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Fucked My Co-Passenger In The Train

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  • August 16, 2015

Dear Reader, Wishes to all our friends for contributing their Experiences and making the success of the ” Sex ” revolution of this century. Mine is a 100%, real life Experience and I’m happy to share it with all. My name is Vishal , I’m 23 and I’m doing my Final year of Computer Engineering. I reside in Chennai ( Madras ), India. My Dad is a Doctor .


This is one of the very recent incidents of my life, which has left a permanent memory in my mind. Believe me, after nearly twenty-five years of a good married life, although I thought, I was an expert and had good knowledge of sex, I got a chance to learn new secrets on Sex. These secrets were mind blowing for me. Readers will feel odd at the way things happened. However you know life is full of surprises. Dec. 1999 9.50 a.m.

I was on the Mangala Express traveling from Delhi to Goa. An advance booking was done for the AC II Class Sleeper coach. On entering the compartment and reaching the berth reserved for me I saw a dark skinned South Indian woman seated opposite my seat. I had been allotted the upper berth of the single seater type. I noticed that my berth was almost full with a lot of bags and cartoons. ‘My God! People carry so much luggage’ I thought. I was not too pleased with my first impressions of this woman as we are normally used to admire only fare skin. This woman was very dark and did not deserve a second glance. I glared at her and said ” Excuse me, madam is this your luggage? “Yes” she said with a smile ” I know it’s a lot but I do hope we can adjust some way when the night comes”. My impression of her took an immediate change hearing her flawless speech in English and seeing the snow-white teeth and the thick lip rediating her smile. I thought “Hey! Black is also beautiful” and I left it at that as it was only 10.00 a.m.

I knew pressing for the berth was not the need of the hour. I shifted her bags and everything to accommodate my suitcases on the overhead berth and relaxed on my seat. On sitting down I noticed her reading a paperback that had a sexy woman shown on the cover page. ‘Harold Robbins’ was the author of the book. She was engrossed in the book and now because of the cover page I shifted my attention to the woman. She was about 34 years, surely came from a rich family, she wore a light blue silk sari with matching blouse and eartops. The nails of her hands and feet were nicely enameled with nail polish. The mangalsutra she wore was thick and long and visibly a costly one. She wore a good pair of heals and gave an impression of good upbringing. However her dark skin put me off and I settled down to read the new ‘debonair’ I had just purchased. Reading some of the sexy stories and seeing photographs of some beautiful chicks in the magazine made me horny and in the mood to have a woman. 12.00 Noon: She got up from her seat got out of her heals and climbed the lower berth to stand and take out a mineral water bottle from one of the cartoons on the over head berth. I could not avoid looking at her. She was a tall lady with one of the best bodies designed to perfection.

She would be at least 38-26-39 with a height of about 5′. 6″ without her heals. I could see she had a sleeveless blue blouse with nicely cleaned- armpits. Her Silk Sari covered and uncovered a beautiful navel with a slightly paunchy tummy. I was forced to stare at her curves and long black hair that reached her D shaped ass. Debonair had made me horny but this woman started making me burn with desire. I started Praying that I get to so some thing to her beautiful body. She came down and after filling a plastic disposable glass with water, offered it to me. I took the glass from her and felt her warm fingers brush past mine. Boy! I was so hot I drank the glass in one gulp. She smiled and offered me the bottle for an additional fill and again I momentarily held onto her hand while taking the bottle. Her touch make a high voltage current flow through me. My head felt dizzy for a moment. She understood the effect she had created and got talking so as to reduce the tension.

She asked me about my business and life in general but did not speak much about herself. I started loosing interest in her due to the simple decent talk and dosed off. 1.45 P.M: Lunch arrived and she offered to share some of the Idli’s she had trucked along. They were very delicious. With two plates of food between us we sat legs folded, facing each other and enjoyed the lunch. I noticed her eyes were very large and could communicate a lot without a word in speech. I now started enjoying her company and thought, may be we could just be friends. 3.00 P.M: After lunch she requested me to move my handbag from besides me so that she could stretch her legs. I immediately obliged She had her legs covered in a thick blanket and they reached me, touching my thigh lightly. The fast moving train made the contact better. After a while I noticed an additional momentum besides the momentum of the train, as her feet were trying to press into my sides. The fingers of her feet were caressing my left thigh and buttock. I looked into her eyes and saw them close and open slowly and a sexy smile came on her. Her lips blew me a mini kiss. That did it! My prayers since the morning were being answered. Hey buddy! Here was a babe interested in making my journey a lot more interesting than reading the debonair. I winked at her, got up to get my woolen blanket form the overhead berth, as I had to urgently get to work.

With a racing heart, I sat down facing her, lifting my legs and after they were covered with the blanket stretched them to reach her thigh and buttocks. She closed her eyes and made a show of going off to sleep. I too followed suit. Within seconds her feet started playing and so did mine. I could feel her very soft ass at my feet. My penis became alive and started pulsing, throbbing and creating a ruckus in my trousers. I had to put my hand into the blanket to turn him over. With my left hand inside my blanket I started feeling her legs through her blanket. She let out an audible sigh, which made me bolder and allowed my left hand, a tour of her legs by getting into her blanket. I lifted her Sari from her ankles and felt the silver payal she wore. Do you readers know the payal is the sexiest ornament women ware after the chain they sometimes put on around their midriff? Her feet were on fire and the fingers held onto my fingers with force. Her sigh and open mouth indicated her high level of arousal. Boy! These South dames are very horny. I kept on a low level massage of both her feet and legs, tried to bend forward to reach her thighs but her eyes opened and warned me that the Marwari women seated besides would notice. I looked at the group of Six Marwari women two of them had infants in their arms.

A little continued staring at the young females who were breast-feeding their infants brought an excellent response. The oldest amongst them lifted a blanket and tied its two ends to the ladders used for going to the upper berth. That ended our problems as a thick wool curtain now came up between the Marwari women and the two of us. I now moved my handbag to rest on my backrest and moved in to come closer to her. She too was eager to receive fulfillment and without any fuss my hand got to tour her legs, her thighs, her soft upper thighs and brush past her panties. She lifted her legs so that her knees touched her chin and opened them to allow my hand more direct access to her pussy. I massaged her pussy lips from above the panties and then lifting the sides I entered her bush. Her hairy fur was soaking in hot juices. The room temperature in her panties was at least 10 degrees higher than in the blanket. She had her eyes closed with her head resting on her hands and knees. The blanket covered her right upto her chin. Inside it, I got at her clit and massaged it with slow upward strokes. She responded beautifully by pushing forward and amplifying the momentum of the moving train.

She allowed one, then two, then three of my thick fingers inside her juicy cunt with a lot of ease. After about 5 minutes of slow massaging I noticed her faster movements and increased the speed of my finger fucking. She came in hot spurts like volcano spurting lava. The quantity of her cum could have easily filled the plastic glass she had earlier given me. Her satisfied grunt and hisses signified a good load lost. She looked up at me with dewy eyes and with her lips whispered ‘thanks’. She was fast asleep within the next 2 minutes. I just brought my left hand out and licked her juices from each finger. I had no other option so I too went to sleep. 8.30.P.M. The Train had halted at some station and I woke up dreaming of having a pee. Many a times when my bladder is full and I am in deep sleep I dream I am pissing somewhere and wake up. I noticed she was still fast asleep in the same sitting position. I had a pee, then got off the train to have a stroll of the platform. I purchased two cups of coffee and returned to the compartment just as the train started moving. I noticed her reading the debonair magazine that I had been reading. She immediately returned it to me and also got up to go to the toilet. While getting up she said softly ‘ I have something for you to read in the magazine go through it and respond after I come back from the toilet.’ I opened the magazine and on the last page I found a hand written note.

This note read as follows. “Dear Handsome, let me introduce my self to you. I am Laxmi P. from Trichur. I am 38 years old and specialize in SEX. As a matter of fact I have done my doctorate in Sex. I have learnt so many things about sex that I love practicing and preaching. I am writing this note to you, as we could not have talked in front of all these ladies opposite us. I am offering you a complete unbelievable sexual fulfillment without actually having sex. In these days of AIDS one should be careful and practice safe sex. If interested please turn around on your seat, you will see a plastic jar kept behind your handbag that contains very special medicinal oil. This jar contains seven large mango seeds, which are connected to each other with a strong thread. If interested, go to the toilet and after you have cleaned your bowels, change into a lungi and introduce all the seven seeds one after the next through your anus to fill your rectum. Leave a part of the thread outside and come back for a mind-blowing session. I too am introducing the same seeds into my rectum. The trick is that we will be going a 69 with each other. The moment I notice your orgasm I will continue to suck you till it subsides then I will pull the thread so that one seed comes out of your anus. You will immediately experience another orgasm. This way we can have a minimum of seven orgasms in a row. You pull my thread and I will pull yours.

Remember the thread is pulled in such a way that only one seed comes out at a time. Ready? ” Details of the night will have to wait. Let me see the response to this part. To be continued. I am at present Residing in Chennai ( Madras ) , South India , and Bangalore is also a familiar place to me . I know languages like Hindi, Tamil, English and a little French . I would like to satisfy other women also whatever their age may be and I can use my wider Knowledge on all aspect of Sex to satisfy any women to the content of her Heart in any Position .

So any Female who live in any State of India or Any Part of India or Abroad can contact me with Confidence and Trust . They may be of any age , Chicks , Aunties , Unsatisfied Wives, Mummies , Widows , Divorcees , Broadminded Couples, Young Girls, and even Young-Grandmas or for that matter, any Female on Earth can contact me without any “HESITATIONS” at my E-mail address. My E-mail Address is :

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