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Fucked Brother-In-Law’s Wife In Abu Trip

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi ISS readers, this sexsena from Ahmadabad Gujarat, I am regular reader and visitor of ISS. My mail id is

This is the story about how I fucked brother in law’s wife.

I met her when I visited my in law’s house, she is wife of my wife’s elder brother. Damn sexy, about her stat she is approx 5.6 in height, slim figure and small pair of boobs.

Due to official visit I had to travel to Mumbai from Ahmadabad and my inlaws are also leaving in Mumbai itself hence wife forced me stay at her parents place.

I was bit uncomfortable to stay @ inlaws house but my wife forced me and finally I had to agree with her.

After completing my official work I went to in laws place and was chit chatting with family member and in between that I was checking out the elders one wife, to whom I call bhabhi.She caught me 1-2 times starring at her, I felt very bad and was very conscious about my image hence later on I avoided her through out the stay. Next day after completing my office work I contacted elder bro of my wife and we met and had beer at near by bar. While having beer we made plan for a family outing to abu. And outing was fixed next week from Friday to Sunday.

Finally outing day was arrived and bil and his wife arrived Ahmadabad on Thursday morning and I drop them @ my place and went to office and in evening reached home. After dinner we all four went for movie and had wonderful time.

Next day we went to abu and reached there by 5 pm. After getting fresh we did site seeing and came back to hotel, while site seeing I was checking bhabhi, she was wearing jeans and t-shirt and was looking gorgeous. I was talking more to her pulling her legs for every statement she speaks.

We came back to hotel, me and my bil planned to have drink on which both of our wives got angry and asked us to have drink at room only. So we order drinks @ my room and both ladies took place on bed and we both were sitting on chairs. I was sitting on chair which was next to bed, on my left side my bhabhi was sitting. We almost completed 3/4th bottle of hard drink and my bil was already out and he was sleeping on sofa itself. I was having urge of smoke so I went out after completing my smoke when I entered in room I found my wife was also sleeping and bhabhi was surfing channels.

I took my place and jokingly offered her drink to my surprise she accepted it and in 1 gulp she finished it. I was shocked watching her to finish her first ever pack so fast. I appreciated or encourage her and refiled her peg and asked her that this time we both will finished it in 1 gulp and we did. I again refiled the glass and excused from her and went out to have smoke. When half cigarette was over she also came out and asked me whether she can have 1 drag, she took a large puff and exhale it.

We both went back to room and took over respective place. First time in my life enjoying my outing as getting company of very sexy women, for next 10 – 15 min we were speaking on different topics. I don’t know what happened to me I put my left hand on her right hand and squeeze it. By her facial expression I found it that she didn’t like it and immediately I removed my hand and apologize her for my deed.

After some time she asked me to help her to shift her husband to their room, I made her husband stand and was supporting him by holding left shoulder and she was on his right side. I kept my hand on his right underarm and she was holding him by putting her left hand on his waist. In such position her boobs were crushing on right hand forearms. I was enjoying it was deliberately taking time to reach their room.Finally we put her husband on bed and I took permission and came back to my room. My boner was already hard hence I slept beside my wife and was kissing her, she pushed me away as she don’t like smell of alcohol hence I attacked her nipples and was sucking squeezing & biting it.

She was so tired that she didn’t responded and was sleeping. As she was wearing t-shirt and skirt it was very easy for me to access her private parts. I pulled down her panties and removed my shorts and started playing with her private parts and was imaging bhabhi. Suddenly bhabhi entered the room (i forgot to lock room) and was shocked to see me naked. She apologetic for not knowing the door and went out.

I immediately put back my shorts and thanks to god that my wife was still sleeping. I went out and found that bhabhi was standing out side the door. I asked her what happened to which she said that her husband did vomiting on bed and complete bed was covered with his vomiting, we went to her room shifted bil to sofa. Now question was where should she sleeps, I asked her to share bed with my wife and I will manage on sofa. First she denied but later on looking no other option she agreed. She came to my room and slept @ same place were she was sitting earlier and having drink with me.

I was not feeling sleeping and asked her permission to watch tv for some time. After around 1 hour I was feeling sleepy and was about to switched off lights I saw her sleeping, she was looking very beautiful and a bunch of hair were on her face, I went near her and found she was fast sleep,

I pulled her hairs and put them behind her ears and planted kiss on her forehead. I checked my wife she was sleeping I switched off the lights and sat on chair, I again kissed her forehead and found no reaction, now kissed her on cheeks just above corner of lips, no reaction I was getting impatient and put my lips on her’s. Ohhhh what a lovely feeling,…. There was different fragrance in her breath.

Now slowly I hold and pulled her chin downward, her lips got parted and immediately I took her lower lips and started sucking her very mildly.

After around 3-4 minutes I left her and sat @ chair my heart beat was running so fast like I finished marathon race. Now it was unbearable for me and I was wishing to go forward, she was wearing night gown having buttons in front, I opened her top 2 buttons and to my surprise she was not wearing any bra, I pull her gown to left side and her small boob come to my view, her nipples were pink and boobs were whitish in color,

I immediately put mouth on her nipple and very mildly started sucking her, I was in heaven and was not bother if she or my wife wakes up. I was so indulge in sucking that didn’t notice that she kept her hand on my head was pushing more towards her boobs, when I realize this I got more existed and shifted to right side boob, her breathing was getting heavier and heavier, she was completely under my control.

After sucking around 10 min I shifted towards her lips again, her eyes were half shut, I put my lips on her and this time it was passionate one and she was very well co operating. I asked her to give me some room to lay beside her, she shifted little bit and slept beside her and we were hugging and kissing with each other like mad person.

I took her hand and put it on my tool and and kept mine one her vagina. Soon we reached to our climax and for some time we were hugging and kissing like lovers and then I pull myself out and went out for smoke she also followed me and there was pin drop silence.

I decided to break the silence and apologies her if I had hurt you by doing this to my surprise she replied that no this was the first time she enjoyed the foreplay and had orgasm without intercourse. I pulled her and hugged her, it was like I am in love with her. I kissed her again on lips and soon it converted into passionate one. I was hard again and wanted to fuck her but the problem was where, we were in lobby,

I took her hand and we went to terrace it was locked but stair case was completely dark, I asked her to hold the rod of stair case in such way she can keep eye on stair case and gets support to stand in banding position, I pulled up her gown and started licking her vagina from behind, she was cleaned shaved and was already dripping juices, after around 10 min she came and was shivering,

I took my tool out and asked her to suck it so that it can easily go in, she was not at all know how to suck but still manage to take my tool 3-4 times and left it, again she was on her old position and I took position behind her and entered her, initially it was not going in, though she was married but surprisingly she was tight down there, I loved it while entering into her, once I was in I opened front button of night gown and removed gown from her upper body,

I kept my left hand on left boob and with right hand took her face and started kissing her, she was thin hence her body was very flexible, she was in 7th heaven as she herself moving her ass in to and fro motion and was kissing very very passionately, she even bite my lips. I started ramming her slowly and in few minutes she started shivering as having very heavy orgasm, this time she almost chewed my lips and small drop of blood came from my lips, she turn towards me and kept one leg on my waist and guided my tool again in her vagina, her boobs were crushed against my chest, she was licking my lips with her tongue making me more horny,

With one leg on my waist she was controlling my pace, when every I increase the speed she controls the same by tightening her legs around me, I was ramming her with her wishes, she was kissing on lips, neck, licking ear lobe, making me go crazy,

After some time I sat on staircase and asked her to ride me facing me, she sat on my lap and guided my penis in her pussy and started to and fro motion, it was heavenly feeling when was riding me, I was pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples very harshly, she was enjoying all that activity, with in few minute she dug her nails on my back and hugged me very tightly and had her 3 orgasm, she was still and catching her breath,

Now I was thinking about new positioned and asked her to stand up and put right leg on staircase railing and was standing keeping left leg on ground, I put my penis above her ass to which she got scared and she herself guided my penis in her pussy I started fucking her and she was half sleep on railing and begging me to come soon, I picked up my speed and fucked her in full speed, with in few minute we both came together.

We sat there on staircase hugging and kissing each other for another 20 min. And with heavy heart we went back to room and slept.

Next day morning when I woke and found nobody in room, I did all morning activity and went out and found all 3 of them sitting in bil’s room and both ladies were pulling legs of bil for yesterdays night deed.(vomiting). Bhabhi signaled me to go to my room and I went to my room excusing myself for getting fresh, after around 15 min bhabhi came in and handed me one paper and asked me to read in toilet and flushed it out there itself and left. I immediately went to toilet and read the note, ” what every happened yesterday night was most memorable night of my life, I won’t say that we had sex, rather I would say that it was worship”, it was worth spending time with you, I love you”

Hope you enjoyed it.

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