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Fucked Megha My Darling

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

In Gujarat, unlike other States of India, commercial sex workers are conspicuous by their absence, at least they are not seen openly on the streets soliciting business. Strange it may sound, the reason for such an unusual situation is not far to seek. Traditionally, gujarati men are typical money-chasing characters involved day and night into their business and the gujju females are mostly housewives looking after the household chores.

The biological needs of the females when not met by their spouses, are fulfilled by others like domestic servants, neighbours and often guys like me !!!. Let me tell you how I found out all this and I am sure you all will enjoy it as well. I am raju, 37 a balding bank officer presently based at Ahmedabad. The incident I am about to narrate relates to my neighbour Meghaben (all gujju females are addressed as “ben” and males as “bhai”) and her husband Ashokbhai. I have changed all names except that of Megha at her own insistence. She wants to read her story on the net. Megha is a beautiful young lady of 26 years, very fair, shoulder length hair, attractive figure 36-25-35 and Ashokbhai was extremely opposite, not at all handsome, potbellied and always after money. Megha, convent educated and graduate, was learning to work on the computers and would sometimes call me up to help her out whenever she had problems. During last October, they had got a new internet connection and I was their “internet guru”. Ashokbhai had very little interest in the net (more on money as I already said) and so left us alone to explore the net. Megha was an avid learner and I too enjoyed teaching her to surf the net. We became close during the surfing sessions and she insisted on seeing some good hot sites. It so happened that my wife and kid had gone to Bombay for Diwali holidays and I was enjoying my bachelor days. One day I had some domestic work to be attended to so I took a day’s casual leave and as I returned home at about 12 noon, after attending to the same, I saw Megha standing outside her main door. By the way our apartment has only two flats per floor so no nosey neighbours.

Normally whenever she wanted my assistance on the computer or net she stood at her main door. As usual I entered her house and sat on the sofa waiting for her to put on the pc, and I assumed that she wanted to learn something more about the net. Megha was wearing a green chiffon saree and looked very attractive and I was getting horny but did not dare to give her an inkling about it as we shared a healthy relationship. Even as she sat next to me on the sofa I asked her if she want to surf the net, to which she just smiled and asked me how I was enjoying my bachelor days. She seemed to be emotionally charged up, and on an impulse she held my hand and stroked it lightly. I was almost 11 years elder to her, a little balding and so I did not want to read too much into her mind. I felt that it was not proper on my part to encourage this, I tried to withdraw my hand back but by now she had held it firmly. Megha then told me that she has remained untouched for quite some time by her husband and that her physical needs had to be met by someone. Megha also told me that since she was a good friend of my wife, she found out from my wife, that I have a high desire for sex and that my wife has very low desire. She held my hand firmly and move closer to me and kept her head on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through her silken hair and patted on her back. She put her arms across me and hugged me and I could now feel her solid breasts pressing against my chest and I felt the warmth of her lips on the nape of my neck as she kissed me there.

This ignited the fire in me and I brought her face in front of mine and profusely kissed her rosy smooth cheeks and then lightly on her lips. Megha too responded with a deep mouth to mouth kiss. And she took my hands and placed it on her breasts and she was pressing my hands as if to signal that I should massage her breasts. In the process her pallu came down to expose her cleavage through the tight fitting blouse. As I massaged her breasts softly, I could sense that she was getting equally horny and both of us were now madly fondling each other. She then dragged me to her bedroom where she stripped me first and started licking and kissing me from face onwards till she reached my 6 inch cock. I knew what was coming and I asked her for condoms, she said not to worry as she had inserted copper-T. She then stepped out of all her accessories one by one and stood fully naked in front of me. As it is, Megha was very beautiful, and now even more ravishing without anything on. The sight of her two full moons with brown nipples captivated me and her pussy with soft small pubic hair was inviting me to be ravaged. I kissed her on her breasts and suckled her nipples which seemed to get erect as I continued sucking it. My hands were guided gradually to her pussy and as I gently slid my index finger a little inside, she moaned softly and when I inserted my middle finger too her nails pierced my back. She pulled me along on to the double-bed and I placed myself between her legs and starting kissing her navel and slowly moved towards her pussy.

She became delirious (mad) and starting lifting her beautiful buttocks higher and higher trying to take my tongue deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She seemed to love this a lot and I obliged her holding her buttocks and sucking all the salty-sweet love-juice flowing freely from her pussy. After nearly five minutes of pussy-sucking, I could make out thru her body language that she was experiencing orgasms and just about at time she signalled me to shove my cock in her mouth. Honestly, I had never got my cock sucked till date. My wife has a low sexual desire and these things dont figure in her agenda at all. I was now on cloud nine with an erect six inch tool inside her mouth which she sucked as if it was some cone ice-cream. I then winked at her and she released my cock and as I moved between her legs she guided me to her love-box and I slid my cock gently into her moist pussy. Once I had shoved three-fourths of my penis, she started raising her buttocks to get my cock deeper into her. Megha cried “Bang it raju, go deeper inside me” and as I steadied her and banged my cock inside her tight pussy, she cried out once more “Ohhhhh do it baby, dont stop it, bang it haaaard”. Her bedroom was full of soft love screams she was making and I tried to mute her sound by kissing her on her mouth as I continued to pump in her. Her “Ooohs and Aahs” signalled that she was enjoying every bit of it. I loved massaging her breasts while pumping into her pussy and she was pinching my nipples and digging her nails into my back in turn, screaming for more bangs.

Finally after nearly five minutes of pumping I cried out “Ohhhh Megheee” as I splashed my cum inside her pussy, she grabbed my buttocks and pulled me over her tightly as if trying to snatch every drop of my love-juice. We were both soaked in our sweat and lay in each other’s arms for quite sometime. I was worried about my weight crushing her, but she suggested I put all my weight on her to give her a feeling of “security”. A few minutes later I was again sucking her nipples and playing with her love-box. Megha seemed to enjoy the afterplay and told me that her husband did not believe in foreplay and afterplay etc, just bang-bang-bang and all over. I was wondering at the sense of humour of the “Supreme match-maker” who always pairs up wrong couple together. Megha told me that my love-juice was readying to flow out of her pussy and so she would like to have a wash. I lifted her in my arms easily bcos she weighed just about 40 kgs and carried her like a baby to the attached bathroom. She smiled as she seemed to enjoy being carried this way and all along her hands were around my neck. She was watching herself in the full sized mirror inside the bathroom for quite sometime till she realised suddenly that she now had a job to do – cleaning herself up, and so she reluctantly got off my arms. I suggested we could as well have a shower bath to which she straight away opened the tap. We rubbed each other and had a long bath and in the process we had exhausted one full soap!!!. She held out a towel and asked me dry her up and later she did the same to me. She then smiled at me and said “raju can you carry me back to the bed the same way you brought me here”?. I carried her back and dropped her into the bed and lay down next to her, she hugged me tightly and whispered, “Ohhhh raju I love you” and kissed me all over my body.

We were just lying there and fondling each other for more than an hour. Sensing my erection at one stage she asked me if I was ready for one more round of action and I was now only eager to make the most of my chances. This time around she went into doggy position and said “Bang me from behind, raju, but be sure not to enter into the wrong hole”, she giggled. She had bent herself with couple of pillows supporting her elbows and head and raised her buttocks to expose her pussy from behind. The sight was equally beautiful and exciting and I slid cock from behind and as I pumped inside her I was gently spanking her fair plump buttocks also. Megha enjoyed every bit of this and started moaning again — “ya do it raju, faster, deeper….”, and a few moments later she cried out, “yes darling, splash ur cum inside me now, do it, do it”. I pumped harder into her and sprayed my liquid inside her pussy and she felt ecstatic. Megha later told me that she had never enjoyed this kind of sex with her husband before. We continue with our affair even after my wife and kid returned. My wife teaches in a school and leaves with my kid at 7.00 am. Megha’s husband leaves in the morning at about 8.00 am. This gives us good time to have our enjoyment whenever we can. Both of us have the same philosophy in life – “If you cannot get the best out of life, then it is waste of life”. Although we enjoy being together and making love, I am worried bcos now she wants to have a child from me when she removes her copper-T.

Moreover, one of her very close friends Shilpa came to know of my being “available”, and had been phoning me at my bank regularly to fix up an “appointment”. In the end I threw away my reluctance and ever since Megha, Shilpa and me all of us are a happy lot and it will be nearly one year of our enjoyment. Any unhappy female around is welcome to mail me and join the “happiness club”. Since my bank job involves touring, it may not be impossible for me to land in your town especially if you are in Gujarat. So watch out and get in touch with me. My email adddress is

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