturday. I placed to have seduce and have sex with my love aunt.

It was about 11am and I was feeling hungry ( for sex) Adi I asked aunt to give me something to eat. She went inside fried something and came back out in about half an hour with some fritters in her hand. She came and sat beside me such a way that we were kinda like stuck to each other. I knew this is time or I won’t get any other chance. So I slowly bent my lips towards her lips and kissed on her soft lips. She neither have in nor pushed me back. I took it as a good sign and started smooching her more. Finally after 2 mins she gave in. We both were smooching like crazy.

After 3 min of that she suddenly stood up and went to kitchen.I followed her held her from back kissed her neck and was slowly caressing her boobs. She was like moaning umum …I went crazy and turned her around and started smooching her again.this time she was doing it like she was totally desperate. I took her to her bed room made made her lie down on the bed and started kissing her ankle and as I moved upwards I slowly removed her nighty. I kissed her inner milky sexy thighs and moved up. She was wearing a black net panty which had already gone wet. I kissed her on her love her and she shrugged and kept playing with my hairs and enjoying the fun. She was totally moaning ummm ahhhh umm-mm ahhh-aaaahh.

I kept on kissing her whole body reached her navel, played with it and moved up. By this time I had managed to remove her nighty and she was just in her black net bra and panty. I removed her bra and stated feasting over her delicious boobs. She was like ” you said you were hungry right. now fest on these. Come on..feast” this made me go more faster.I reached her pussy. Touched it from above. Removed her panty and started to tongue Fuck her. She was moaning like crazy.

I went on faster and she had her first orgasm. It’s taste was awesome. I drank it all up. Next she stood up and started to remove my undies and looking at my huge cock she exclaimed ” so big. It would be delicious and so much fun to play with it” saying that she took my whole cock in. I couldn’t believe it but she was sucking it like a pro. I was enjoying it. I was about to cum and asked her wherever shall I cum in her mouth she said yes I want to taste every bit of your sperm and she drank it all. Now again I began to lick her pussy.

She got turned on and was begging me to fulfill her love hole. I played a bit more with her and she totally started to plea to me to Fuck her. I said ok and kept my penis near her hole and tried to get it in only one push but couldn’t. With a third push I was successful and started give constant pushes to which she was responding well. Next I told her I wanted to try ass Fuck. She agreed.

She turned and laid down and as I tried to enter it was very tight. She cried a bit but with 6th push I was successful. It was like heaven. Fucking the aunt of my dreams wow she was enjoying it too. We had many such sessions that day. And enjoyed totally till Saturday. I insisted her to be naked all the time so that we can have sex wherever we wanted and she did. And we many more sessions after that Saturday.

Next story will be how I seduced my uncle’s hot bitch wife to have sex with her.

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